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Hello again everyone, and welcome to the MNO blog for all the latest news and updates from the hottest and most talked about programs the HYIP industry has to offer. While it might be quieter times now than we were used to in pre-pandemic days you can still find a project or two you might like and add to a well-diversified portfolio. So, if you have time to look at the small but I think strong list of programs listed on the MNO monitor you could discover a potential gold mine, who knows. Make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter to stay on top of the game and be the first to discover any new potential leaders of the HYIP industry when they come to be listed on my monitor. If you like my blog articles don’t hesitate to subscribe to get the full content sent to the e-mail entered on this page on a regular basis. And I’m very open to contact from both readers and advertisers – just submit your query here, email me at abramsonp@gmail.com or simply chat live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always open to your suggestions and try to improve my work for the benefit of readers and the HYIP industry as a whole where I’ve been an active and I like to think influential player in over the last fourteen years.

These are understandably quieter times in the HYIP industry at the moment with less programs of outstanding quality by experienced admins. And it may be at least partially explained by the ongoing cryptocurrency craze. During that time many people have switched to buying BitCoin, Ethereum and other crypto-options in order to take advantage of the record-breaking prices. They were recorded about a week ago when BitCoin reached a groundbreaking price of nearly $65K and at the moment the crypto-markets have been experiencing a sort of correction when BTC prices dropped about 25% compared to last week’s all-time high. Still, the cryptocurrencies long-term upward trend is the main factor why so many HYIP investors reach out to diversify their portfolios and include various cryptoassets in them following the example of bigger financial institutions getting more and more involved in investing in BTC and other currencies. That might even be the smart move for the average investor, but that is also what kept the HYIP industry stalled for several months now with less quality programs and more fast scams running wild. Although according to the preliminary results of the currently running poll on the MNO TalkBack page (click here to vote) the majority seem to think this is just a temporary offset and the HYIP industry is going to return to its previous levels of activity in the near future. Well, let’s hope it will be back to normal at some point in the future, guys.

One way or another, MNO is certainly going to keep a close eye on how the situation develops and will post timely and relevant updates to all smart HYIP players. Unlike many other blogs and monitors MNO has no hidden agenda in taking advantage of newbies and instead tries only to educate readers by posting the critically acclaimed series of articles called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets. If you haven’t read any of the articles and would like to know how the HYIP industry truly works please do not hesitate to check out any of the articles on this page. Don’t be easy prey for fast scammers and educate yourself to be fully aware of the traps that you could and should avoid falling into to make money instead of losing it!

So lets get down to the core of the today’s article – the latest news from the giants of the industry CryptoCapital and QubitLife.


CryptoCapital remains one of the most talked about programs on this spring thanks to its outstanding performance over the first four weeks online. When it first appeared on MNO CryptoCapital attracted a lot of attention from readers and cryptocurrency investors impressed by its fully flexible investment solution offering 0.1% hourly interest over an open ended term with the principal locked in for the first 24 hours only. That means that with CryptoCapital you are the one who decides for how long to keep the principal running and have the power to withdraw it anytime (fully or partially) for a 5% withdrawal fee. That puts you in profit after the first three days of investing and as the program doesn’t convert cryptocurrencies to USD your profits will be calculated in the cryptocurrency of your choice instead. Add to that eleven payment options (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, and Stellar are all accepted) and instant withdrawals up to $100 processed instantly (otherwise they are manually processed within a 24-hour timeframe) and you will see the appeal CryptoCapital has on its investors. I have already explained in more detail why I believe CryptoCapital might be a wise choice to invest in and you can read the full review here.

If you have been with CryptoCapital already you might be aware that the admin has been very active on various social media and he does update the program’s own Telegram, Facebook and Twitter accounts on a regular daily basis. Therefore, over the last seven days there were seven short updates posted on the official Telegram channel of CryptoCapital which I recommend you to follow so you won’t miss any important updates, or just read below as I’ve collected the latest ones for your convenience:

Dogecoin is breaking barriers; reaching the TOP 5 Cryptocurrency with highest market cap.
While Dogecoin is a Litecoin fork and introduced as a “joke currency” on 6 December 2013. It is turning heads now that it has reached $0.4.
Another way to get more Dogecoin is with CryptoCapital.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Experts say Bitcoin is expected to hit 100k within august!
How bullish are you with your cryptos?
One sure way to get and earn more Bitcoins is with CryptoCapital.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

There is blood on the streets!
Cryptocurrency market mas a tumble and prices are currently diving down.
Tired of worrying? With CryptoCapital, your profits are stable.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

The whole crypto-market is in red.
Is this just a correction or the bear-season is finally here?
One thing is for sure, CryptoCapital is the safest place for your investments right now.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Tron and Ethereum are both decentralized blockchain networks that completely eliminate third-party involvement.
While Ethereum aims to create a worldwide decentralized network, TRON focuses on eliminating third-parties in the digital creators space.
Whichever cryptocurrency you fancy, CryptoCapital supports both TRON and Ethereum.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Have you ever heard of ZCash?
It is a cryptocurrency aimed at using cryptography to provide enhanced privacy for its users compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Zcash is based on Bitcoin’s codebase. It shares many similarities, such as a fixed total supply of 21 million units.
CryptoCapital now supports Zcash.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital

Dash is an open source cryptocurrency.
It is an altcoin that was forked from the Bitcoin protocol.
It is also a decentralized autonomous organization run by a subset of its users, which are called “masternodes”.
CryptoCapital now supports Dash.
Learn more, visit the website CryptoCapital


QubitLife (reviewed here) is yet another active program with lots of updates posted on a regular basis. As it has been listed on MNO for a whopping 311 days as of now it was possible for many early investors to at least double their money on the main variable daily profit paying plan. Having at least $100 on your BTC or ETH balance one could invest and earn up to 2% daily (about 20%-25% monthly on average) returns and enjoy profits paid back to their BTC and ETH wallets within 48 to 96 hours processing time. The payment speed from QubitLife actually depends on the withdrawal fee you yourself can choose for yourself which can vary from 2.5% to 4.5% from every submitted payout request. Just note that as per latest changes you will have to accumulate at least $50 on your available balance before being able to submit your withdrawal request, and with relatively low daily profits with an average daily of less than 1% it will require some patience from the smaller investor.

However, if you have a thick wallet QubitLife will do anything possible for you not only to invest in their main plan called Education License, but they and their promo teams will try to sell you anything – from various online courses and webinars to tourist travel trips to remote areas of the globe. QubitLife (formerly known as QubitTech) seems to be bursting from various activities and all the types of marketing events awaiting members willing to untie their purse strings and give more money to this truly international venture which has might already overstepped the bounds of the HYIP industry in itself. Anyway, that’s up to you to judge whether you want to participate in any of the events the news of which I am reposting below. If you want my advice though I would have stayed away as it might be well too late to jump into anything QubitLife offers at the moment when it has reached such fame already and might as well be on the way down already (remember HYIPs rarely last longer than a year):

Big webinar on Tuesday
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re pleased to present to you a unique webinar for several thousand participants, which will be held next Tuesday, April 20, 2021 (16:00 UTC).
The main speakers of the webinar: Marc Swickle (CMO), Yakov Ashurov (Global master distributor), and our leaders.
As part of the webinar, there will be a large presentation of the QubitLife platform, its products, and services, as well as innovative technologies.
Admission to the webinar is free. Invite everyone!
Simultaneous translation into several languages will work as part of the webinar.
See you on Tuesday!

Leadership meeting results at ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We bring you a summary of Friday’s ZOOM leadership meeting.
So, first of all, our community has grown over the past week by 25,000 users from all over the world. 29 people reached rank 6 and above. Besides, we have opened new offices, passed the next leadership conferences. We congratulate everyone on this achievement!
Platform events news:
– on Tuesday, a large webinar will be held for all users of the platform. Don’t miss it.
Look for details in our news.
– 6 SalesCamp of our leaders will start on Monday. Almost all tickets are sold out.
– On May 7-9, the Leadership Summit will be held in Dubai for all users from rank 5.
The presence is required. On May 4-5, also in Dubai, we gather the consular council and representatives of the SalesTask Force Elite Group.
Technology news:
– we will introduce our P2P platform next week. Follow our news – it will be unforgettable.
– new lots will also be available for purchase next week – this will be an awesome gold mining startup in Colombia.
– conditions for educational licenses are being updated – they will all be combined into one, which will help reduce the load on the computing resources of the platform.
– Awesome promo campaign for this spring has been launched for both members of the SalesTask Force Elite Group and users of rank 5 and above.
Details will be in our news!

New Project: VisionGold
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
On Tuesday (April 20), after a large webinar, within the framework of the QubitLife Venture Program, the purchase of lots of the new VisionGold project will be available, which was selected by PitchCamp Accelerator experts and has a huge potential for capitalization and business growth in general.
The cost of one lot is 100 USDT.
A total of 10,000 lots will be offered for sale.
VisionGold is a Colombian gold mining company headquartered in the Vereda La Chianurada de Segovia.
The VisionGold mine is located next to one of Colombia’s most famous gold mines and is owned by Quintana Gold, the largest local gold mine. Its gold concentration ranges from 12.32 to 70.13 grams of gold per ton of ore.
It’s worth noting that Colombia is among the top 20 countries globally in terms of gold production and active growth dynamics.
VisionGold has all the necessary documentation for gold mining and operates exclusively within local and global legislation.
The structure of gold mining by a startup VisionGold is organized as follows:
– gold mining by hand;
– sending it on special cars Quintana Gold;
– delivery to a processing plant owned by Quintana Gold;
– billing to receive payments from Quintana Gold.
Besides, the sale of lots of the Magic lotto project will close tonight, which are almost completely sold out and at the first stage of evaluation are also traded at 100 USDT per lot.
Shortly, the second stage of MagicLotto evaluation will be carried out, after which the current project capitalization is likely to grow by at least 10%, which will positively affect the value of the purchased lots of the project.
You’ll learn all the statistics and details about the sale of MagicLotto lots on the QubitLife platform from our news a little later.
Follow the news, QubitLife Team

Start of SalesCamps
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We are happy to announce the start of 6 sales camps in 5 places (South Africa, Goa, Kiyv, Kazan, Lima, and Irkutsk).
SalesCamp is a BaseCamp event hosted by our leaders around the world.
SalesCamp is a place where you will learn, grow and sell without selling. The main goal of SalesCamps is to take regional teams to the next level in selling ecosystem products and services.
More information can be found here, https://qubit.life/sales-camp
Best regards, QubitLife team

BOOM SALES: First boxed QubitLife course
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We present you a new service on our platform – training courses in a box, which are played in a playful way through a telegram bot.
Courses in a box are structured recordings of online courses and other additional materials that are sequentially provided after the completion of the previous lesson with all kinds of notifications via the official telegram bot – https://t.me/Qubit_Academy_bot.
In addition, for completing each task within the course, you will receive 1-5 coins. By the end of the training, they can be spent on various platform products. Also a curator is assigned to each participant in the training, who will check the assignments and accompany the person during the course.
The course of Anatoly Bokarev “Boom of sales” will consist of 5 big lessons. First of all, it is dedicated to new and unique marketing and sales tools. You can get acquainted with the detailed program of the course here – https://qubit.life/boom/
Based on the results of the course, you:
– learn and master the most effective sales methods;
– get a list of advanced marketing tools;
– master a systematic marketing approach.
Language: English, Russian and Spanish. You can also choose a convenient time to view the lessons.
The cost of completing the course is 495 USDT. You can pay for the course both from the main and from the marketing balance.
You can activate the code and start training through our bot – https://t.me/Qubit_Academy_bot
Follow our news!

Charity event in Spain
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re glad to share with you the results of our charity event in Spain led by our leaders.
Four employees of QubitLife office in Spain donated vital food environmental products to La Messenda. The foundation was founded in 1962 by Father Angel. The goal of this fund is to help the most disadvantaged, reduce child poverty, abuse women and help families at risk of poverty. This not-for-profit association is formed with the help of over 3900 volunteers (most of them are women.
We’re open to cooperation and are waiting for suggestions and ideas from various charitable foundations and organizations and from QubitLife users who have reached the 5th rank and above.
You can send an offer through the feedback form on the QubitLife charity program’s official page or write to Telegram (https://t.me/qubittechcharity).
Besides, there will be another charity events as a part of the SalesCamps. More information will be in the News.
Follow us!

QubitLife Exclusive Events
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We invite you to the unique events in Dubai, which we already announced during our Leadership Meeting at ZOOM:
– Meeting of the Leadership Council and the ‘Elite SalesTask Force’ group (May 4-5);
– ‘Global Leadership Summit’ (May 7-9).
More details – https://www.qubit.life/promo-dubai
The meeting of the Leadership Council and the ‘Elite SalesTask Force’ group will take place at the ‘Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel’. In turn, the ‘Dubai Leadership Summit’ will be organized for all users of the platform from rank 5 and will be held at the ‘Atlantis The Palm’ hotel.
What awaits you at our events in Dubai?
– May 4-5: QubitLife Roadmap until 2025, discussion of the core values of the platform and rewarding leaders;
– May 7-9: Systematic study of platform strategy, in-depth study of QubitLife products and services, full immersion in the internal system of the platform.
For all users of the platform from rank 5, from April 1 to May 1, a special Promotional campaign has been initiated. Read more about it in our news.
Please note that attendance at events in Dubai is MANDATORY for all users of the platform from rank 5 within the specified groups and subgroups. If for some reason users are unable to attend the event, their account will be fined in the form of doubling the level of contributions to the UltraPromotion program budget for a period of 1 month.
We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Dress-Code events.
More details – https://www.qubit.life/promo-dubai
See you in Dubai!

Promo Campaign: As part of QubitLife events in Dubai
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
For ‘Elit SalesTask Force’ group and all users of the platform from Rank 5 (and higher), from April 1 to May 1, a Special Promo Campaign has been initiated.
The main prizes of Promo Campaign:
– compensation for flight and accommodation expenses 1,000 USDT/2,500 USDT for a sales volume of 10,000 USDT/25,000 USDT (*);
– free flight in business class and accommodation in a luxury hotel for a sales volume of 100,000 USDT (**);
– an exclusive collection of luxury watches QubitLife by Frank Muller in the amount of 10 pieces for a sales volume of 500,000 USDT (**).
* – All users from Rank 5 (and higher), who are not part of the ‘Elit SalesTask Force’ group.
** – Only for members of the ‘Elit SalesTask Force’ group.
Promo Campaign Conditions for ‘Elite SalesTask Force’ group:
As part of the Promo Campaign, new sales of any products and services (except for licenses of the platform) made within your affiliate network are taken into account.
Sales volume includes any new sales across the entire affiliate network of a user who is a member of the ‘Sales Task Force’ group.
Promo Campaign Conditions for users from Rank 5 (and higher):
As part of the Promo Campaign, new sales of any products and services (except for licenses of the platform) made within your partner network are taken into account.
Sales volume includes any new sales in your affiliate network made by users from 1 Rank to 4 Rank.
New sales made by users from 5 Rank (and higher) within your affiliate network do not count towards the sales of the Promo Campaign.
Products and subscriptions on the QubitLife platform eligible for the Promo Campaign for all users:
– Purchase of a subscription to the trading signals service;
– Purchase of a subscription to the trading robots service;
– Purchase of lots under the VentureProgram;
– Purchase tickets for online/offline courses and webinars;
– Purchase of tickets for SalesCamp and BaseCamp;
– Buy tickets for any offline/online events sold on the platform.
In addition, the Promo Campaign Indicator will also include data on sales made starting from April 1, 2021.
See you in Dubai!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoCapital, QubitLife.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UnlimitedMoney.

That’s about it for today, folks. Thanks a lot for reading and for all your letters of support for my hard work for the benefit of HYIP investors. Make sure to come back next week for more exciting announcements and all the latest news from the industry’s best programs to be posted on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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