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Hi guys! Despite the fast approaching festive season some new and occasionally quite interesting programs continue to open. In fact one thing I like about the pre-Christmas season is that for many admins surviving the next few weeks is akin to taking a very important test which only the strongest and the smartest can pass. One of the peculiar things I also noticed over the last couple of weeks is an (almost) total lack of scams despite the dwindling numbers of investors with spare funds to play with. A lot of folks are, as always happens in December, waiting for the new year and holding back with any bigger deposits for now. I guess that’s the thing – the admins that have been running programs up to now simply have not gotten to their final destination yet and haven’t reached any significant profit for themselves. So, if the goal is not reached why close the programs? This time of year often sees the humble beginnings of programs starting slowly before exploding in January and the Spring months. So among the new programs you can read about on MNO tonight perhaps you will find something that might like to take a chance on and get in early. AtrexTrade for example in its serious attempt to revive interest in low-return programs may not appeal to those looking for faster profits in time for Christmas, but by next Christmas may well be a big earner for anyone who likes to look that far ahead. But who knows? Perhaps patience and perseverance will reward those who choose the programs allowing them to slowly build your capital instead of faster profits at a higher risk. Anyway, trends and fads in the HYIP industry are always subject to constant change, so it’s entirely possible, (your guess is as good as mine), that next year will see the industry swing back again to favor low-return long term programs. Personally speaking? I hope so, as the golden age of the HYIP industry several years ago was based around six or seven simply colossal long term programs. “Money factories” was a term I think one MNO reader would jokingly refer to them as, they really were that big. Fingers crosses, the revival is just about the corner and the next year will be more profitable for us all. I guess that’s always everyone’s wish for any new year.


Having said that, I want to start by introducing a brand new low-ROI program called BTPerfex. The admin joined the MNO Premium List on day one, indicating he has a good advertising budget by splashing out $1,400 on the most expensive service in the HYIP industry. BTPerfex currently only accepts investments via PerfectMoney and BitCoin starting from $50 minimum, although the admin didn’t exclude the possibility of adding more payment gateways in the future. If the high minimum to join doesn’t scare you off, then you need also be patient and wait for many weeks reaching the profit zone from the fixed return plan paying you from 1.25% to 2% interest for a term of 180 calendar days, principal included so not returned on expiry. The daily profit will depend on how much you spend, so for more information on that please check out my upcoming review of BTPerfex coming tomorrow. Withdrawals have to be requested from your account and are promised to made manually by the admin within a 24 hour maximum. It was curious to see BTPerfex running off a licensed script from SurfScriptPro, the license for which can be independently checked on the developer’s website. While I don’t recall any past programs on MNO using that particular script I did like it for its simplicity and uncomplicated and well-explained interface. The main feature you need to be aware of is in order to make an actual investment in BTPerfex you will need to move money from your payment processor to the wallet before then being able to re-distribute the funds into the plan of your choice. Since there’s only one plan available it’s just an odd feature for a program like this. Then again it’s a feature of the script, not the investment plan. Just be sure to remember it as your account will not start earning until you actually make the investment. BTPerfex is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by OVH hosting and an SSL-certificate provided by StarfieldTech. Neither name is that familiar to me, but hopefully they can provide the program a good service. BTPerfex looks a decent enough program overall, but I honestly can’t see any huge growth for them until into 2015 when it might take off, subject to further developments and payment options being added that is.


The second program that only joined the Standard List on MNO as a cheaper alternative to Premium Listing is called HashCoin. This program offers you even smaller returns of up to 1.5% per calendar day for a duration of 120 days at which point your initial investment is returned. The main problem with HashCoin claiming to be involved in BitCoin mining and trading is a very small daily return, perhaps even smaller than many investors would expect from programs like this. As the daily interest rate offered by HashCoin on your deposit accepted via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin is about 20% a month or less than 1% daily on average I would expect few to see a profit with the program earlier than the expiry date while for many of the investors a term of 120 days might seem excruciatingly long. While having a first look at HashCoin I’m struck by a kind of the déjà vu feeling after seeing a very similar model in the one of the biggest programs this year – Cryptory – which had a similar payment concept and even similar design. Perhaps the ultimate goal of the admin is the same success of Cryptory though under the current industry trends it would be an almost impossible task. However, don’t misunderstand me in saying that I found HashCoin very similar to Cryptory. The admin is clearly a totally different person here, while the script the program is running off is a Shadow script though somehow modified to look different and create a more unique feel. HashCoin is very well protected from DDoS attacks by CloudFlare, hosted on a dedicated server and featuring an SSL-certificate from GlobalSign. Although I do not understand the restriction placed by HashCoin saying you can only spend in $25 priced blocks, when the most well known feature of the script is its requirement to fund an e-wallet first before redistributing money into the chosen plan (which in this case having one plan makes no sense at all). Remember then to fund your e-wallet in $25, $50, $75, $100, etc. as otherwise, you will not be able to deposit the remaining money. Withdrawals are allowed from a $2 minimum and it should take the admin no longer than 24 hours to process them. All in all, I believe HashCoin has a decent chance to become popular in a few months only provided they see gradual growth and the admin is patient enough to wait for it. More information will be in the upcoming review on the MNO blog soon.


There was a real buzz around the HYIP industry recently with the launch of AtrexTrade, a program possibly run by an admin whose previous efforts lasted for in some cases years. And rightly so. AtrexTrade deserves it, as I can clearly see huge interest of my readers already. It was reviewed here and is offering variable daily interest returns (credited from Tuesday to Saturday) and instant payments processed to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and BitCoin. The interesting thing that differentiates AtrexTrade from hundreds of similar programs is the unique script allowing the admin to offer variable (from 0.35% to 2%) daily returns that share the overall daily profit generated by the program between the members and the admin. AtrexTrade thus represents a ready-made recipe for success by combining profitable returns with sustainable returns. The instant payouts are yet another attractive feature of AtrexTrade while the option to withdraw your deposit after 25 business days with some punitive fees that drop on a sliding scale as the term progresses, eventually being removed completely on the 241st business day should definitely give some comfort to more cautious investors. Actually interest in AtrexTrade is so high (it’s already widely expected to be one of the biggest in 2015) that I decided to start a poll on the MNO ShoutBox asking one simple question – Are you going to join AtrexTrade? Although the results are going to be posted in a few days I can clearly see that 46% of MNO readers have so far invested in the program or are just about to do so, while 18% want to observe AtrexTrade‘s performance a bit more and perhaps join in 2015. Only 36% express no interest in joining AtrexTrade due to the waiting time for seeing your first profit being longer than they like. And what is your own opinion on that? Please join the discussion on the MNO TalkBack and submit your vote by clicking here.

Regular MNO readers may know that AtrexTrade on its official launch last week was already made available in Russian, German, and Spanish languages. Building a multi-lingual website by employing the services of professional translators could bear fruit in 2015, when AtrexTrade will be more heavily promoted in local communities around the world. And it’s good to see that the admin is not sitting on his laurels and is working hard to deliver even more versions of the site and make it more appealing to the Chinese market as well. As the most populous nation on Earth, China remains an attractive and important market. The decision by the admin of AtrexTrade to introduce a Chinese version was a smart move in my opinion. Now that AtrexTrade is available in five languages many important things will be properly explained to more investors around the world whose native language is not English, and I for one would always greet such developments with great excitement. Below is the official announcement about that:

Chinese Localization Has Been Added
Dear Investors! Starting from today you can view Chinese localization of our website which is available at
Thank you for choosing us! Every customer is important to us.


SafeKapital (reviewed here) is a pretty recent addition to the Premium List on MNO, running for 25 days now and getting relatively popular. Already securing place in the Top 10 Popular programs among readers, It’s certain to enter the Top 5 soon if the current trend continues. For the second week in a row the admin of SafeKapital issued a weekly update, sharing the profits paid to investors over the last week. I remind you that the daily interest can be as high as 3% but on some days it can drop as low as 1%, so as you might imagine the average return floats around the 2% mark, which it has been doing so far. If you use your own calculations when counting how much SafeKapital has paid to its first investors so far over the first 25 days, you can see it’s around 50% which isn’t bad at all. Still, it remains to be seen whether SafeKapital is going to survive the Christmas holidays as the first investors to see a real profit will only emerge between that and the New Year. If you’re interested in joining SafeKapital you should know that the minimum to invest is $30, the deposits are accepted via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and even Payza, while the withdrawals have to be requested from your account and are usually processed within 24 hours. For the latest weekly trading report from SafeKapital please see below:

SafeKapital Trading Report: Dec 1 – Dec 7
We would like to publish our last week’s trading report (interest paid to our clients).
Period: December 1, 2014 – December 7, 2014. December 1: 2.5%, December 2: 2.8%, December 3: 2.6%, December 4: 2.6%, December 5: 3.0%, December 6: 1.0%, December 7: 1.0%
Profit for the period: 15.50%
Thank you. SafeKapital


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStability, AssuredAssetsFXMutual, DailyProfitWellGoTraders, LoanTrustSilveksGHash, SafeKapitalRaisean, VentureWealth, LetsHaveCash, AtrexTrade.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, TheBornClub, MarkApterBITC1RoxInvest.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow with a more detailed review of BTPerfex plus all the daily news from the industry’s most elite programs featured on my monitor. Bye for now!

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