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Hi guys! Welcome to the daily news report about the latest events in the HYIP industry and its most elite programs. In my own humble opinion this is perhaps the most competent source of information and analysis others won’t touch. As a prime example I think we need a discussion on the controversial behavior of the admin of Raisean and I’d like to share my own thoughts on where the program is going. Also, we will analyze the closure of two programs – VentureWealth and FXMutual – both of which were pretty good performers while they lasted but have now stopped paying. And finally we’ll read through the first newsletter for the rapidly rising WellGoTraders, a possible future hit GHash, celebrating the first month online for SafeKapital, and the launch of the new Cube plan from LetsHaveCash. Just on a side note – an important warning will be posted at the end of the news issue tonight regarding a scam e-mail targeting both MNO readers and HYIP admins who listed their programs on my monitor, so be cautious and very vigilant and read the news to learn more.


Just to be clear on the Raisean issue from the beginning, no one is denying the program has been paying all the time and the payouts are still processed instantly. However it’s come to my attention that the admin is using some fairly underhanded tricks that might indicate that not everything is going so well there now. My only stake in this is to ask readers to stop and ask themselves if they genuinely believe they can still make a profit by joining Raisean from this point on. With the daily rate of 1% now almost permanent (contrary to the original promise which said rates can vary to as high as 7% daily) it’s literally impossible for new investors to have any chance to profit from it as it will take you over three months just to break-even and even then the admin might block your account to prevent this from happening. As a responsible monitor not looking to hurt current investors I am still keeping Raisean on Paying status on the MNO monitor, and I’m truly pleased if everyone is still getting paid well. But it would also be misleading of me to keep promoting the program if I don’t believe new investors joining from this point on have any chance of earning any money. Let me tell you why I think so, and remember you’re free to contact me with your own comments at any time, especially if you don’t agree with me you’re even more welcome to tell me why.

We will start with when Raisean launched last October, paying good returns of up to 7% daily and advertised mainly to a Russian speaking audience. The program then joined the MNO Premium List a couple of weeks later and, at first, I was excited by Raisean‘s potential to grow into something remarkable. The admin however wasn’t able to live up to expectations and shortly afterwards Raisean was hit by a series of continuous DDoS attacks which disrupted the site for days and literally wiped out any positive attitude the admin had before. He then started paying mostly 1% on every single day which has been going on for over a month now. Ok, technically this is within the terms of the program but certainly not within its spirit as it deprives anyone who joined after my review of any chance of a profit. Obviously the main reason why the 1% rate has been maintained all this time is the fact that new money stopped coming in, and there’s simply not enough cash left in the program to pay anything higher than the minimum. This was unpopular among new investors to say the least, so I gave the admin an opportunity to explain things in the interview which you can find here. But nothing could spark any further interest in Raisean which many considered a big disappointment now, despite the continuing payouts.

Clearly the failure to improve interest rates damaged the program and merely compounded the cash flow issues it may have been meant to alleviate. Then the admin apparently had an idea about how to save money – block the accounts of users about to reach the break-even point and blame them for creating multiple accounts. Perhaps the situation with payments was so critical that he made the mistake of thinking that blocking several dozen accounts would not be setting off alarm bells with remaining members. This might be tolerated by some promoters who are (and it’s only human nature) afraid for the safety of their own money which they surely regret investing now. But it most certainly is not going to be tolerated by good and fair minded forums, like MMGP – the biggest HYIP forum for Russian speakers – that moved Raisean to Problem Status when the moderators were presented with definite evidence of blocked accounts. And though the admin probably wanted to sweep the issue under the rug, once confronted with it he had no choice but to admit it was true. He says the affected members have been reimbursed, but that does nothing to address members genuine worries now that their accounts could also be blocked for fictitious reasons at any moment without warning. In fact later on in the MNO ShoutBox the admin seemed to think this was some kind of trivial, laughing matter, something that didn’t end well for him or his reputation.

The unanswered question about these blocked accounts is, if these members were really all cheating as the admin claims, were they allowed to remain active for months in some cases? I mean if you know one person has two accounts (which OK, I know and agree should not be allowed) why not close those accounts immediately? Instead the admin just conveniently waits until it’s time to start coming up with profit payments before doing it. And anyway, there’s no need for blocking accounts at all in the first place when a more suitable deterrent is to block the alleged cheater’s referral link. No ref link, no self referral, simple really. Anyone who thinks they’ve been treated unfairly by this can contact the admin for an appeal and further investigation, but the genuine cheaters (if there really was any) would all know they’re guilty and just drop the matter.

By the way, another person was removed from the ShoutBox recently for setting up an account for the sole purpose of praising Raisean while attacking other programs. I can only wonder how many paid posters the program has on forums (or forum accounts held by one person) where any members trying to question the admin’s tactics are shouted down, bullied and insulted for asking perfectly reasonable questions that all investors are entitled to ask. Personally I have no wish to damage Raisean, quite the opposite, I hope it pays for a very long time to come, but we can’t just pretend nothing is happening here either. And although I have Raisean on Paying Status on my monitor for the time being, I would like to encourage new investors still thinking about joining the program to think very carefully if they want to trust their money to an obviously inadequate admin with no apparent skills in how to deal with people. No one joining Raisean now is going to get even close to breaking even, never mind be in profit. The program can collapse any time now, especially taking into consideration the laughable 1% daily earnings, the admin’s erratic behavior, and the Problem status on the single biggest HYIP related forum on the net, MMGP. You’ve been warned now and the rest is entirely up to you. If you prefer to listen the cheerleaders then contact them and not me when you lose your money, though something tells me they won’t be interested in hearing about it then.


As of tonight VentureWealth and FXMutual have both been moved to the Scam List on my monitor after going to Problem Status last night. No investments there are advised at the time of writing, as both sites are still online and accepting deposits. Let’s see what went wrong.

In VentureWealth it becomes apparent that the program tried to last longer, but probably became another victim of hit-n-runners and a general downturn in the industry before the holidays. After the first days online almost no one joined VentureWealth under me, but those who invested during the first few days managed to get their deposits back from the 1.5% for 20 days plan expiry plan. The admin became very excited about the completion of the first investment cycle a few days ago, but apparently it was not enough to keep the program going and after yesterday’s payment delays and no reply to my queries it became obvious to me VentureWealth was done. There is nothing much to say about the program as it was kind of average, but at least one positive outcome is that some investors were in profit.

FXMutual, on the other hand, managed to show a much more impressive result by lasting for five weeks, featuring on MNO for the final three. Apparently the gradual increase in advertising and the soft launch worked well for the admin of FXMutual this time and made lots of investors did very well there. The thing about FXMutual that helped faster profits was no obligation to stay an active investor for more than 24 hours, as the principal withdrawal was allowed after just one day with 7% per day being paid. So, theoretically speaking, we can say that it was possible to double your investment with FXMutual if you were lucky enough during its three-week stay on MNO. That was really impressive and those who profited from the program please accept my sincere congratulations, as the admin managed to break the stereotype that it was impossible to run a successful program in December. I’ll be looking forward to the same admin launching a new program, and I’m pretty sure it will be listed here.


It took twenty days online before the admin of WellGoTraders (reviewed here) sent out the first official newsletter, but what a few weeks they were for the first investors. Those who were smart enough to invest on day one, straight after it joined the Premium List on MNO, benefited already from the profits on WellGoTraders‘ only 7% for 27 days plan and using all the popular payment processors – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer. The admin doesn’t want to stop there and announced today that more payment processors are to be accepted soon, and that the advertising strategy of WellGoTraders would be revealed in the subsequent newsletters. In an unprecedented step the admin shared real stats from the program’s admin’s panel. WellGoTraders became so popular among the MNO readers over the first weeks online that it got the program to the #3 spot in the list of the most popular programs – an independent rating showing the amount of deposits made under me by my referrals. I wish WellGoTraders every success and we will see if the admin is going to live up to expectations and over the next weeks. Here is the latest from him:

WellGoTraders – Newsletter 1
Dear Members
Greetings from behalf of WellGoTraders
WellGoTraders Congratulates and thanks each one of our investors and non investors for supporting us and being with us.
We are happy to announce that our team had extremely worked hard and ensured that they attend to Members varied queries and also process payouts within no time.
As part of our Newsletter 1 we want to share the system statistics so far we have achieved.
System Statistics as on 12-12-2014
Total Members : 534
Processor Deposits : $13904.49
Processor Cashouts : $10466.02
Please follow below 3 links for better understanding in charts and graphs.
In our next Newsletter we are coming up with New Payment Processors and Advertising Strategies.
Best Regards. WGT Team


While SafeKapital is officially celebrating its first month online today (the program also came on MNO on day one and was reviewed here), the first investors are yet to see a profit. As SafeKapital is a low-ROI program offering variable 1% to 3% daily returns for a period of 90 calendar days (principal returned on expiry), the break-even point is still some time away, but I suspect we will see the first members in profit within the coming weeks if current interest rates stay stable. So far I think the admin has done well and the payouts in all plans, from a $30 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and Payze, are prompt. We’ll see what the second month of SafeKapital brings. Although in my own view the stats in the latest newsletter were slightly exaggerated, many admins do the same thing in hope of attracting bigger deposits. However it’s the acceptance of Payza which is quite a rare event that might be the magic wand that gives the program an advantage. The latest newsletter is included in full below:

SafeKapital Newsletter – 1st Month Online
We have decided to issue our first newsletter to our loyal members, because we believe that communicating with our customers and informing them about what is happening is the key to success in the long run, and that’s what we are aiming for.
Today, December 13, SafeKapital is celebrating its first month online. Project was launched exactly 1 month ago and has received a great attention among online investors.
Let’s take a look at our first month online. We started our online program on 13/11/2014, and since then our program has received 3.5k+ members, which is a solid amount of members. We have received total funds of $440,000 and have paid out about $95,000 at this point.
Thanks to support from our members we have achieved success from day one online. This is only the beginning of our project as we have designed the perfect financial and promotional strategy to achieve long-term success.
Sincerely Yours,
Grant Stewart Avory (CEO). SafeKapital


Although I didn’t see much interest in GHash I still think it’s deliberate strategy employed by the admin who decided to start the program only being monitored by MNO and accepting only one payment processor BitCoin. Actually there were a few glitches in the custom-made script some of which haven’t been (intentionally or not) fixed by now, but the instant payouts are working fine and I’ve been paid by BitCoin regularly for the last few weeks. GHash is now two months online and today the admin revealed what he plans to do soon by expanding the payment processor range and launching a new design within the next few weeks. For now, GHash has been paying fine while the investment plan has been changed a bit (compared to my original review posted here) and is now paying 1.3% to 1.7% fixed for a duration of 70 calendar days, principal returned. While not many people are in profit yet, I’ll certainly report of the completion of the first investment cycle in ten days from now, and then we will be able to check how serious the admin is about implementing his plans in the following update from GHash today:

GHash – 2 Months Online
GHash Today reaches 2 months online already. We are looking forward to a new design within few weeks and plans will change to a more attractive ones. Some improvements in Referral commission levels and more.
We will also add PerfectMoney, Egopay and Payeer as payment processors.
Stay tuned.


If it isn’t my favorite program it’s almost certainly my favorite name – LetsHaveCash! It’s not quite like other HYIPs in terms of how it’s organized though it still works off the same basic premise that you give them money in the hope that they return it with interest. In this case LetsHaveCash are better described as a longer term program with plans offering 2.2% for 90 days, 3% for 50 days, and 2% for 100 days with a possible quarterly bonus. Investments are made in the form of purchasing individual shares in each plan, so for instance the price of a share in the first plan is $10 so investments can only be made in multiples of that, i.e. $10, $20, $30, et cetera. Not all plans are quite so affordable by the way, however I suggest you read the LetsHaveCash review originally published on MNO here to get all the information you will need on them.

Anyway, in the news today the admin of LetsHaveCash has announced a sort of loyalty card. I suppose the simplest analogy I can think of is cafes. Just this afternoon I decided to brave the Saturday afternoon hordes of pre Christmas shoppers and buy a few necessities myself. Before home the local department store near where I live has a pretty nice cafe on the top floor. You buy a drink, they stamp a loyalty card for you, and once you’ve collected six stamps you give it back and they give a free drink on the house. You all know what I’m talking about I’m sure, as both independent and chain stores around the world have similar schemes to keep customers coming back for more. So why not in the HYIP world? That’s what LetsHaveCash have done with this latest scheme called “the cube”. The name I suppose refers to the six sides of a cube, in this case meaning that if you purchase six shares in any of their investment plans (which are priced at $10, $20, and $500 each via SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and OkPay) then LetsHaveCash will throw in an extra two shares for free. In other words buy six $10 shares for $60, and LetsHaveCash will actually give you eight shares with a value of $80. Pay for six $20 shares at $120 and receive eight shares with a value of $160. You can read the newsletter from the admin below where everything is explained:

GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS!! GOOD NEWS!!! LetsHaveCash Has Gone An EXTRA Mile Today Dec 13, 2014… LHC Cube Has Just LAUNCHED ** A MULTI DIMENSIONAL 6 PHASE INCOME ** ** CUBE Positions Will Take Dec.2014 – Dec 2015 By STORM **
It is Very Simple To Get a Cube Position Just Purchase 6 Positions (or multiple of 6) at a time In Doubler/AdPack/BitMining/CPA- Camp! And You Will Also Get “2 FREE Bonus Positions” In Doubler/AdPack/BitMining/CPA- Camp Too! For Doubler: Invest $60 and Earn $160 with 2 FREE Bonus Positions! For AdPack: Invest $120 and Earn $270 with 2 FREE Bonus Positions! For BitMining: Invest $3000 and Earn $6000 with 2 FREE Bonus Positions! Likewise For CPA Camp Which is Starting January 1, 2015 – BIG MONEY HERE! For Example … If You Purchase 6 Positions In “DOUBLER” – “You Get 2 FREE Bonus Doubler Positions” Your Earnings From ** One Doubler Cube ** Total Cost for 6 positions is $60 Profit First 90 days (From 6 purchased positions) is $118.80 Profit in 90 days (From 2 bonus positions) is $39.6 Total ROI in 180 Days is $158.40 SIMILARLY.. If You Purchase Purchase 6 Positions In “Ad Pack” – “You Get 2 FREE Bonus Ad Pack Positions” Your Earnings From ** One Ad Pack Cube ** Total Cost for 6 positions is $120 Profit First 50 days (From 6 purchased positions) is $180 Profit in 50 days (From 2 bonus positions) is $60 Total ROI in 100 Days is $240 Likewise.. If You Purchase Purchase 6 Positions In “BitMining” – “You Get 2 FREE Bonus BitMining Positions” Total Cost for 6 positions is $3,000 Profit First 100 days (From 6 purchased positions) is $6,000 Profit in 100 days (From 2 bonus positions) is $2,000 Total ROI in 200 Days is $8,000 ** If You See Above “The Bonus 2 FREE Positions” In The Above Earns You $39.6, $60 & $2000 ** POWER OF CUBE is Simply AMAZING X6 Times “EVERY TIME YOU BUY X6” NOTE: YOU MUST BUY 6 POSITIONS AT A TIME – DON’T BUY 7 OR 15 OR 20 POSITIONS AT A TIME!-YOU CAN EVEN BUY 6 POSITIONS or 12 POSITIONS or 18 POSITIONS or MULTIPLE OF 6 TO GET CUBES. It is Simple 6 Positions (or Multiple of 6) Each And Every Time! LHC is ( GREENBAR EVSSL ) DDoS protected Server For Better security Of Our Valued Members! YOU CAN PURCHASE NOW & START EARNING TODAY “6X TIMES EACH AND EVERY DAY” !!! LetsHaveCash


During my years monitoring and writing about the online HYIP industry you wouldn’t believe the number of lazy hacks I’ve come across. You know, people with no self respect or sense of personal value who will do anything for someone else’s money except actually work for it. But the one I’m talking about today deserves some kind of prize. This seems to happen every couple of months so today I would like to issue yet another warning regarding some emails circulating impersonating MNO, but sent from a similar looking email address I must warn you again that I did not run, am not running and will not run in the future any investment programs or private investment clubs for my readers. My name is NOT Paul Abromson, but Paul Abramson, but the trick is that the address is so similar to my own I also remind you that I never write to my contacts first and certainly never promote any private investment opportunities. If in doubt, you can always Contact me by submitting your email direct from my website’s contacts page or write directly to my correct and only email address I’m also grateful to some of my readers who were vigilant enough to spot the scam and tried to warn others. Also note that my only payment processor accounts are listed on the MNO Advertising page and on the top of my monitor – I do not own any other accounts and therefore, no one will be able to help you if you send money to this scammer. I’m including the fake e-mails for you below, purely so you will recognize it if you see it. I strongly urge you to flag it as spam and blacklist the address to avoid any more of them reaching you:

Money-News-Online Private HYIP – Earn 3% Daily Guaranteed
Hello, This offer is only for MNO referrals and readers. Please note that there isn’t a website for the program like we have seen for all HYI programs, instead of it, investments are sent manually into my e-currency accounts. The reason of keeping the investment fund ‘offline’ is because of the security most programs have with hackers, etc. There is just one investment plan offered: 3% every calendar day until you decide to leave (withdraw your contribution). You can chose the investment term from 1 day to 365 days. Minimum investment amount is $500 & maximum – $50,000. I’m accepting PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPay & BitCoin. Example: Investing $1000 for 10 days period will give you back $1300. We can arrange an signed paper contract that I can write at my end and e-mail/fax you in scanned format with my signature and terms. Please let me know if you’re interested and also if you have any questions. I will guide you trough this transaction and take care for whole MNO community for guaranteed investments. Best regards. Paul

The same goes for HYIP admins, also being targeted. If you receive the following message, or anything even remotely resembling it, flag it as spam and blacklist the address. MNO (that’s me) does not offer discounted prices for banners or listing. If you pay it, say goodbye to it, because you ain’t getting it back and you won’t be getting any banners. Regular admins will (or should) be aware that my prices and account numbers are displayed on my monitor, and if it’s not listed there then I don’t own it. Simple as that. I’m including the other mail for you below, just so you recognize it if you see it:

Banners for 50% off via BitCoin
Hello, admin! Due to low banners sale demand I’m offering you to buy banners on MNO for 50% off when paid via BitCoin. Also, I can accept the offer for purchasing the sticky listing. Please let me know if you’re interested in any of the spots available or should I offer to other admin. Best regards. Paul


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: OneStabilityAssuredAssets, WellGoTraders, DailyProfitCryptoFarmLoanTrustSilveksGHash, SafeKapitalRaiseanLetsHaveCash, AtrexTrade, CoinAssetsBTPerfex.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, MarkApter, BITC1, RoxInvest, SeedmoneyInvestments.

Wow, that was a lot of news for a weekend! Sunday will be a little quieter when I’ll be publishing an interview I just received earlier with the admin of BTPerfex (reviewed here). Then on Monday I’ll have the latest news from the biggest programs online including the newsletter from the current #1 program on MNO OneStability (reviewed here) which today has done a proper overhaul of the website and looks much more appealing now. And keep voting in the opinion poll asking your favorite program of the year, with RockwellPartners taking a clear lead at the moment. Visit the MNO TalkBack page page here to vote. Bye for now, and I’ll see you all tomorrow with the BTPerfex interview!

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