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Hello all! While some of you have celebrated Christmas Day I was on a plane from London to Singapore, and so to keep myself occupied in between the generous helpings of food and wine (which weren’t actually all that bad by airline standards by the way) I’ve decided to do the news updates from the HYIP industry. I sincerely hope that your Christmas Day was a bit more exciting than mine as I try to console myself with a couple of Singapore Slings, cliched as it may be. Well, if that’s how it’s done then so be it. I’ll probably end up sleeping through tomorrow and getting back to my routine over the weekend. Anyway, from holidays to business, I suppose as readers deserve to hear the latest happenings over the last 48 hours. For this Christmas news edition then we have stories from such elite programs as GHash, AssuredAssets, OneStability, LetsHaveCash, BTPerfex, and CompassBusiness, as well as results from the latest MNO opinion poll and a brand new question being added.


GHash has underwent something of a transformation recently, one of the most complete I’ve seen in recent times. First of all the old plan of 1.3%-1.7% per day for 70 calendar days with principal back on expiry was scrapped. Existing members will of course still have their old investments honored as promised, but new members will have to try something else. The new investment plans will also return your principal on expiry but will now offer 2.8% to 5% per day for 50 business days (ten weeks), paying from Monday to Friday only. Minimum spend starts from $20 and is now made via four payment processors – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. That’s a huge improvement on the original version of GHash (reviewed here) that only accepted BitCoin, severely limiting the amount of potential investors (perhaps, intentionally). Two other plans, which I would not recommend joining due to a high risk, pay 175% and 320% after a period of 35 calendar days (5 weeks). Investments in the lower paying plan start at $200, while the higher one paying 320% plan requires a $500 minimum. I myself do not really understand from the current description given on the GHash website if investors get 175% profit on top of their principal or if it’s already included. But I’m assuming that’s the way until further notice.

All in all, the refurbished GHash website is bit of a let-down in terms of design as personally I liked the older version better. I’m not even talking about the downgrade in the script which went from an original custom-made model to a generic GoldCoders one. The payouts are not processed instantly anymore either, and the admin promises to process them manually within 24 hours. Overall I have a strong suspicion the program was possibly sold to someone else who has now decided to change things around completely. I won’t be doing any updated review of GHash on my blog, and generally, I do not understand why the admin had to change direction so drastically, improving nothing other than the payment methods. Anyway, I guess we’ll never know the full reasons behind the GHash transformation, but for now you can check the updated website and see what you think. Here’s the two updates posted on completion of the first cycle and the total site’s overhaul:

23/12/2014 – Dear Investors. Today we have reached 70 days online. We are offering you best available Investment plans in Industry with daily payments or after expiry plans. Live Chat team will be available again on 3rd January 2015. For now you can reach us by sending email –
Good news. PerfectMoney, Egopay and Payeer is now available at our website. Payments processed manually for now in 24 hour time frame.


AssuredAssets (reviewed here) also successfully completed the first investment cycle and started paying the first principals back to the first investors over the last few days. That helped AssuredAssets to reclaim the #1 position on the MNO Premium List and find a place in the new poll starting on the MNO TalkBack page today. 2014 was a truly wonderful year for AssuredAssets, with the admin demonstrating that you have a better chance to profit from a professionally made program that doesn’t make promises of unobtainable returns, but rather offers more realistic rates of 0.8%-1.4% for 190 business days. Those smart enough to recognize the potential of AssuredAssets from day one managed to get some decent profits. The admin deserves a break at the end of the year to ponder on his program’s future direction for 2015 which may well strengthen his position in the HYIP market. For now your account with AssuredAssets is not going to be credited with daily earnings for the holidays outlined below. Instant payments to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts (AssuredAssets also started accepting Bank wires) will resume shortly:

The stock market winds down for the Holidays.
Dear Clients and Partners,
With Christmas and a new year just around the corner, we would like to thank you for your support and loyalty during 2014.
AssuredAssets has grown aggressively during last year. The number of investors has risen almost 2500% over the past year. During 2014, AssuredAssets gains of +389,17 per cent, significantly outperforming other mutual fund indices.
Due to the coming of yearend holidays, AssuredAssets will be closed for trading on Christmas and New Year holidays. We would like to draw your attention to our trading schedule over the forthcoming Christmas and New Year holiday period:
Christmas Day – Thursday 25th December – closed
Boxing Day – Friday 26th December – closed
New Years Eve – Wednesday 31st December – closed
New Years Day – Thursday 1st January – closed
IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition, AssuredAssets will also be closed on Friday, January 2. Although the day after New Years Day (Friday) is not an official holiday, the market has a tradition of early closing.
Everyone at AssuredAssets would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Sincerely, AssuredAssets Team


OneStability (reviewed here) remains one of the most popular programs on the MNO monitor as well, currently taking the #2 position based on popularity among readers. The admin of the program Richard (interviewed here) doesn’t rest on past glories however, and in his Christmas update to members promised to claim the #1 position on the top monitors in 2015 year. In fact many ambitious plans are in the pipeline over the coming weeks, like the translation of the website into different languages accompanied by multilingual support, the creation of educational videos to simplify the process of understanding how OneStability works aimed mostly at newbies, and the addition of more payment processors with PayPal and SolidTrustPay already in the pipeline. I must say that more payment options will be the hardest task for Richard, but as of today the first step has been taken already with Payza added and hopefully more to follow. Apart from Payza, you can also invest in OneStability via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin starting from a $5 minimum and even direct Bank wires for larger investors. Investment plans in OneStability include 5% for 30 days, 4.2% for 45 days, and 2.2% daily with no expiry date and the option to withdraw the initial investment after a 7-day long lock-in period. OneStability has been listed on MNO from day one and for the whole incredible 11 weeks online has provided everyone a chance to profit from the lucrative yet sustainable plans (as the principal is included in the daily payouts and not returned on expiry). Fingers crossed we’ll be counting the profits from OneStability well in to 2015 as well, and hope that all the great plans Richard has for his program will be implemented. More on that please read the Christmas newsletter re-posted below in its entirety:

OneStability‘s Seasons Greetings and Plans for 2015
Dear Clients,
On behalf of everyone at OneStability, we would like to wish you, your families and loved ones a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. To our investors and partners; thank you for your continued support, trust and loyalty. Much of what we’ve achieved thus far is as a result of the support from you and the team at OneStability.
As such, we’d like to share our upcoming plans for 2015:
– To be ranked as # 1 and the most popular program in the entire industry.
– To improve on our stability and accessibility, you’ll be able t ouse and domain names.
– In order to facilitate the investment process for our customers and expand the opportunity to attract new clients, we’ll be adding the following payment processors: Payza, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and STP. Some of these will be used in an automatic way, while the rest will work manually. You will be given further notice about this new payment processor in your member area’s deposit page.
– We’ve commenced working our website translation, and we are pleased to announce that the following languages will be available during January to February: Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish and German. Multilingual customer support will also be available in these languages.
– Get Started videos will be added to our website which will help investors to better understand how our system works — in a step by step manner.
We hope the New Year bring you higher heights of success, rich blessings, renewed hope, energy and strength.
Happy Holidays!
Sincerely, OneStability Team


Maybe because English isn’t his first language, I wasn’t able to fully understand the recent short update from CompassBusiness. In fact even the Russian version made little sense to me either. Anyway, I will try to explain what I think it’s all about – apparently, CompassBusiness (reviewed here) is scrapping the plan paying 3.9% for 50 business days starting from $1,000 completely, but possibly only temporarily. I’m not sure what it’s all about as the plan’s description can still be found in the member’s area but no one can make investments there at the moment. I believe that there will be no changes as the rest of the plans offering principal return on expiry of PerfectMoney and EgoPay accepted investments – 0.8%-1.4% for 190 business days – are still in full swing. Here’s the newsletter from CompassBusiness (reviewed here), and perhaps some of you will make better sense of it than me (if so, please share in THE comments section):

Closure of the first and fifth investment package!
Dear participants !!!
We are closed for the package 1 and 5 investment plans for investment in connection with sufficient investment for development at the moment. Follow the news. Thank you for joining us!
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manager


I wonder why if LetsHaveCash is doing so damn well with more than 77 thousand (!) accounts according to the admin he’s trying so hard to encourage further investments with a limited promo of 6% bonus available on new purchases made until the first of January. I have my doubts as such bonuses often mean a program might be in trouble, but maybe it’s just a marketing trick to keep the participation high during a slow period. We can only speculate on his real agenda, but for now I see no reason to complain, as LetsHaveCash keeps paying instantly to all payment processors (subject to withdrawal fees to some). If you haven’t read my detailed review of LetsHaveCash posted here (I strongly recommend to do so before joining, by the way) I’ll just remind you that the program offers three investment plans one of which – 3% for 50 days – requires daily surfing of 4 sites per unit, while the other two – paying 2.2% for 90 days and 2% for 100 days with a quarterly bonus – do not. Perhaps the best thing about LetsHaveCash is the abundance of payment methods, including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, and even SolidTrustPay. As STP is a rare sight in the HYIP industry these days I believe many investors are attracted to the program simply by that. Maybe the admin’s aggressive advertising campaign is working as well because he keeps sending promotional emails with the latest one practically screaming “join and invest while you can”. The full version is included below:

As Christmas is Near And LetsHaveC is Looking Forward To Celebrate This Auspicious Moment We Are Giving Away “6% INSTANT CASHBACK” To All Purchases Made From 23 Dec to 1st Jan 2015 – THAT IS GOOD AND HOT NEWS!
LHC is Looking Forward To “A VERY PROPSEROUS NEW YEAR 2015”!
“SPECIAL PRIZE AWARDS” For People Who Built LHC With Trust & Confidence From The Start!
LHC Came Into Effect On July 2014 Not Missing a Single Payout To Date!
2014 Milestones Achieved:
Alexa Rank 7537
Member Accounts 77449
Deposits Crossing 5.6 Million
Payouts Crossing 2.5 Million
From January 1, 2015, CPA Camp Is Starting. REMEMBER THIS!
CPA-Camp will be started from January 2015 – DONT MISS!
CPA CAMP: – Coming January 2015 –
Package Price: $200
Daily Profit: 2%
Duration: 90 days
ROI: 180%+
Quarterly Dividend: 40%
What is A Single Cube Position?
BUY Six Position One at A Time and Get a CUBE.
Your Earnings From ** One Doubler Cube ** You Get 2 FREE Positions Too **
Total Cost for 6 positions is $60
Profit First 90 days (From 6 purchased positions) is $118
Profit in 90 days (From 2 bonus positions) is $39
Total ROI in 180 Days is $158.40
SIMILARLY.. If You Purchase Purchase 6 Positions In “Ad Pack” – “You Get 2 FREE Bonus Ad Pack Positions”
Your Earnings From ** One Ad Pack Cube **
Total Cost for 6 positions is $120
Profit First 50 days (From 6 purchased positions) is $180
Profit in 50 days (From 2 bonus positions) is $60
Total ROI in 100 Days is $240
Likewise.. If You Purchase Purchase 6 Positions In “BitMining” – “You Get 2 FREE Bonus BitMining Positions”
Total Cost for 6 positions is $3,000
Profit First 100 days (From 6 purchased positions) is $6,000
Profit in 100 days (From 2 bonus positions) is $2,000
Total ROI in 200 Days is $8,000
Also Enjoy Multiple CUBE Bonuses!
Now Dont Miss..
Our Christmas & New Year Offer – “6% INSTANT CASH BACK” To All Purchases Made From 23 Dec to 1st Jan 2015!
Watch Out For “SPECIAL PRIZE AWARDS” To Be Announced Soon!
SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay, OkPay, Payeer, Bitcoin ACCEPTED!
Log-In & SNAP UP Your SPOTS NOW: LetsHaveCash

For the second update just issued a few hours ago the admin of LetsHaveCash issued a list of members rewarded with a free $500 Bitmining position in the program. I’ll leave out publishing the names of those who got it, but if you were one of them you’ll probably know it by now. According to the administration, all of these people have over 1000 referrals each whose deposits combine to exceed $60,000. If you ask me, that’s total nonsense and completely exaggerated figures of course, as even the best referrers in the HYIP industry would only dream of such figures, let alone having so many people willing to invest thousands in ponzies. Nothing should prevent the admin from expressing the wishful thinking he has for his program, and the below email should be taken with a pinch of salt, for sure:

LetsHaveCash – $10,000 Reward for Our Platinum Members.
Dear Members,
Happy Merry Christmas to everyone.We thank all our members, well-wishers, supporters, promoters, advertisers, engineers, designers, officials, assistants and all other persons and Best Wishes for the Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible, and in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely. There are some great persons with us, without them, LetsHaveCash won’t be able to come so far. For their contribution to LetsHaveCash, we want to honor them by giving them a small amount of Reward.
We want to express that, all these great people worked very hard to grow us up to this state. Every one of them has a number of more than 1000 referrals and a referral deposit amount of more than $60,000.
We pray for their lifetime success and seek for new hard working people who can write their names beside theirs. We want to congratulate and give rewards to more people.
N.B: At present, “Cube” and “6% instant bonus” is running. CPA camp is coming in Jan 2015.
Regards. LetsHaveCash Administration.


BTPerfex (reviewed here) is one of the most promising programs of the next year in my humble opinion, but I believe what was holding them back until now was a lack of choice when it came to payment options. So far BTPerfex has only been accepting BitCoin and PerfectMoney, and although in my interview with him the admin of the program Andy (click here to read) agreed that they were the most popular options in the HYIP industry now anyway, he was still considering the addition of others in the near future. So in the Christmas news update posted on BTPerfex site he confirmed his desire to add EgoPay and Payeer to the list very soon. I remind you that BTPerfex is a low-ROI program paying 1.25% to 2% fixed daily interest for a term of 180 calendar days. Considering the high investment minimum of $50 the investors would like to see more payment options which hopefully the admin will deliver in the New Year and help BTPerfex‘s further expansion and growth. Meanwhile, the admin also reminds us about the program’s UK company incorporation which is totally unnecessary, in my opinion, as it doesn’t prove anything and can be done cheaply and anonymously (the whole process is fully described in this article). So just invest what you can afford to lose as there are absolutely no guarantees (something that applies to all online HYIP programs). Here’s the Christmas update from BTPerfex for your reference:

Merry Christmas From BTPerfex
Hello Members, Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Merry Christmas from BTPerfex team. As you all know we are updating many things on our website like now we are a Registered company in UK with company ID you can check our company details on our website along with our company certificate. Within a few days we are going to add new payment systems Egopay and Payeer for our Investors convenience. We will update in our news section as soon as we add new payment systems. Thank you


What better way to finish today’s update than drawing the results of the most recent poll held on the MNO TalkBack page over the last few days asking what you thought was the biggest disappointment of the last year. And the award goes to… (drumroll!) Raisean which turned out a huge disappointment from a program that many expected better things from. Not many investors saw any real profit apart from maybe some of the very first to join, and the admin failed to run it with any level of competency or honesty. Instead he chose to lie to investors and supporters first blaming falling interest in his program on DDoS attacks (which he possibly himself staged), and then giving all subsequent investors a laughable return of 1%, pretending that everything was going as planned and blatantly lying about the program’s future. Someone was even so confident in Raisean‘s future they declared it one of the best programs of 2015! As we all clearly saw the result didn’t live up to any of even the most modest expectations and the admin scammed just as it was time to pay profits to the first investors. Fortunately MNO has always been on alert and when I noticed the admin was blocking some members’ accounts for no reason while creating multiple cheerleading accounts various public forums the trouble was obvious. MNO gave an explicit warning to readers, strongly advising against investing in Raisean despite all kind of threats from the admin’s paid posters. None of this helped, of course, and Raisean collapsed five days after the warning was posted. That just proved one simple thing – only monitors who care about their readers while not promoting obvious scams for a fast buck should be deserving of your respect. I just wonder sometimes how so many people positioned Raisean as the biggest thing for 2015 and how they could be so wrong, with the admin himself destroying any remaining credibility with constant lies and underhanded tactics. Although MNO reported this before most other sites, it was too late for the vast majority of members and they lost money. That’s why Raisean led the poll and was voted the biggest disappointment of 2014, according to MNO readers with a whopping 37.1% of the vote.

HashPrime came second (or is that second last?), scoring 31.4% of the vote. It was also the last time we saw an admin play the STP card and introduce a seemingly promising program that accepted that payment processor. It didn’t work for them however, as just before the first investors managed to see a profit the admin suddenly decided to change the investment plan and we all know what that meant – speedy scam. In the case of HashPrime the big launch with all the investors jumping on the bandwagon on day one may well have afforded the admin an opportunity to sacrifice his STP funds (much of which he was unlikely to have been allowed to withdraw anyway) and steal whatever money he could from other sources.

Following very closely we have PiNeverEnds with 20% of the readers votes. This admin seemed enthusiastic about developing something new and unique in the industry and created a very beautifully crafted website revolving around the Greek letter/number Pi (3.14) and was considered a very promising program by many. Unfortunately the admin then had no idea what he was doing and a lot more time and effort went into a nice looking program as opposed to actually managing it. He started to play fool by changing the rules of the game as he went along, and so no surprise what happened next – empty promises and a fast scam. PiNeverEnds was another huge disappointment of this autumn.

Finally making up the numbers are Bidex and Arriels scoring only 5.7% of the votes each. Maybe people do not see them so much as “disappointments” if they weren’t expecting that much from them in the first place. I guess there’s no reason to go into further detail regarding them. I will just add that both Bidex and Arriels turned to be fast scams (but beautifully executed scams with a twist) that gave high expectations but little more. Neither was able to deliver any serious profits and scammed before the vast majority got anything at all back.

As we see there was a lot of disappointments this year, many that turned out to be fast scams due to the either the admin’s incompetence or lack of experience. I’m not even sure which is worse for the average investor, but the result is the same. The question now is whether now as we enter the final countdown to the new year is will it be any better? Pondering on that gave me the idea of asking my readers what they think about this. So from the programs that are currently online, what will be the most profitable program for you personally in 2015? The possible answers will include the following – AssuredAssets (reviewed here), OneStability (reviewed here), LetsHaveCash (reviewed here), AtrexTrade (reviewed here), BTPerfex (reviewed here).

Remember that you can read about all of those programs in their respective reviews and, in some cases, in the admins’ interviews, so check it out, think it over before deciding. Votes will be accepted for about the next week or so and the results will be announced during the first days of January 2015. Please be more active and vote for your favorite program on the MNO TalkBack page. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityGHash, CryptoFarmLetsHaveCash, LoanTrustSilveksSafeKapitalCoinAssetsAtrexTrade, BTPerfex.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShare, NewLibertyReserve, OgdenOrganization, BITC1SuccessRoadToWealth, TheBornClub, MarkApter, RevshareMatrix.

That’s about all for today, guys. Thanks as always for reading, enjoy the rest of the holidays and your weekend, and I’ll post again as soon as the jet lag passes! Like I said earlier I’m in Singapore for Christmas and New Year, but remember a vacation doesn’t mean the work stops for MNO so my monitor will still be kept up to date a minimum of once every 24 hours, often even more frequently, and I’m still happy to see all your comments and questions either by mail or on the MNO ShoutBox. See you soon, everyone!

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