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Hello everybody, and welcome again to the biggest online blog dedicated entirely to the topic of the lucrative and high-risk online investments read by thousands of experienced investors around the world. I’m aware that the leading position in the HYIP industry is not only a great honor and a good opportunity to present you with the most elite programs on the net, but also an obligation to provide you with the latest news and most timely updates on this ever changing world of high-yield investment programs. Everyone needs a break sometimes and even MNO is no exception, so I skipped this weekend completely and had a couple of lazy afternoons on my favorite armchair by my fireplace watching TV and listening to music. I intend to make up for that now by publishing a bit earlier than usual to catch up with events, and with the start of winter for most readers today I hope for some new interesting programs. In fact I already have something for you today with the introduction of a new program (not exactly brand new, just new to MNO I mean) that accepts SolidTrustPay (very rare occurrence nowadays, I must add!) called LetsHaveCash. There’s also an update from SolidTrustPay themselves on the strict requirements surrounding their account verification procedures to prevent fraud, and some news from CompassBusiness on the addition of a rather odd new payment processor called NixMoney. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to MaestroCapitalGroup which had been one of the most popular programs around but scammed just after some suspicious bonuses were offered as highlighted in earlier MNO news updates. And finally I’ll be drawing the final results for the MNO TalkBack opinion polls on Raisean and why they have such low returns over the last few weeks compared to when they first started. I’ll also share my personal opinion on the future of that program. So stay tuned for all of that and keep reading be the first to know what’s been going on.


You know that not many new programs are worth your attention in December, and many look exactly the same as each other. This doesn’t apply to LetsHaveCash for sure, as the program represents a mix of different investment plans some of which require an extra effort on your part like daily surfing of websites, while others offer just a plain passive income. Maybe that was the reason why LetsHaveCash was actually approved by SolidTrustPay which is accepted by the program along with PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, Payeer, and OkPay. Note that not all payment processors are equal as LetsHaveCash introduced some withdrawal fees from 1% to 8%, so please take this into consideration when thinking of investing there. Fees do not currently apply to STP by the way, only the others. Besides, for any STP transactions you have to create a separate account with LetsHaveCash. All other payment processors are covered in one (perhaps that was a requirement from STP to approve a payment button, I can’t say for sure). For PerfectMoney deposits there’s a limited 3% deposit bonus available for immediate withdrawal as posted below:

3% Instant Cashback on PerfectMoney Deposit
Dear Member,
It’s good to declare that we have released a cashback offer. If anyone deposit via PerfectMoney, he/she will get 3% of the deposit amount instantly. And the bonus will be added to your withdraw wallet. Say, if anyone deposit $100 via PerfectMoney, he/she will get instant $3 in his/her withdraw wallet and can withdraw this bonus instantly. This is a limited time offer.
Regards, LetsHaveCash

Over the first six weeks online the admin of LetsHaveCash tweaked his program and improved many things before purchasing the listing on MNO which I hope means that he’s looking forward to further success for the new year. The program is running off a unique script developed especially for LetsHaveCash and offers three investment plans at the moment with a fourth coming in January. In order to get your investment working and earning a profit (credited daily at 0.05 GMT according to the script settings, so you can get your first profit faster than 24 hours), you have to fund your account in multiples of $10 by clicking the “Deposit” tab in your account. Then will you be able to make an investment by clicking the “Buy Position” tab. If you have a limited amount of cash and would like to start slowly and without the need to surf then you can start with $10 (the price of one position in the Doubler plan) and earn 2.2% daily for a duration of 90 calendar days. A total return of 198% can be seen by the, end with no principal returned on expiry. In order to invest in the second plan called AdPack you need $20 for every position and for every position you have to surf at least four websites to earn a 3% daily interest rate the next 50 calendar days, giving 50% net profit at the end. And finally, for a hefty $500 per single position you can join the BitMining plan and earn 2% for 100 calendar days, principal included, and an optional bonus of up to 30% credited to your account quarterly at the admin’s discretion. Personally I don’t see why the BitMining plan is better than the higher paying Doubler plan, but possibly the promised bonus may help. There’s one more investment plan which will not be covered in the upcoming review of LetsHaveCash (called CPA-camp) as it doesn’t open until the new year and no further details are currently available. I’ll update you on MNO when this eventually happens, but for now just think about the current plans which are explained on the LetsHaveCash website (which is hosted on a dedicated server by OVH hosting and features an SSL-certificate by Comodo). The latest promo email from the admin sent today is re-posted for you belo:

LetsHaveCash – Join Now to Enjoy New Plan of LetsHaveCash
Dear Members,
Year end and upcoming Christmas Greetings for everyone. We are feeling good to write you. And we want to thank our entire member. In 2015, LetsHaveCash will be the top program with highest paying status.
Join now and ** Get $30 DEMO on SIGNUP ** MAKE a GOOD Pay Plan “LIVE & REAL”!!!
Around “5 Months Old & Crossing MILESTONES” Already!
On July 5, 2014 LHC “LetsHaveCash” Came Into EFFECT!
64000+ Registered Account “And It Is INCREASING”!!
On Average 600-800 Members Join Per DAY!
Deposits Crossing $24,50,000!
Instant Withdrawals Almost $770,000!
Now The Payplan…
The CRAZIEST Earner Pack is Doubler!
It will DOUBLE your money in just three months.
$10 per Doubler Position, Multiple Purchases Allowed
Earn 2.2% daily even on purchased amount for 90 Days
You have to do nothing at all. Just wait and see your earning increase.
Increase Earnings with Daily Compounding by purchasing more Doublers.
Three-step Referral Bonuses: 8%, 3%, 1%
Instant Withdrawal!
BUY Six Position One at A Time and Get a CUBE.
When CUBE expires, Enjoy a FREE Position.
For Doubler: Invest $60 and Earn $160 with FREE Position.
For AdPack: Invest $120 and Earn $270 with FREE Position.
And From January 1, 2015, CPA Camp Is Starting. REMEMBER THIS!
SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, EgoPay, OkPay, Payeer, Bitcoin ACCEPTED!
– More Options Added In Coming Weeks
Log-In & SNAP UP Your $60 or $120 CUBE SPOTS NOW: LetsHaveCash


If you wish to join LetsHaveCash via SolidTrustPay and take advantage of the payment processor’s multiple deposit and withdrawal options via banks and debit cards and so avoiding third-party exchangers, then you really need to think about verifying your account there. For the purpose of explaining the need for a verification process to prevent online fraud and make your STP account safer, an article was posted on the SolidTrustPay blog which you’re invited to read below and also refer to the respective sections of the STP support website for any further questions:

Verifying Your Account
SolidTrust Pay believes that keeping your money safe comes with giving our members a uniquely secure Account Verification process. Because of this, we require documentation for every account wishing to become Standard Verified, as well as Bank Verified. This drastically cuts down online fraud and identity theft, making certain that you are the only one accessing your STPay Account and personal information.
But what exactly do you need to submit to become verified?
Standard Verification requires the following documents to upgrade your account:
-A valid, unaltered, government-issued photo ID (from your current country of residence) showing your name, your date of birth, and expiry date. Verifiers will also make note of Identifications attributes such as watermarks, issuing information, and ID number.
-A recent picture of yourself showing your head and shoulders. Note: this should not be a picture used on any of your government ID documents, and preferably should not be a professional or altered photo.
-A recent bill or statement matching the name and address in your profile, as well as showing the date it was issued. Please ensure that this statement is no older than 6 months.
For more information about verification and country specific requirements, please read this Support Centre Article.
Documents should be submitted in full color, jpeg or PDF format, at a large enough resolution to ensure they can be opened and read clearly. If a flatbed scanner is not available to you, many customers take photos of their documents. This is only acceptable if the document is fully legible, is not blurry, and contains no missing information or cropping.
SolidTrust Pay complies with all government regulations requiring processors to verify their customers, maintain records and report suspicious transactions. As a countermeasure against fraud and money laundering, verification is required for transactions of any type over $1000.
With these few extra steps, your account will be ready to enjoy the perks that come with having a Verified account, such as sending or receiving up to $9999 per 24-hour period, and having access to a greater variety of transaction options, including e-currency exchanges to other payment systems.
Peace of mind is priceless, which is exactly why we’ve implemented this Verification process.
SolidTrust Pay, when your money and security matters.


It seems the last opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page on the future of Raisean literally split my readers in half, with exactly 50% believing we’ll see the program alive and kicking in 2015, and the other 50% saying the opposite. Regarding the results of the second poll which was dedicated to the possible reasons why Raisean has only been able to come up with extremely low interest payments of only around 1% almost every day for several weeks now, making it totally impossible to profit from the program in a reasonable period of time. This is in stark contrast to when the program first launched, and only started after an extensive period of DDoS attacks on the Raisean website. It would therefore be logical to guess that the reduced interest is a result of reduced deposits caused by the attacks – an opinion shared by 63% of my readers. The remaining 37% believe that the admin is just trying to pocket more money for himself before scamming, so that’s why he’s paying less.

All just a matter of personal opinion of course, and if you ask me there’s probably no definitive answer to if Raisean can continue into 2015 or not. I believe not even the admin himself has any idea if the program is going to take off again, we’ll simply have to wait and see what January brings if (fingers crossed) the program is still with us. What is clear for me at the moment though is that Raisean has never fully recovered after the massive damage caused by the continuous attacks on the server and the subsequent slowdown of new deposits. You see, the problem with Raisean is that the program launched for some reason with big deposits flowing from the beginning following being touted as the next big thing by many promoters. Perhaps more steady growth would have been much better for a program competing for the first place in the industry as it is much better organized than many others. However previous experience tells me that even the best looking programs can still be relatively fast scams, and I believe the danger for Raisean cannot be dismissed. It’s clear that the admin is really trying to stretch the program’s existence as far as possible, for which he is to be commended, but this is a double-edged sword. The thing is that now many new investors seeing such low interest legitimately question if it’s a smart move to invest now and possibly wait for up to three months to only break even, never mind see a profit which won’t happen for anyone at all if Raisean can’t survive Christmas. It’s not clear how such a low-ROI policy is going to work either, as in approximately another week the first investors in Raisean are due to start collecting profits, putting further pressure on the program. As we know that the first investors joined Raisean with big amounts which was then followed by a period of almost no new deposits at all (hence the low interest payments), for me it would be highly unlikely for Raisean to see in 2015. Like I said the admin is trying his best and that’s great, but with such uncertainty and low returns plus stiff competition from less hyped programs, some of which have a much better chance to survive the new year holidays, I am afraid Raisean might be on the way out now. Don’t get me wrong though, the program is still paying fine and most the payments are processed instantly on all payment processors accepted (PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Payeer), but the question remains if with a 1% daily return any new investors will join from this point on. I myself have some doubts due to the above reasons, but if you wish to check out Raisean and the investment plan it offers you can still refer to the detailed review of the program posted on the MNO blog here.

So how about a new question for the MNO TalkBack page now? Due to the notorious instability in the industry during December, I am aware that many investors may be taking a break and returning only in January to look for new investment opportunities. The new question then will be this – Do you plan to leave the HYIP industry for the month of December? Possible answers are:
-Yes, I plan to totally stop investing until January.
-I plan to pick only the best programs and will still invest with caution.
-I won’t change my tactics and will continue as always.
The poll will run on the MNO TalkBack page for around the next week to ten days or so. If you could please take a moment to vote, it’s anonymous and only takes a second, it would be highly appreciated.


Sometimes I wonder how HYIP admins have become so easily predictable over the years of my dealings with them and their tricks. But then again – that all comes with experience, I suppose, and once you see the same tricks used again and again you can instantly recognize them yourself. The latest example is the admin of MaestroCapitalGroup whose idea was to lure in more investors with some ridiculously high “bonus” of 20% to everyone joining during a limited promotion. I saw the scam coming, so MNO readers were the first to warned. The warning was posted on Friday, and MaestroCapitalGroup went to Problem Status on the MNO monitor on Monday when payments first became selective. MNO became the first monitor yet again to move MaestroCapitalGroup to Problem Status following complaints, but unfortunately this was no real surprise. There was no time to waste and a clear warning is now necessary to protect readers from losing money, so please do not make any new investments there even if you’re still getting paid on older deposits. MaestroCapitalGroup is about to finish, and you need to be aware of that. The program was really good while it lasted, and given that you could profit in as little as three days this was definitely enough for many experienced investors considering it was listed on MNO for nearly four weeks. The ending was as predictable as it was inevitable, but I hope most of you managed to come away with more money than you spent. The admin decided to start spamming investors with numerous emails about instant deposit bonuses and on Friday there were no less than five emails asking for money. By Saturday there was another offer of a 10% bonus, however this time the admin excluded me from his mailing list, (knowing I would warn against it probably) but thanks to my readers I was made aware. So just to draw one final line under the issue and move on – do not make any more investments with MaestroCapitalGroup!


I was almost speechless when I saw that instead of a popular currency like Payeer or BitCoin, the admin of CompassBusiness announced of the addition of NixMoney to the list of the available payment methods. Their plans include 3.9% for 30 business days (principal included) or from the plans with principal returned on expiry you have 0.8% for 30 business days, 0.9%-1% for 50 business days, 1% for 70 business days, or 1.1% for 90 business days. Why an admin would even consider a payment processor totally unknown and unused by HYIP investors when American investors are prevented from joining by restrictions put on them by PerfectMoney and EgoPay (the only viable e-currencies currently accepted by CompassBusiness, (reviewed here) is something I can’t explain. BitCoin for example would actually make the program accessible to a much bigger market, but has been ignored in favor of something previously unheard of in the industry. With such an approach I can’t see the program attracting more serious investors, even if the program does have more than a year online. Anyway, if you’re interested to hear the latest from the admin of CompassBusiness then keep reading:

Adding Nixmoney ($) !!!
Dear Partners !!!
For your convenience, we have added a new payment system Nixmoney ($). Now you can exchange currency and all known Cryptocurrency through this payment system.
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manager CompassBusiness


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStability, AssuredAssetsLaxoTradeFXMutual, DailyProfitSilveksGHashWellGoTradersSafeKapitalRaisean, VentureWealth, LetsHaveCash (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShare, OgdenOrganization, TheBornClub, MarkApter, NewLibertyReserve, BITC1 (the first payments received). RoxInvest (the first payment received).

That’s about all for today, guys. Please stay tuned for a more detailed look at LetsHaveCash coming tomorrow, plus all the latest updates from the most popular programs online and maybe even some new investment opportunities to consider. See you all then!

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