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Hello everyone! Welcome back to the MNO blog where I still try to update you on the most recent events among the most elite investment programs online. With the festive season getting ever closer there’s less activity to report, with admin and investors alike planning more time with friends and family. I hope you are too, as you chances of finding new programs that will put you in profit before mid January are slim. However, if you’re serious about spotting new investment opportunities or checking out the potentially big hits that will rule the HYIP industry in 2015 then reading MNO is a must for you, as due to the highest prices it’s been established now as the place to advertise and list for the biggest programs in the HYIP world. That means less programs, with potentially better qualities to sustain payouts for longer terms and run by experienced admins who know how to deliver results. I’ll try to prove this in today’s article, so keep reading as there wasn’t many other updates to report.


The first thing to report today was something which many MNO readers were probably well aware of already. WellGoTraders scammed, failing to complete one cycle of their 7% for 27 days plan. A once promising program, this was listed on MNO from day one and despite a relatively short run of 22 days it was more than enough for the first investors to spot the potential of the program and make a profit as high as 54% if they were fast enough. Even the day before yesterday I already issued a short update about moving WellGoTraders to Waiting status on the MNO monitor, so you should have known about it if you read my blog regularly. Although at the time I still wasn’t sure if the admin intended to continue with processing withdrawals or not. Apparently when the admin shared the stats about deposits and withdrawals in WellGoTraders being at almost at the same level, he didn’t fake them and so hinted to smart investors that it might not be so smart to invest now. Anyway, the majority of my readers managed to profit from WellGoTraders which proved once again that such readers are in much more privileged position that many other online investors. Of course, investments in WellGoTraders are not recommended as the program naturally was moved to Scam as of today, but the latest trend of my readers getting the best chance to profit from the listed programs is quite obvious. Just take the latest examples of the most recent scams and you will see.

FXMutual could have possibly given you 150% pure profit and even more depending on your investment strategy as the program allowed you to withdraw your principal at anytime while offering a whopping 7% fixed interest daily.

DailyProfit lasted an entire month, and although the admin let everyone down by giving up on the program too early it probably didn’t have that much chance to survive Christmas anyway. So, with two investment cycles completed you had a fair chance of getting 60% pure profit back on your investment, as the program paid 2% for 15 days with deposit expiring after that, but also allowing you to withdraw your initial investment early without losing any accrued interest.

VentureWealth seemed less successful when collapsing after slightly more than three weeks online. But even that was sufficient for some experienced investors to a scoop a 30% pure profit on the program’s most affordable and shortest 1.5% for 20 days plan with principal returned on expiry.

Programs still end up as scams of course, that much has always been the way in the HYIP industry, but I think this proves that my strict policies are showing real tangible results. Accepting only programs by admins who intend running their programs for as long as they possibly can, and pricing out many amateurs did bring some good results. Doesn’t work every time, but the trend has been very positive this year and I believe MNO will keep doing what it does best in 2015 to help you achieve even better results from the programs advertised on MNO.


Unfortunately with Raisean it was a case of one rotten apple spoiling the otherwise profitable roster of programs for MNO readers. The end was clearly in sight as explained in the article posted here. Five days after posting it, Raisean stopped payouts and was yesterday moved to Problem and subsequently Scam Status on the MNO monitor. I’m really sorry for those who lost money in this awful scam with the admin trying to use a full arsenal of tricks (from creating a story about multiple account holders being blocked to himself creating several accounts on the MNO ShoutBox) to lure more gullible people into it.

However during the 40 days Raisean was listed on MNO from its 60 days online my attitude towards changed dramatically as the circumstances changed, going from positive to negative as the performance dipped. First off some DDoS attacks forced the admin of Raisean to drastically reduce the daily interest to 1%, something that never improved for the remaining five weeks the program continued. That alone destroyed any faith of new investors ever seeing a profit, and also acted as a warning sign for experienced investors who saw the admin’s attitude wasn’t helping matters. The level of dissatisfaction continued to grow as the interest rates made no recovery and the admin obviously lied to everyone when promising things would change after Christmas. Sadly those promises were never likely to be met, and any pretense of confidence investors might still have in the program was broken when the admin started blocking dozens of members’ accounts last week.

And while many other monitors and blogs tried their best to ignore the now growingly obvious cash flow problem, MNO was the only one that, while still keeping Raisean on Paying status on my monitor, nevertheless posted a strong warning to new investors who were still considering joining. Some people tried even to blame me for being overly cautious regarding Raisean and the admin himself came on my ShoutBox to accuse (but never with any proof when he was asked) that I was biased against the program. Still, the admin has failed completely to deliver any serious results for more than a handful of the very first investors alongside I have no doubt his army paid posters. Perhaps if more of an effort was made to revive the program and make it profitable instead of lurking on public discussion forums to ambush anyone with genuine concerns about the program then things might have ended better. Due to my own vigilance and strict policies against multiple accounts on the MNO ShoutBox, all the admin’s accounts have been detected and removed.

I was not really surprised to see payments from Raisean stop yesterday, and I’m only sorry that this admin tried to use MNO as a vehicle for getting deposits from my readers without any intention of allowing them to profit. Fortunately, not many people invested in Raisean from MNO and there were not many big deposits anyway, but I’m aware that some people believed those shameless promoters who had no conscience at all and kept touting Raisean despite being fully aware the program was clearly never likely to allow anyone else to profit. Some people lost thousands of dollars in Raisean after believing the paid posters hired by the admin, and who would have promoted the program even if the sky was falling. I truly hope they’re embarrassed by their actions now and take responsibility for their referrals losing thousands of dollars. Also, I hope that many have learned the lesson and see that MNO is always standing behind the investors and will speak for their best interests, not the scams, and not the cheerleaders. This is what won MNO so many readers over the years, and it’s not about to change. I just hope that the admin who delivered such a beautifully made but very poorly managed program will not come to me in the future. There are plenty of self appointed promoters, “experienced investors” as they would usually like to title themselves, only too happy to support all sorts of garbage even when they know damn well that all their downlines will definitely lose money and not be allowed to profit. The Raisean admin knows perfectly well who these people are and has no difficulty in finding them. I hope he sticks with them in future because MNO will never be like them.


It’s good that the HYIP industry still has some good programs like AssuredAssets that has been running without any issues for nearly nine months now, protecting the wider reputation of low-ROI programs at the same time. Today the very first investors of AssuredAssets, another program that joined MNO right away on day one by the way, managed to get their principals back on expiry of the investment plan. It promises a 0.8%-1.4% fixed interest return (depending on the size of your investment) for the duration of 190 business days. That means that even the smaller investors managed to get 152% pure profit from their investments. The fact that you could wait for nine months for that to happen doesn’t take away from the importance of the moment for the first investors of AssuredAssets. The program has been a significant force in the industry for 2014 so far, and hopefully well into 2015 too.

As the ranking system determining the position a program occupies on my monitor is based on referral commissions from my downlines plus my own deposit and being extremely popular among MNO readers, no wonder AssuredAssets managed to reclaim the #1 spot. And deservedly so, as even the initial investments have been paid instantly today and I’m glad to see that AssuredAssets is not letting its investors down by always turning in a consistent performance. The only downside of the program is possibly the high minimum investment of $50, but even that doesn’t seem to be slowing them down. All the popular payment options are accepted – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer – and recently a direct bank wire option was introduced for those looking to save on payment processor fees. Once AssuredAssets survives the New Year I believe the sky is the limit for this program from January onwards. For more information on the program please refer to my detailed review posted here.


With the final days of 2014 upon us a lot of people start looking back on how the last year went for them. So I was hoping to look at some of the high points and low points of the year as seen by my readers. First of all the new question I would like to ask in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll is this – What in your opinion was the biggest disappointment of 2014?

The question came to mind when thinking what a total let-down Raisean was for almost everyone who joined. Many, we now know foolishly enough, considered it one of the most promising programs online. Along with Raisean I will include some others that turned out to be fast scams when so many investors had much higher expectations for them. So joining Raisean will be Bidex, HashPrime, Arriels, and PiNeverEnds. I know, I know – all these failures were from the autumn, but I honestly can’t remember a worse time in the industry this year than that. Even the summer months were not so bad at all, and most of the victims then were those who joined well-established programs too late in the game. Unfortunately, the high hopes of those who tried to invest into the above-mentioned programs were shattered by crooked admins and many investors simply lost their money. Remember that we’re not voting for the worst program of the year (as there were much worse examples), but for a program that didn’t live up to better expectations from investors, so please vote accordingly for the program that disappointed you most.

Getting back to the results of the previous poll now, as expected, RockwellPartners came out a definitive winner with 51% of the vote for readers best program of 2014. Many readers saw massive profits from the program dominated the HYIP industry during the first half of 2014 and made it trendy to run perpetual programs – the same trend that was later abused by countless admins who ran poor imitations. No program with a similar concept of perpetual no expiry date plans came even close to what RockwellPartners achieved. Actually, I’m very pleased the admin of RockwellPartners came to MNO from the beginning as the program occupied the #1 position on the MNO Premium List almost the entire time was paying for three and a half months from early March till late June. It’s an outstanding example of how a great HYIP can and should be run.

Actually, overall the first half of 2014 was much more profitable and featured many programs of superb quality and longevity. One possible exception from the autumn however is 2FXLtd. Although the program made a soft launch during the first couple of weeks online when only starting in the beginning of August, and ran through until the end of October. 2FXLtd took the second spot in my poll asking the best programs of 2014, with 19.5% of the votes. The program was most memorable for me possibly due to one of the very few successful transformations in HYIP industry history. The program used to pay 8% for 25 days for the first couple of cycles, and then completely overhauled itself to become a perpetual program paying 4% daily with no expiry. 2FXLtd was surely a one of a kind program run by professional admins that also managed to bring profits to many investors. So I totally agree with the vote here as well.

Next we have DublinCryptoriumLimited with 12% of readers remembering it as the best program of the year. It actually started in early November 2013 (and came to MNO on day one) but really only came to prominence after last Christmas, running until late July 2014. DublinCryptoriumLimited was a program where the admin had a clear strategy, with everything meticulously planned in advance. For example opening the program at a slower time in the industry and offering very low returns, but also accepting all the popular payment processors and paying instantly. DublinCryptoriumLimited was spotted by many experienced investors immediately after getting listed on MNO and thus hundreds of investors profited from it. I believe the main secret to the success of DublinCryptoriumLimited (also known as Cryptory) was the combination of interesting winning factors those I already mentioned plus the option to withdraw your original investment at any time you like, an original script allowing you to see your profits growing in real-time, and a sophisticated background story about BitCoin mining which even attracted investors who usually do not pay attention to HYIPs. Surely one of the most memorable projects of the year it must be said

Coming fourth in the poll is FinMutual with 10% of the vote. The program was mostly famous for its very long run of eleven months from July 2013 to June 2014 and conservative returns of 1.8% to 2.6% for 180 business days with principal included. FinMutual is possibly the longest running program by now on the Shadow script and did much to highlight its benefits for HYIP admins and help make it the most popular script in the industry now. With hundreds of investors in profit, as all the famous payment processors were accepted – that was a great result deserving the applause and definitely a place in the Top Five best programs of the year.

And only the fifth in the poll came RemiTrade getting 7.5% of my readers naming it the best program of the year. RemiTrade was active from November 2013 to October 2014 thus making it almost a full calendar year and providing many investors with decent profits. The previous program of the admin was EurexTrade which lasted for nearly two years and the current AtrexTrade featuring on my blog and monitor was properly reviewed here and will hopefully last as long as its counterparts. Previous experience shows that AtrexTrade was launched exactly at the right time of the year and the admin is certainly here to deliver some good results. So fingers crossed, AtrexTrade will be able to repeat the success of RemiTrade.

Needless to say that all the most successful programs of the year featured on the MNO Premium List which only proves the established position of my site as the leading investment blog and monitor thousands of investors turn to for advice and which can bring good profits if you choose the best programs. Ask anyone who was in the Top Five best programs of the year and they will tell you that. Thanks everyone for voting in the poll and don’t forget to participate in the new one on the MNO TalkBack to name the biggest disappointment of the year.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AssuredAssetsOneStabilityCryptoFarmLoanTrustSilveksGHash, SafeKapitalCoinAssetsLetsHaveCash, AtrexTrade, BTPerfex.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShare, OgdenOrganization, NewLibertyReserve, BITC1The BornClub, RoxInvestMarkApter.

That is all for tonight, guys. Hope I gave you some food for thought for the next couple of days, as I’m going to be enjoying some late Christmas shopping tomorrow getting myself prepared to an upcoming six week long trip to south and east Asia that I’m starting on Christmas Day. Most likely I’ll skip tomorrow and post again sometime over the weekend. Don’t worry though – I’ll still be maintaining the MNO monitor and active on the MNO ShoutBox. Also, keep an eye on the MNO monitor for possible new programs, as who knows what we might get just before the Christmas. Meanwhile remember to vote for the biggest disappointment of 2014 on the MNO TalkBack page and see you all soon!

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