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Beware! NordeBank has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! There’s a couple of stories to catch up on in the news section coming in the second part of today’s post, but first let me get straight to the point about the program I want to discuss with you before that. You see, I don’t usually like to start reviews with a negative comment so I don’t want this to be misunderstood – there’s been a couple of big names, industry leaders really, that have collapsed recently and there’s no point in ignoring it. In the wake of those unfortunate yet always inevitable events investors have been searching for “the next big thing” to substitute for that. Well, to put it bluntly I honestly believe that search ends right now. NordeBank is very likely to be the next industry leader before too long, and that’s not just a wild guess on my part, I can see it happening very clearly right now, and so can anyone else who cares to look. There’s an enthusiastic market out there now if any experienced admins are ready to start something, but the good thing is that investors are getting smarter all the time and are not willing to settle for just anything. A program has to be exceptional if it has realistic expectations of leading the HYIP industry for the next several months, and NordeBank is a definitely one that offers what investors have been crying out for recently. It may well be just a simple coincidence, i.e. the program is in the right place at the right time, but I feel there’s a lot more going on with NordeBank than just that. I don’t want to stick my neck out and make bold predictions, especially as we are only a week into March, but I wouldn’t be surprised if come December this is going to be a name near the top of the list when we are discussing the best programs of the year. Am I right to feel so confident? Well, let’s take a closer look at the details of NordeBank and see if you agree they might be worth taking a chance on.

To start with I guess NordeBank is best described as a longer term HYIP, though one of their plans is a bit more short to medium term. This is also the most affordable plan so I guess it’s going to be the most popular, at least with the smaller investors that make up the lifeblood of most programs anyway. It’s called The Leasing Plan and can be joined for a minimum deposit of $25. The investment term is 15 calendar days, during which NordeBank make a fairly basic and straight forward offer of 2% interest per day. That adds up to 30% in total once you receive the final payment, which then becomes your net profit once your principal is returned as promised.

To put that in simple monetary terms and see what a typical investment might work out for you, let’s say you invested $100 in this plan. NordeBank would then pay you back at a rate of $2 per day until you have taken $30 out of the program. Your initial hundred is then added to that in a separate payment, leaving you with $130 paid in return for $100 spent. The maximum spending limit allowed by NordeBank in this plan is capped at $100,000.

If you are hoping for a better return than that and are prepared to spend a little extra in order to get it, NordeBank have The Factoring Plan. Entry here will set you back at least $500, so it’s a bit more expensive for sure but not outside the reach of a lot of regular industry players. The term runs for 30 calendar days, with NordeBank offering members a daily interest payment of 2.5%. This eventually adds up to 75% in total payments by the final day, and with your principal back on expiry leaves you with 175% of your starting capital. Or 75% net profit if you want to put it that way. The maximum spending limit accepted by NordeBank here is $100,000.

For slightly bigger than average investors, and I’m sure there will be plenty of those finding their way to NordeBank in due course, you have The Real Estate Plan which opens at $1,000 for a minimum deposit. The investment term further stretches to 60 calendar days, with investors being offered a daily interest rate of 3%. At the end of the term that comes to 180% in total, which becomes 280% of what you invested when your principal is returned as promised. Crucially this plan allows you to break even and start earning a profit quite some time before the expiry date, coming after 34 days so you can’t possibly lose any money if you can get to that point. Everything after that is net profit. As with the other plans, NordeBank place an upper limit of $100,000 on investments here as well.

Finally there’s The Start Up Plan which I suppose probably is well beyond the means of most investors this time. But just to go through the figures for you anyway, the opening investment starts at $10,000, the maximum is still $100,000, and the term length is 100 calendar days. NordeBank are offering a daily interest payment of 3.5% which brings 350% in net profit, or 450% when your initial principal is returned on top of your regular payments.

There’s something in there suitable to everyone’s budget then, so if you’ve decided which plan is best suited to yours then the next thing you’ll need to know about is what are your payment options. Fairly standard and predictable really, with most of the expected industry service providers listed. Currently NordeBank are using PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash for anyone still favoring the regular more conventional third party payment handlers, and BitCoin for the growing legion of HYIP investors who prefer to bypass the older names and make a direct deposit using their own digital e-currency. What ever your preference, fans of instant payouts will be pleased to see them in place here. All that’s required is that you log into your NordeBank account as usual, submit the withdrawal request online, and the money should be with you in under a minute.

Just one other important point we need to be clear on about the payments before we move on. As an enhanced security feature NordeBank have a six digit PIN system set up in order to protect your withdrawals. You will need to set your own PIN code when joining the program, so make sure and keep a careful record of it. You will need this code in order to confirm your withdrawals, so obviously I can’t overstate how important this is. Aside from that you will need obviously (well, I say “obviously” but you’d be surprised how many people forget!) to make sure you enter all your payment processor details in your NordeBank account. If you neglect to do this then the program’s script has no idea where to send your money, so you won’t get paid until after this is done.

So here’s what you need to do. From inside your NordeBank members account area you will see a selection of buttons across the top of the page. Click the one marked “Withdraw Profit”. This will show you exactly how much money you are owed on the day, and to what payment processors. I would imagine most people will only be using one, though personally as a monitor I need to use them all. So, enter the amount of money you are withdrawing, select the payment method from the drop-down box, and click the “Withdraw Funds” button just beneath. This will take you to the next page where you will have to enter the PIN code. When you click on that a small pop-up box that looks like a virtual calculator will open. You enter your PIN code by clicking on the appropriate buttons, i.e. you never actually have to type the PIN out on your keyboard which makes it even safer again, and confirm. Payments should then be instant, however smaller investors please take note that NordeBank have a minimum withdrawal policy of $1, so anything less than that will not be processed.

To focus next on some of the more technical features of the NordeBank website such as design and site security, it simply radiates quality, professionalism and almost impossibly high standards. I have no doubt it will impress even the most savvy and experienced investors in the industry. The script is totally custom made with some unique features, but at the same time easy to use. For an additional layer of security you will find a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. For a hosting provider NordeBank is being kept on a dedicated server with a high level of protection from DDoS and other malicious attacks by DDoSGuard. Enhanced additional security and protection features available from within your NordeBank account include the detection of any changes in the IP address used to access your account, likewise with the web browser that is used. You can also install a two-step authenticator via google that will send a code to your mobile phone so only you can get in to your account. These features are optional extras by the way so it’s up to you to enable them or not. Personally I would encourage you to make full use of them, and see no reason why you wouldn’t want the maximum level of security possible to protect your money since NordeBank have went to the trouble and expense of providing it for you.

Also, not that it means all that much technically or is a difficult or expensive thing to do, but the NordeBank domain name is registered for five years in advance. I just think it’s worth mentioning as it’s often an indicator of a serious and professional admin with long term intentions. You know, someone who avoids problems tomorrow by dealing with them today, which is a good attitude to have in any successful business.

Among some of the more interesting extras featured on the NordeBank website are things perhaps not directly related to the program in the strictest sense, but I have to say very very useful as a general resource for anyone looking to succeed in the online HYIP industry. For example, there are some very useful (and independent) links to payment processor and e-currency exchanges. There’s also some good information on online security in general, like steps towards password and account protection.

If you still have any further questions for the NordeBank admin that you think weren’t addressed in this review or any account related issues that need to be dealt with then there’s a couple of options you can take. Before ever contacting anyone of course you will see there’s a wealth of knowledge on the NordeBank website, and everything is explained in crystal clarity either on the “knowledge base” page (the FAQ) or throughout the extensive background info posted on the program. If you still need to get in touch, you can start by checking the Live Chat for an operator who may be able to deal with your inquiry in real time. This is not a 24 hour service and is available during business hours only. If you have something a bit more substantial then there’s a support ticketing system. Create a new ticket by filling in your details on the support form and submitting it online. Every ticket is then assigned a number which you can use to track its progress and see that it’s been dealt with to your liking in a timely fashion. There is a postal address in the UK where NordeBank is registered as a company, though by itself that’s probably best ignored as a serviced workspace used for registration purposes and not where you might find anyone connected with running the program physically located. However what might be more useful is the phone number that accompanies it, so feel free to call them (again during business hours only) if you think someone might answer.

All in all it looks a highly professional set-up. Very slick and well set up, but better than just that. NordeBank is certainly more substance over style, though there’s no shortage of either. I think it’s also been better planned, better organized, and better executed than the average online HYIP. Of course whether or not the wider investing public take to the program is a whole other matter. Building a reputation (and being prepared to work on it) over the coming weeks and months will do them the world of good though initial interest in the program has been brisk by current standards. There’s no doubt that the industry is still at a strong point and NordeBank looks a likely candidate to become one of the leaders.

The only thing that I would still be skeptical about however is their alleged business activities, which as regular readers know is something I and all other experienced players say about every program. For the record it’s claimed that the program is, and I quote, “part of Norway’s largest financial services group” which goes on to list involvement in just about every other related business you can think of. Ultimately when you join any online investment program you do surrender control of your money so they’re all something of a shot in the dark to a greater or lesser extent. But if you like the industry and enjoy participating then NordeBank has as good a chance as any new program I’ve seen recently to make some real waves in this business. Just remember the “me first” rule you need to follow in every HYIP you join in order to protect your own best interests as far as is possible. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose and easily earn back from other sources without any difficulty if things don’t work out for you, and if joining NordeBank at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve given the matter some thought then or have already made a decision on how you would like to proceed with NordeBank, I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow readers. I would appreciate it if you would please take a moment to answer the following opinion poll, and remember it will be completely 100% anonymous at all times. I think it will be extremely interesting to refer back to in the coming weeks and months once the degree of success obtained by NordeBank becomes apparent.
The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in NordeBank?

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If you’ve been following the page called Goals on the WhyNot website you might know there’s a few interesting items outlined there focusing on significant changes. As WhyNot has reached $500K in deposits (at least according to their own estimation), the website was totally redesigned and the sometimes unreadable font has finally been replaced by something much better. After two months in operation WhyNot has turned into one of the most popular investment projects online and brought profits to the first investors with 3% to 3.3% daily returns for an indefinite term. And while most investors cannot withdraw their principals at any time, those brave enough to risk $10K or more are given the right to leave, but will only get paid 1% interest per day. The new VIP Plan that was in place from the very start but not activated has now been officially opened for bigger spending investors, and will run alongside with the other 3% and 3.3% daily“forever” plans that are much more affordable (with $10 and $1,000 minimums respectively). Payments on all plans are processed instantly to PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, and BitCoin, so no change there. Note though that from now on the minimum withdrawal will be set at $1 which is still fine for the majority of WhyNot investors, I suppose. If you want to read more on how WhyNot looked in the past please read my original review posted here and for all the latest changes in the program (including the 5% deposit bonus on all the new investments made until tomorrow) please refer to the newsletter below:

We have reached the level of 500,000$!
The company “WhyNot” continues to carry out faithfully all the duties and promises!
Thanks to your investments, assistance in project development and to the strong growth of the cryptocurrency rate, we have made tremendous strides in just two months of work!
-Our staff has increased more than doubled!
-We have grown from the team of independent traders to the international company
-Official registration in England will give us more possibilities for development!
-Investors from more than 100 countries began their cooperation with “WhyNot”!
-There’s a new comfortable design of the website, which was created based on your requests and advices!
-Russian and English chats were separated, as well as a chat for competitions and lotteries!
-New competitions and lotteries will be announced in the coming days! We rely on your suggestions!
-Yes, yes, yes! A new font!
-Added a new investment plan-piggy bank (VIP) for “huge” investors from 10,000$
-For the safety of your funds and for protection of our website from ddos attacks, a new system of protection was activated – cloudflare!
-More than 7,500 people are already a part of the team “WhyNot”!
-For savings the funds we decided to increase a minimum available withdrawal to 1$. This decision was taken due to the high commissions of certain payment systems.
-A video presentation of our project will be available soon!
In reaching the level of 500.000$, we are pleased to inform you about a 5% bonus to all new deposits! This bonus will last until March 8 inclusive!


It’s no secret the admin of Palmills must have suffered some huge headaches recently. Firstly, it appears that Payza deposits cannot be done at the moment for some unknown reason. When trying to make an investment via Payza you will simply be re-directed to a page indicating an error and saying that the merchant cannot accept deposits via Payza at this time. As I haven’t received a response from the admin of Palmills regarding this issue, I can only speculate that withdrawals to Payza are not affected. They should still be processed instantly, as are those to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. I have no idea what might cause this error from Payza, but can only guess they asked for more documents from Palmills to be able to properly verify their account. Iplans by the way include 3.5% for 60 business days, 5% for 30 business days, and 6% for 20 business days. I’ll be able to say more on that with a greater degree of certainty as soon as I hear from the Palmills admin, so I’ll keep you updated when I have more.

Another problem for Palmills being reported was the appearance of a clone website. I wouldn’t call it a phishing website like the admin described it, as the hourly investment plans on a totally copied design but different extension indicates the main goal is to scam regular investors of Palmills and taint its so far perfect reputation. Maybe a side effect of that would be stealing passwords from regular Palmills investors and withdrawing money from there, and since they’re processed instantly I believe there could very well be some victims already. That’s probably the main reason that prompted the admin to post a warning on the real Palmills website below:

We welcome all Palmills investors! We urgently want to draw your attention to a clone of our website, which appeared online. It is in a different domain zone – but has same name. We declare that we do not have nothing to do with this website, it does not belong to us, and most likely this fake site is a scam (as evidenced by the use of our web design). Please be vigilant and do not register on this site and do not try to enter your personal account there – with a high degree of probability is a phishing tool that allows attackers to steal your money in the future. In turn, we will take all possible steps to block fraudulent site.

I hope investors will remain vigilant and avoid feeding the copy-cat scammer with any more of their money. And finally, on a positive note – Palmills (reviewed here) has been online for nearly four months so to celebrate it was decided to hold a contest with incredible prizes whose winners will be announced in a few days time. Good luck to everyone taking part:

1st Quarter Celebration Contest
To Our Palmills Family,
Thank you for your love, support and encouragement. We have been blessed by your gracious love, support and friendship over the last 4 months and look forward to its presence in the years ahead.
To celebrate this special moment, we are running a giveaway contest for 10 winners with prizes :
1. Apple Iphone 7+ @128gb worth of $869
2. Apple Ipad Air 2 Wifi+Cellular @128gb worth of $629
3. Apple Watch Nike+ Series 2 worth of $369
4. Apple Ipod Touch @16gb worth of $199
5. Apple Ipod Nano @16gb worth of $149
6-10. Keepkey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet worth of $99
Terms and Conditions :
1. 10 Winners Prizes for Top 10 Investors during this contest week starting 5 March 2017 until 11 March 2017.
2. Daily update result will be publish on telegram chat group so please join our group at
3. Winner announcement will be held on 12 March 2017
hereAll winner will be contacted by email and must claim the prizes maximum 2 days after the winner announcement.
We value your royalty and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.
Best Regards, Palmills Tel : +44 (203) 5141276


Not much seems to be going on with Elizion lately, as the program looks to be stalling now. The proof of that is the latest newsletter that introduced a new feature on the main website which will not be of much interest to Elizion‘s investors, unless they are interested in finding out news from the world of crypto-currencies which seems to be making headlines around the world nowadays in mainstream business news media. Come to think of it, Elizion does accept two cryptocurrencies – BitCoin and Ethereum – but not exclusively, as you can also invest starting a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Although some features can be performed on the main Elizion website, you will mostly be dealing with the Telegram account of the program. After activating it you make a deposit in a 3.33% for 60 days plan before relaxing and doing nothing. You are automatically paid to the same e-currency account you joined with. Over the four months Elizion (reviewed here) has been online there are many investors who doubled their money in just sixty days, but for how long the program will continues this no one knows. The main subject of the latest feature added to the Elizion website was the CryptoNews section below:

In view of fast growth of number of partners and also because we receive a set of questions which are concerning the cryptocurrencies market, by the platform Administration has made decision about creation of the new “CryptoNews” section.
This highly specialized section will help you to understand the main trends and directions in the cryptocurrencies market because only the most up-to-date information about everything that is connected with this market will be placed there.
All news and trends of the market of cryptocurrencies, all most necessary and useful information – in one section!
We work in order that our cooperation took the most productive and effective forms. We do everything in order that each our partner could feel your self as a part of big and necessary business which is done by the Elizion platform.
Yours faithfully, Elizion team. Start to live freely!


RichmondBerks (reviewed here) is now touring Japan with conferences in Tokyo and Osaka where participants can obtain a lot of useful information about the program, and also get a free $100 in their RichmondBerks account to invest with. Regular investors of RichmondBerks though can start investing with $10 only via any of the five available payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, AdvCash, and BitCoin. Once done your account will be credited with 1.5% daily on business days and 0.7% on Saturdays and Sundays indefinitely. However you may also reclaim your principal at any time, just be prepared to pay a 50% fee for doing so. While interest withdrawals are processed instantly, the principal withdrawals must be approved by the RichmondBerks administration manually for payment within a 24 hour maximum. Reports on the conferences in Japan can be found in the latest updates from RichmondBerks below:

Conference in Tokyo – Report
We present you a photo report about a conference in Tokyo! Conference was successful! Each participant of the conference received $100 on his account, as well as a lot of nice bonuses. Leading of the conference answered important questions of participants and told a lot new and interesting information.
Here you can see the photo report:
We are waiting for you at the Osaka conference, which will be held tomorrow, on March 8!
Date: March 8, Place:?????? ????????1-12-1???????????1F?2F, Start time: 18:00 – 20:00
Register to the conference now!

Conference in Osaka is tomorrow!
Greetings, dear clients!
Yesterday, on March 6, a conference was held in Tokyo, Japan. Conference was successful! Each participant of the conference received $100, as well as valuable prizes, played in the lottery.
Soon you will be able to see the full photo report. And now, we remind you that tomorrow, on March 8, in Osaka, the second conference will be held, where each participant will receive a $100 gift, as well as the other pleasant bonuses. This is your opportunity to learn a lot of useful information and gain new skills!
Date: March 8, Place: ?????? ????????1-12-1???????????1F?2F, Start time: 18:00 – 20:00
We look forward to you!
Register to the conference now!


The fourth language version of the BikeForMe website was made available today. German now joins English, Russian, and Polish. Click here to read the detailed review of the program on MNO:

Dear investors!
Today we have passed another stage of our planned development, our site has been translated into the German language! This is a new stage of development of cooperation with our investors, which allows our company enter new markets more quickly, become closer to everyone.
Follow us, evaluate us, join us and make money!
Best wishes, BikeForMe Team.

I believe we may see more improvements from BikeForMe soon enough judging by how far the program has developed since its inception more than sixty days ago. The main change that happened about a week ago was, of course, the simplification of the program’s investment offer. Now BikeForMe (which claims to be involved in the bike rental business in Amsterdam, by the way) offers a 3% daily return over a 50 calendar day term with 50% the possibility to get 50% total profit by the end of it. Deposits in BikeForMe start from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash and withdrawals are always instant.


After more than a year of stable instant payments on perfectly sustainable investment plans paying 0.2%-3.5% daily until you reach 130%-200% on your investment Dowerly seems to be in trouble now. And here’s why! It looks desperate for the admin now to have added three new limited in time plans that, in my honest opinion, should be avoided like the plague! Moreover, investing even in the regular plans still offered by Dowerly cannot be recommended any longer, as the return time is way too long, and there is a good chance the program might go south by the end of this week. See for yourself! The new investment plans are there to catch the big prey with more money than sense who might be fooled into thinking a program online for that long is safe to invest bigger amounts with. Well, that’s the wrong way of thinking, but I have seen such tricks being pulled by admins before. In many cases it did work for them and they close the programs with pockets full of money right when it was time to pay those who took the bait. So do not be caught and do not invest in the new plans starting from $1,000 (or even more that that) minimum and promising 150%-200% after 5 days, or 300% after 4 days. Do you really believe Dowerly (reviewed here) is going double the money for you in five days? I sincerely doubt it, but we have time to put it to the test and see if there are any payout reports shown after March 10, the date when those special offers close. Think twice before investing in Dowerly after receiving this hype newsletter today:

Dowerly Promotion! We have Started New “After” Plans as You’ve Requested!
New promotion!
Since a lot of you have requested “After” plans, we have listened and taken action! We have started a promo available only until the 10th of March. You can participate in our After plans which will pay only at the expiration of the investment term, which is dependent on the amount invested. You can earn up to 300% with our After Plans, just like with our regular investment plans! Be sure to check them out!


In many countries of the former Soviet Union (and some others too) there will be huge celebrations for all women tomorrow, as it marks International Women’s Day. As I believe that Edelweiss5 are mostly operating from Russia and Ukraine, the company will have a break tomorrow and all accounts will be credited with 0.5% interest, the equivalent of weekend and holiday rates. The 1% daily rate usually added to Edelweiss5 accounts from Monday to Friday will resume on the day after tomorrow. If you’re interested in learning more about Edelweiss5 and its 365 day investment plan you can check my detailed review posted here or the interview with the admin here. According to the new rules, although your deposit (which starts with a $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, and Bank wires) will accrue profits daily the withdrawal button is only enabled twice a month for a few days. So keep this in mind when investing in Edelweiss5, as it will be over a week from now until you can request your first payout. For the latest update dedicated to tomorrow’s holiday please refer to the latest newsletter from Edelweiss5 reposted below:

Congratulations, lovely women!!
March 8 is a holiday of love and admiration for women, the most beautiful creatures on earth. It is exactly what we imagine it – the spring holiday of joy and gratitude to women for what they are, for the fact that we love them and on this day we wish our loved ones and only happiness, joy and prosperity! International Women’s Day is usually celebrated in many countries, and that this holiday is also a public holiday. Many employers are in solidarity with such a system and try to release employees from work even earlier, so that they have time to prepare for the holiday. Do not stay away from the festive fuss and the staff of Edelweiss5, who will also try this holiday, to show their attention, care and affection to all their beloved women: dear mother, caring grandmother, loving wife, sweet sister and adorable daughter. It’s an excellent occasion to organize a real celebration for your beloved ones and return to work with great enthusiasm. On March 8 we rest: all deposits will be charged 0.5% per day, and the withdrawal of funds will be resumed immediately after the holiday. Edelweiss5 joins all congratulations and reminds that International Women’s Day is a holiday with a feminine gentle name. Therefore, the main thing – give your attention and love. And flowers and gifts are only an addition to your feelings.


If in case Edelweiss5 celebrates International Women’s Day without any perks for investors but rather penalizing them with lower daily interest, the opposite happened in 1Solution. He announced a promo campaign with a 10% deposit bonus on all the new investments made tomorrow, March 8. And although this offer was made to commemorate International Women’s Day as well, it applies not only to women. With 1Solution you have to be quick to make your investment decision as the offers change quickly and sometimes even every hour. With the offered deposit bonus though you will already be in a winning position regardless of what plan you catch on an hour. Sounds complicated? Then read my comprehensive review of 1Solution posted here which will help you decide whether you want to invest starting from only $1 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash, and get paid instantly on request every business day, when accruals in your account occur. But hurry up, as the offer is time-sensitive and is only available for new deposits made into 1Solution tomorrow, as per the short update re-posted below:

+10% bonus to all new deposits opened on March 8
Dear Customers!
To honor the International Women’s Day, a +10% bonus will be added to all new deposits opened on March 8.


You might have noticed that over the last couple of days the site of TradeexPro was frequently impossible to sign into. If you’re concerned for that, don’t be! The admin told me that there would be a new investment offer available soon, but in order to make it happen they need some script adjustments for it to run without any glitches. From my review of TradeexPro published here (with the interview hopefully coming soon as well) you might know that their custom-made script allows the admin more flexibility in implementing new marketing strategies such as the new investment plan currently in the works. At the moment TradeexPro offers only one available for all deposits starting from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. It pays a variable 1% to 5% interest rate on business days (Monday to Friday) and a fixed 1% daily rate available on Saturdays and Sundays. Withdrawals are processed instantly.

According to the latest update, tonight the technical works will be carried on for eight hours and if at the time of reading this article you’re not able to login to TradeexPro simply wait for a couple of hours and try again. Also, you can stay updated by checking the News page on the website which currently states the following:

Technical works – STARTS
Dear customers
New new marketing last test.
Tonight, 7 March, from 21:00 up to 8 March, 5:00 will be held technical work.


Sadly, UnionTrade has become another scam today with payments left unpaid since yesterday. I can’t really say that twelve days on MNO was a satisfactory result for that program that could barely last five weeks in total. And though many investors were in profit from its shortest 7 day plan, the overall performance was a disappointment. Honestly speaking though, UnionTrade hasn’t managed to attract many takers from MNO and lost its battle to compete with more successful programs. Moreover, the BitCoin withdrawals seem to have taken forever to be confirmed in BlockChain and I wonder how much that contributed to the program’s demise. As the admin never replied to my email I can only wonder. The only thing clear to me now is that UnionTrade is not paying, which is why it’s on Problem status on the MNO monitor with a recommendation to stay away indefinitely.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: TeaHouseNordeBankOnePunchLtd.
From MNO Premium listRazzletonElizionPalmills, SportArbitrage,
BandeiraCorp, Edelweiss5WhyNotLensenGroupRichmondBerks, WeolleeDowerly, MacaoLotto, 1Solution, SoftMining, TradeBTCTradeexPro, Mavis, RubiLtdBikeForMeSunCoinz.
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoanAuctionHouseSorta.
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisezQuantumForexOptions, UltraMiningStrangeEvent.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Thanks for reading and please take time to bookmark my blog, subscribe to the Daily newsfeed from this page, of follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ll take a day off tomorrow and will be back on Thursday with a detailed look at RubiLtd plus the latest news from the biggest investment programs online. MNO is focused mainly on high-budget programs, and in order to maintain its elite status I may well be increasing listing prices within the next couple of weeks. I’ve already asked readers for their advice and so far I can see that over 50% suggested MNO listing prices should be significantly increased. What do you think on that, guys? Have you voted in the poll currently waiting for your votes on the MNO TalkBack page? Please say what you think there and the final results will certainly be taken into consideration and influence my final decision. And just one more thing regarding the purchased banner spots on MNO by the admin of NordeBank. The agreement with him is that I do not sell new banner spots to HYIP admins until April, 07, as they all are reserved by NordeBank, so please do not contact me if you wish to purchase anything before that time. Hope this exclusive deal with NordeBank will bring them good results and they might even renew it for the next month as well. I sincerely wish all MNO readers profit from NordeBank and all other HYIPs monitored on my site. See you all again on Thursday!

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