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Beware! BikeForMe has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. By recent standards it’s been a slow enough day as far as industry related news stories are concerned, though going by the frantic pace of the last few weeks I can’t see that lasting for long. I’ll just enjoy a rare lazy Sunday when I get one then, though I do have a lot going on with MNO during the coming week with some of the new programs that joined my monitor. I’m going to continue today with a really well made, well organized, and very professional looking program with the unusual name BikeForMe. It’s not exactly a brand new program in the strictest sense, in fact the BikeForMe website has been online in some form for about two months now, though this looks to have been more of a test period. A few changes/improvements have been made during that time while BikeForMe was very much kept off the radar. Mainly I suppose this has been to streamline the investment plan into what we see today, a profitable yet sustainable offer, i.e. the two most important elements of any successful HYIP investment. So now that the BikeForMe admin is ready to take his program to the next level and expand its reach, let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about and if you think it deserves a place in your own portfolio.

Perhaps the single easiest and most straight forward thing about BikeForMe is the investment plan. There’s only one, and I suppose in HYIP terms it’s what a lot of older players might call “a timeless classic”. It’s been used before, and like I said as long as it combines profitability with sustainability then the right admin should be able to make it work, provided he knows what he’s doing.
So what of the numbers? Well, you only need a $10 minimum to join BikeForMe so it’s quite affordable for everyone. The investment term runs for a term of 50 calendar days. During this time all investors big and small, spending anything up to a maximum limit of $50,000 will receive the same rate of interest. This is calculated at 3% per calendar day, so adds up to 150% by the time you receive the final payment. As BikeForMe are including your principal as part of that payment it means all members regardless of size walk away with a 50% net profit.

If we take a simple example of a typical investment then and see how it might loom in monetary terms, let’s say you invested $100 with BikeForMe. They should then repay you at a rate of $3 every day for the following fifty days. You reach the break-even point, that is earn back an amount equivalent to your initial investment therefore making it impossible for you to lose any money, after 34 days. Everything from that point on is pure passive profit with BikeForMe ultimately giving you $150 back on the $100 you gave them, or your own money back plus $50 as your reward for joining them.

Payment options if you decide to join are OK. Fairly predictable but as least as good as most of the program’s immediate competition. As it stands you can join BikeForMe using PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer using the more traditional style third party payment handlers, or BitCoin for anyone who wants to skip all of that and make a direct deposit using a more modern digital e-currency. Something that I’m sure will go a long way towards selling BikeForMe for a lot of users will probably be the program’s use of instant payouts. You will need to log into your BikeForMe private members account area as usual and make the request of course, but once done the money should be with you in under a minute.

Looking into some of the more technical features of the BikeForMe website now, specifically the design and security features, for a hosting provider the admin has taken Amarutu Technology. They are keeping the program on a dedicated server, however it’s the much more familiar name of CloudFlare who are actually providing BikeForMe with protection from DDoS and other malicious attacks. For a further level of site security BikeForMe have an upgraded version of the superior enhanced Green Bar SSL Encryption certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The real gem here however is the unique script that BikeForMe is powered from. It’s been specially developed to meet the program’s own requirements, and as well as the outward appearance of professionalism does of course give the admin a lot more flexibility when it comes to improving and developing the program over the coming months. It’s still very easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout, plus you can see some stats on the latest members and the most recent financial transactions in and out of the program. The website is also multilingual, being available in English by default, plus Russian and Polish by clicking on the flag icon near the top left corner of the page.

If you still have any further questions for the BikeForMe admin that you think were missed in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you have a couple of ways to get in touch, assuming you’ve read through the FAQ first of course. The first thing you should look for is an operator on the BikeForMe Live Chat, as that will save you a lot of time in the long run and may get your question answered in real time. If not then just write to the admin directly using the e-mail address listed on the BikeForMe contacts page. The program has active profiles on the main social media networks including FaceBook, VK, and increasingly popular in the HYIP community Telegram. This also includes a news channel and a bilingual (English and Russian) chat centre. Incidentally, while on the subject of Telegram one of the benefits of having an account with them is that a series of bonuses and prizes are available to investors. These are explained on a special page on the program’s website, but you’ve got to go to their Telegram news channel to actually participate. There’s a couple of member videos available, just note that when you click on the button for YouTube what you are actually re-directed to is Vimeo, a similar user based video sharing site. Lastly there are some postal addresses in Holland and the UK, though as usual I would suggest you not waste too much time on these, being more likely virtual service work spaces for registration purposes and not where you can find anyone actually connected with running BikeForMe physically located.

Regular readers will know that I don’t (and don’t encourage others to either) pay too much attention to the alleged business activities that HYIPs claim are financing the interest payments to their members. In this case I think it’s at least original and a breath of fresh air compared to the usual ForEx/BitCoin mining we usually hear, no more believable, but it helps at least create a unique identity for the program. If interested it’s to do with the renting of bicycles in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, and anyone who’s ever been there will know this is big business indeed! But don’t treat BikeForMe as a serious opportunity to earn a living or anything, just a chance to make a couple of extra bucks while the going is good if you are lucky. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you check out the BikeForMe website properly that it’s original and has good potential to expand further, though all the same rules apply as with anything else in this industry. Keep your expectations realistic, stay well under a spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose and recoup from other sources, and if joining BikeForMe at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve taken the time to think about BikeForMe, either made a firm decision one way or another or are still sitting on the fence about it, I hope you’ll find a moment to vote in the following poll. I’m interested in hearing how MNO readers see the program and how you rate your chances of seeing a profit from it. As usual the results will really be of most interest only in the coming weeks and months as we see the fate of BikeForMe (good or bad) and how investors managed to judge it from the start. What’s your gut instinct about it, and are you generally a good judge of these things? Remember that voting takes literally just a second, and all votes are 100% anonymous and untraceable. So, please answer the following:

Will you make an active deposit in BikeForMe?

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Although I won’t be reviewing NordeBank on my blog for another couple of days I can already clearly see the program has become the most popular new entry from the recently added programs on the MNO monitor. And deservedly so, I believe. Featuring an outstanding website with lots of interesting features powered by a fully custom-made script NordeBank offers instant withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. This last feature is certainly popular with many investors who joined one of the program’s investment offers ($25 minimum) – 2% for 15 days, 2.5% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, 3.5% for 100 days, all with principal back on expiry. And even though NordeBank seems to be running smoothly at the moment, there are quite a few investors who forget to update their payment account details in their members area, and yet still expect to receive instant withdrawals. So just to underline this for once and for all, the admin of NordeBank sent a reminder to update all payment details in the account area if you want to be paid instantly like everybody else is:

Please add wallet for withdrawal if not added
Hello users.
Please read faq first.
For withdrawals you need in account settings add wallets.
If wallet not added, withdrawals go to pending.
Thank you. NordeBank support team.


After the collapse of a few big name programs earlier this week Razzleton seems to have remained the only one still holding its ground. Having launched back in December 2015 the program is one of the oldest functioning and paying programs in the HYIP industry. It’s unbelievable, but the payouts from Razzleton are still getting processed within a 48 hour waiting time in all investment plans, both daily paying with principal back on expiry – 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days – and those with one payment after a fixed term – 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. It’s even hard to imagine that considering Razzleton has grown into an industry giant with tens of thousands of investors that the withdrawal process is not automated and that the administration spend hours in order to verify each individual withdrawal request and pay them via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, YandexMoney, and Neteller. That certainly takes a lot of time and effort considering its large membership. You may still remember that Razzleton has already increased the minimum withdrawal request to $1 a few weeks ago, which was not really convenient for smaller investors with $10 deposits which is the minimum you can start with in a couple of plans. However it appears that was not enough to keep pace with the mounting withdrawal requests, so the administration recently announced another increase to $5. Note that for some payment processors like Neteller and YandexMoney this minimum will be even higher, so consider this before making any investments in Razzleton whose review you can always read here to learn more. I believe this announcement should encourage larger investors and might even encourage smaller investors to make bigger reinvestments. Anyway, I hope that after this new rule is implemented workload for Razzleton is under control and withdrawal requests will ultimately be completed much faster than they are now. time will tell how it will affect the performance I suppose. Latest news is below:

The increase of the minimum withdrawal amount
We keep optimizing the Razzleton platform to make work with it comfortable for all our partners and investors. That is why it’s been decided to increase the minimum withdrawal amount for all payment systems to $ 5, and for Yandex.Money users – to $ 15. The amount of the minimum request for the owners of Neteller wallets is $ 30.
This measure is due to the great popularity of our platform in the international investment market and, as a consequence, a large daily flow of requests for withdrawal. The increase of the minimum withdrawal amount will enable us to process your requests more efficiently and transfer your earnings in a very short time.
Razzleton – fast earnings, pleasant cooperation!


When joining RichmondBerks with at least $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, or NixMoney you get a chance to earn a 1.5% fixed daily return from Monday to Friday which slows down to 0.7% on Saturdays and Sundays. There’s no expiry for your deposit and you’ll be paid for as long as RichmondBerks can stay online, but at the same time you have the option to request your principal back and leave at any time you like for a 50% fee. Pretty hefty but nevertheless useful if you need money at that exact time. Note that all interest withdrawals are conducted by RichmondBerks‘ unique script instantly, while the principal withdrawals are manual and may take up to 24 hours. All the features which make RichmondBerks so different from the competition were discussed in my detailed review posted here, so read it if yo wish to find more about this unique program.

With so many updates posted on the news section of the RichmondBerks website the success stories of people whose lives were changed by getting involved with the program take special place and are always curious to read. The latest success story is shared by a person who works for RichmondBerks and travels the world by holding various conferences (the next one being Osaka, Japan). After that you may share your opinion with the program’s administration by answering the question on what option would cheer you up the most. Both recent updates from the program can be found below, as well as in the news section of the RichmondBerks website:

Thanks to the conferences, I earned 12,000 dollars in 2 months
Hello! My name is George, I’m from Latvia – Riga and I’m 23 years old. I thank Richmond Berks company, which allowed me to share opportunities and tell you what I achieved at my 23 years and absolutely everyone can do it.
You know, I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, be financially independent and most importantly – live a free life. 4 years I tried myself in different fields of activity, there were as falls, as failures. I want to be as frank and honest with you as possible in this story. For the first time I write a text of this kind, so it can be not professional or there are no beautiful phrases, but I want to share something that can change your life. After many long searches and research of all sorts of jobs, I found the company RichmondBerks LTD. Honestly, I did not believe that you can live differently, that you can travel 4 times a month (by the way this month it’s already 5), that you can live like that.
I visited Egypt, Germany and other countries, now I often conduct trainings and share my experience and the successes that I achieved in the company.
To know the way and to go, are not the same. I know that the future is behind the real estate market and crypto-currency, and RichmondBerks LTD is the train that can lead you to success. Only in 2 months, I earned 12.000$. Now I have a team of 341 partners. I work in 5 languages, and I communicate with people from all over the world.
RichmondBerks, is not only a company in which you can and need to earn, but it is also an opportunity to become part of a large international market. Those feelings when you communicate with people from all over the world, from Colombia, France, England, Thailand, they can not be conveyed.
Stability, reliability and openness of RichmondBerks are the criteria that everyone is looking for. I made a decision to develop the company RichmondBerks and let new opportunities enter my life here and now. Soon I’m going to Tokyo and Osaka, to conquer the Japanese market, and I’ll be glad to see you there. Sign up for the conference now.
Are you interested in solving your financial problems? Would you like to travel and live a free life?
Become part of the most stable and profitable investment market –
Be, not seem to be.
Best Regards, George
Viber/WhatsApp – +37126374300
Skype – Georgiy1213
Facebook –
VK –
Register to the conference now!

What makes you happy?
Dear customers! We are going to launch some innovations, but do not know from what better to start. Please select what cheer you up the most. Or write down your own version. Thank you.”.


Do you know that with by investing $10 and more with the Weollee Telegram bot you will obtain the highest possible level of flexibility compared to any other HYIP? After activating the bot on the main Weollee website by clicking on “Mission start” button you will be re-directed to their Telegram account and after making a deposit from your PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash accounts you will be able to 1.5% daily for the unlimited term, i.e. no expiry date provided. The best thing about it though is that your principal with Weollee is only locked for the first 24 hours and can be released at any point after that. You can then request any part of your principal and profit to be paid instantly, so no need to wait. As you can see, in accordance with your investment goals you have complete flexibility once the first 24 hours have passed.

Besides, immediately after your deposit in the perpetual plan with Weollee is made you have an option to activate a special feature called “Turbo neurons” which will freeze your deposit for 10 calendar days during which you will not be able to to touch your money, but in exchange will enjoy a higher 2% daily profit on your investment, along with daily compounding of all profits. After ten days have passed your principal is released back to your Weollee Telegram account to be withdrawn instantly or continue with the indefinite daily return of 1.5% until you decide it’s time to withdraw it. To encourage more activity with the “Turbo neurons” a 5% deposit bonus called “Turbo bonus” was announced. The last such promo campaign was held earlier today and the bonus was available for four hours only, so the lucky investors who took advantage will increase their earnings. If you’re interested in reading more on Weollee you can do so in the review posted here or my interview with the program’s admin and creator of the Weollee bot here. Below are the details of the limited offer no longer available at the moment, but might be enabled again some time in the future:

Hello. This is Weollee
Today I have great news for you.
Turbo Bonuses!
This is a short term action that I will run on weekends, on undetermined time for a couple of hours.
Every mission user can get a bonus. You need to do new refill of your money box with amount from $50 to $1000 to receive bonus. This weekend bonus is 5% for new refill. A required condition after the refillment to enable ‘Turbo Neurons’ option. Those who will not activate ‘Turbo Neurons’ after refillment are not taking part in bonus action.
Bonus is working only for new refills. Those investors who withdraw their funds and filled in back during the bonus time – are not taking part in this action!
Hurry up, time is limited!
Bonus action time is from 12:00 till 16:00 (GMT)
Thank you for attention!

Hello. This is Weollee
Bonuses giveaway is over! Don’t miss a chance to take part in an incredible giveaways. Follow our newsfeed and be the first to know about upcoming giveaways!


Although Payza is not very widespread in the HYIP industry anymore with only BandeiraCorp (reviewed here), PassiveLoan (reviewed here) and, most recently, Palmills (reviewed here) using it, it’s always considered to be a sign of quality. If you haven’t had a Payza account you can always have a free one here which should be further verified if you want to enjoy all the features it can offer – being able to deposit and withdraw directly via BitCoin, Bank wires, and Credit cards and even get your own Payza pre-paid debit card sent to your home address. And a good thing for every person using BitCoin and Credit Cards – you can use them via the Payza Guest Checkout system, i.e. without even having an active account with Payza at all. Well, I’ve advocated verifying a Payza account for all HYIP investors in order to be better protected with a system of possible refunds by filing a dispute against scam HYIPs, but with guest checkouts your options are even more diverse. The same goes for Payza clients residing in Brazil, as the widespread Boleto Bancario payment method regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks is now another convenient method of paying for products and services. More on all of that (the videos for BitCoin and Credit Card payments for Guest Checkout with Payza are to be added to the MNOVision page by tomorrow) please read the two latest updates from the official Payza news blog below:

Payza Guest Checkout: Easy Bitcoin And Credit Card Payments
Our video tutorials show how simple Payza is for online payments.
Many online merchants around the world now use Payza to process online payments. They love how easy it is to accept e-wallet payments from other Payza members, and to accept credit card or even Bitcoin payments from almost anyone.
You probably want to know how you can make payments at a Payza merchant if you don’t yet have a Payza account. To make purchases without a Payza account, simply use our guest checkout system. As we show here, our guest checkout system is straight forward and you have two options to make payments, using either your credit card or Bitcoin.
Making a Credit Card Payment Using Payza’s Online Payment Gateway
Your credit card is the most practical and common means for you to make purchases at Payza merchants as a guest. Using our secure checkout system is a great way to ensure your personal and financial information is kept confidential. Payza does not need to share your credit card information with the merchant, simply your payment, so you can purchase with confidence.
This video and step-by-step guide explain how to complete your payment.
On the Payza Checkout Page, select “Join Payza & Pay”.
1. Enter your information and choose a secure password for your future account and click “Continue”. This creates a basic Payza profile for you that you can use to save time in the future.
2. Select “By Credit Card” as your payment option.
3. Enter your credit card details and billing address. Enter a shipping address if it is different form your billing address.
4. Check that all your information is correct and click “Make Payment”.
Making a Bitcoin Using Payza’s Online Payment Gateway
Much hyped and growing in popularity, merchants who use Payza can accept payments using the latest e-commerce innovation: Bitcoin. As you can see from this video and step-by-guide, the process is similar to credit card payments and equally secure.
On the Payza Checkout Page, select “Join Payza & Pay”.
1. Enter your information and choose a secure password for your future account and click “Continue”. This creates a basic Payza profile for you that you can use to save time in the future.
2. Select “By Bitcoin” as your payment option.
3. Enter your shipping address for your purchased goods if necessary.
4. Check that all your information is correct and click “Make Payment”.
5. We now provide you with a Bitcoin Address where you will need to send the indicated amount of Bitcoin. You must complete the transaction within 60 minutes or your purchase will be cancelled.
After using our guest checkout system once, you will be able to use your own free Payza profile to make purchases in the future. You can also complete your Payza account profile to take advantage of all the other great features that Payza has to offer. Whether you have a basic Payza profile or a full Payza Personal Account, your account will always be free to set up and have no monthly or yearly fees.
To learn more about our services and receive updates concerning new features, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and the Payza Blog.

Boleto Bancário: What it Is and How it Works
Last week, Payza announced that we added Boleto Bancário as a payment option for Brazilian users, along with the addition of the Brazilian Real as a supported local currency. While Payza members in Brazil rejoiced at this new option for loading their e-wallets, merchants outside of Brazil may be scratching their heads, wondering why this is a big deal and how it can help them.
Colloquially known as Boleto, meaning ticket, Boleto Bancário is the most popular solution for invoice payments in Brazil. Regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (FEBRABANK), Boleto is connected to the Brazilian Payment System (SPB), a set of tools, procedures, and regulations which support financial transactions between the Brazilian market and economic agents. SPB serves to safeguard the economy and prevent security breaches.
Boleto tickets, which are similar to invoices, are documents issued by financial institutions in Brazil. A Boleto enables your customer to a pay you an exact indicated amount within a specified due date by simply visiting any bank, post office or lottery agency in Brazil (and even some supermarkets). The invoice can even be paid via online banking through most Brazilian banks. The agent simply collects the payment from the customer and issues it to the merchant.
Boleto Payments Carry Low Fraud Risk and No Chargebacks
Of particular interest is how both consumers and businesses, and members of the banked and unbanked populations, have embraced this payment method because of its ability to minimize fraud and avoid risks of credit card chargebacks. This makes Boleto and ideal vehicle for online payments, customers know their private information is not at risk and merchants won’t have to worry about “friendly fraud.”
Brazil is a high-growth, $20B e-commerce market, attractive to cross-border investors but dominated by local payment options. 63% of consumers don’t own an international credit card and 40% of credit card users avoid using their cards online due to fraud risks. That means just a mere fraction of the Brazilian population will opt to use credit cards for their online payments.
Despite this, most local merchants do not yet offer Boleto as an online payment option.
Even though the majority of e-commerce merchants don’t accept these payments, Boleto already holds an 18% share of the e-commerce market, making it the most popular online payment option in Brazil after credit cards.
Boleto is popular for a number of reasons:
1. Boletos are available to all Brazilians, regardless of their credit rating or access to a bank account.
2. Consumers can pay for their Boletos either by cash or card, both online or in-person.
3. Boletos can be used for installment payments, a common payment choice in Brazil.
4. Brazilians are concerned about fraud risks associated with a credit card.
5. Low fraud rates and no chargeback risk increase e-commerce confidence for merchants and consumers.
Because of these benefits, supporting Boleto can be a major competitive advantage for cross-border merchants selling to Brazilian consumers, but the integration process can be complicated.
Thankfully, now that Payza accepts Boleto payments, cross-border merchants no longer need to integrate with Boleto – Payza takes care of the whole process. Your Brazilian customers will have the option of paying via Boleto, while you receive your payment directly in your Payza account. This means that your customers in Brazil have more payment options available to them and your business gains access to a payment option designed to be more fraud-proof than credit card transactions.
With Boleto, Payza allows you to receive money directly from Brazilian bank accounts, without needing a local banking partner, and without the risk of fraud. As a merchant, this new option allows your business to reach a largely under-served community of Brazilian consumers.


I have to finish this news update with the bad news that RightRise stopped paying last night, after four and a half months of otherwise outstanding work. The duration the admin of RightRise managed to run his program for is just amazing for any program like this. I remind you that when the program only came to MNO at the end of October last year no one thought it would run for even close to this long. It was possible therefore for earlier investors to more than double their initial investments and that is certainly something the admin can be proud of. But as with every HYIP in the end, RightRise has simply run its course. The earlier collapse of other giants like Zinc7 and SumWex earlier this week might have had some influence, but one way or another it had to close some day anyway. No one can deny that RightRise has shown some excellent results and I hope we see more programs from the same admin on MNO in the near future. Perhaps something from him is already up and running, you never know. But this final warning will remain in place – do not invest in RightRise anymore because it’s been moved to Scam Status on the MNO monitor.


Apparently the collapse of three big programs earlier this week badly impacted many investors who would have otherwise hoped for better results for the year so far. As the situation in the HYIP industry has shifted significantly in the last few days the last opinion poll is now closed. I’m pleased to see the majority of readers – 53% of those who voted – were in good profits overall. 29% reported mixed results, and only 18% lost more money than they earned. It’s a really good thing to know the HYIP industry is in such great shape over the winter months, though naturally we all wonder when we’ll see the new leaders replacing the old. Are they already with us? Or maybe they are going to launch within the next few weeks? Whatever you think is going to happen you should always ask yourself that if you see a new program in question on MNO, because my site is a perfect platform. That’s what happened to Zinc7 which started by exclusive listing on MNO and many other similar programs in the past.

I can clearly see that people are turning to MNO when they consult the internet because they want to see if a HYIP is good enough to be listed there. In any case, many investors see MNO as the place for elite programs run by experienced admins and know for sure that plenty of returning and satisfied clients means an improved chance for them to find something really profitable for their portfolios. Over the last few weeks though I’ve been experiencing a huge wave of programs coming to me for listing so I need to allocate even more time from my already busy schedule to accommodate them. For instance, now I have new reviews scheduled until the end of the next business week. The thing is I have decided not to post updates daily (unless it’s there’s some urgency to do so), but rather every second day instead. Even so I feel that I’m devoting more time to order to maintain the high standards of site. And although positive reviews from my blog have never been for sale, and I always an unclouded opinion on all listed programs, there’s still a lot of work involved. In addition to that I should cover all the latest updates for twenty-six programs listed on Sticky, Premium, and Standard categories on the MNO monitor, so you can understand how time restricted I am. I can honestly tell you that I’m a very devoted and passionate blogger and sometimes working a lot later than I should. Therefore, I would like to have less programs to take care of than what I have at the moment and get along with my personal life in a more relaxed way. A work/life balance if you like. The best way to achieve this that has worked wonders in the past is to increase the listing prices again (albeit for the first time since 2014) that would leave me with only the best programs and exclude less serious admins who can find themselves a much cheaper alternative online. There are plenty of other monitors around that would gladly give glowing reviews for a monitoring bonus and will be happy with it. Not me though, as my ambitions are elsewhere. The best things in life come with an elite price tag and MNO prices should reflect this. Don’t you think so, guys? I believe it’s high time to consult my readers on a possible price increase for all types of listing on MNO. Should they increase significantly, just slightly, or stay the same? I have a few ideas on the subject that would also reward admins for listing their programs on MNO faster than on other resources, as investors understandably pay more attention to the newer programs than their older ones for the best chance of profiting with them. I really don’t want to rush my decision so first of all I would like to ask your opinion, guys. Please vote in the MNO TalkBack page to help me determine the right course of action and come to the right decision later this month.

Should MNO Increase Listing Prices?

– Yes, significantly to list only the best programs and reduce its quantity
– Yes, slightly just in line with inflation and maintain its elite status
– No, it’s already high enough and I enjoy the variety of programs now

Note that you may only vote in the poll once, it’s completely anonymous, and will only take a few seconds of your time. So please share your opinion on the MNO TalkBack page as it will be highly appreciated. However although results may influence my final decision on the matter, they will not be binding or final. I reserve the right to do things my way, as it’s my personal blog after all. Looking forward to the results next week guys, and thanks in advance for voting here!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: MacaoLottoNordeBankOnePunchLtd.
From MNO Premium listRazzletonElizionPalmills,
BandeiraCorpWhyNotLensenGroupRichmondBerks, WeolleeTeaHouseDowerly, TradeexPro, Mavis, UnionTrade, RubiLtdSunCoinz, BikeForMe.
From MNO Standard list: AuctionHouseSorta.
From MNO Basic list: QuantumForexOptions, StrangeEvent.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for another business week full of opportunities tomorrow. Make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, subscribe to the Daily News and reviews to be sent to you by submitting and confirming your email address on this page, and contact me if you have any questions here. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a detailed look at by far the most popular new program on MNO NordeBank plus all the latest news and updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Stay tuned for more and talk to all you money lovers soon!

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