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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog which only deals with high-budget programs by experienced admins who are not afraid to expand to new horizons and show off their financial health to thousands of potential investors. Although the last couple of days saw TeaHouse and StrangeEvent leaving us we also have two new programs replacing them so let’s see if they can live up to our expectations and meet our demands. I’ll talk about all the latest happenings in the HYIP industry in the news section, but I’d like to start first by introducing the new programs on MNO – FatFunds and JewelsCash.


The first program I want to introduce today is called FatFunds. Its admin was the first to take advantage of the discount on the increased Premium List price of $1,800. He has paid only $1,600 simply because he came to MNO within the first 24 hours of his program’s launch and therefore giving my readers a significantly better chance to join the program before others. In that regard I should remind you that MNO has recently increased the listing prices for both Premium and Standard listed programs at the suggestion of readers, but at the same time you also voted to give new programs coming to MNO immediately after its launch a discount to encourage them to come here first. This is what FatFunds did, and if you look at it closer it might seem like quite a unique program too! With fully automatic payouts set by its custom-made script by default you don’t have to bother requesting withdrawals, and will be paid directly to the same PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash account you join with. You just need $5 to start investing (or 0.01 BTC) and don’t need even to create an account in FatFunds, and yet will still be able to check out your statistics by email. So while on the website there is no need to signup, just click the “Make a deposit” button at the top of the page, choose your preferred currency and investment amount, specify your email address, and proceed. You will get an email confirmation and on the following business day receive your first profit, simple as that. Despite there might be confusion around all the different types of food shown on the main page and prices for each item all you need to know is that regardless of the invested amount you will be paid 2.1% per business day (Monday to Friday) for the duration of 100 business days, with the principal included in the payouts, thus leaving you with 110% net profit at the end of every full investment cycle. To say the FatFunds website is well-prepared is an understatement. With its cartoon style animation, unique marketing approach of slimming themes, its own forum, books, articles and even videos available on the subject you might even be mistaken for arriving at fat loss website first. But it’s a HYIP website whose aim derives from its name – FatFunds. It’s supposed to make you slimmer by getting rid of junk food from your diet and investing in a program that cleverly has a totally different approach to marketing. With such an investment plan on offer it’s unlikely FatFunds will grow quickly, as the admin is definitely aiming at gradual development with such a high quality website that certainly took a lot of time, money, and effort to build in the first place. For instance FatFunds can boast a unique script with automatic payouts, bi-lingual interface in English and Russian, SSL certificate from Comodo, and hosting on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by GeniusGuard. My first impressions of the website are very positive and though it will take you some time to reach the profit zone. I’ll take a closer look at the main features in the upcoming review by Thursday. The program has been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor for now, as the first payments have been processed already. So check out the FatFunds website and enjoy your profits while shedding the fat at the same time!


If you prefer a faster turnover of your funds in HYIPs and would like to see a faster profit then perhaps you will like the second program added to Premium listing on MNO after about two weeks online called JewelsCash. The program offers quite an interesting set of investment plans where every subsequent plan becomes available only when the previous plan is fully completed. Thus you have an incentive for staying with JewelsCash for longer and are rewarded for loyalty with ever more profitable plans. I’ll discuss all nine investment plans in more detail in the upcoming review of JewelsCash by the end of the week, but here’s how it works in a nutshell. When first logged in to your account in JewelsCash you can choose from three plans, all of which pay on calendar days and return your principal on expiry – 1% for 3 days (available from $50), 1.25% for 12 days (available from $10), and 1.5% for 18 days (available from $100). After you invest in one of those plans and complete one full cycle you unlock another level of investment plans and can now make a second deposit in JewelsCash with plans like 1.3% for 9 days, 1.42% for 21 days, or 1.7% for 30 days with principal back on expiry. You can see that the second level of investment plans is a bit better than the first, but where things really change for JewelsCash members is when they complete the second cycle to unlock the third level. On this most rewarding level you are able to significantly reduce risks and join one of the three plans paying higher interests with the principal already included in the daily payouts, i.e. reach the break-even point much faster. These plans include 4.83% or 5% for 30 days and 4.22% for 45 days. JewelsCash accepts various e-currencies including the usual PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, but also less frequently accepted YandexMoney, Qiwi, NixMoney, and BTC-E. While usually accepted in USD and BTC, investments from YandexMoney and Qiwi are to be done in Russian Rubles, that is aimed at accommodating the Russian audience, as the website itself is bi-lingual and available in both English and Russian. Besides, just recently an interesting feature has been added to members’ accounts which allows you to instantly exchange the available balance to another e-currency of your choice by paying the appropriate fee for the service, as announced in the following update:

New feature: Exchange of Payment Systems
Today, a new function “Exchange of Payment Systems” has been added. Now everyone can exchange any payment system in his office.
In order to exchange the payment system you need, follow the three simple steps:
– Go to your account in the section Exchange;
– Select a currency pair;
– Enter the required amount.
The exchange rate will automatically calculate everything and show you the necessary information on the exchange.
Sincerely, Administration JewelsCash.

In order to get paid in JewelsCash you have to make a withdrawal request and it will then be paid manually within 24 hours, although there is an option to enable automatic payouts which is done at your own request after one of the first group of plans is complete. JewelsCash is running off a licensed H-Script which allows the administration to be flexible with any modifications they might add on the way. For instance, just a few days ago there were the following improvements in the members’ area of JewelsCash as announced in the following newsletter:

Improvements in the personal account
In the last two days there have been improvements in the personal account, what exactly has been done:
1. “Make a deposit” section
– Changed the system Create a deposit, now when creating a deposit you can specify exactly where you want the funds to be added.
– Added the option to top up the balance by selecting which funds are transferred to your internal balance.
– Added the option to Make a deposit using the balance, choosing which you will create a balance using your funds on the balance.
2. Section “History of Operations”
– Now all transactions are displayed in the correct currency, regardless of whether the operation was created using rubles, dollars or bitcoins.
– Operations are now sorted by default by the operation number, the most recent operations are displayed at the top.
– Added the option to search for operations. Now you can search for any operation by writing in the search line the amount, date or name of the operation.
3. “My partners” section
– Added balances in Rubles and Bitcoins. Now total amount of investments and earnings of your partners. Now you can separately see the total amount for each currency.
– Added the option of finding a partner and its amount. Now you can search for a partner or the amount using the search form.
4. Exchange section
– Added currencies BTC-E and Nixmoney. Now you can exchange them using the exchange of payment systems.
5. Section “Operation”
– Added an instruction for Yandex money when replenishing the balance or creating a deposit.
– Added an instruction for Qiwi when replenishing the balance or creating a deposit.
– Added an instruction for BTC-E when replenishing the balance or creating a deposit.
6. Section “My Account”
– The “Top Partners” table now displays the list of the most active partners and is updated every 24 hours.
Always working for you.
Sincerely, JewelsCash.

As you can see, the administration of JewelsCash has been working on new payment options additions and listening to members’ suggestions in making the site more user-friendly and convenient for browsing and investing. Among the very latest I’ll discuss in more detail in the upcoming review by the end of the week are “Increase deposit” and “Transfer funds”. The first of these allows you instead of creating a separate deposit to increase the amount in the currently running one while the second will make it possible to transfer funds inside of the program to another member of JewelsCash. Those features described below will certainly be useful for some investors:

New features: Increase deposit and transfer funds
Today, two new features have been added: Increase the existing deposit and Transfer funds to another user.
Increase deposit is an opportunity that allows increasing the amount of an already existing deposit. To do this, open your existing deposit and find the “Increase deposit” section. At the moment, to increase the deposit – possibly on such plans: Adamant, Gold, Diamont, Chains, Necklaces, Rings. After increasing the amount, the next charge will be calculated based on the new amount.
Transfer funds is an opportunity that allows you to transfer your funds to another user. If your partner is not enough or you want to reward him with a cash reward – this option is perfect for you. It became available on a new page in my personal account – Additional Features. At the moment transfer of funds is available through such payment systems: Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer.
Sincerely, Administration JewelsCash.

Overall, for me personally JewelsCash made a very positive first impression. It’s run by an admin ready to improve his program and implement new changes at any time, provided it’s beneficial for the program’s members. A domain name registered for five years in advance, a customized licensed H-Script, an SSL certificate from Comodo, and hosting by Sucuri are the main technical points for JewelsCash. The website also has a step-by-step Getting Started guide and an active and friendly Live Chat support. More on the program’s features and, of course, its investment plans will be in the upcoming review on MNO blog in a few days so stay tuned for that.


One of the most popular programs in recent weeks 50EX is about to become even more talked about. That’s because with a combined speaking population of 800 million people internationally, Spanish and Arabic language versions of the 50EX website have now been launched. In a purely online business it’s crucial to your success that you be as truly global and accessible as possible, so the admin of 50EX has taken great strides in making this happen for his program which is now even more appealing to the widest possible client base. Arguably of more importance would be oriental languages as that is where of the HYIP related business is originating from these days, but the 50EX admin is also ahead of the crowd there as well with Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian versions added to the existing German, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish translations. There’s just one simple plan in 50EX and it’s one that a lot of people seem to like judging by the positive feedback I’ve been getting from readers. It offers 8% interest per day for 20 calendar days, with deposits made in blocks of $50 each via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. Simplicity itself, and maybe that’s what investors are after because since first being reviewed on MNO (click here or a better explanation of the program) 50EX has been one of the most consistent and reliable performers. I hope the new languages added by the admin help open it up to an even bigger market, because if there’s one the the industry needs right now and is sorely short of, it’s programs like this one. You can read the short update from the 50EX news section on Spanish and Arabic translations below:

New horizons with new languages
Dynamic development and incredible success of our project, expanding the boundaries and conquering more and more hearts and minds of investors around the world. Taking care of our clients, we do everything to make them comfortable to work with us. Following these principles, we have translated our project website for two popular languages, Spanish and Arabic.


Alongside 50EX perhaps the other leading light of the HYIP industry now is NordeBank. In what’s admittedly been a forgettable couple of weeks at best for the business as a whole, it’s mostly the new programs like NordeBank that are dragging the rest of the industry behind back to some semblance of normality and recovery. They’ve certainly got the biggest operating budget I’ve ever seen, spending about $15,000 on MNO alone (I have no idea how much more on other platforms) and that’s despite only starting up just over three weeks ago. It’s proven to be a worthwhile investment for them as the program is definitely marching towards being one of the biggest of the last 12 months. It’s not quite there just yet, but speaking from experience here NordeBank is progressing in exactly the same way as some of the previous giants that were almost like money making factories for a lot of shrewd online investors. Anyway, to read more about NordeBank you should start with the review published on MNO here. The program offers profitable yet sustainable plans of 2% for 15 days, 2.5% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, 3.5% for 100 days, and your principal back on expiry through PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. It’s unfortunately with the payments options, specifically with AdvCash as it happens, that NordeBank has experienced it’s shall we say bump in the road. A lot of regular readers may not be aware of this because ordinarily they wouldn’t be moving all that much money through AdvCash, however if you are running a business using them you will find out sooner or later that they have limits on the cash flow going through your account. Once you reach that limit, AdvCash become aware of the fact that you are probably not just a regular person moving a couple of bucks around but are more likely using their services for professional reasons. At this point they will require further information from you to continue. The “problem” if you want to call it that (though I think it’s too strong a word in this case) is that it can kinda catch you by surprise, and is bit of an inconvenience when you could better spend your time doing other things. And so now it’s the turn of NordeBank. It’s really nothing to worry about, indeed it will probably be resolved before a lot of you even read this, it’s just a simple matter of NordeBank confirming their business and having AdvCash re-activate their account. You can read the short message about this from the NordeBank admin below:

Advcash pending
Hello. We work now to solve advcash pending problem.
Problem will be resolved within next 4-6 hours.

News just coming in during the last couple of hours is that NordeBank is moving to a new server and, according to the admin, is the main reason why many of you (including myself) couldn’t access the website. It might take a while until this process is complete, so be patient, especially considering that the payouts (except those to AdvCash, as noted above) were not interrupted. I can only take a guess at the moment and say that there was a good reason for the sudden move, possibly, the necessity of extra protection from DDoS attacks, or to increase the server’s capacity due to the program’s incredible growth in traffic. In any case, I hope that by the time the site is back online the admin will be able to explain everything, and I’ll keep you updated on MNO. For all the latest info on that please check the ShoutBox.


The shortest and perhaps even the most pointless news item of the day is from SoftMining, first reviewed on MNO here. I’ll just remind you that SoftMining is a perpetual style no expiry program that pays it’s members between 0.95% and 1.25% interest per day, continuing as long as the program remains online. The very first investors with the biggest deposits, i.e. the ones that are getting paid the highest rates, should be coming up to the break-even point with the program very shortly now, as tomorrow sees them 80 days monitored on MNO. How time flies! You can join SoftMining for a $10 minimum, using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin. In the following update from the program’s admin, he tells us about how the domain registry of SoftMining has now been extended for almost ten years, expiring in December 2026. Fair enough, as the owner of a website myself I can tell you this is easy to do, relatively cheap, and in relation to investing with HYIPs bears absolutely no influence whatsoever on the risk you take when you join. I mean OK, it definitely looks a lot more professional if an admin does this before opening his program to the public, it might even do something to impress newbie investors, but experienced players hold no expectation that SoftMining will still be here in anything even remotely close to ten years. But if for whatever reason the admin has decided that here and now is the best time to be extending the SoftMining domain and best serves the interests of his program then so be it. You can read his single line (what he expects anyone to think or conclusions to draw from this is a mystery) on the matter below:

Our domain is extended to 2026.12.31. Regards”.


A little bit more interesting perhaps would be the latest from RichmondBerks, one of the most innovative and progressive HYIPs around these days as they even have their own mobile app. Which works like a treat by the way, I use it myself to manage my account in the program when I’m not in front of my computer. Another no expiry program, RichmondBerks are paying investors 1.6% interest on business days, alternating with 0.7% interest on weekends of deposits starting from a $10 minimum. In this instance you are allowed to leave the program if you don’t want to be a member anymore, however as this entails a 50% penalty fee on your deposit you’d probably be best advised just to stay with RichmondBerks and keep earning for as long as they keep paying. Payment methods include PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin. As you may remember from the review of RichmondBerks first published on MNO here, the program have their own internal currency called RBD Dollars. In the first update from the admin there is now the option to exchange the RBD Dollars for BitCoin, as there are dual balances in your account area. The second news item in RichmondBerks is on the offline conferences that the program has become well known for by now, going in in several venues internationally. There’s now a new section to the RichmondBerks website to help members stay informed about these. And finally, just today A competition where members with a higher average deposit by country will be awarded with promo-code prizes that will allow them to further boost their earnings in the program. More on all of this is in the latest updates below:

BTC – New Features
Hello! Some time ago we have launched a new BTC program. With this program you can invest your Bitcoins and get even more profit. And now we have prepared a big update for you.
In the “Finance” section you can exchange your invested RBDs for BTC. Enter the amount of RBD required for the exchange and click “Convert RBD to BTC”. After that, the funds will be transferred to another currency.
The RBB store has new products that will help you increase your profits. New booster specifically for the BTC program are available for purchase.
Learn how to use the store and increase profits here.
If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to answer them.
Yours faithfully, RichmondBerks

Be the first to find out about the following conferences
Hello! As you all know, RichmondBerks company holds a large series of conferences. And so that you are always up to date with the latest news, we have made for you a special page where you can see the latest and relevant information.
On the card of each conference you can find all the information you need. Entry to the conference takes place on a preliminary call.
Register to the conference now!

Global competition in RichmondBerks and new prizes
Hello, everyone!
It’s RichmondBerks. And today we are going to start a new global chart with great prizes. We’ve been thinking about how to inform you about current trends in the company and entertain you at the same time. Because naked numbers alone look a bit boring. So, here is the solution!
We announce a new global competition!
It’s global because this is a competition between countries. From now on every month we’ll make a chart with countries and average deposit amount within each of them. The users from TOP-10 countries can claim special prizes.
And here’s the first chart for this month!
Place – Country – Average deposit amount (USD) – Prize
1 – Pakistan – 357,6 +20% promo-code
2 – Korea – 352,9 +20% promo-code
3 – India – 347,7 +20% promo-code
4 – Nigeria – 340,2 +15% promo-code
5 – Germany – 338,8 +15% promo-code
6 – Turkey – 330,1 +15% promo-code
7 – Bolivia – 317,6 +10% promo-code
8 – Russia – 305,3 +10% promo-code
9 – USA – 301,8 +10% promo-code
10 – Netherlands – 299,7 +10% promo-code
In order to claim your prize just get in touch with RichmondBerks support team.
Warning: promo-codes should be used within 3 days starting from the moment of claim!
P.S. Don’t forget that until the 5th of April there is a Grand Contest with the main prize of $10 000. Look for more info in our group (Facebook).
P.P.S. You can get even more free boosters in the shop by completing achievements. Just give it a try – and you’ll love it!


The final item for discussion on actively paying programs today are the latest developments from LegendInvestments. Following the international flavor of some of the other updates today, this site is also quite multilingual and expanding to become ever more inclusive of more and more investors. Their last message on this subject informs us that French is the newest translation available for the LegendInvestments website, joining Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Czech. The strategy seems to be working well for them and getting the results they want if the latest membership stats are to be believed. Because in the second news update from the program the admin states that some 3,000 investors now hold active deposits in LegendInvestments. And remember there’s a big difference between that number and the members who simply open accounts but never spend any money on an investment. Not a bad result in the current industry climate for a program that’s been online for 33 days. Keep in mind that LegendInvestments is another perpetual no expiry program which pays investors continuously for how ever long it remains open. Interest rates start at 1% per day when you first join the program, and gradually increase to 3% per day as you remain a member for a longer and longer time. As you don’t actually have the option to leave the program at any time and ask for your principal back, this is more important at getting long term members to show more loyalty to LegendInvestments by topping up their deposits. You see, any new money you add to your deposit later on starts earning interest at the higher rate immediately, so you don’t go back to the entry level 1% and need to start all over again. Deposits start from $10 and can be made using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and Bitcoin. No one has actually seen a profit from LegendInvestments yet of course, the program is still far too new for that, but we’ll see how it goes. A promotional contest focusing on Facebook has been launched to get members more involved in spreading the word about the program online. For a more detailed description of what it’s all about, please refer to the detailed review of first published on MNO here, and read the latest updates from the LegendInvestments admin below:

Website Translation in French.
We are glad to inform you that we have ended our website localization in another language! Legend Investment is expanding its boundaries.

3000 investors have already opened a deposit.
Today, we’ve reached the first milestone – 3000 active investors have become partners in our updated program. What a great start and great prospects! Benefit from our offer and secure a stable income from your investments.

Contest from LegendInvestments
We are announcing a repost-to-win contest on Facebook with a 1 BTC prize pool.
The contest is very simple, and the prizes are very good:
1st place: 0.5 bitcoins, 2nd place: 0.25 bitcoins, 3rd place: 0.25 bitcoins
Winners will be announced on April 20, 2017 through random selection.
Details can be found on our Facebook group:
We would also like to clarify one particular issue because we often receive inquiries on topping up existing deposit. Currently, many of our project partners are moving over to a new investment level. Please be reminded that you can top up your deposit at any time and it will continue to work at that higher investment level.


I had to move TeaHouse to Problem status on the MNO monitor earlier today due to confirmed selective payouts as reported by one of my readers. It appears that most of the smaller withdrawals are still getting paid by TeaHouse and I have received two pending withdrawals myself a few hours ago. However, when it comes to larger ones there’s all sorts of excuses given to members but withdrawals are pending for well over the 36 hour promised timeframe. I’ve already contacted the admin on this but received no reply yet. I imagine the program is in trouble and while there is a possibility that TeaHouse will stay afloat and pay smaller investors their days are surely numbered. Therefore it’s of utmost importance not to invest there anymore and skip the program even if you do get paid. After more than 40 days on MNO I’m sure many investors were able to profit as it only required less than a day in some cases, but all the good things come to an inevitable end in the HYIP industry and TeaHouse is no exception. The selective nature of payouts is quite clear now so the best status for them on the MNO monitor at the time of writing is Problem. Do not invest!


I was furious when the admin of StrangeEvent stopped paying just hours after the review of his program was finally published on the MNO blog late Saturday night. Had I known obviously I would never have done this, as it was a complete waste of time I could have spent elsewhere. Besides, StrangeEvent was a miss on MNO with almost no one joining. I wonder what the reason was for the admin to wait three weeks before upgrading from Basic to Standard listing on the MNO monitor to have his program reviewed. Did he expect miracles and tons of cash from a more than two month old program? Such tricks do not work anymore and my readers certainly prefer newer programs, and they didn’t buy into StrangeEvent at all. Only a couple of people with tiny deposits over three weeks of monitoring is a disastrous result and perhaps, I can name StrangeEvent as the worst performing program on MNO for the last year. In any case, it didn’t work to the admin’s favor, however overall his program was not that bad and allowed the first investors in the the shortest plan to collect some profits. The stupid excuse he made on Sunday was the alleged installation of a Telegram account that were supposed to handle payout requests from then on. What was it? A genuine attempt to improve his failing ratings affected by the recent avalanche of scams or just a stupid excuse to stall for time while accepting new deposits? I choose the latter as the first option would make the admin totally stupid, and I don’t think that was the case. Do not invest in StrangeEvent anymore if you’re not aware of the problem yet, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBank50EX.
From MNO Premium listSportArbitrage, BandeiraCorpRichmondBerks,
OnePunchLtdRubiLtd, TradeBTC, SoftMiningTradeexPro, MerchantInvestSunCoinz, LegendInvestments, FatFunds (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about it for tonight I think. I’ll be back on Thursday with the full review of FatFunds and the latest news from the biggest investment programs in the HYIP industry. Stay updated by following MNO on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook, and subscribe to the daily news from the HYIP industry by checking this link. Remember also that you have a last chance to vote in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll, as the final results of it will be drawn next time. Best of luck with your investments, and see you all soon!

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