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Beware! Amazing7 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to anyone celebrating! It’s the one day when at least some people in almost every country want to be Irish, just remember the old warning that the darker the drink the worse the hangover so take it easy on the Guinness if you’re tempted to over indulge! Anyway, finishing up the business week I have three new additions to the MNO monitoring page I want to introduce in the news section coming up in the second half of today’s post. I’ll be reviewing them here on my blog next week once I have time to go through all their feature first and check out how everything works first. For today however I want to take a more detailed look at a new addition to the MNO monitor’s Premium List called Amazing7. This is a longer term HYIP that’s almost two weeks online, which when you see the plans has not yet been long enough to put any of the first Amazing7 investors anywhere close to a profit (meaning you could still safely consider it a relatively new program). So let’s see what they’re all about and whether you think Amazing7 is a name worth adding to your own portfolios or not.
Starting with the investment plans as usual then, Amazing7 have three to choose from. They all run for the same length of term, fifty calendar days, but have some very distinctive qualities that set them apart from each other and make them different. The first of these is called The Amazing Hour Plan, and you can join for a minimum deposit of $10. There’s a maximum limit of $2,500. So, as the name probably suggests, Amazing7 are making hourly interest payments to members throughout the 50 day term. The rate is calculated at 0.1% per hour, adding up by the end of the term (50 X 24 hour days) to 1200 hours. In percentages then that means 120% back on your investment. With Amazing7 including your principal as part of the payments that means it’s your own money back plus 20% net profit.

To be honest I don’t see a lot going for this plan when I compare it to the next one, in my opinion a far superior option which I will explain why in a moment. But first let’s see the details. It’s called The Amazing 50 Plan and can still be joined for a very affordable $10 minimum. There’s no real upper limit to what you can spend (technically it’s $100,000) though if you want to invest $500 or more I would suggest moving on to the third plan. For a 50 calendar day term, this time Amazing7 just make a single payment of 2.6% interest every day for the term’s duration. By the end of the term these payments should come to 130% in total. With Amazing7 counting your principal as part of your earnings that means you get your own money back first, and then start earning a total net profit of 30% back on your investment.

Now, clearly the extra 10% profit on the very same investment over the very same term is the most obvious advantage this plan has over the hourly option. But it isn’t the only one. A lot of people might like the concept of hourly payments, and I agree there can often be a strong case made for being able to recoup more of your money faster and not have to wait 24 hours to make a single withdrawal. In practical terms however you need to take one very important factor into account – Amazing7 have a minimum withdrawal policy. You must have at least $1 or more owed to you before you can request it. That would mean only investors with a deposit of at least $1,000 would actually be allowed to request proper hourly payments at all. Everyone else will need to wait for their interest to accumulate to $1, so to be perfectly blunt about it that really makes the offer of hourly payments a bit redundant for the majority of investors, as only the biggest spending players actually get to request them. The fact that hourly payments are done manually rather than instantly (and so carry a waiting time significantly longer than the payment term itself) further reduces any perceived advantage.

The third plan from Amazing7 is a similar option to the second one, just aimed a bit more at the middle to bigger spending players. It’s called The Amazing Blitz Plan, and will set you back at least $500 if you wish to join. Investors are offered a daily interest payment of 3% for a term of 50 calendar days. So you can see why it would be pretty pointless of you making a deposit of this size in the previous plan, right? Over the course of the term payments will add up 150% in total, and with Amazing7 as usual including your principal in there that gives you your own money back plus 50% net profit.

No matter which option you think suits you best I think all of them are, in HYIP terms at least, sustainable for enough time for a reasonable number of people to profit. This obviously hinges very strongly on the admin having both good intentions and the ability to actually manage his program properly (unfortunately this is always the single biggest gamble you take in the HYIP industry, isn’t it?). But if you press ahead with a deposit then the next thing to discuss is what are your payment options. It’s a fairly standard list and acceptable to most under current industry conditions, with Amazing7 taking PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and NixMoney for anyone who prefers the conventional third party payment handlers, and BitCoin if you would rather make direct deposits and withdrawals using a more modern digital e-currency. Withdrawal requests are handled manually by the admin and will need to be submitted from inside your Amazing7 members account area. Once done you are asked to allow a further 12 hours for all transactions to be complete.

Before I move on there’s one other hugely important point we need to be very clear about regarding your potential earnings from Amazing7. All withdrawal requests are subject to a 2.99% handling fee (almost $0.03¢ on every dollar). This is applied automatically and you will be able to see the adjusted amount on the second step of confirming your withdrawal request within your account area. Please take this into account when calculating you expected final profit. For reasons best known to the admin Amazing7 are using an unverified PerfectMoney account. This will naturally incur higher transaction fees (2% as opposed to 0.5% for verified accounts) so small wonder this is being passed on to investors, though it really shouldn’t have to be necessary.

On the technical side of things, there’s nothing overly complicated to Amazing7, and since the program is powered off a script under license from GoldCoders (as I’m sure most regular players will recognize) it’s all very easy to navigate and user friendly throughout. The hosting provider is OVH who are keeping the Amazing7 website on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from any malicious attacks thrown at the program. Plus for an added layer of security there’s also an SSL encryption certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Overall though Amazing7 has a simple, neat, and streamlined design that keeps everything straight forward and easy to use, i.e. no “clutter”. The only thing that seems out of place is an embedded YouTube video which has a short explanation on certain aspects of the stock market and nothing to do with the HYIP industry, let along Amazing7.

Any further questions for the Amazing7 admin or any account related issues that need to be dealt with can be sent using a variety of different channels. As always the first thing you need to look at is the FAQ page, and if that doesn’t help then move on to the program’s Live Chat support. Assuming you find an operator there you may be able to get your queries dealt with in real time. You can also fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the Amazing7 website’s contact page if you have anything more substantial. A postal address in The Seychelles is also listed, though as most of you will know by now these things tend to be virtual serviced work spaces and not where you would find anyone involved with the running of Amazing7 physically located. Of more practical use might be the social media networks where Amazing7 have profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Many of the website texts are a direct copy/paste from other programs so right from the start even the most inexperienced HYIP investors should know not to take any claims that of Amazing7 being involved in any kind of legit business activity too seriously. For the record this is claimed to be ForEx and stock trading. Not much you can do to research and verify that of course, so just in case you’re in the minority of readers who doesn’t already know to do this I suggest you ignore it. And anyway, like everything else even if it was true that still doesn’t mean it has to be profitable. So treat Amazing7 as you would any other HYIP, by setting yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose and easily recoup from other sources if things don’t work out. And remember to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio should you venture into Amazing7 at all.

Before we leave Amazing7 for today and move on to the news I hope you won’t mind sharing your own thoughts on the program, if you have any, with your fellow MNO readers. Please give your own first impression of Amazing7 by answering the following opinion poll, which hopefully will show more interesting results later in the coming weeks when we see what direction the program goes in and if it can live up to any potential. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Amazing7?

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The first program to introduce tonight is called MerchantInvest and it was added to the Premium List on MNO yesterday, after just a few days online. We can certainly call the program brand-new, as its only investment plan promises 3% for a 60 calendar day term with the principal included in the daily payouts. The break-even point is after less than five weeks and 80% net profit awaits you by the end. You may deposit in MerchantInvest starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. Fans of instantly processed withdrawals will be pleased to see MerchantInvest using this, however a fixed 1% fee is applied to every withdrawal request. The script which MerchantInvest has been running off is custom-made, although I can see that it’s extremely uncomplicated and easy-to-use, and if it’s not your first HYIP you won’t have any issues browsing your account area. The site is currently bi-lingual, but the admin has been working on adding more language versions, besides the current English and Russian. The domain is registered for ten years in advance, the site is SSL-secured by Comodo, and the dedicated hosting is provided by OVH with DDoS protection by CloudFlare. Overall, the website of MerchantInvest makes a very good first impression, as behind the seemingly simple layout there was a lot of work done so we can’t really say MerchantInvest is a budget program. As it’s now been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor following many instant cashouts, I’ll be preparing a full review of MerchantInvest for Monday, so stay tuned for that, guys.


The admin of the second program added to the MNO monitor yesterday – 50EX – went for Premium listing as well, but later upgraded to Sticky for its first week of monitoring. The 50EX website looks really interesting and different from many similar projects with simple investment plans. Although when calculating your daily interest you might see a mention of 3% daily, do not let this mislead you, as with the principal included in the daily payments you will get 8% for 20 calendar days. That will potentially bring you 160% at the end of the term, or 60% pure profit. As 50EX only launched less than two weeks ago, the very first members should only start reaching the break even point around now, but by the time the full review is published on Wednesday the first investment cycle should be close to completion. I expect public interest to rise significantly after this. Note that behind the seemingly simple investment offer lies a custom made original script that will only allow you make an investment in blocks of $50 with 50 blocks maximum, i.e. you’re only allowed to have $2,500 as one maximum deposit. The good thing is that you may invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash and choose between instantly or automatically processed withdrawals directly to your e-currency account you have made a deposit with. In order to change the way of receiving profits go to “Settings” and then “Finance” in your account and enable or disable automatic payments. In the same “Settings” area of your account, but already in its “Alerts” section you will be able to set the notifications on particular operation completion that will be sent directly to your email address which might be quite handy, especially when you have automatic payouts feature enabled in your 50EX account. There are many original features I will discuss in my upcoming detailed review of 50EX next week. I must strongly advise you to attach your Telegram account (if you have one, if not you can open it here and confirm by simply entering the one-time PIN-code sent to your mobile phone). The thing is that 50EX offers so-called EXAchieve that you will be able to get for certain actions and then exchange for real money withdrawn instantly to the account of your choice. This bonus accumulating feature will be added to your 50EX account only after you enter the code sent to your Telegram account by the program’s bot called 50EX Informer that will be also inform you of all operations in your account and the program’s latest news and updates. I received the following update sent by 50EX Informer earlier today:

We are expanding the language horizons
German partners show excellent results in cooperation with the company 50EX. At this point in geo targeting our online resource the absolute leader is Germany.
Now we are closer to Germany and Poland, adding German and Polish versions of our website.
Viel Erfolg!

By the way, apart from German and Polish languages the 50EX website is also available in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. As your account might be connected to the Telegram bot, there are some particular features you may perform there by giving it a few commands it can respond to. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that it’s only the beginning for 50EX and more and more features will be available via its bot in the future, like these, for example, mentioned by the admin in the update posted a week ago:

Our bot has learned new functions that will be useful for you
1. If you forget the password from the account, just send to the bot command /changepassword. The bot will create a new password for you, which you can change in your account settings.
2. If you want to know your balance, send to the bot command /balance. You will receive a message with information about the balance of each payment system, as well as the amount of bonuses on your account.

As 50EX is a very different program with lots of features despite only one plan available at the moment, it will be useful to check out the “How it works” tab and all the main benefits of opening an account with 50EX explained in plain language. This page was introduced as part of the series of improvements:

We would like to share with you the good news!
By the numerous requests of working investors, and simply working people, and simply investors, we have expanded the functionality of the personal cabinet and added to it the management of first level referrals. Blocking for your referrals of 1st level change the upline, you can be sure that your partners work only with you.
But the most important and the most interesting is that we have expanded the bonus program and added bonuses for publishing reviews, publishing articles to the blog and publishing the video. For details, see “How it works”.
Your bonuses are waiting for you!

Overall, 50EX looks a very original program which I believe could be a lot of fun. Technically, 50EX is also prepared well with SSL EV from Comodo featuring a Green Bar and DDoS protection from CloudFlare. More on all the unique features please read in the review on the MNO blog next week, however, even now I see quite a high interest shown to 50EX from my readers many of whom are already enjoying making profits from there.


And finally, I have a third program to introduce today called Eqniax which is another one running almost exclusively off the Telegram messenger. The admin was actually the very first person who paid for Standard listing on MNO at the new prices. The only investment plan offered by Eqniax is quite simple – you get paid 2.22% daily on your deposit without expiry, and the option to withdraw any part of your principal and daily profits at any time after the first 24 hours. A very similar plan (although paying only 1.5% daily) has made famous by Weollee that has been successfully running for about two months now. With Eqniax the running time so far is slightly over a month, but it’s only recently that a fully functioning site has been fully developed and a more aggressive advertising campaign launched. The minimum to invest is only $1 and you may deposit via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney at the moment, with more payment options coming soon. You may start investing via the website of Eqniax and make withdrawals there too, or alternatively Activate the Eqniax bot in the Telegram messenger and proceed with deposits and withdrawals from there. You may even attach your Telegram account at a later point and switch to that superior payment interface from there, especially considering that all the withdrawals of both principal and profit are instant. Just remember to specify your e-currency accounts in the account settings, so the bot knows where to send the money. The thing that you may operate both via Telegram and from the website is definitely a very strong point for Eqniax which means if something happens to one of them you can easily switch to its alternative, and therefore the site will be safer to avoid any panic which may destroy even the strongest perpetual anytime principal back type of program within literally hours. Both the website, which looks futuristic with optional background music that can be switched off at any time, and Telegram bot of Eqniax are available in four different languages – English, Russian, Indonesian, and Portuguese and you can easily switch between. The site is SSL-secured by Comodo, running off an original script, and is hosted by Voxility. As I have not tested the instant withdrawals yet, I hope to do so by tomorrow and hopefully move Eqniax to Paying status on MNO. Meanwhile, have a look at the website and its Telegram bot, and see if you like this new “neural network-style” program.


NordeBank (reviewed here) has clearly become one of the leaders of the HYIP industry already and it only happened within the program’s first weeks online. The interest shown by investors towards this superb looking and well advertised project (on MNO alone the program is featured on Sticky listing and purchased all the banner spots for $10K!) has not waned, but rather increased after the first deposits were returned on the shortest 15 day investment plan. I’ve been paid my own principal back instantly as well, as NordeBank has already proved that their intentions to grow are not just idle words. NordeBank offers plans starting from $25 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash and all withdrawal requests are processed instantly. These include 2% for 15 days, 2.5% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, 3.5% for 100 days all with principal back on expiry. Featuring a superb custom-made script, user friendly layout, and a mobile app for faster and more secure accessing of your account, NordeBank has improved its service even further by offering 24/7 phone support all the members can now use. The phone number you can call at any time, day and night, is featured in the latest email from the admin of NordeBank below:

Investors around the world are choosing NordeBank!
From March 16 NordeBank phone and live chat support available for 24/7.
NordeBank Client Support +44 020 8133 4122


With the collapse of such giants as Zinc7, RightRise, and Razzleton it’s reasonable to expect other programs will replace them in due course. And SportArbitrage (reviewed here) is a contender. The program has already reached #3 on the MNO Premium List and will most likely keep climbing, as the admin clearly has the ambition. The rapid growth of SportArbitrage claiming over 23K registered members in just 45 days online and the latest developments including several translations of the website show us the program’s true potential. Whether SportArbitrage manages to join the legends of the HYIP industry in the future remains to be seen, but the first investment cycles have already completed and the admin returned principals to the first investors already over the last couple of weeks. SportArbitrage pay a 60% to 90% percentage of the company’s accrued daily variable profits and get your $25+ principal paid back to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, OkPay, NixMoney, or AdvCash accounts in 30 to 120 calendar days. Among the peculiarities of SportArbitrage is the option to request your principal back before the expiry date for a 25% fee and processing withdrawals from Monday to Friday only, skipping weekends when daily interest nevertheless is still credited to members’ accounts. From the most recent daily earnings of SportArbitrage allegedly obtained from their betting activities I can see they’re between 1.5% to 3.5%, so you should realistically expect 1% to 3% credited to your account which will give you quite a sizeable profit by expiry. This is why I appreciate the admin’s desire to turn into something big, but his recent continuously repeated claims and refusal to admit SportArbitrage is a pure ponzi-game, like any other HYIP, are only hilarious, but simply dangerous if members believe them and invest more than they can afford to lose. And in the latest regular weekly newsletter where some recent achievements and plans for the future were shared with members, the admin followed the already established tradition of analysing the HYIP market and telling everyone not to be afraid of investing huge funds into SportArbitrage, saying it’s not a ponzi like others, and diversification has not been working in the industry. In my honest opinion, not only are such claims false, they should not be shared by a program that not only can’t prove its own activities, but only works with anonymous payment systems. Recent attempts to work with Payza in manual mode ended in disaster when their Payza account was blocked. That is done for a simple reason – SportArbitrage is the same HYIP, i.e. high-risk ponzi-game, as all the others, and should be treated as such. That doesn’t mean you can’t profit from it, as SportArbitrage is clearly organized better than many similar programs, but contrary to what the admin repeats over and over again every week, you should remember that SportArbitrage will have its end at some point, and therefore only invest what you can afford to lose:

SportArbitrage is hustling to go where no one has gone before
Dear investors,
It’s Friday again and I am taking my time to write a message to you, my business partners across the globe and, as usual, I am very happy to think about everything that happened in the past week and share a summary with you.
I will start with what we have already accomplished this week, share our plans for the short future and also share some of my business vision with all of you. As you may have noticed, we have several new languages live in our page and so far the feedback has been very positive. We have seen a big increase in traffic and investments coming from the countries that speak the languages we included, which proves we are going the right path when it comes to our global expansion plan.
We have also signed several agreements with very powerful promoters in Asia, Europe and in the USA. These agreements brought more than half a million dollars worth of investment in a matter of days but we nowhere near our limits. Our capacity when it comes to management, operations and trading are endless and we are prepared to run a venture with more than 500,000 investors without any issues. As of today, SportArbitrage has 23.500 registered members so we are not even at 10% of our capacity and let’s not forget that our capacity can be increased. What does it mean to you? It means SportArbitrage is here for the very long term and we will not accept to be small. My goal is to make this project huge and nothing will hold me from getting there.
It amazes me to see that we do not even have to look for this kind of partnership, people want to work us and I’m doing my best to make sure every partner has all the tools and information needed to promote SportArbitrage in the best way they can. I understand that most of you are here to enjoy passive income but if you’re interested in running a marketing venture even if you’ve never done anything similar before, please let me know and my team will support you. We were newbies at all this once, and I’m willing to teach you guys some of what we learned in the past 12 years.
Based on your input, SportArbitrage will launch its own Android and iOS app within the next two weeks. We received over 50 requests for this so our engineers are already working on it and you will have full access to all of our tools and functionalities in your smartphones. I’d also like to thank the ones who requested this, and please keep this kind of feature request coming. We will have more exciting new features for all of you soon.
We have been collecting feedback about this industry and here is a very bold and hard to swallow truth: diversification does not work. SportArbitrage has been online for less than 2 months, and I’ve seen several giant online Ponzi schemes going down the drain, and the only winners were the ones running it. Be mindful of where you put your money and look for places where you can actually see human beings writing and working for you. I understand that it is exciting to see your money grow but if you don’t know what’s happening with it or when you will stop seeing it, is it really worth it?
I am being very transparent and honest about my vision for this program and the reason behind this is very simple: I am a human being following my dream of building this enormous online empire that will take a lot of people, myself included, to their financial freedom.
I am sure all of you have dreams and wishes you had to leave behind because you couldn’t afford them at a moment in your life and I want you to simply think about. SportArbitrage is my dream coming true and I urge you to take advantage of it to make your dream a reality.
Most of you only hear from me in this newsletter and I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. I hope you’re aware of the opportunity you have in front of you and if you’re still not, please let me know how I can make that happen.
Thank you for being a part of SportArbitrage, we are doing the impossible and will not settle for less than perfection.
Have a blessed weekend, Ronald


RichmondBerks (reviewed here) seem to be busy working on a new BitCoin based plan where you can invest without losing on conversion between BTC and USD. It’s currently unclear when this will be available, but following the overwhelming support of members in the recent poll, I believe it won’t take them too long to present BitCoin fans with something exciting. Meanwhile, you can still invest in RichmondBerks from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney and receive instant withdrawals from 1.5% daily to your accounts from Monday to Friday and a reduced rate of 0.7% added on Saturdays and Sundays. The term is open ended so you will keep earning for as long as you stay with the program, or until you request your principal to be paid back to you manually within 24 hours time with 50% fee. Among the latest news posted on the RichmondBerks website was a photo report from the recent conference in Kiev and the announcement of tomorrow’s second conference in Nigeria. You can read all the latest news from RichmondBerks below:

[POLL] Do you need a new Bitcoin program?
Dear friends!
Lately (for the last 3 months) we’ve received a lot of requests from the Clients concerning adding a new program related to Bitcoins (without conversion losses). Well, it is a very responsible step. Besides it requires the most customers support. That’s why here and now we are carrying out a simple one-question poll. Please, answer it.
Thanks in advance and stay tuned for more information.

New bitcoin program: poll results
Dear friends!
Yesterday we started a poll about adding a new Bitcoin program. And now we have the results. Look at the chart:
The majority of Clients have supported the idea. So be it. Very soon a new program will arrive. Thank you for voting and stay tuned for more information about program details.

Report on the conference in Kiev. Conference in Nigeria – March 18
Partners of RichmondBerks company held a conference at March 14 in Kyiv. The participants learned a lot, gained valuable prizes and nice bonuses. And we present to you, which has already become a traditional – photo report!
And on March 18 the next conference of our company will be held in Nigeria. We invite all comers. RichmondBerks Conference – this is your chance to learn more about the world of real estate auction, and learn how to earn on it.
City: Port Harcourt, Date: Saturday, 18th March, 2017; Time: 12:00pm Local Time
Place: Kelly International Academy ICT Hall, off New Airport Road, Eliozu, PH
Contact Phone: +234-813-335-8789, Contact Person: Mr. Paschal
Learn how the conference was held in Kiev:
We are waiting for you at the conference in Nigeria! For all your questions our support team will be happy to answer.


You might know that the whole world (and not only Ireland itself) celebrates the merriest drinking day today – St. Patrick’s Day. Weollee couldn’t stay away from the celebrations and a so-called “Turbo Patric 7” bonus was made to those who made a deposit by 8 pm GMT. The bonus was supposed to give lucky members a 7% deposit bonus on fresh investments made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash accounts to the regular 1.5% daily forever plan. You can withdraw your principal and profit after a 24-hour lock-in. The only extra condition was to make a new deposit starting from a $10 minimum and before the deadline activate the so-called “Turbo neurons” feature inside of your Weollee Telegram bot to lock your principal for 10 days. After that you may withdraw principal, interest, adjusted with a 7% deposit bonus, or just re-invest. As Weollee has proved to be the most flexible investment program running off the Telegram bot at the moment, even without the “Turbo Patric 7” bonus you can withdraw every 24 hours, or keep earning indefinitely. For more details on Weollee please check out my review here and the interview with the program’s admin here. More information on the deposit bonus feature available earlier today can be found below, although it’s no longer active. More such bonuses will, I’m sure, be available and MNO will keep you informed about them:

Turbo Patric 7
Hey. This is Weollee.
On this amazing day, I congratulate everyone with the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. The symbol of this holiday is the clover, which brings luck! On this beautiful day, I wish you good luck in working together with Weollee, and financial freedom. On this occasion, I have prepared an amazing action for you – Turbo Patric 7
Conditions are as follows:
Each participant of the mission can receive a bonus, for this it is enough to make a new replenishment of the money box for the amount from $10. The bonus for this holiday is 7% for a new refillment. After creating the refill, the required condition is to enable the option “Turbo neurons”. Those who does not activate Turbo neurons after replenishment, can not participate in this event.
The bonus is valid only for new replenishments. For investors who withdrew the funds and brought back during the validity period of the promotion will not receive the bonus!
Hurry up time is limited!
The promotion is valid from 10:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT
Thanks for Attention


If you read my review of Edelweiss5 posted here or perhaps my interview with the program’s admin here, you might know that currently they only allow making withdrawals twice a month. And now it’s time to request your withdrawals as the button is enabled and will stay active until Sunday. Yesterday I was paid by Edelweiss5 within an hour, but it’s actually specified that you might need to wait for five business days (it’s up to one calendar week) before payment is transferred to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, or via Bank wire. So do not forget to make your withdrawal request in the specified period of time, as the next time withdrawal button will be enabled is the beginning of April. And if you want to make an investment in Edelweiss5 note that currently the program accepts investments starting from a $50 minimum and will credit your account with 1% profit Monday to Friday with a reduced rate of 0.5% on Saturdays and Sundays over a full calendar year, i.e. 365 days. From the latest news on the Edelweiss5 website there is a photo report from the recent conference in Kazakhstan and while you should remain sceptical about such conferences, it’s still good to know the management are active in promoting Edelweiss5 both online and offline. More on the recent conference and link to the Facebook page containing some pictures can be found below:

Results of the conference of Edelweiss 5 in Kazakhstan
Dear friends! A business conference of Edelweiss5 was held in one of the largest centers of Kazakhstan – Shymkent. The event was devoted to topical issues of renewable energy sources, increasing the growth rate of the efficiency of alternative energy in Kazakhstan and financing projects for the development of alternative energy of the future. Thanks to the openness and friendly atmosphere of the event, all the speakers and guests willingly shared their experiences, entered discussions and shared their views on alternative energy. Already, we can talk about increasing the interest of investors, including foreign ones, to the projects of Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan. In addition, each participant of the conference had the opportunity to get to know each other and talk with representatives of the company who advised all guests during the whole conference day. Traditionally, the company played prizes among visitors, the main one being the newest iPhone 7. We are pleased to announce that we have passed another stage of development of the regional network of Edelweiss 5 in Kazakhstan – we have opened a new office in order to increase the availability of our services. This step confirms once again the stability of the company and proves the ability to achieve the most ambitious goals of long-term development. We will be glad to see you at the address: Shymkent, Kunayev Boulevard 21, BC “Altyn Orda” office 316. Tel. Number: +7 (778) 222-22-12 +7; (707) 422-22-12. We thank all the guests and visitors of the event for their active participation and present to your attention the photo report  from this event. Enjoy the sensations of the event together with us!!!


The admin of BikeForMe has finally found time to answer the interview questions I sent to him last week and will be published on Sunday. The program which was reviewed here is doing quite we, paying to all investors on the 3% for 50 days plan instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. Along with the upcoming interview, among the latest improvements announced on the BikeForMe website is the video presentation of the program. You may wish to check out the video using the YouTube link posted in the newsletter below, or alternatively visit the MNOVision page where you will find this and many other HYIP introductions in one place for your convenience:

The official presentation of the company BikeForMe
Dear investors. We have prepared first video message for you!
We have finished our first video! There we have recorded special message of executive director of one of our offices and a small video from bike-rental place. We would like you to watch this video and know us a little bit closer!
You can share this video with your friends and partners. Participating in our investment program, you not only help to develop our bike-rental business and to take more significant place on this market, but you also get opportunity to earn great money due to our mutually profitable offer.
We wish you great results and development of your team!
Best regards, BikeForMe Team.


Whether making videos and uploading them online is a part of your professional activity or it’s just a hobby you can try your creativity skills and earn money at the same time. How you might ask? Well, currently the #1 program on the Premium List on the MNO monitor Elizion which was added almost three months ago paying 3.3% for 60 days plan to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Ethereum, and AdvCash accounts has announced a contest. A lucky winner chosen by the Elizion administration by next weekend will get a massive $1,000 deposit prize from which he will then be able to receive automatic or instant payouts of 3.3% for 60 days, thus doubling this amount by the end of the term. There will be nine consolation prizes of deposits ranging from $50 to $500, so your chances to win by recording and uploading a video review of Elizion just got better. The rules of the contest along with the prizes for winners and dates can be found in the latest newsletter posted on the Elizion Telegram News channel – from my review of the program posted here you might know that Elizion is a Telegram-based program, so it just makes sense to post the contest announcement there too:

Dear partners! The Elizion company announces the starting of contest on the best review about our platform. Each participant who made the minimum investment can take a part in this contest. 10 winners will get renumeration!
Write as much as possible in detail that you think about a platform in general that is likes to you, what is benefits of Elizion and share your achievements in our company.
Just write review about platform, put the link to video (not necessarily), attach your photo, type your name, your country and your Telegram ID or username in the Web platform in order to we can be able to identify you. Send all information to email: with a letter subject “Review about Elizion“.
Do you want to increase considerably your chances of a victory in contest? For this purpose you need to create in addition the most detailed video rewiev (in which your face and your personal account will be visible) about results about cooperation with us and to put video at the You Tube channel.
Terms of contest: From the moment of the publication of this announcement till March 23 inclusively of GMT.
What will get the winners?
The 1st place – investment in the amount of $1,000;
The 2nd place – investment in the amount of $500;
The 3rd place – investment in the amount of $300;
The 4th place – investment in the amount of $100;
The 5th place – investment in the amount of $90;
The 6th place – investment in the amount of $80;
The 7th place – investment in the amount of $70;
The 8th place – investment in the amount of $60;
The 9th place – investment in the amount of $50;
The 10th place – investment in the amount of $50
The company’s Administration will study attentively the each review and will justly choose the best. Participate in contest and win a solid monetary prize!
Winners will be announced till March 26. The best reviews will be published on the our official website also.
Yours faithfully, your Elizion.


Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page over the last few days. It appears that 59% of my readers have approved my suggestion of simultaneously increasing the listing prices while offering discounts to admins who add their programs to the MNO monitor during the first 24 hours online. Apparently, the majority of readers prefer to be informed of brand-new programs to increase their chances of profiting from them, and I must say that I prefer dealing with new programs too. Hence, according to my readers’ wishes the new advertising rules that can be found on this page now will also include the terms and conditions on which listing discount will be provided to the programs from Premium and Standard listings. On the adjusted advertising page posted HERE you will also find the new prices that include Sticky listing for $600/week or $1,800/month, Premium listing for $1,800, and Standard listing for $1,200. Only Basic listing prices will remain the same not to discourage “sleeper” programs for coming on MNO earlier and upgrading their listing at a later point. All the listing advantages and prices are now presented in an easy to read visual form. Remember that unlike many other monitors in the HYIP industry, MNO has always been fully transparent and all readers and HYIP admins alike can see the prices and terms and conditions on this page. Hope MNO will continue to be a magnet for high-budget programs where my readers will have the biggest chance profit.

As for a new question, after the recent collapse of last year’s leader Zinc7 that ran for six months, what do you think of the current leaders of the industry? Do you think an emerging leader or best program of 2017 is already here, even if under the radar and not listed on MNO yet? What does your gut feeling tell you? It’s still only March and might be too early to say, but in any case it would be good to see what readers think of this and compare the results at the end of 2017 when we usually pick the best of the year. So, the question and possible answers are as follows:

Do you think the potential best program of 2017 might already be online?
1) Yes, I suspect it’s one of the programs currently listed on MNO
2) Possible that it’s running already, but not listed on MNO yet
3) No, the best program of the year is not launched yet

Thanks in advance for voting and remember that it only takes a second to vote here or check out what other people think. The results will be drawn sometime next week, so stay tuned for that, guys!


No one can deny the influence of developing countries like Mexico in the world economy is growing as well as its contribution to the world financial products. No wonder expanding payment processors like Payza are also very interested in such emerging markets and offer more services there. Although the acceptance of Payza in the HYIP industry is currently very restricted and only a couple of the MNO monitored programs use them – the recent Premium upgrade PassiveLoan (reviewed here) and the longest-running and always reliable BandeiraCorp (reviewed here) – the interest from people working with Payza in growing. After opening and verifying an account with Payza you can actually easily work with HYIP investments via BitCoin, as Payza offers a hassle-free funding and withdrawing options via BitCoin from your account. Then you can invest in HYIPs, as literally every program works with BitCoin, and withdraw your profits directly to your bank account, credit card, or Payza‘s own pre-paid card which you can have delivered to your home address via post. Speaking of Mexico, the country’s spotlight was the latest blog post, and if you reside in Mexico or are interested in doing business within the country you might be curious to see the analysis highlighting the main features of the Mexican consumer market and doing business in Mexico:

Country Spotlight: Understanding Consumers and Cross-Border E-Commerce in Mexico
Today, the largest e-commerce market in Latin America is Brazil, but when it comes to long-term potential for cross-border merchants, Mexico is the market to watch. Though cross-border commerce is low compared to Brazil, Mexico’s e-commerce market is growing at a rate of over 21%, nearly double the global average.
The second-most populous country in Latin America, Mexico’s inclusion as a member of NAFTA means its economy is strongly linked to the U.S. economy. With the 11th largest GDP in the world by purchasing power parity, Mexico is in a unique position as a global power with a consumer population relatively untapped by outside commercial investment.
Let’s take a closer look at Mexican consumers and the benefits to retailers investing in cross-border e-commerce.
Unless otherwise noted, figures in this article are sourced from:
– ATKearney; 2016: The Tipping Point for E-Commerce in Mexico
– The Paypers; Mobile commerce and online shopper behaviour in Mexico
Mexican Consumers
– Population: 120 million
– Internet penetration: 54%
– Mobile penetration: 37%
– Online shoppers: 16 million
– E-commerce sales: USD 11 billion
– E-commerce annual growth rate: 21%
Behind only Asia-Pacific, Latin America is the region with the fastest-growing e-commerce market. Mexico currently accounts for 12.3% of the regional market, a value of $11 billion USD, or 2.5% of Mexico’s total retail sales.
Though internet penetration is relatively low at 54%, Mexico’s still has the world’s eighth-largest online population with 65 million people. However, only a quarter of active internet users have a fixed broadband service in their home, so access to e-commerce has been historically limited. Because of this, Mexico has the lowest percentage of digital buyers in Latin America (only 22% of the online population).
Today, internet usage is rising rapidly due in part to the falling cost of smartphones. With over half the population under the age of 30, more and more young people will enter the consumer market over the next 15 years. This demographic is also expected to spend more time online and is more comfortable with e-commerce than the previous generation.
Mexico’s retail industry is driven by local payment options. Credit card penetration is low (only 24%) with most consumers preferring debit cards, averaging 3.8 debit cards per household. Most local debit cards can’t be used for online transactions, so credit cards are still the most common online payment methods. However, prepaid cards, direct debit services and e-wallets also hold a significant share of the market.
Economic and political concerns are still holding back e-commerce growth in Mexico. Even though the economy is stronger now than any time in the past decade, many still try to limit household spending. The current political climate in the U.S., with whom Mexico shares its largest border, contributes to this unease, as the American government’s recent threats to pull out of NAFTA could have serious and unforeseen economic consequences.
Drivers and Barriers
Driver: Low Competition
It’s fair to say that cross-border e-commerce in Mexico is in its infancy. Only one-third of consumers having ordered something from abroad, yet more than half of consumers have said they plan to purchase from retailers outside of Mexico. In part, this disparity is due to the relatively low international investment in the Mexican e-commerce market. Cross-border merchants who expand their services into Mexico will find relatively little competition for the attention of consumers.
Barrier: Internet Connectivity
Due to historically low internet connectivity, much of Mexico’s population has had limited access to e-commerce. Combine this with more recent economic and political turmoil, and you’re left with relatively low public trust in online transactions. With most households still lacking a dedicated broadband connection, e-commerce penetration remains the lowest in Latin America.
Driver: Mobile Commerce
More than half of Mexico’s population is under 30. With smartphones now more affordable than ever, most of these people are entering the workforce with a full-time internet connection in their pocket. Mobile commerce has allowed Mexico’s younger demographic to jump straight to m-commerce, which in 2015 recorded a growth of 40% and will continue to grow as more young people enter the consumer population. If you plan to enter the Mexican e-commerce market, having a mobile commerce plan is highly recommended.
Barrier: Security Concerns
A long history of organized crime and limited access to broadband connections has led much of the Mexican population to be skeptical of online transactions. This is often cited as the primary reason why the country’s credit card penetration rate is the lowest in Latin America. Debit cards and Oxxo payment vouchers are seen to be safer, but in most cases cannot be used to make online purchases. Mexicans are particular about which payment methods they’re comfortable with and more than half of them will abandon a shopping cart if it does not offer their preferred payment method.
Mexican E-Commerce Facts
– The second-largest market for e-commerce in Latin America.
– The eighth-largest online population in the world.
– Android is the preferred smartphone operating system, accounting for 83% of smartphones.
– Facebook is the dominant social network, used by over 70% of internet users.
– Digital advertising in Mexico has nearly double the average click-through rate (0.23%) as in the U.S. (0.09%).
– 30% of internet users own a tablet, the highest adoption in Latin America.
– The top destination by far for overseas e-commerce is the U.S., with 87% of cross-border sales.
Some large American retailers have begun to turn their heads to Mexico’s e-commerce market, with Walmart increasing their infrastructure in Latin American and Amazon recently offering its Prime subscription service to users of Spanish-language But the demand for cross-border e-commerce among Mexico consumers is still greater than the supply.
Local incumbent e-tailer MercadoLibre holds the largest share of the Mexican e-commerce market, but that only represented 9.5% in 2016, so there are no large domestic providers that have a firm grip on the market. With an increasingly young and connected population benefiting from a recovering economy and getting their first taste of disposable income, Mexico’s cross-border e-commerce market is full of potential.
Expanding into a new international market is a risky venture but a very rewarding one if done right. For the latest information about how you can build and maintain a strong e-commerce enterprise and keep it compatible with legislation and buying habits at home and abroad, subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest industry news.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBankTeaHouseOnePunchLtd, 50EX (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Premium listElizion, PassiveLoanSportArbitrage, Edelweiss5BandeiraCorpRichmondBerksLensenGroupWeollee,  RubiLtdMacaoLottoTradeBTCMavisTradeexPro, BikeForMeSunCoinz, LegendInvestments, Amazing7, MerchantInvest (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: AuctionHouseSorta.
From MNO Basic listStrangeEvent.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you had a successful week and recharge your batteries over the weekend to come back refreshed and ready to make some money in the best investment programs listed on MNO. I’ll be back on Sunday with an interview with the admin of BikeForMe (his program was first reviewed on MNO here). Then on Monday I’ll have a detailed review of MerchantInvest and the latest news from the industry. In order not to miss any new programs that from now on pay a higher price for being listed on MNO follow me on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or subscribe to the daily newsfeed by entering and confirming your email address on this page. Also remember that you are always welcome to contact me either directly at or via the contact form on this page with any questions regarding programs monitored on MNO or the HYIP industry in general. See you Sunday, guys, and enjoy the weekend!

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