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10/04/2021. HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets (Part 8 – Running HYIPs and Monitors at the Same Time) and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello and welcome again to the MNO blog – bringing you the latest information on the hottest online investment opportunities for nearly fourteen years now. Officially launched back in July 2007 MNO has gradually increased its influence in the HYIP industry while eventually becoming the most read investment blog specializing exclusively on high-yield elite programs run by experienced admins. Even today with the industry at a low point with fewer great programs than before we still have some bright examples of admins capable of operating truly unique programs worthy of close attention from smart investors across the world who read MNO. If you’re still not one of them please submit your email address on this page and subscribe to get the latest blog articles delivered directly to you to read at your leisure. Alternatively, if you want to stay informed on all the latest additions to my monitor and timely status change alerts please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. And if you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests don’t hesitate to write to me via this contact form, directly at or simply chat with on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to hear your feedback and listen to your thoughts on any HYIP-related matter. After all, knowledge is power and sharing it is our common interest to succeed as an investment community of forward-thinkers.

And before getting into the regular routine of updating you about the regularly paying and very popular programs featured on the MNO monitor (I’m talking about such luminaries as CryptoCapital and QubitLife) I would like to add another chapter to the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series of articles where I share the knowledge accumulated over a decade and a half of dealing with these people who actually run the whole industry but who are nothing without current and potential investors who pour their hard-earned money there. And no HYIP would be able to succeed without monitors behind them that look over its performance, post members’ votes and change the status when needed to warn people of eventual scams – the category under which every HYIP regardless of size and influence will fall under at some point in its lifecycle. And exactly the interconnection of HYIPs and the monitoring websites will be the focus of attention for today’s article. Let’s start then.

It’s often been said that the online HYIP industry has by definition the highest number of gamblers per capita than any other line of business. I mean when you think about it even the so-called more legit businesses linked with traditional gambling such as horse racing or physical casinos are largely dependant on huge numbers of peripheral staff employed to keep those entities ticking over from one day to the next and keep the customers coming back. I have to wonder though, how much of a risk do HYIP admins really take with their own money?

Not much as it happens, despite some almost hilarious claims to the contrary. One particular admin loves to repeat the same old sob story about how he earns nothing from HYIPs and merely finances payments to his members using money from his own pocket, he cares about them that much! Nonsense of course, but amusing nonsense nonetheless. The thing about HYIPs though is that with total anonymity protecting the admins, the regular rank and file investors has no way of knowing just how many websites any of these guys might be running simultaneously at any one time. Most people in fact wouldn’t even waste their time thinking about such things since you’ll never know the right answer anyway, and even if you did it serves very little purpose unless you know how to use the information.

We mostly take it for granted that most of the better HYIP admins will run multiple programs, maybe but not necessarily at the same time. But did you ever give much thought to how easy it is for HYIP admins to cross over into the field of HYIP monitoring, totally anonymously, in the interests of self promotion and keeping unsuspecting investors spending money on programs that have long since scammed? From my own experience there have been several admins who went down that route, finding it a profitable practice (for themselves) at the expense of others. Simply set up five cheap scam HYIPs, follow this by setting up five cheap scam monitors to bestow “Paying Status” on yourself, and pad out the list a little bit by throwing in the names of a few genuine programs to lend an air of authenticity. Mostly they wouldn’t even monitor those other programs, just list them as a way of parking their referral links for free money. So while wearing his “monitor’s hat” he recommends you to join his program, then while wearing his “admin’s hat” the same individual scams you.

OK, so that’s the problem, but it’s no good identifying that unless you have a solution. I’m not saying that the practice is rampant or that by any means the majority of HYIP admins are always doing this, only that it’s something you need to be aware of and keep an eye open for. For example, if you see a program that at first glance is monitored by apparently lots of different sources, try to pay closer attention. You may find most of them using the same cheap template so make sure to check whether any of them are actually worthy of your trust. It’s very easy to create a HYIP or a monitor but a lot more difficult to identify a possible link between them, either as being explicitly run by the same person or any prior agreements that may exist between owners in partnership if not the same individual running everything. In this event it’s even more important than ever to seek out reputable and proven independent sources of information, monitoring websites with a track record going back years, neutral blogs, and forum posters with no affiliates to any professional monitor or admin. Remember that if a monitor is knowingly complicit in one scam, chances are you can’t ever trust them with anything.

A reverse tactic has also been used. Not a HYIP admin hijacking a blog or monitor to sell you something, but rather a blog/monitor establishing a reputation first and only then using this as a springboard to launch a scam HYIP. Which on one hand is kind of a pity – a decent blog or monitor can run for years if the owner is prepared to do the work and take care of the interests of his readers. But then on the other hand should be a glaring red flag to every serious investor to stay as far away from such websites as possible. Reason being that it’s a spectacularly bad business strategy to link any “legit” website (such as a monitor) to an online HYIP.

I distinctly remember one particular blog/monitor combination from a number of years back. It was to be honest on the brink of challenging most of the biggest most well established names in the industry, monitors that had a history going back to the very beginnings of the HYIP industry and were pretty much accepted as the first place most investors would always look when seeking out new opportunitties. I’m talking about some serious big name operators here whose leading position had never been challenged before this, not seriously anyway. But just as this new upstart was about to break through and arguably dominate the monitoring market for years, what did the admin do? He blew it! He went for the fast buck and threw in his lot with a scam HYIP he developed with his business partner. I’m not going to name it as by now I think few people would remember the name I’m talking about (e-mail me if you think it’s important), the point is that they had a golden opportunity to establish something really big. But a short sighted view meant they merely used the blog/monitor as a vehicle to promote a scam with a limited shelf life. Think of it as trading in a Ferrari in order to buy a scooter!

Whatever chance the blog or monitor had at succeeding goes out the window when it allies itself directly to an online HYIP. By definition every HYIP has to collapse sooner or later, even the best ones, and when that happens the reputation of the associated blog/monitor goes with it. So clearly longer term success in this field was never the intention of the admin, and that alone is an easy enough warning sign for any experienced investor to see before ever getting scammed. Unfortunately others are not so fortunate, life can be a series of costly money losing lessons for industry newbies in a hurry to trust the first person who tells them they know what’s best for you.

As a matter of fact I myself have been approached countless times over the years to establish an online HYIP linked directly to MNO. How did it work out? Well, it should be pretty obvious that I’d never have put in nearly 15 years in this industry if I’d ever said yes to any of them! Like I said, it’s a ridiculously bad business plan to deliberately associate a good source of legitimate income with a scam. I don’t consider myself as having any particularly unique skill that no one else can put to use if they wanted to, the idea that someone would willingly sacrifice a long term source of self-employment, earning good money from the comfort of home on your own terms and working hours without a boss in favor of a fast few bucks lasting a couple of months at best is just baffling to me. But that’s just me, some people refuse to see the bigger picture and will always jump at the opportunity for a quick scam, and that’s another angle you have to watch out for.

If it wasn’t enough to be encouraged into doing it, I’ve even been accused of running multiple websites, HYIP and otherwise. Everything from currency exchangers to other monitors, something I wouldn’t have any personal problem with by the way but honestly, something I have absolutely nowhere near enough free time to even contemplate. At least when I got accused of running online HYIPs the programs in question were invariably the best ones on the market at the time they were operating, so maybe my reputation is good for something after all!

In closing though, if I had to sum up the above article more succinctly in a few words it would be that nothing and no one is ever as it seems in the HYIP industry. True independence and neutrality are by no means unheard of, just not as common as some of the money men who pull many of the strings would like you to believe. The person telling you “it’s safe to invest” may very well be the same person scamming you.



Just shortly after the Easter greetings the account of CryptoCapital‘s official channel on Telegram was marked with a totally underserved SCAM tag in red letters which is only assigned if there are complaints against the website submitted by interested parties with the label explained as follows – “Warning: Many users reported this account as a scam or a fake account. Please be careful, especially if it asks you for money.

The reaction from the admin was swift and explained to me personally as CryptoCapital‘s only official monitor as well as in the Telegram channel in question itself. Note that since then the channel has been abandoned once a new Telegram news channel was created where you may still follow all the latest updates from CryptoCapital. Here is the explanation and the last message that could be found in the now defunct former Telegram channel:

Hello everyone,
As per the recent circumstances, a lot of users have reported this telegram channel.
CryptoCapital has suspected this has something to do with the BTCFLASH.ME concerns that we also encountered in our TrustPilot page.
CryptoCapital is not in any way affiliated with the said project/company.
The similarities in the members end dashboard’s designs does not state that we are connected with any other project/company.
Please take in consideration that the mentioned theme can be purchased online from ThemeForest and this what our designer did and used.
Once again, CryptoCapital is not related with or any other project

The accident on Telegram might have been proved fatal for any other HYIP run by a less experienced admin, however with CryptoCapital it’s not the case at all. As you might be aware from my detailed review posted here, the program has come to stay after the admin purchased Premium Listing and a prominent banner spot on the MNO blog paid for three months in advance. That alone raised enormous interest among my readers who generally concluded CryptoCapital was the place to be right from the very start. The active participation has allowed the program to reach the #1 spot on the MNO monitor in less than two weeks, which is a truly remarkable achievement.

If you’re still sitting on the fence I should remind you that it’s still not late to join and benefit from CrytpoCapital’s only investment plan paying 0.1% hourly (that is 2.4% daily) for an unlimited term until you request your initial investment. You can be totally flexible with your investment strategy in CryptoCapital and are allowed to withdraw your principal fully or partially after an initial 24-hour period is over. The fee for early principal withdrawal is only 5% which will see you making profits in less than three days. In addition to that all the withdrawals up to $100 are processed instantly (otherwise paid manually within 24 hours) and your cryptocurrency funds are not converted into USD which protects against possible price fluctuations. In addition to that, CryptoCapital is working with eleven of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, or Stellar. The choice of how to invest, when to withdraw and what to do with your profits in CryptoCapital is entirely yours which makes it kind of unique among some stiff competition. I’m pretty sure that the admin who still posts daily on his program’s social network channels knows how to do business properly and my confidence in CryptoCapital‘s ability to stand the test of time is quite high. For all the latest news posted over the last six days please refer to the information reposted below:

CryptoCapital provides clients from all over the globe no matter what holiday it is with the ability to invest through the variety of cryptocurrencies.
Easter is no different when it comes to crypto-trading. Join CryptoCapital now and set your easter sunday in a profitable day.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital

Invite a friend, a family member or a colleague to join the experience you have had with us
CryptoCapital will reward you if your referred client invests. This is a popular partnership with unlimited earning potential.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital.

CryptoCapital is simple and intuitive platform.
Yet powerful enough for the professional investors but designed for everyone. Web platform available on desktop and mobile.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital

Free your time. Let our experts navigate the market and manage your funds.
CryptoCapital’s managed investing service is for well-informed investors that would like to have their funds managed.
You can invest cryptocurrencies under management with our traders and leave the trading decisions down to CryptoCapital.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital

Deposit, withdraw and earn using multiple crypto with CryptoCapital.
Invest funds & withdraw interests using numerous cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Stellar and Tron.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital

Got something to ask? A concerns or just an inquiry?
CryptoCapital‘s Frequently asked questions page has it all.
Read and learn more about CryptoCapital now.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital

Bitcoin just hit 60k!
Is Bitcoin finally going 100k? Experts say this is possible within this year.
Whatever the Bitcoin’s price is, CryptoCapital is here to help more and more people experience financial well-being through cryptocurrencies.
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Boasting quite an impressive lifetime of ten months already I guess no one would argue any longer that QubitLife (formerly known as QubitTech under which name it was reviewed here) has become a tremendous success already more than doubling the deposits of the very first investors who joined in the first weeks online. Since then QubitLife has been transformed from a regular HYIP with one investment plan into something totally different and the new name fully reflects it. There has been lots of new investment products added when QubitLife started selling various online and offline based items. Those include various marketing events, webinars, courses and even tourist trips which you can buy using your available balance or by funding it via BitCoin or Ethereum funds. And the main investment plan remains the same for QubitLife‘s members – a variable up to 2% daily return paid over the unspecified term which expires once you reach 250% ROI. Note that only after accumulating at least $50 on your QubitLife account balance will you be able to request a withdrawal which will be subject to manual approval and will be then processed within 48 to 96 hours. The withdrawal maximum time frame will actually depend on the fee you’re free to choose when submitting each request which can be from 2.5% to 4.5%.

QubitLife has always been very active when reporting on the latest developments. This week was no exception. Among the news published on the QubitLife website and reposted for your convenience below include: a reminder of the one-month long promo trial for crypto-trading signals, big leadership meeting in Zoom which as usual happened on Friday, a new journey on sale called “Sagarmatha Trails” available from Network Travel, tickets available for purchase for the upcoming SalesCamp organized by local leadership in five countries and the MLM online course. The cherry on top was the new introductory video for QubitLife which is also available for viewing on the MNO monitor next to the program’s details. The video is excellently made and pretty sure it will win over even more devoted members on top of the thousands that already joined and are enjoying profits (provided of course they joined when it was first listed on MNO nearly 300 days ago):

First Results of HOT PROMO of Crypto trading signals
Dear friends,
We are happy to announce the first results of the HOT PROMO of crypto trading signals. According to it, more than 20,000 signals have been distributed and 80,000 left from 100,000. It is a great success and we urge you to keep going.
There are available codes for signals. Please, do not forget to use this chance.
QubitLife users must log in to the platform through our Telegram Bot ( to receive a free 1-month subscription. You can get a free subscription to the service only once!
We remind you that QubitLife trading signals included many years of successful experience analyzing market data and real trading experience and help you better understand the market.
Don’t miss your chance to become a successful trader and follow our news!

Big Leadership Meeting in ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We invite you to the important meeting in ZOOM, which will take place on April 9 (Friday) at 16:00 UTC for all our leaders from rank 3.
Free entry –
The online meeting will bring together more than 3000 of our leaders from various regions of the world: Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia.
We will share the nearest plans of the platform, strategic initiatives, and undertakings, analyze the most important issues for our leaders, and share our strategic partners’ plans: QCHAIN and Pitchcamp Accelerator.
Already this Friday at 16:00 UTC. Attention notice: simultaneous translation will be available in more than 3 languages.
Don’t miss it!

New Journey: Climbing to Everest Base Camp
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re glad to offer you a new journey, which is available for purchase within the unique routes service NetworkTravel – “Sagarmatha Trails”.
This trip from 14 to 25 May 2021 is an iconic route to the foot of the greatest mountain on the planet, the most famous trekking in the world.
This dream has become available to you – a ticket for this NetworkTravel trip costs 7,900 USDT.
Payment is available from the main balance in the personal account of the QubitLife platform.
The main points of the route “Sagarmatha Trails”:
– Arrival in Kathmandu and accommodation at Hotel Yak & Yeti (, where you will plunge into the atmosphere of the fabulous East.
The first route from Mongjo village to Namche Bazar (3440m) along the Dudh Kosi river valley.
– Trekking from Namche Bazar to the Buddhist monastery Teng Boche (3860m). This is a Buddhist monastery built back in 1916.
– Trekking in Feriche (4250 m).
– Another trekking to Lobuche (4930 m). Difficult crossing over the Thokla Pass (4830 m).
– Trekking to the base camp of Everest (5 364 m).
– Climbing to the top of Kala-Pathar (5 555 m).
– Return in Bell or Eurocopter helicopters to Kathmandu.
You can find travel details on Network Travel –
Don’t miss your dream trip!

Ticket purchase is already available
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re glad to present you with a new event type – SalesCamp (
These are all the same BaseCamp, you know, which are organized directly by our leaders.
Today we are opening ticket sales for SalesCamps in 5 countries at once (India (Goa), South Africa, Russia (Kazan and Irkutsk), Ukraine (Kiev), and Peru (Lima)), which will be held from 18 to 22 April 2021.
The ticket cost to any of the SalesCamp is 495 USDT (
Tickets can be purchased from both the main and UltraPromotion balance.
You can also buy multiple tickets from one account.
SalesCamp is where you will learn, develop and improve your selling skills. The main goal of these events is to bring our platform’s regional teams to a new level in digital products and services sales.
The SalesCamp program involves introducing and developing new knowledge with mentors and experts, information block about our digital ecosystem products, an expanded exchange of experience, and motivational classes.
Hurry up to buy tickets on SalesCamps!

Online course about MLM business
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We’re opening the sale of a completely new online course from the renowned leader, expert, and author of books from Latin America – Susana Rodriguez.
The main topic of the “Advanced way”, which starts on April 16 (Monday), is developing the MLM business and all its modern tools. The main goal is to systematize your MLM duplication using a method that will become a national magnet and bring you an excellent income.
The ticket price is 199 USDT USDT.
After 48 hours, that is, from Monday, the cost will rise to 269 USDT. Payment can be made both from the main and from the marketing balance. You can buy multiple tickets for one account.
The author of the course is a well-known author of books from Latin America, our leader and unique MLM expert – Susana Rodriguez.
The course will last 7 days from April 16. The main language is Spanish, with simultaneous translation into several languages (English, Russian, and others).
The course includes 3 large modules, distributed over 7 days:
– Module 1. The biggest secret is the ability to answer any questions.
– Module 2: The Art of Duplication versus Selling Power.
– Module 3. Discover the super formula for massive and automatic duplication.
Hurry up to buy tickets for the “Advanced Path” now.
In 48 hours, the price will go up!

Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re glad to present you with a trailer for a unique film dedicated to our platform.
The film was shot at several platform events at once, particularly at the Big Forum in the Dominican Republic, as well as BaseCamp.
It included interviews with the platform’s top management, with our leaders, unique staff, and much more.
Soon we will bring you the full movie about QubitLife.
Watch, enjoy and follow our news.


Unfortunately, the admin of GlobalCryptox has made the decision to officially close his project as of today with all the members with active deposits required to contact him with their details so they can be transferred to another investment project the admin is currently running. The official reason for the closure given to me was some licensing issue making it impossible to continue without legal issues. I remind you that GlobalCryptox has positioned itself as an exchanger service and the cryptocurrency trading platform where members were not only able to invest but also to hold, trade and exchange currencies. Apparently, the program didn’t become popular overnight due to being overly complicated, not being especially user friendly, and failing to receive any decent recognition from members even with the updated set of investment plans which was introduced a few weeks ago. So the decision to close GlobalCryptox and give more attention to another program seems logical and calculated and I wish the admin lots of success. His new program is also listed on MNO, but only on Basic status so I wouldn’t talk much on that and you can just check it out yourself if interested. Overall, seven months of stable payments from GlobalCryptox was not a bad (though not spectacular) achievement and perhaps some investors will miss it. The new deposits option has been disabled now, so I don’t think there is need to do anything at this point but to move the program to Scam Status on the MNO monitor right away which I have done already.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoCapital.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UnlimitedMoney, EliteBtcProfit (the first payments received).

That’s all I have to report today, guys. I hope you did enjoy reading the article from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series and are looking forward to more interesting content on the MNO blog soon. I’ll be back with more information on the biggest programs in the HYIP industry sometime next week. Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to see you again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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