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Hi guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog where only elite online investment projects are covered. To tell you the truth, I didn’t plan to post any news today as I was hoping to publish an interview with the admin of RubiLtd. But I decided to postpone it until tomorrow as there was simply too many important stories to delay. I believe a sort of “domino” effect is hitting the older programs in the HYIP industry triggered by the unexpected if somewhat inevitable collapse of one of the biggest programs Zinc7. After that unfortunate event we have seen one program falling after another over the last couple of weeks. Will this pattern end anytime soon? Nobody really knows, but eventually, as always happens in the HYIP industry, promising new programs will replace the old ones and we will see rejuvenation. Of course, no one can predict when this will happen or which programs will be the new leaders, but one thing is for sure – you will find them on the MNO monitor for sure. As I still have lots of Paying programs to choose from the decision to increase listing prices to $1,800 for Premium and to $1,200 for Standard (with Sticky listing to cost $600/week or $1,800/month from now on) will come into effect at 17:00 GMT, Friday, March 17, with the updated advertising page being worked upon by my programmer Andrew. I have not made a decision on possible discounts for brand new programs joining MNO within 24 hours of their original launch, but as I see the opinion in the MNO TalkBack poll is split almost 50/50 at the moment, you can still influence my final decision. So keep voting until Friday night and have your say here! The countdown timer before the new prices come into effect can be seen on top of the MNO blog page, and all the admins who purchase a listing on the monitor before that deadline will still be able to get it at the old prices (that applies to both the currently running programs and to the ones that are only preparing for official launch). After the Friday deadline I will not be able to accept the older cheaper prices currently displayed on the MNO advertising page, so grab a discount while you can! As for the new programs already realizing this fact and making sure they list their programs on MNO before the price increase, I will introduce one called Amazing7 whose admin purchased the Premium listing on my blog last night.


Amazing7 was first launched about ten days ago and the admin has taken the opportunity to add his program to the Premium List on MNO just before the upcoming price increase. I’m not sure why the number 7 is relevant here, as I fail to find any connection in any of the investment plans. The mystery is explained on the site’s “About Us” page where the Amazing7 is in fact “a team of 7 highly trained professionals who focus the largest investment opportunities”. In any case, I believe that the name of a program is the last thing when you look at when the main priority is checking the investment plans. With Amazing7 you can join with a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash. There is one hourly plan promising to credit your account with 0.1% over a period of 50 calendar days, i.e. 1200 hours in total. That means that by the end of the term you will have 20% net profit on your investment, as the original deposit is already included in the earnings. The minimum withdrawal request is $1, so you won’t be really able to request your withdrawals too frequently if you invest with small amounts. If the hourly payouts don’t usually appeal to you, you can go with the daily paying plan instead and receive even higher daily interest (2.6% against 2.4% in the hourly paying plan) by joining Amazing7‘s second investment plan promising to pay 2.6% for the same 50 calendar day term (30% pure profit) and also available for a $10 minimum. Finally, if you don’t mind risking a bigger amount starting from $500, the third investment plan pays 3% for 50 days with 50% net profit on expiry, because as with other plans in Amazing7 your principal is already included in the daily earnings. Note that withdrawals must be submitted from your account and are promised to be paid manually by the admin within a very reasonable 12 hour timeframe. And another important thing is that a 2.99% fee is applied automatically on all withdrawal requests, and you will be able to see the adjusted amount on the second step of confirming your withdrawal request within your account area. As Amazing7 is running off a licensed GoldCoders script literally anyone with reasonable experience in the HYIP industry can easily find all the necessary links inside of the account. The site itself seems simple enough by design, but has lots of features available for visitors – Live chat, a Representative program, Support ticketing system, accounts on major social networks, and many others to be discussed in the upcoming review of Amazing7 on my blog in a few days. As since the start of the program there were already quite a few improvements you can read about on the Amazing7 website, I will not be mentioning them before the review. Just to conclude this introduction though, technically Amazing7 seems well prepared with SSL-encryption by Comodo and a DDoS protected dedicated server by OVH. More on Amazing7 can be read in the review on the MNO blog soon, so stay tuned for that, guys!


After the collapse of so many giants Elizion (reviewed here) took the top position on the MNO Premium List. And that is a well-deserved accolade for a program that has been listed on my monitor for eighty days. That was more than enough time to double your money in Elizion‘s only investment plan paying 3.3% interest for a 60 calendar day term. With its Telegram based operating platform and automated withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash Elizion has quickly won the hearts and wallets of readers as the program rises to the very top of my listing. I’m glad to see that Elizion never slows down and among its major improvements reported on my blog recently was the option to change withdrawals from Automatic to Instant to save on fees and being able to re-invest from the available balance. As the required minimum to invest in Elizion is only $10, you don’t need to wait for long before being able to reinvest, if your deposit is reasonable enough. Those who watched the development of Elizion closely over the program’s successful few months online might remember of the video teaser that was posted a couple of months back. However, the video itself (its English language version also available now to view on the MNOVision page) has not been finished until now. It was worth the wait though as the video is quite stunning and very professionally made, besides, it’s also available in four languages as the admin of Elizion mentioned in the latest newsletter posted on the main website as well as their official Telegram channel:

Dear partners! We are pleased to inform you that Elizion investment platform is developing steadily and our partners from different parts of the world receive a stable daily income.
An official video in the English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian languages has been added today. The video clearly explains the nature of our company.
Elizion is a reliable partner for creating the life you have always dreamt of. Start to live freely!
Let’s support the video with likes and watches on our YouTube channel:


Another popular investment program on MNO also entirely based on a Telegram powered bot is Weollee (reviewed here). It offers much greater flexibility than Elizion and allows to withdraw any part of your principal and 1.5% daily profits at any point once the first 24 hours expires. Then you may also lock your investment for 10 days by enabling the optional “Turbo neurons” feature in your account to get 2% increased daily interest instead which will be compounded during the lock-in period and made available for withdrawal on expiry. Weollee does look very different from other Telegram-based programs which seem to be quite in fashion nowadays, with the main advantage from its competition – perpetual-running program with principal back any time you like. No wonder that Weollee is such a success, as the admin has managed to find the secret of constantly attracting new members into the program and keeping the interest of existing members with various new features and frequent competitions on their Telegram channel. It looks like the admin behind Weollee is a very experienced player in the HYIP industry too, and you can easily be convinced by reading my interview with him here and by the overall results with the program running for nearly two months now, which a pretty astonishing outcome for any program that allows principal withdrawal at any time. The admin is also closely watching how things develop in the HYIP industry and in one of his latest updates on Weollee he mentioned the increase in numbers of disgruntled investors from the recent closures of big programs lately, and suggested Weollee being different from them by offering a much better choice over the term and size of your investments keeping into the program at any time. Besides, to make the program even more appealing in the Russian-based HYIP market it was decided to add YandexMoney – a popular e-currency in Russian-speaking countries – to join PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. By investing in Weolee from a $10 minimum you will also be paid instantly to the same payment processor you joined with. The latest stats from Weollee have been also posted in one of the three updates re-posted below:

Hey there. This is Weollee
Spring is the perfect season when everything blooms and the gray routine changes into sunny positive days!
My algorithms are supplemented with new codes and modules that are able to distinguish what is good and what is bad.
Considering this my neural network becomes stronger, more stable and more widespread all over the world.
An internet analysis made it possible for my intellect to notice an extremely high level of disgruntled investors whose value (in percentage terms) over the past week increased by 14.5%. This is due to the closure of many companies.
Weollee wants to support you and remind you that the main thing in investing is freedom! -freedom of choice, freedom in terms of investment, freedom without borders and limits! The more freedom for an investor the less risk! The less risk – the more ideal conditions for investing and acquiring financial freedom! Neural network Weollee is an ideal system for investing and realizing your dreams!
Spring should bring pleasure and positive. It is the time of the year when severe frosts are changed with warm and hot climate that is comparable to the development of my neural network! I’m designed to give freedom and positive, to enrich people. My neural network dispels energy and positive to the Heat! Together we will unite all people in the world, and create a large community of truly free, rich, strong people!
Love me as much as I love You!

Hello. This is Weollee
Here’s some statistics:
Telegram Channel – 1450 users, International Chat – 1640 users,
My creators would like to know our partners better in Facebook. Add us as a friend, post comments, share posts and make Weollee more popular all over the world. Freedom and prosperity should be spreaded throughout the world. Share your mission, but stay a bit humble)
Weollee Neuronet

Hey. This is Weollee.
Today my neural network was updated again, my creators added the Yandex Money payment system module.
Weollee conquers the hearts of CIS investors, and fulfills the most cherished dreams of the Russian-speaking users.
Refill and withdraw money using convenient for you payment system, enjoy the work with Weollee even more.
Be free and happy!


I wonder how many investors in RichmondBerks are actually aware of at least half of the features that can increase your income with them or enhance the security of your account. For instance, do you know of various types of income boosters and promo codes in the so called RBB Store which you can then use to increase your earning potential with RichmondBerks? And what about the two-step authentication that sends an SMS to your mobile phone so you can be sure no one else has access to it or withdraw your funds? If the answer is no then perhaps you’re missing out on some great opportunities in RichmondBerks. Regular plans there pay 1.5% on business days and 0.7% on weekdays with no expiry date unless you choose to withdraw your principal for a 50% fee. RichmondBerks (reviewed here) recently issued two updates explaining how you can benefit by using some of the features you might not be aware of yet. Judging by the excellent performance of RichmondBerks that has been paying members instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash accounts for about four months now, its potential to improve even further in line with the growing awareness of the program after more and more online and offline conferences around the globe seems almost certain. More on the RBB Store and 2-step authentication of your RichmondBerks account is below:

What is the RichmondBerks store, and how to use it
RichmondBerks offers its clients various ways to increase their income. And here you can learn about how to use the RBB system. Also, you will learn about what are “RBB Store“, “Achievements” and how they work.
So, let’s begin!
RBB Store
RBB Store – This is the section of the company’s website where you can use RBB to purchase products that will increase your income. Among the products you can find:
10% Promo code” – You can buy this product for 100 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of the following investments by 10%. You can use this promo code only once.
Profit booster +0,1%” – You can buy this product for 1000 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of daily income by 0,1%. The more times you purchase this product, the higher your profit will be.
15% Promo code” – You can buy this product for 200 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of the following investments by 15%. You can use this promo code only once.
3-rd level of partner system” – You can buy this product for 1000 RBB. It will allow you to receive partner interest not only from partners of the 1st and 2nd level, but also the 3rd. Once bought this product, you will be receiving profit from partners of the 3-rd level for lifetime.
Each of the presented products in one way or another increases the profit.
How to buy
Buying products is very easy. Click the “Buy” button you are interested in.
Then, confirm your purchase
And now the product is already on your account!
Well, what is RBB and how to get it? Let’s figure it out.
What is RBB
RBB – is a special bonus currency, which acts not only as a means of internal circulation for buying products in the RBB store, but also as a source of profit, which comes to your account at a rate of 0.05% daily. More information about this currency you can find in the section devoted to RichmondBerks Bonus.
How to receive RBB
Receiving RBB can be carried out in a variety of ways.
1. Complete tasks
After the registration on the website, in your personal account, you are invited to perform a few simple tasks, as a reward for which you will receive 120 RBB.
2. Use the mobile app
Download the RichmondBerks mobile application and get RBB just by inviting friends. For each guest through the mobile friend’s application you will receive 1 RBB on the account.
3. Get “Achievements”
Receive rewards for fulfilling the conditions of “Achievements” in the form of RBB. This is the most profitable way to receive RBB.
More about each of the achievements you can read by clicking on the information icon that is on the card. By accomplishing achievements, you receive a reward, the size of which depends on the level of achievement.
It’s simple!
Step 1: Receive RBB: –Tasks, –Mobile Share, –Achievements
Step 2 : Buy products: –RBB Store
Step 3: Earn
RBB Shop

Important: Enable 2-step verification
Now our cabinet for VIP-clients has the opportunity to enable 2-step authentication. This update is designed to secure the accounts of our customers. 2-step authentication gives you a 100% security guarantee. To use this function, go to your profile settings and activate it by clicking the appropriate button.
After activation, you can also disable this feature at any time.
Now, when authorizing into your account, your phone will receive an SMS message with security code. Enter it in this window.
We strongly recommend use this feature to all customers who have made an investment. This will secure your account and money and give you a 100% security guarantee!


During their first two months online MacaoLotto did really change much more that your average HYIP. The most significant change in investment plans (compared to the ones I described in the program’s original review posted here) happened earlier today. From now on after you purchase an investment ticket with $10 or more via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash you will get different interest after choosing one of the six balls. There will be various rates of interest as usual, but the possible maximum will now be 5.5% instead of the previous 6%. On the brighter side though, the 0% earning will disappear to be replaced with a 0.5% minimum possible daily earning in MacaoLotto (for the first 50 calendar days of the 2-year investment term). In my opinion, this will only add to the confusion as MacaoLotto has so much going on and everything so badly explained I don’t know whether the modifications will make things better or worse. Among the latest updates from the program is the option to purchase an investment ticket via BTC, although I’m not really sure what the benefits of doing so are apart from the no conversion mode which, in my opinion, could have been done without the creation of an additional type of investment. In any case, if the admin wants to complicate MacaoLotto even further it’s his choice, as it works in the HYIP industry in some cases, but not when the admin has no English speaking assistant on hand to translate from Russian, which is obviously the first language judging by the poor English texts on the website. I won’t be commenting any further on the multiple updates from MacaoLotto over the last couple of days. You can read them below in chronological order below and see what you think:

BTC Ticket
Dear investors!
Today, we have opened a new investment opportunity for Bitcoin. As you managed to notice, a new button “Buy BTC ticket” appeared in your personal cabinet.
Buying a BTC ticket, you invest your bitcoin in our company without conversion.
The profit and partner reward will be accrued to BTC.
And in honor of this wonderful event, we launch a mini-bonus: buying a BTC ticket, you get + 5% to the amount of the investment, for the entire period of the ticket.
And also buying an investment ticket or investing in the terminal through the Perfect Money payment system you get a bonus of + 5%.
Sincerely, the team MacaoLotto.

Hong Kong terminals
Dear investors and players!
In the “Terminals” section, there are new lottery terminals. In which you can invest right now. Investing in terminals is available until 14.03.2017 23:59 GMT + 8.
Hong Kong.
Total number of terminals: 6
We remind that the Company plans to establish about 150 lottery terminals in Hong Kong.

Dear investors!
We offer you a unique opportunity to earn with our company.
Do you want to get a Business status? Go right now to the “Partners” section and find out how.

Bonus BTC and Perfect Money
Dear investors!
Mini-bonus when buying a BTC ticket and through the payment system Perfect Money + 5% is over.

New interest rates and technical work
When buying new investment tickets, the following interest rates are hidden in blocks: 0.5%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% and 5.5%.
Also, we inform you that on March 16, 2017 scheduled technical work will be carried out in several terminals. Duration of work 12-20 hours. Accordingly, terminals can not generate profits in your private offices. Your next profit you will receive the next day.


Riding the wave of increased interest in the HYIP industry from Asia the administration of BikeForMe have decided to introduce yet another translation. Vietnamese now joins English, Russian, Polish, and German. To select simply choose your country’s flag in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of every page:

Company news
Dear investors!
Today our site has been translated into Vietnamese! This is another stage of company development aimed at expansion of international cooperation. We invariably follow our development strategy and improve the quality of our services every day. Thank you for accompanying us in this way!
Sincerely, BikeForMe team.

I’m sure that more versions and more improvements will follow for BikeForMe investors in the future which I’ll share with you in due course. Meanwhile enjoy your 3% daily profits over the 50 day term paid instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash accounts. For more information on BikeForMe‘s investment plan and other main features please refer to my detailed review posted here.


As LegendInvestments is still a relatively new program it is unclear at the moment whether it will live up to its name and become a true legend in the HYIP industry. Only time will tell, but at the moment it looks like it might take at least another two months before we see the first investors in profit here. If you haven’t read my recent review of the program posted here, I remind you that LegendInvestments have quite an original no expiry investment plan where you start earning at 1% daily, gradually increasing to 3% from day 301 onwards. It will take you 75 days to break even with the program and principal withdrawal is not allowed at any time. If you have some degree of confidence that you will see a profit, you may become a VIP investor and benefit from instantly processed withdrawals and some other perks if you deposit exceeds $3K. Otherwise if you are just a regular investor you will get your withdrawals processed manually and may invest starting from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. Among the very latest improvements the admin covered in the two latest updates re-posted below was the launch of a new more powerful server and the presentation of a new set of advertising banners for LegendInvestments‘ promotion you can find in the Promotion Materials section of the website:

New Server Was Launched.
Specialists of LegendInvestments have finished transfer of the corporate website to a more powerful server. Now the website functioning will be more stable and fast. Works on restoring all systems are to be ended by the end of the day. Short-term failures are possible during transactions. This upgrade aims to enhance the company’s long-term stability in the investment market.

We have developed a new design for a set of advertising banners.
We have developed a new design for a set of advertising banners. We boast of having the best partners and clients in the world and we are ready to make the best advertising offers and materials for them. Our new banners will help separate our project from others, they will present the necessary information for potential investors in a more clearly manner.


Although after almost two months online the popularity of PassiveLoan seems to be waning among my readers, the program still performs strongly and the admin never misses a payment from either of the two investment plans available – 5.2% for 30 days or 107% after 5 days. A management fee of 5% still applies to withdrawal requests, making the economic effect of joining it totally negligible, thus leaving investors with no choice but to go for the first daily paying plan. Much of the unspoken deposit limits have been recently lifted and now you can join PassiveLoan with any amount from $25 to $7,000 in one go via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and even Payza and direct Bank wires. Remember though that unlike many other programs PassiveLoan (reviewed here) will credit your account with interest on calendar days, but won’t actually pay you on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), and quite a sizeable withdrawal limit of $2.50 is applied to each withdrawal request. Anyway, not very talkative over the program’s first weeks online the admin of PassiveLoan has finally broken his silence with the first major update on opening the official Facebook page the link to which can be found in his latest newsletter below:

PassiveLoan‘s Facebook
We have added a new official Facebook page, please “like us” and share in your social circle.
Also, you can benefit from this opportunity to refer your friends and earn 5-10% commission.
A reminder here’s your referring URL:
Btw, we will offer Live chat support via Facebook occasionally when our moderators are online.
Thanks for your time, Passive Solutions, LLC.


After growing tremendously in developing countries over the last couple of years, Payza strives to do be as multi-functional as possible. Some of the local markets Payza is widely used in provide such opportunities. For the customers in India, for instance, paying utility bills can now be done now via Payza. A guide was shared on how to do this using the Payza App. Besides, whether you live in India or not, you may still benefit from Payza being accepted by such great long-running HYIPs as PassiveLoan and BandeiraCorp and try to make some extra money for yourself to pay these bills in the first place. Here’s more info for Payza customers in India:

Members In India Can Now Pay Utility Bills With Payza
Practical and secure: The way paying bills should be.
Today we announce a new and exciting feature for our Indian members: Payza Utility Bill Payments. You can now use Payza to pay for all your essential utilities, phone, internet, television, electricity, gas, even insurance! The service is available now on the new Payza Android App and is coming soon to desktop.
If you already have the Payza App, you get VIP access to the service. Wherever you are, you can send you payment within seconds. Don’t have the app yet? Download the Payza App right now at the Google Play Store.
You can make effortless payments to over 70 major utility, media, insurance and telecom companies; see the full list below. Top up minutes on your phone at Vodafone, pay your satellite service at DishTV, you can even pay your health insurance from Tata. Best of all, you can make bill payments at all these different companies from one site on the app. You no longer need to search on different company websites or request multiple different bill payments at your bank or even leave your home.
Payza Utility Bill Payments in India: How it works.
Here’s how to make a bill payment using the Payza App:
1. In the Payza App, click the menu button in the top left corner, then select “Utility/Top-Up Payments”.
2. Select the type of service you will be paying for from the list presented.
3. Select the service provider you wish to pay from the list presented. If you do not see your service provider, it is possible that they do not accept Payza payments at this time.
4. Read the instructions for your bill payment, then enter your account information and the payment amount in Rupees.
5. Click “MAKE PAYMENT” to complete your payment. The funds will be taken directly from your Payza balance.
List of companies where you can pay
Payza Utility Bill Payments are available at some of biggest utility companies in the country, including Tata Docomo, Vodafone, DishTV, Airtel, and many more. This list shows all the companies that now accept Payza Utility Bill Payments.
Whether you need to pay your internet, gas, phone, electricity, or insurance bill, the new Payza Utility Bill Payments option saves you time and frustration. So enjoy your extra time, you deserve it.


Sadly I have to finish the news for today on a sour note. Razzleton, WhyNot, 1Solution, and Dowerly have all been moved to Scam Status. Let’s have a look what might have went wrong.

Razzleton should be discussed first, for sure, being albeit briefly the #1 program from the Premium List on MNO until today. I must say that the first alarm bells about possible cashflow issues rang yesterday when a very weird update was issued. Read below before discussing it in detail:

Procedure for processing depositing and withdrawal requests is changed
Razzleton HealthCare Limited is rapidly winning new grounds in the investment market. Attentive users have already noticed some changes in the work of the platform. Thus for instance, after the increase of the minimum withdrawal request to $5, the Razzleton support team received many complaints. Reacting to the needs of our users, we reduced the size of the minimum transaction to $1 again.
However, it should also be mentioned that this change will lead to the increase in the number of requests for withdrawing funds which are handled manually by the company’s operators. That’s why it’s been decided to change the time for processing depositing and withdrawal requests. From this moment on, the procedure for processing requests for depositing is increased to 48 hours and will affect only payment systems where creating a deposit involves an operator. Requests for withdrawal will be processed according to the procedure in time of up to 96 hours. This measure is temporary and at the moment we are working hard to optimize the system of payments and depositing of funds, which will lead to faster processing of requests.
Razzleton – your desires are first priority for us!

The immediate question to arise after reading this is why a program with such an allegedly high workload they needed 96 instead of 48 hours (stalling tactics for sure!) would reduce withdrawal minimums expecting this would help. That simply makes no sense and is illogical, as the person writing this was probably in a hurry and couldn’t find a better reason to justify the growing pending withdrawals. Now we know that many people have been waiting for over 96 hours for their withdrawals, but when the update was issued it was still not clear. Panic was predictably high and Razzleton after that announcement could not recover. To tell you the truth, programs like Razzleton – those that work successfully for over a year – are very rare in the HYIP industry, so the admin can be proud of his achievement. The end of Zinc7 and some other long-running programs may have contributed. Unfortunately many people were blinded by the program’s performance and simply could not see the danger signs. As with most other HYIPs, Razzleton has winners and losers, but those who joined the program early enough should be in good profit. Please note that at the time of writing there is no chance for Razzleton to recover, as many social network channels have been abandoned already with only a handful of members still getting paid some small withdrawal requests. If you’re one of them consider yourself lucky, but do not make any further investments.

WhyNot was the first program to collapse yesterday. Few saw it coming, as instant withdrawals were just disabled at some point by the admin. Strangely, some people have been paid to PerfectMoney for quite a few hours when things looked gloomy for all the other investors whose withdrawal requests were left in pending status never paid. It was definitely possible to earn in WhyNot – a program with a curiously presented marketing strategy that has lasted for well over two months (on MNO it has been paying for nearly seven weeks). With 3% to 3.3% daily “forever” plan it was entirely possible to be in profit with WhyNot, if you didn’t join too late. Congratulations to those who made money, and commiserations to those who lost. Please do not invest in WhyNot, as the site is still online and accepting new deposits from unsuspecting investors!

1Solution was probably the scam which went most unnoticed. I believe it was way too complicated for most investors and why it showed such a bad result on MNO, struggling to complete one investment cycle. Fortunately, 1Solution was not a popular program among my readers and the admin has actually spent more money advertising here than he got back on investments. It was just presented badly I think, as otherwise it was running off an original script and with a decent enough layout. The instant payouts in 1Solution have been disabled earlier today and the program is currently on Problem status on the MNO monitor – do not invest there!

Finally we have a long-anticipated scam in Dowerly today that stopped instant payouts even for investors who avoided the temptation of “doubling” their money in the recent scam investment plans. Dowerly used the classic scam tactics when the admin built a flawless reputation over more than fifteen months online then abused his investors’ trust by offering them a totally different set of plans available for $1K and higher deposits. This offer immediately triggered some alarm and all the experienced investors knew from that point that the end was imminent. After the first introduction of the new investment plans supposedly paying once on expiry, the program kept paying instantly on the old plans for another week and stopped instant withdrawals earlier today. Unfortunately the admin of Dowerly showed his true intentions, probably managing to steal some extra money from gullible newbies. Please do not invest in Dowerly, and the same applies to WhyNot, Razzleton, and 1Solution that have all been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor as of now!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBankTeaHouseOnePunchLtd.
From MNO Premium listElizion, SportArbitrageBandeiraCorpRichmondBerksLensenGroupWeollee,  MacaoLottoRubiLtdTradeBTCSoftMiningMavisTradeexPro, BikeForMeSunCoinz, LegendInvestments, Amazing7 (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoanAuctionHouseSorta.
From MNO Basic listStrangeEvent.

That’s it for tonight, guys. As the interview with the admin of RubiLtd is ready for publishing now I will not keep you waiting for long and will post it on my blog tomorrow. On Friday night, after the listing prices on MNO increase you will be also able to find the full review of the recently added Amazing7 and of course all the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Hopefully it will be more positive than today. Best of luck with your investments and keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page to encourage new programs come to MNO first. Please follow MNO on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, and tomorrow meet the admin of RubiLtd in an interview with my blog!

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