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Beware! StrangeEvent has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I hope your all looking forward to taking a break over the weekend, I know for many of you it’s probably been a week to forget in the HYIP industry despite so hugely promising new names starting up. One possibility is a mid to long term program with the unusual name StrangeEvent which I want to look into in more detail for you today. There’s also plenty of news stories to catch up on as well so keep reading for that, it’s been a busier day than I was expecting.

You may be familiar with the name StrangeEvent if not the actual program itself. That’s because it’s been listed on the MNO monitor for the last four weeks under Basic Listing, and has in fact been online since mid January. I guess the admin has now decided the time is right to step up his promotional campaign a bit, certainly there’s room in the industry for them at the moment that’s for sure, and he shared some screenshots of the advertising he has done on some non-HYIP related websites (football related sites if you must know, as this is connected to the StrangeEvent background story I will explain in a few moments). So let’s see what it’s all about and whether you have room in your portfolios for what StrangeEvent have to offer.
The best place to start is always the investment plans, and StrangeEvent have five of them, all quite diverse so you might find at least one of them to your liking. Don’t be misled by the website by the way, there’s some information on two other plans but at the time of writing these haven’t been formally introduced yet and are still in the pipeline. You will need a $10 minimum deposit to join what is currently available, with the first and most affordable option called The Eastern Europe Plan. They’ve all got geographical themed names by the way, I’ll explain why later, it’s not important at this juncture. So, for your $10 or anything up to a $399 maximum, StrangeEvent are offering members the chance to earn 1.4% interest on their deposits for a term running 15 calendar days. Payments come to 21% in total by the final day of the term, nowhere near an actual profit obviously, this happens when the StrangeEvent admin returns your principal on expiry.

The next option for bigger spending players is called The Turkey Plan, as in the country and not the bird! It will cost you a $400 minimum to join, and in return StrangeEvent are offering you a daily interest payment of 1.8%. This continues for a term running for 30 calendar days, at the end of which you payments should add up to 54% in total. This will then become your net profit once the StrangeEvent admin again returns your principal. The maximum amount you are allowed to spend on this plan is capped at $999.

If you want to spend more than that then StrangeEvent have The Italy Plan which opens at a $1,000 minimum. The term length is 60 calendar days, with members picking up a 2.2% interest payment every day for the duration. This adds up to 132% in total, which then becomes net profit on StrangeEvent returning your principal as promised. The upper limit on investments is capped at $7,499.

For an opening investment of $7,500 you can join The UK Plan. This is the longest term plan currently available in StrangeEvent, running for 90 calendar days. There’s a daily interest payment offered to investors of 2.6%. On completion of the term these payments will add up to 234% which subsequently becomes your net profit after the StrangeEvent admin returns your principal. For the biggest spending gamblers among you there’s an upper limit of $20,000 placed on deposits in this plan.

For the final plan StrangeEvent change direction somewhat, returning to a shorter more medium term and affordable investment limits. It’s called The South America Plan and it runs for 30 calendar days. You can join for a $20 minimum deposit, or, if you can afford it, as much as a $400 maximum. The main difference between this plan and the earlier options is that StrangeEvent are making bigger interest payments but are including your principal with them. The rate is 4.7% per day, which at first glance may look like the best possible offer though ultimately as I said with your principal included does not necessarily make it the most profitable plan. In many ways however it does make it a considerably lower risk option, so do keep that in mind. Anyway, payments should add up to a total of 141%, or with your principal included that’s your own money back plus 41% net profit. Of course, the real benefit here is that the improved interest rates will get you past the break-even point and into the profit zone while the plan is still running – after 22 payments – with everything from that point on being your net profit. In other words you don’t have to wait in for the StrangeEvent admin to return your principal at the end of the term before you see any profit at all, so coupled with the affordable spending limit I’m guessing this might prove a more popular option.

Whichever plan you like, the next thing you need to think about are your payment options. StrangeEvent accepts five payment processors, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, and AdvCash if you favor the more conventional style third party payment handlers, and BitCoin if you prefer the direct approach, bypassing these companies and making your own deposits and withdrawals using a digital e-currency. As StrangeEvent already have most of the main providers, and about as good as one would expect from a program like this, I wouldn’t expect the list to grow anymore. Fans of instant payments will be happy to see StrangeEvent have been offering this from day one. You still need to log into your members account as always and submit your request, and once done you should have the money in your account in under a minute.

If you have any further questions for the StrangeEvent admin or any account related issues that you need to have dealt with then you have a couple of ways to get in touch. First of all make sure to read the FAQ section very carefully, that can save everyone a lot of time and effort. If that doesn’t answer your question then I suggest you move on to the built-in Live Chat feature where an operator should be able to handle most of your queries. If there’s anything longer or more substantial you can either fill in your details on the customer support form and submit it through the website’s contacts page, or write to the StrangeEvent admin directly at the listed e-mail address. A postal address in the UK can safely be dismissed as someplace just used as a placeholder for third parties who register your company name on your behalf, and not somewhere anyone connected with running StrangeEvent would be physically located. However this is accompanied by a telephone number so if you feel more comfortable phoning them up to see how they deal with your questions before handing over any money then feel free to do so. Fans of social media networks might find it more useful that StrangeEvent are keeping active profiles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and VK.

Looking now into some of the more technical aspects of the StrangeEvent website such as design and security, the hosting provider is DDoSGuard who are keeping the program on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks. Regular industry players may recognize the script, if you didn’t I can confirm that it’s from H-Script and that it is under license. When it comes to generic mass produced models they may not be the most popular provider serving the HYIP industry, but they are certainly as good as their main competitors and members will find it easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout. For an extra layer of security StrangeEvent have a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. And if it helps you to understand how things work any better, aside from the default English version the StrangeEvent website can also be viewed in Russian, Chinese, Polish, and German. The Russian version at least is definitely a professional translation so I would assume the others are too. Further contact details include the program’s own Telegram account (I can’t help but mention their Telegram bot has the wonderful name “Doctor Strange”!) and for promotion you will find a publicity video from StrangeEvent themselves explaining their income streams, plus some video testimonials submitted by some of the satisfied customers.

On the subject on income streams (or allegedly so) this is where StrangeEvent gets a bit more controversial than your typical HYIP. Personally of course I’m not that inclined to believe any claim from any program, though in some cases I can’t help but appreciate a decent attempt at originality if it’s been made. In the case of StrangeEvent rather than claim anything legal but requiring a license, they just go straight for something blatantly illegal – rigged sports events, specifically football, where players or match officials are bribed to allow a certain result, then gambling on an outcome you already know is coming. Some of the less savory characters behind the international governing bodies have never been too far from the news in recent times, so much so that even non-football fans know perfectly well how deep the corruption there has run over the years. Nevertheless, match fixing is still something that will get you a lifetime ban by any domestic or international association that catches you at it plus a lengthy prison sentence when the police get involved. Getting back to the plans I described above, you remember they all have geographical names? Well, that’s because those are the places where StrangeEvent claim to be carrying out their activities. While I have little doubt that such things do happen in the real world, I doubt very much that anyone is quite so brazen as to run an online HYIP on the back of it!

Anyway, it’s entirely up to you guys what you chose to believe or if you want to give them extra points for a more interesting story than ForEx and BitCoin mining. I’ll just underline the fact that whichever way you look at it StrangeEvent is still a HYIP, and you need to proceed as you would with any other such program. That means establishing a sensible spending limit that you won’t go past, only spend money you can comfortably afford to live without and earn back easily from other income sources, and if joining StrangeEvent at all then use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Just before we move on to the news section for today then if you’ve given any thought to joining StrangeEvent, either today after this review or any point in the last four weeks, perhaps you won’t mind sharing your conclusions with your fellow MNO readers. Please vote in the following opinion poll on the program. As always the results will only get really interesting as we see how the program performs in the coming weeks and how many people made the correct judgment call.

Will you make an active deposit in StrangeEvent?

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Long-time HYIP players should know how it is important for an admin not only to appeal to English speaking investors, but to offer a sense of belonging to anyone whose native language is different. This way the current and potential members will feel themselves wanted and welcomed and therefore more likely to invest. I’m glad that this simple thing is understood and put into action by the admin of 50EX who along with a multilingual website just held a webinar to German speaking members. The event was held at 6 PM this evening, but as I only have a smattering of German I didn’t tune in, but I hope it went well for those who did. Here’s the announcement from the 50EX website earlier today:

The first 50EX German Webinar to 18 o’clock German time!
We are vastly growing and erschließeen constantly new markets, with the German language many German people have come, and tonight at 18 PM, the Details will be discussed and the organization presented.
Also, still open questions here to clarify.
When: TODAY, 25.03.17 – 18 o’clock (GMT +1)
Link to the conference room:
Don’t miss out!

50EX is currently one of the most popular programs among my readers and its admin has recently extended his Sticky listing to give his program another boost in confidence for another month. If you join 50EX and enable automatic withdrawals you don’t really need to do anything else – you will be paid 8% on your investment over the duration of 20 calendar days directly to the same e-currency account you have made an investment with, be it PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. Investments can be done in multiples of $50, so it’s above the industry average which nevertheless doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone who appreciates original programs like 50EX. More on the program’s unique features and to activate an additional earning stream that will turn bonus points into cash please refer to my detailed review of 50EX posted here.


I’m not sure how important the addition of NixMoney as a payment method is to investors of MerchantInvest (personally I don’t know anyone using it), but scrapping the 1% withdrawal fee could prove more important. In the review of MerchantInvest posted here, you might remember that I mentioned an automatically deducted 1% from every withdrawal request, but it appears it’s no longer in place. You now keep the full 3% for 60 calendar days interest sent instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and now also NixMoney accounts which the admin found the more important event to cover in the latest official update on the website:

NixMoney as new payment gateway!
After many requests NIXMONEY has been added. API working well, now you can use for deposits and withdrawals too.


Despite the admin’s best efforts and endless attempts to improve SportArbitrage and offer something different, I honestly do not see any growing interest in the program. If anything there’s only been a decline. The next couple of weeks will be crucial for the survival of SportArbitrage in my honest opinion, as the recent wave of scams will either make or break the program that has really become one of the few survivors. SportArbitrage has been running now for 54 days and it offers a few investment plans paying a 60% to 90% percentage of the company’s overall profits from alleged betting activities. The investment term varies from 30 to 120 calendar days, and as you may see, there was already enough time for early investors to profit. The question is about further growth, and as I believe SportArbitrage has already reached its ceiling it’s about new investors coming now, which will be extremely hard for the admin to achieve without further advertising efforts on his side. Although the withdrawals are still processed fine and within working hours from Monday to Friday, it’s clearly not enough to raise more interest and spark some enthusiasm from current investors. Obviously in the regular news updates the admin claims enormous growth, but looking at the current gloomy conditions of the HYIP industry can we believe them? For instance, in the last weekly newsletter issued yesterday he claimed an astronomical figure of 26,500 members in less than two months online. That’s a huge exaggeration for sure, even if the admin’s intentions are for the good of the program. Of course, SportArbitrage is popular among my readers and investors did make good profits there, the question is how much longer can it be sustained, with the program stalling when it comes to new deposits. The recent addition of DashCoin and even the wise move of waiving fees in ordering Spectrocoin debit card did little to improve optimism. Anyway, time will tell how much longer SportArbitrage will continue. The last newsletter from SportArbitrage (reviewed here) which now accepts investments starting from $25 via eight payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, OkPay, NixMoney, LiteCoin, and DashCoin – can be read below:

SportArbitrage proves that believing in an idea genuinely pays off
Dear investors,
Another week went by and it is time for me to sit down and share some amazing updates with all of you. SportArbitrage has just crossed the 26,500 members mark and 190 registered representatives, putting us in a very high standard for this online investment world.
To give you some updates, we have just released a new promo video that you can find inside your affiliate area under Affiliates -> Promo Videos and I have to say it is the best we produced so far. Feel free to share this with your network to spread the word about SportArbitrage and we have a new series of promo videos coming soon. If you have any other ideas, other than videos, that could also help us show the world what SportArbitrage is all about, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Our development team has also moved forward with our apps for iOS and Android and we expect Android to be available for all of you next week. You will have access to all the functions we already have in our site, at the tip of your fingers.
Also, I would like to announce an agreement with that will allow you to get a free debit card that can be loaded with Bitcoin. To order your debit card, please register an account and go to this page ( and use one of the following codes: SPORTARBVIRTUAL for a virtual card or SPORTARBPLASTIC for a physical card. The original prices are 8 EUR for physical cards and 0.5 EUR for virtual cards, but this partnership will give them for free for all SportArbitrage investors. We are also working on a solution to provide debit cards with the SportArbitrage brand and we will have more news about this soon.
Continuing with our updates, SportArbitrage now accepts Dash for deposits and withdrawals and if there are any other currencies you would like to see listed, please let me know and we will do our best to include them.
We want to share your success story with other SportArbitrage investors across the globe, so we have just created a new page to share video testimonials we receive from you, and created a system where you will receive 20,000 SportArbitrage points for every video testimonial you submit. Please submit the video through an email to or Affiliates -> Video Testimonials and once approved, we will add the points to your account.
As usual, I like to finish my message with a few words of encouragement and this time, I will only say thank you. Thank you for believing in my project, thank you for being respectful of my business decisions, thank you for spreading the word about SportArbitrage and thank you for being in this journey with me. I cannot emphasize enough what this project means to me in terms of lifetime goals: I have a genuine dream of helping thousands of people from any country in the world to achieve their dreams. Our society is based on money and even though I donít believe money represents genuine happiness, having it certainly gives your mind freedom to follow your true life mission. My life mission is to bring wealth to hundreds of thousands of people so, once again, thank you.
I wish you all a blessed weekend, Ronald


It’s no lie to say TradeexPro is also not much liked by MNO readers at the moment. Maybe it’s deemed to be too old to join now, but perhaps the main reason for the cooling of interest is the newly added Microcredits program and the hard sell attitude of the admin. Recently he extended Microcredits to be valid on investment terms 10 to 120 calendar days paying 1.25% to 5% daily, but the trick is you will only get paid once on expiry. So whether any investors who risk it actually get paid still remains to be seen. Just like the original investment plan from TradeexPro which pays a 1% to 5% variable rate per business day and a 1% fixed daily rate at weekends, you may invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, and should be paid instantly on all your withdrawal requests (usually with a five minute delay by the script). The only real difference is the deposit minimum is $50 for Microcredits and $10 for other plans. More on that can be found in the detailed review posted here, and if you wish to participate in the upcoming contest for best video review for some generous prizes you see the rules posted below. Only a few more days remain so get cracking!:

Get $5000 from TradeexPro
Dear Clients,
Our company will start PROMO stock and play out deposits for up to $ 5000!
The terms are very simple, you need to record a video about our company and its investment offers, upload a video to your channel on youtube and send a link to your video to us adress:
The participants whose video will gain the most likes and views on youtube, will receive:
For the first place a deposit of $ 3000 + rank PRO
Second place 1500 $ + rank PLATINUM
Third place is 500 $ + rank GOLD
And of course, do not forget to tell us about our promotion, 10% bonus.
The results of the competition will be announced on April 1.
Best Regards, team TradeexPro.
P.S. Only new videos are accepted. Likes and views should only be from real people. Participants with non-real data will be excluded from the competition automatically.


The admin of RichmondBerks has been tirelessly improving an already almost perfect website and add new features to satisfy the current customers and get the new ones. The one thing that bothers me though about RichmondBerks is the constantly increasing daily interest rate. I mean, would members that joined before the rate’s increase feel themselves cheated? Judge for yourself, guys. When I first started monitoring RichmondBerks seven weeks ago it used to pay 1.4% daily on business days with the reduced 0.7% daily on weekends. There was quite an acceptable minimum of $10 to start depositing with and all of the major currencies including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and even NixMoney were accepted with withdrawals processed instantly at all times, for the exception of the principal withdrawal requests which were allowed to be made with 50% charged fee on them. Then in a few weeks the daily business day rate was increased to 1.5%, but only for those investors who since then topped their accounts with at least $10 deposit. And then suddenly the BitCoin only program was introduced for those who hate programs offering BitCoin conversions into USD and prefer to work with this volatile e-currency directly without any help of the third parties with already 1.6% per business days with no expiry promised for that. For that though an investor must have added at least 0.1 BTC which is the equivalent of $100 approximately at the current rate of exchange. And according to the results of the poll the comfort zone for the vast majority of RichmondBerks investors was voted at $10 only. In order to change this perception the admin of the program has recently posted an interesting article where he showed to those people how to double their possible profits with the program, but in a funny way, i.e. double their deposited amount. Nice advice, eh? Among the later posted updates from RichmondBerks was the announcement of today’s held conference in Dominica, which is only one of many other countries around the globe where the similar conferences either have been held already, or are in the planning stages to be held soon. For that reason RichmondBerks now looks for the so called leaders of the conferences ready to conduct them in their region and encourages them to come forward and report about their desire of doing so, of course offering some perks in exchange for that. And in the end of the latest updates, you will also find the already traditional weekly digest posted at the end of each calendar week and where you can find the links to all the latest updates posted on chronological order for your convenience. So, below are all the latest updates from RichmondBerks (reviewed here):

How to double profits in RichmondBerks (in 56% cases)
Hello, everyone! It’s RichmondBerks.
As you remember a couple of days ago we carried out a small survey about comfortable minimum deposit amount. And now it’s time to announce results and get some inspiration.
So, here is our chart:
As you can see there are about 30 percent of ?lients whose minimum amount is $50 and more. And that’s a very good result. But there are also about 56% of people whose minimum comfort deposit amount is $10. This article is for them.
Do you know that you can easily double your income?
It’s not about amount only. It’s about mental settings. Let’s try to compare $10 and $20 amounts. Both of them are usually spent in the shop at a one-time visit. It’s actually not a big practical difference between them.
It’s a huge mental one.
Just imagine you switch your minimum comfortable deposit amount from $10 to $20. You don’t see much difference in your wallet but you suddenly double your total profits in RichmondBerks. Just a single $10 increase your profits by 100%.
Looking at this situation as investor you notice that you can double or even triple your income just by switching minimum deposit amount. Not in money, but in your mind.
Try making the first step. Increase your lower threshold by $10 and see how drastically increases your income!
Time is your money as well.
So… Do it now!
Double profits
P.S. You can increase your profit even more with boosters.

Come to the conference in Dominica
Hi, everyone!
A large series of new conferences by RichmondBerks company starts! Tomorrow there will be a conference in Nigeria, and on March 25 the conference will be held in Dominica. The entrance to the conference is absolutely free, and do not forget to bring your friends. We are waiting for everyone! The conference will be held in the city named Roseau in Flamboyant hotel.
Country: Dominica, City: Roseau, Date: 25-03-2017, Time: 15:00pm, Place: Flamboyant hotel
Please pre-register by Whatsapp
Contact phone: +17672451190, Contact person: Uchenna
Keep for updates. There are still a lot of conferences ahead!
Yours faithfully, RichmondBerks company.

Become the leader of the conference
Do you want to become the leader of the conference? It’s easy! Conduct a conference of RichmondBerks in your region. We will take on most of your worries. We will conclude a contract with you and provide all the required materials. All you need to do is send us an application, and wait for a response with confirmation.
Conduct the conference and send us a photo and video report, with a brief description, which we will publish in the blog of our site. And you will receive a reward – 2000 RBB!
You can leave an application for the conference right now, we will be happy to everyone!
Become the leader of the conference
If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to answer them.
RichmondBerks company.

RichmondBerks Weekly Digest
Hello! RichmondBerks presents a brief digest of important news and events that happened last week. News are accessible by the link, click on it to find out more.
Monday 20.03
News about the progress of the new BTC program
“New BTC program drastically beats all the records!”
Mobile app update: now you can upload reviews directly from your smartphone
“Make a review with RichmondBerks Mobile App”
Tuesday 21.03
Learn how to use AdvCash to invest directly from VISA \ Mastercard
“Invest with VISA via AdvCash”
Thursday 23.03
How to increase your profits by 2 times? Find out more in our guide
“How to double profits in RichmondBerks (in 56% cases)”
Friday 24.03
Do you want to become the leader of the conference? It’s simple! Learn more
“Become the leader of the conference


LegendInvestments (reviewed here) is still flying under the radar despite a very original concept. Then again it’s still very much a new program anyway, with the first investors yet to break even. After investing anything from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash you are paid every day for as long as LegendInvestments stays online. Interest will increase gradually from 1% to 3%, with the break-even point on day 75. Latest news from LegendInvestments includes a newly launched Facebook contest with a prize fund of one BitCoin to be awarded to three lucky winners in four weeks time. Terms and conditions are posted by the admin below. A Turkish language version of the website becomes their seventh, after English, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and French. Both news updates from LegendInvestments over the last couple of days are below:

We announce a competition of reposts in Facebook with a prize fund of 1 BTC.
Competition very simple, and here prizes very good:
1st place: 0.5 bitcoin, 2nd place: 0.25 bitcoin, 3rd place: 0.25 bitcoin
The results of a competition will be summed up on April 20, 2017 by means of a random.
Details in our Facebook group:

Website Translation in Turkish.
Website Translation in Turkish. We are glad to inform you that we have ended our website localization in another language! Legend Investment is expanding its boundaries, and very soon we are going to add French, Czech, German, Polish and a number of other language versions.


Not less than six programs ended during the last three days, an almost unheard of precedent in my memory. There’s no doubt for me that all of them – Elizion, MacaoLotto, Amazing7, Mavis, BikeForMe, and LensenGroup – were to some extent affected by the huge outflow of capital the HYIP industry as a whole has been suffering for a while now. As already discussed many times on my blog, it all started with the collapse of Zinc7 followed by a few other big but ageing programs. It’s an absolute truth that many experienced investors managed to gain in bigger programs, but it’s also true that many others have lost. And those others tried to do their best in order not to re-invest in the remaining programs in their portfolios and instead withdrew everything, thus also adding to the cash flowing out of the industry. Unfortunately in the current investment climate it was simply impossible for the older programs to survive and compete with newer names unaffected by the “domino effect” as they launched after that and with a totally different set of investors. We also can’t rule out the possibility of admins re-investing members funds in (what they think are) more successful programs. We refer to this practice as “piggybacking”. So, at the end of this all we have less money available for investing in the HYIP industry because of many people have suffered a loss. That’s the circle of life in the HYIP industry and after a period of flourishing and profits there inevitably comes a period of stagnation which is happening now. Let’s see what might have happen during the last three days.

Elizion – stopped paying yesterday. Before that the admin introduced a new set of investment plans paying once after 15 and 30 days, but mere hours later the instant or automatic payments stopped and the program is now on Scam status on MNO. Apparently the latest attempt of stealing money from its investors was undermined by Elizion‘s admin when he tried to pull an old trick with new plans, which impressed no one. I’ve been in the HYIP industry long enough see where this was going and warned readers immediately. To my surprise the admin stopped paying about 12 hours later which means he probably reached his goal and got the deposits he wanted before closing. Anyway, I cannot really blame Elizion as the admin has done his best to run the program for as long as possible and with 90 days on MNO and almost five months online it was definitely possible to double your money from its 3.3% for 60 days plan. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and Elizion is gone for good now.

MacaoLotto – scammed yesterday. In this case, I can truly say this was an example of a beautifully made website severely damaged by an overcomplicated plan which even the admin failed to explain properly. Hence the disastrous results. After two months on my site though it was still possible for those who joined over the first couple of weeks to profit, even by as much as 50%. Overall though MacaoLotto failed to impress and the admin made a huge mistake by presenting the investment plans in such a cluttered manner that surely deterred less experienced investors from trying it. No one will invest there any longer as it’s a confirmed scam now, but if for some unfortunate reason you submitted your credit card details to the crooked admin maybe it’s time to cancel those cards with your bank and avoid any potential theft. MNO strongly warned against entering your Visa or MasterCard details on the website many times, but if you didn’t listen then you are strongly urged to start doing so now.

Amazing7 – scammed two days ago. I simply do not know why would anyone join a program that scammed long before completing one full cycle. Nine days on MNO and less than three weeks overall is a shocking result and with stolen texts and an unverified PerfectMoney account the admin was obviously a newbie and ran with the first few dollars he saw. The bonuses were announced two days ago, just before that, but following complaints from readers I moved Amazing7 to Problem and subsequently to Scam status on my monitor. What a shame such horrible programs still exist in the industry!

BikeForMe – scammed two days ago. Another disaster that scammed after 24 days on MNO and with new 3% for 50 days plans, thus leaving even the first investors at a loss. I cannot seriously count the previous period of two months when BikeForMe existed with a totally different set of investment plans. In my previous post I criticized the administration for pretending to add Payza, which obviously never happened, using it as a last resort to mislead investors into thinking that the admin was somehow serious. Hopefully my readers were smart enough to recognize this too. Fortunately very few invested there and the admin lost on his advertising fees to MNO instead of gaining, which is good to deter fast scammers like this from ever coming back. We certainly don’t want such BikeForMe‘s scammers here on MNO, do we? Anyway, two days ago some instant withdrawals were still processing, but now nothing can be withdrawn, so stay away from BikeForMe, as it’s a proven scam now!

Mavis – scammed three days ago. Here we have another poorly run HYIP with one month listing on MNO and about seven weeks online overall. That was just enough for the very first small investors to break-even from Mavis‘ 2.2% for 100 days plan, but in this case the admin was certainly aiming for bigger fish. All the usual tricks were present on the website including company registration, a sweet and believable story of the chain of Bitcoin exchange machines, Visa cards offered to larger investors, insurance, and most unbelievably an upcoming conference with ex-boxer Mike Tyson scheduled for April, lol. Unfortunately, nothing worked in the admin’s favor and cautious investors from MNO largely ignored the program and only invested smaller amounts, which eventually helped them avoid bigger losses. Mavis‘ support has now disappeared without trace and their business is nowhere to be found, hence a piece of advice – do not invest there!

LensenGroup – scammed two days ago. LensenGroup was a really good program, but for some unknown reason was largely overlooked by readers. Take Elizion as an example with huge investments coming from MNO that helped the program secure the top spot on my monitor. In comparison, LensenGroup was nowhere near it but nevertheless managed to last ten weeks on MNO and almost five months in total, so more than enough time to profit. I believe the poor results of LensenGroup on MNO was connected to the huge competition we saw at the time from bigger programs like Zinc7 and RightRise and the overall cautious approach towards advertising. A lack of updates certainly failed to find LensenGroup more followers. I hope the admin will learn his lesson next time and when coming to MNO will be ready to present something better. Hope his advertising efforts will improve as well, because despite the results it just didn’t inspire anyone.

All six programs are on Scam status on the MNO monitor now, guys, so do not invest in any of them again please!


Finally I’d like to ask a new question for the MNO TalkBack poll. It’s directly connected to the current situation in the HYIP industry following several big name closures. I believe MNO has chosen the right strategy and my site has long been the best place for programs with the best advertising and operating budgets. I intend to keep it that way as it will also reduce my workload significantly and set a higher barrier against deliberate fast scams coming to me. The following will run for the next week or so and asks:

What is your investment strategy after so many big programs just closed?

1) I will stop investing completely and only collect profits from current programs.
2) I will wait for a while and only invest in the best new programs I find.
3) There will be no change for me and I will continue as usual.

I would really appreciate tour votes on this page, which only takes a second of your time and will help us understand where the industry is heading at the moment.

Previously I asked whether you think the next big industry leader is already listed on MNO or not yet. I wonder how many of you think this is NordeBank (reviewed here) which is thought by many to be the next big thing. After all, the admin seems to be very rich indeed and is able to support his program with payments for a long time. Just a couple of days ago he paid $3,000 to create background ads just for him on MNO. Thus is on top of the $10,000 previously paid to secure all the banner spots across MNO for a whole month. After the collapse of so many giants recently I simply cannot see any other contender for the top spot except NordeBank which remains a very popular program. It seems the majority of those who voted in the poll (exactly 55%) agreed that we see the best program of 2017 is on MNO already. 30% think the best program of the year hasn’t launched yet, and only 15% say it might be running already but isn’t on MNO yet. Well, I share your confidence that one way or another it will still be on MNO. On my part I took every possible measure to ensure that only the highest quality elite programs are listed here. The main barrier to fast scams is be the highest ever price in the HYIP industry. With $1,800 for Premium listing and $1,200 for Standard listing you won’t find anyone charging more. I’m not greedy, in fact I’d make a lot more if I reduced prices, I just prefer to concentrate on the best. Let’s look to the future optimistically and hope for better opportunities for all of us!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBank50EX.
From MNO Premium listSportArbitrage, Edelweiss5BandeiraCorpRichmondBerks,
OnePunchLtdTeaHouseRubiLtd, TradeBTC, SoftMiningTradeexPro, MerchantInvestSunCoinz, LegendInvestments.
From MNO Standard list: StrangeEvent.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for tonight guys. I’ll be back with another update around the start of the next business week, so stay tuned for that. Only on MNO will you be able to find the best present and future performers, so make sure to follow on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or stay subscribed to the MNO Daily Newsfeed on this page. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, guys, and see you all next week!

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