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03/08/2011. Interview with the admin of HitNRunMasters


BEWARE! HitNRunMasters is delaying payouts! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored” said the famous British writer Aldous Huxley which is something I often think to myself when analyzing the online HYIP industry, or to be more exact the difference between the reality of the industry and what a huge number of people choose to believe. I was also reminded of that yesterday upon receiving the following interview with the admin of what surely be the most colorful program to hit the industry in recent months, HitNRunMasters. He goes by the moniker NB and has some opinions on the HYIP industry that are sometimes controversial and I would imagine many of his competitors would prefer he kept to himself.

While I was tempted to make a joke about the conspiracy theories and the cloak and dagger style tactics espoused by the HitNRunMasters admin, I did find myself in agreement with a lot of what he has to say. And while I can’t really say that what he says is true in relation to his own program, it certainly gives us a lot to think about in terms of the wider online investments business so I hope you enjoy reading is as much as I did. I’ll just remind you first however that HitNRunMasters is a long term HYI program that was first reviewed on MNO here and offers terms of 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days with your principal returned.

1. Hi Admin, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in HitNRunMasters.

Thanks Paul and I am excited to do so. I go by NB and I am the administrator for this program as well as an active HYIP broker, researcher, editor, monitor, exchanger and participant. I spend approximately 8 to 12 hours per day personally handling these duties.

2. Can you give us some background information on HitNRunMasters? How many others are involved with the program or are you operating alone? How long have you been online?

HnRM has become a necessity for the HYIP industry based on the direction it is now heading. Far too many cheap and worthless programs have been flooding the market in recent years. These come from primarily 3 sources of which we have targeted. When I say we, you have to understand that this is a cooperative effort from many in the HYIP industry including payment processors, exchangers, and others. Let’s just say that there are several dozen of us that have earned a very good living working in the HYIP industry that want to see things change. The biggest problem this industry faces is that it is becoming so convoluted with garbage that the investors are being diminished. Anyone with any insight can see that this is true. In order to make the necessary changes, our associates and ourselves have made the decision to eliminate certain entities altogether. In doing so, we have begun changing some of our strategies which will have a direct effect on the investors participating in these specific programs. I will explain further in the following answers to your questions.

3. You have some fairly controversial statements on your website about the HYIP industry, but more especially your own involvement in it. Without signing a full confession or anything perhaps you could give us a brief personal history of your involvement in the HYIP industry starting from when you first became aware of its existence.

We have been involved in HYIP since the year 2000. After losing a substantial amount of money we began developing strategies to succeed. In doing so we also developed relationships with various key players and entities. We were lucky to have been in the right places at the right time. Through these relationships and the development of certain strategies we have been able to see behind the scenes and have been privileged with insider knowledge few are privy to.

4. You say that you either have, or will, shut down certain HYIPs and put their admins out of business. I have little sympathy for most of them but assuming what you say is true then what do you say to the rank and file investors who lose money there? Why are they punished?

We realize that exposing ourselves in this way opens to door to this very question and we are glad you ask. The entities we are involved in specifically target THE EXITING ADMINS. Over the years, we (HnRM) developed the plan to simply invest with hundreds of various accounts and manipulate the admins’ perception on the growth of his program. We became very good at it. In essence we do very little more than you or any other player does. We invest and we withdraw. The difference is our ability to see what the admin is doing through our collaboration with the exchangers and the payment processors as well as many of the monitors and hosting companies. When it is broken down, HnRM is a conglomerate of investors doing exactly what everyone else does (but with an insight most do not have) and our associates/partners target the exiting Admins and trap funds that were ALREADY lost to the investors.

But with the recent events unfolding and the 3 specific groups (several admins from the same groups) causing investors to dwindle and damaging the overall industry, we have given ourselves the task of eliminating them. We don’t want them here, the payment processors don’t want them here, the industry as a whole doesn’t want them here. What they want is to see increased growth, not diminishing growth.

Since none of us (payment processors, exchangers, monitors or our group) want to see the hyip industry falter, we have collectively decided to create this program. You WILL notice our efforts in the coming hours, days, weeks and months. In order to NOT punish the investors we have created a way they can join with us.

5. I have to say that the idea of monitors, exchangers, and payment processors collaborating with you to damage what are 99% of the time going to be returning long-term clients of theirs unlikely and unprofessional. Wouldn’t that be counter productive and despite the short term gains very damaging to their businesses in the long run? The HYIP industry is after all still very much an underground scene with a finite number of participants and a lot less admins than most investors seem to realize.

Actually it is exactly the opposite. HnRM is commissioned with targeting, with extreme prejudice, only specific programs for termination. It is our industry’s collective decision to make serious changes that will strengthen the whole of HYIP. Investors at HnRM will actually be in a much safer position as a part of the program. When members are earning more often than losing the industry will grow again. We actually do have the inside track on what is happening behind the scenes. We know when the admins are beginning to run. This allows us to heavily deter the admin we want eliminated while ensuring success and long running of admins and programs that stand a chance. So as you can see it is a benefit to our group of payment processors and exchangers to see the growth and steer the industry in a healthy direction.

6. What plans are available to investors in HitNRunMasters? Explain them in detail to us. What ROIs are on offer. What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest? What payment options are you accepting at the moment?

This is central to our program. We have ONE plan with a 365 day expiry. It has daily payouts which increase the longer your funds are held. The daily returns range from 1.5% to 2.8%. At the same time we have small (ever reducing) penalties for early withdrawal. You may withdraw your principal any time after 14 days. We have a daily investment limit of $10K. The minimum deposit is $10.

This plan was designed by an accountant with longevity as the key feature, and if supported should be self-perpetuating. Compounding is available to all, but we have limited the compounded amount to a maximum of $1000. The compounding is to reward those who choose not to take daily payouts with a higher return on their investment. Compounding is limited, to not put undue strain on our reserves. We accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect money at the moment but are looking at the revamped STP as another option.

7. How secure is the website of HitNRunMasters? What are you doing to protect it and members’ accounts from hackers? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your host? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have? Tell us also about the script you are running off.

We have an extremely secure dedicated server hosted with Dragonara. The entire database is encrypted and the site is also protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

We are using the Sangranet script. It first appeared a few years ago, but went relatively unnoticed until last year when the script was used by EFX. As anyone with sense knows the GoldCoders script is full of holes. Admins using it are constantly battling hackers and infiltrators (which often times causes the premature failure of the program). The few other scripts available on the net have been created for the same purposes. The Sangranet script was thoroughly checked and was determined to be very safe and extremely secure.

8. Can we see any statistics regarding the site? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active at the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far?

We realized when we created and launched this program that there would be controversy and extreme disbelief. In fact we are depending on it. But all in all yes we are pleased. We have almost 800 members (although many are from direct associates) with almost 500 active.

9. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues?

We have three ways members can communicate with us. We have the support ticket system as well as a live help and the recently added shoutbox.

10. I said in my review that I was highly dubious about the outsourcing of customer support. If I phone my bank I will not tolerate being put through to a disinterested college student working part time in a call center. Likewise with anyone else who handles my money. So why should HYIP investors expect less? It may suit you but it doesn’t always suit the members – ie the owners of the money you handle. I know you have a shoutbox but that hardly qualifies as proper support.

Obviously you haven’t had to use the support feature or you would quickly realize that it is nothing like you have described. Our support is first rate. The support staff have direct contact with us and our programmers should any issue arise. The majority of the support questions are explained on the site. Sometimes members just prefer to ask instead of read. Our site is simple to navigate and to be honest, in the last 72 hours the only issue we have had that I needed to address was the 8 payments that did not send the other day when I went out of town which caused MNO to place us on waiting status. The support set up is working fantastically. If any member needs attention, I can assure you that we will receive as good if not better support with HnRM as any program online.

11. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

We just don’t have any. All issues have been thought of in advance and properly established assistance has been implemented into the support system.

12. How have you been promoting the program so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you getting new members to join?

We are keeping it simple really. We have posted at a few forums, established several monitors but primarily our advertising has been limited to word of mouth and Money News Online. Like I said, we know where, when, how, why and who.

13. If you choose to work with HYIPs in any capacity then there is one factor that you simply cannot account for no matter how experienced you think you are – unpredictable admins. Not just of HYIPs themselves but the owners of exchangers, processors, etc as well. Once you deposit money with them you have no further control over it. They can scam you without warning and if exchangers and payment processors seize anything from HYIP admins they’ll be pocketing that themselves, not returning it to you. As the ones “holding the purse” so to speak the advantage lies firmly with the admins you are dealing with, not you. Please discuss these points.

You would be very surprised. The reality is, we are not one admin, nor one group and as a participant in HnRM your funds are not part of only one program.

We are dozens of admin. We are hundreds as a group. Our accounts number in the thousands.

When we infiltrate a program, we do not do so with one account or one deposit and hope and a prayer.

Recently, several of our contacts at the payment processors informed us that one of the programs we were heavily invested in (having over 100 accounts there) was no longer simply holding investor funds but that they were beginning to remove funds in large amounts. We were also informed as to which exchangers this program admin was using. We contacted the exchangers and could quite clearly see that the funds were being removed and the program was now on the verge of collapse.

In speaking with our insider at the hosting company, as well as confirming with respected monitors, we found the number of members joining the program had dwindled. In this case it was clear that the admin, seeing his new membership numbers dropping and his new money deposits slowing was about to ‘RUN’ with the money.

We were not ready for this to happen. We needed a little more time to remove our funds. We decided to undertake a strategy that would encourage the admin to keep the program open. We had to take aggressive action. We immediately added this program to our associated PTC and Autosurf sites to increase the traffic flow. We then vastly increased the new member sign ups and added minimum deposits to some of those new accounts. We also increased the program’s exposure in various forums by adding it to a few dozen signatures and contacting some associated ‘paid posters’.

The result was spectacular. The admin of the program seeing all this new activity, decided to delay his out-exchanges and postpone his escape in the hope that these new members would begin to invest heavily. We are certain he must have thought “I have done it. They are finally arriving the way I knew they would. My scam is now working. Now the big money will begin to come in!”

This bought us the extra time we needed to remove the larger bulk of funds spread out over nearly 100 accounts we had infiltrated the program with.

With our contacts and the insider knowledge we have developed over 10 years in this industry, we disagree. We have the ability to virtually guarantee the destiny of any program through a network of associates and contacts. If you think that this HYIP arena is operating 100% on chance, then you are not associating with the right…shall we say…cartel.

We would like to provide you with an analogy. When you go to a casino, you know that the ‘house’ has the advantage. Depending on which game you play that advantage can be quite high. Slot machines offer the house the highest advantage. Craps gives the house a lower advantage (if it is played correctly). Nevertheless, the ‘house’ always has the advantage. That is unless you have bought the dealers, have the ability to count cards, and can perform tricks that rival David Blaine or David Copperfield. Only then you will be in a position to beat the house. Let’s call those described as having the ability to beat the house as … HitNRunMasters!

14. I know you have been accused of running other programs in the recent past. While I think it’s going to be pretty pointless for you to deny that, others have gone so far as to name specific programs. Can you clear that up for us?

You’re right, it is pointless really, but we have not run any programs ever. We thought about it in the past, but since we partnered with a group many years ago that built a huge part of what is now used by the majority of the HYIP industry, we didn’t need to. We gave ourselves the specific task of managing thousands of accounts and infiltrating the programs. That’s been our focus.

15. Following on from that, as an admin can you give us your own opinion on how the industry has changed over the years? What’s better and what’s worse? I’m not asking about your own involvement here, but what have been some of the more memorable highs and lows over the last maybe two years?

Having Liberty Reserve finally replacing e-gold has certainly been great for this industry so I would say that is a high point. But there are far too many low points at this point. Too many fingers are now in the pie. Advertising is extreme, exchangers charge way too much, ridiculous program after ridiculous program come and go.

16. Also speaking as an admin, can you give some impartial advice to anyone coming into the HYIP industry for the first time? How can you stay safe and avoid the more obvious scams? Some people try to develop “strategies” but aren’t good timing and good luck a bit more important?

The best advice we could possibly give anyone coming into this industry right now, is to join HnRM. Outside of that, read everything you can. Take the time to absorb as much information as possible before you jump into any program. MNO is one of the very best resources for new program information as Paul does the research for you. Without insider information, timing and luck are practically all you have.

17. If you had just one more thing to say to the unconvinced about the merits of putting their money into HitNRunMasters, what would that be?

Let me just say this, This industry wasn’t designed for the investor. It was designed to take advantage of the investor. The investor is at the bottom of the food chain. That isn’t going to change. If you give it some thought, do a little research and read between the lines, you will see that what we are telling you is true. In fact, it is undeniable. For the first time in HYIP history you are being given an opportunity to join forces with the upper echelon of the HYIP industry and you should take advantage of it.

18. And finally the issues you raise are always going to be a controversial subject matter with conflicting opinions. The opinions in my review of HitNRunMasters are personal, so I would like to give you the right to respond to anything you did or didn’t like about it. Is there anything you feel was unfair or in need of correction?

Certainly everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not one of our associates would take any other position than that similar to yours. HnRM was created to correct some of the issues affecting this industry while protecting those that are pulling the strings. So in response to the ‘shred of evidence’ readers will have to decide for themselves, ask their mentors discretely, talk to those that have been around for a while, the truth is being leaked in small doses by those that are privileged. Revealing everything openly would not be to anyones’ advantage.

In response to the statement you made “I don’t believe that the admin of HitNRunMasters is here as a savior or to protect investors’ funds from theft. I’m actually quite sure that this is just another trick to make HitNRunMasters look like something it’s not.”

We are here, as we have stated from the start, to eliminate from this industry the admin groups that are causing the most problem as well as to do our best to correct issues our associates and ourselves dislike. Rallying the investors along the way gives us more leverage in the marketplace and provides safety for them as a side bonus.

Quite frankly, we don’t expect the whole of the HYIP world to jump on board with us. In fact, we will pocket larger profits if they don’t! The admins we are talking about will not leave this industry with anything substantial. It simply is not going to be allowed. Their funds will be confiscated. Our assistance is guaranteed and therefore this is simply a chance for the smart to be advantaged. Those that fail to see the signs always lose anyway.

Members are coming on board with us. We have a fantastically created ONE Plan and we have a generous affiliate program. The shreds of evidence will be visible to all that are paying attention. But make no mistake, we are not here as a savior for investors, we are here to save our 10+ years of strategy development and ensure a bright future for the world of HYIP, particularly our side of it!

As far as us claiming we are here to save investors it is just not accurate. Our motivation to open HitNRunMasters to the public is to return this industry to its roots and make money for our group using the extra funds that are invested with us. Those who join us will benefit from our advantage. Those who don’t…we wish them Good Luck!

Thanks a lot to the admin for that and while I can’t say I’m in 100% agreement with everything he says (not about the industry but rather in relation to how he applies it to his own involvement in it) I did like reading his answers and sincerely wish him good luck in taking his program to the very top of the pile. I’m reminded of something another admin once told me when he said something like proof that I know what I’m doing comes when you look in your e-currency account and see that I’ve been paying you every day for the last couple of months, so as long as that happens then HitNRunMasters will always have a positive reception on MNO. Because at the end of the day investors profits is what I’m interested in first and foremost, everything else comes a distant second. Best of luck also then to existing and potential HitNRunMasters members. Fingers crossed the admin will live up to the expectations he has set himself, and if that happens then we’ll all get along just fine. Even if a secret lodge of Free Masons do control the world, lol!

That’s about it for the moment, guys. Don’t forget to check back again tomorrow though when I’ll have a full news round-up from all the programs covered on my monitoring site as well as a closer look at one of the most recent additions there. See you all then!

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