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Beware! SpecialProfit has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Not much in the way of “regular” news stories to report on today, but that’s fine by me because there isn’t any bad news to report either. What I do have for you today however is the following interview with the admin of SpecialProfit, a successful medium term program monitored on MNO since the very beginning. I don’t use the word “successful” lightly by the way, but given that by the end of the week SpecialProfit will have completed three full cycles of both their investment plans I have to say this is a noteworthy achievement in such a slow time for the HYIP industry. In a nutshell that’s really the single most important thing you need to know about SpecialProfit, though the admin certainly has a lot more to say. Before we hear from him let me just remind you that the program offers plans of 11% for 11 days, and 130% after 11 days. If you like what he has to say and would like more information then I suggest starting with the review of SpecialProfit first published on MNO here:
1) Hi Brock, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO. What is your role in the day to day running of SpecialProfit? Do you have any other people working on the project?

Hi Paul my name is Brock Curley. It’s nice to get a chance to meet the readers of MNO and welcome them to join our program and earn some SpecialProfit for you. Our team are three people. I process the withdrawals, one partner replies to the emails and chats on Skype, and the other partner protects our website and keeps it safe. I’m busy and haven’t much time to process the withdrawals, so normally I process them twice per day, about 12 hours apart.

2) What are the investment plans offered by SpecialProfit? What is the minimum to invest in them? What has been the preferred plan among the members of the program so far?

We provide two investment plans, 11% daily for 11 days and 130% after 11 days. The minimum investment amount is $11. In my opinion 11% daily for 11 days is better for members because for this plan you can get profits every day and withdraw it. Of course the plan 130% after 11 days is a good choice too if you want more profit.

3) What about the number 11? It seems to me that both investment plans and even other aspects of your program are heavily influenced by that number? Is there any special meaning for you personally in what the number 11 represents?

I like the number 11, it’s just simple and lucky. Our project, just like number 11, is also simple and lucky. No complex plans, no complex words, no complex operations, and so on. Just get your SpecialProfit simply and safely.

4) What are the payment processors currently accepted by SpecialProfit? What was the most popular payment processors among members so far? Do you have any special plans to introduce other payment processors in the future?

We accept BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash and Epay. BitCoin and PerfectMoney are the best choices to deposit. About BitCoin, fees are low and deposits are added automatically like other payments. As for PerfectMoney it’s the most popular payment processor in this industry and always a good choice of course. We have also added an unknown payment processor called Epay which you can look into if interested.

5) Tell us more about deposits and withdrawals via BitCoin in particular. How many confirmations does it usually take to add a deposit? Are dollars converted into BTC on making deposits and withdrawals and if so, at what exchange rate?

For the BitCoin deposits, after you sent the same amount of BTC as the deposit page, please waiting for one confirmation of your BitCoin transaction on the internet. After that one confirmation your deposit will be added automatically. This can take from several minutes to several hours depending on the BitCoin system. An important thing is to send funds by BTC and not in US Dollars and an identical amount of BTC of the deposit page. If not then the deposit can’t be added automatically which means you will have to contact us to add it manually.

For BitCoin withdrawals we use mass payment processing by coinpayments.net. After the withdrawals are processed in our system, you should get a message that your withdrawal has been completed already, but you don’t receive the BitCoin funds immediately because coinpayments have received our payment request and they in turn need time to process them. This is automatic and normally takes several minutes.

We use a fixed rate 1BTC=$800. All deposits and withdrawals are converted into BTC at this rate so you have no need to worry about the real time price of BitCoin going up or down.

6) How long does it usually take you to process pending withdrawals? Do you have any schedule and frequency you aim for in making payments on a daily basis?

Normally within 12 hours but not more than 24 hours. Because I’m busy I process the withdrawals twice per day, normally at about GMT 0:00 and 12:00. But I’ll try to process the withdrawals more frequently in future and give a better experience for members.

7) What script is your program running off and what influenced your decision in choosing this particular script?

We are using a licensed GoldCoders script. They are the most experienced providers as well as the safest. Plus it’s also very easy for members to use so we hope our members can get their profits simply and without complications. A GoldCoders script is always the best choice for this.

8) What type of security does your site have in place to prevent malicious attacks that can be launched by your competitors at any time?

We are on a dedicated DDOS protected server which is provided by DDoSGuard. In my own experience DDoSGuard can provide the safest and most stable service available anywhere.

9) What is the best way to contact you personally if a member has any problems that need your attention or simply has any additional question the answer to which can be found on your website?

The best thing to do is either use our support ticket system or else go to our Skype online chat. Members will get a speedy reply from both methods.

10) Can you share any stats from SpecialProfit‘s first weeks online with us? How many deposits do you have and do they exceed withdrawals on a consistent basis? How was the growth so far and general members’ feedback?

Yes, users can see our stats on the homepage. As of today we are now running 31 days and have deposits totaling $281633 and withdrawals of $125371. Everything has been running steadily up to this point and the members seem to like us and have expressed only satisfaction with our project.

11) Tell us more about the advertising strategy of SpecialProfit. Why did you start advertising on MNO on the Basic List and then upgrade to Premium after a couple of cycles were completed?

For programs such as ours if want to run for as long as possible then stable growth is very important. We hope the project can grow stronger gradually, and we’ll publicize and advertising it step by step. I believe we are going about this the right way and are now seeing membership and deposits growing smoothly now.

12) What plans for the future do you have for SpecialProfit? Where do you see your program in a few weeks from now?

We’ll launch an additional referral bonus plan in the next few days, and it’s going to be very attractive for our members. In fact we find more and more members to promote our project now, so we’ll give the promoters more additional bonuses in the future.

13) Please tell HYIP investors still sitting on the fence why they should choose SpecialProfit over other programs, so please tell us why is your program different from others and what makes SpecialProfit all that special?

Simply to get a “special profit”, yes, this is our main goal behind running this project!

That’s all for today guys. Just to say thanks to Brock for taking the time and effort to answer my questions, and I hope you found it useful in deciding whether SpecialProfit is suitable for you or not. Good luck to everyone already involved or just thinking about it. I’ll be back again tomorrow with the next news round-up, meanwhile please remember to vote in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll here, and I’ll see you all again soon. Bye for now!

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