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Beware! GoldVsOil has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Mid-week and mid-summer in an otherwise uneventful period in the HYIP industry, but things never really grind to a complete standstill around here either. A brand new medium term program called GoldVsOil has just been added to the MNO monitor which you’ll have already seen introduced in my last post, after it joined just a couple of hours after launching. That’s going to be the main focus of today’s article, but by no means are GoldVsOil going to steal all the limelight either. Keep reading through to the news section as there’s been a couple of other events you might find of interest from some of the other MNO monitored programs. First things first though.

The single biggest feature of GoldVsOil is their investment plans. Yes, I know the plans are only reason behind the existence of any online HYIP, in this case what I mean is the sheer scale and scope of them. Mostly these are medium term plans which can then be grouped into two categories – those that make daily interest payments and those that pay just once on expiry. Depending on what you are looking for I guess they all have certain advantages over each other, but one common trait I’m pleased to find across all of the GoldVsOil plans is affordability. No matter what your budget is, none of the plans are going to be out of bounds to you due to the GoldVsOil admin imposing a very reasonable $10 minimum on everything.
Let’s get straight to the numbers then, and I’ll start with the daily payment options as they tend to be by far the most popular. Actually these in turn can again be split into two sub-categories, including plans that return your principal on expiry in a separate payment, and plans where GoldVsOil are already including it with the interest. There are still some traits between them as I shall explain.

For the first option like I already said, you only need a $10 minimum to join. The term runs for 21 calendar days, during which GoldVsOil are offering you a daily interest payment. The exact rate will depend on the size of your principal, with the bigger spending players being enticed with the higher rates. It starts with a 2% minimum for entry level investors, and grows to as much as a 5% maximum per day for the largest deposits. On completion of the term GoldVsOil promise to return your principal, which then makes the figures I’m giving you below your net profit:
Investments from the $10 minimum to $499 are rewarded with a 2% daily payment, or 42% profit. If you are prepared to play with from $500 to $999 then GoldVsOil up their offer to 2.5% per day, which brings a 52.5% profit. This then increases once more to 3.5% for deposits between $1,000 and $4,999 to earn a 73.5% profit. If you are serious about spending anything more than that then take a look at your GoldVsOil members account area, where deposits have no maximum and the top rate is capped at 5% per day.

The second group of daily plans work along some very similar lines. The $10 minimum is the same, the 21 day investment term is the same, and so on. The difference is that GoldVsOil are making significantly bigger interest payments, but are then counting your principal as part of them. The end result is that these plans are ultimately less profitable but also carry a significantly reduced risk. Although you don’t take as much out of the program by the end of the term, you still reach the break-even point a lot faster and have the added safety net of knowing that if anything goes wrong before the end of the term you will have taken back a lot more of your initial seed money.

As I’ve said many times before, the HYIP industry is for gamblers only. It’s up to you to assess risk against reward for yourself and see if it’s worth it and what your own priorities are. So this is what GoldVsOil are offering here, which you can now compare to the first set of plans:
From $10 up to $499 members will receive 6.5% interest per day with principal included, leading to 36.5% net profit. Amounts between $500 and $999 are paid 7% per day, or 47% net profit. Deposits between $1,000 and $4,999 are paid 7.5% per day to bring in 57.5% net profit. For amounts bigger than that you should check your GoldVsOil members area, where the top rate is 9% and no upper limit on what you can invest.

The program changes direction somewhat for the next group of plans. The terms run for varying lengths, and GoldVsOil make just one payment of principal and profit combined on expiry. The shortest term option runs for 1 calendar week, and can be joined for a $10 maximum. The return paid on anything up to $499 is 110%, or 10% net profit. Bigger spending players are offered the following:
115% back on deposits from $500 to $999, or 120% on amounts in the range of $1000 to $4,999. With no maximum limit in place you can check the GoldVsOil members area for information on bigger deposits.

The next plan carries the same affordable $10 but runs for a term lasting 2 calendar weeks. The return on expiry for deposits up to $499 is 125%, including your principal plus 25% profit. Alternatively if you wish to spend more then the following rates will be in place:
140% back on deposits from $500 to $999, or 150% on amounts starting from $1000 up to $4,999. Please check the GoldVsOil members area for information on anything more than that.

This is followed by a plan running for 3 calendar weeks. Payments on expiry come to 160% if you join with an amount between the $10 minimum and $499, giving a 60% profit. Larger deposits are paid 180% on $500 to $999, and 190% on amounts in the range of $1000 to $4,999. See your GoldVsOil members area for information on bigger deposits if that’s not too much for you.

And finally the longest term plan available runs for 4 calendar weeks, again paying you just once on expiry. With a $10 minimum I know it’s affordable and doesn’t have to be much of a financial risk if that’s all you are spending, but you also need to remember that it’s still a solid month waiting for a payment when your money is sitting in someone else’s pocket doing nothing for you. If you chose to proceed anyway, GoldVsOil offer to pay 200% on anything up to $499, or double your money back. This goes up to 215% back on deposits from $500 to $999, and 250% on amounts in the range of $1000 to $4,999. Visit your GoldVsOil members area if you want to see the figures being offered on amounts even bigger than that.

Quite an extensive list to chose from there I think you’ll agree, and quite a lot to think about. If you’ve made up your mind which plan suits you best, and remembering there’s no rule that says you have to limit yourself to just one, then the next thing to discuss is what are your payment options. The list is OK. In fact it’s pretty good as long as you are satisfied with anonymous “all transactions are final” style handlers, but definite room for improvement if you prefer something verifiable and more transparent. You can join GoldVsOil using PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer the more traditional style payment processors, and BitCoin if you favor a digital e-currency. Payouts to members in my own brief experience with GoldVsOil have been swift. A couple of them have even been instant, though that is by no means guaranteed or even offered. According to the terms and conditions laid out by the program you will need to log in to your members account area, make a withdrawal request, and then allow a further 24 hours for all transactions to be completed. If you get it any faster than that then just take it as a bonus.

Another strong feature of GoldVsOil is the site security, especially when it comes to the script which is where the program really excels. It’s been developed from scratch for their exclusive use so it’s all very safe and you won’t find it anywhere else. Despite being so unique though it’s still easily navigated and user friendly. For a hosting provider the GoldVsOil website is hosted on a dedicated server with the technical support and protection by Dancom. For an extra layer of security GoldVsOil are also displaying an extended SSL encryption certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you still have any outstanding questions for the GoldVsOil admin that you think mere not addressed in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with, then customer support is available in a variety of ways. Obviously the first thing you should probably check is the Live Chat. It isn’t a 24 hour service but it’s always worth a quick look anyway if it helps you get your questions answered in real time and saves you from having to compose any lengthy e-mails. If you don’t find anyone there then you can either fill out your details on the online support form and submit it through the GoldVsOil website’s contact page. Alternatively you can also just write directly to the GoldVsOil admin at the listed e-mail address. You might also notice a postal address in the UK which I suppose most of you know well to ignore by now. For the sake of anyone not familiar with these things I’ll just repeat that they tend to be more like virtual serviced workspaces used for registration purposes and not where you would necessarily find anyone connected with GoldVsOil physically located were you to pay them a visit.

As you can probably work out from the name of the website, GoldVsOil claim to be investing in, you guessed it, gold and oil. You can take it or leave it, what ever you choose to believe yourself, I just know that most of you as regular readers will know enough by now not to put too much stock in these things. I just feel it’s worth repeating for the sake of first time HYIP investors that even if a word of this were true, it still doesn’t guarantee profitability or the safety of your deposit. Better then to treat the HYIP industry as a form of gambling and proceed from there. Consider things like whether you think the plans can be achieved at all in the first place, and if so then for how long. If you’re happy enough to go along with a deposit then just stay well within a sensible and responsible spending limit you can afford to lose as well as easily recoup from other income sources. And if you join GoldVsOil at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. My own first impressions were positive, the admin seems enthusiastic about the whole project (certainly he made the effort), so hopefully we might be in for a good run here. Fingers crossed anyway!



I guess no one can deny that Ssarini is one of the most interesting investment programs of the summer so far and may well become the people’s favorite pretty soon. I know that many investors really like the automated payouts Ssarini offers where you don’t need to request your withdrawals. After depositing you will be paid every 24 hours to the e-currency account you deposited from, whether it was PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payza, Payeer, YandexMoney, Qiwi, NixMoney, AdvCash, OkPay, Skrill, or Neteller. You can start earning from a $10 minimum and can choose from several different investment plans explained in my detailed review of Ssarini published here – 11% for 10 days, 4.67% for 30 days, 3.71% for 45 days, 3.37% for 60 days, 3.23% for 75 days, 3.22% for 90 days, 1.1%-2.5% daily forever.

As for the website itself, it’s getting more convenient to use for an international audience and shortly after a Chinese language version was added to join the original English and Russian, the admin has fulfilled his promise to add German as well. You can easily switch between languages in the drop-down menu on top of every page of the Ssarini website. Spanish is next in the pipeline, so stay tuned for the announcement here on MNO as soon as it happens:

Dear Partners!
Probably many of you noticed that yesterday at a language tab, new. Now our website is still in German. As we promised, we continue to develop the platform Ssarini and add more languages. And according to the tradition, want to make the announcement that the next version of the site will be in Spanish.
Your team Ssarini

Other updates from Ssarini over the last couple of days were highlighted in another newsletter. This one reported changes in different referral levels and bonuses for those promoting Ssarini online which you can see under the Career tab on the website. Further improvements to the members’ security as payout details will now have to be approved by the admin. He also reminds us that there is only one Skype account you can trust and it’s shown on the website, as all others can be used by crooks to get access to your account details in Ssarini, so never engage in suspicious conversations on Skype, guys. Here’s the newsletter in full:

Dear Partners, Investors!
We have for you a couple of important messages. I want to note that of the ball slightly changed the program’s “CAREER”. Was balanced and refined a referral fee on some levels. This is done in order to more correctly worked the system of bonuses.
Also want to inform you that in Skype there are crooks who create accounts doubles and extort under various pretexts login information in the user’s personal account. We did the following: placed a ban on the change of payment data in your office. This means that you can make them once, then nobody will be able to change your details. If you entered them incorrectly, contact online support after confirming your identity, you will be able to change the details. Understand that this will bring some inconvenience. But all this is done to safeguard your data and funds on the balance sheet.
I also want to warn you: the official Skype admin is on our website at the top. Other members of our company Skype and never will be. We any pretext do not ask personal data from your wallets! Do not disclose your username and password to anyone!
Your team Ssarini


Yesterday I was approached by the admin of Cryptonus who asked me to let my readers know about a new feature called Telegram Bots. This will allow members of the program to totally bypass going to the website to do many things via the Telegram messenger. Full instructions on how to use the bots for both PerfectMoney and BitCoin deposit holders can be found below:

Dear friend and investors!
I’m glad to inform you that our Telegram Bots now translated to English and available for English-speaking users.
What Telegram Bot is?
This is an usual account in Telegram but with one difference only: you are chatting not with a human but with a robot.
Cryptonus Telegram bots can help you watch your payments, get payment notifications, see your incoming payouts and also create new deposits directly from Telegram!!!
How to use Telegram bots?
First, if you not have Telegram messenger installed you need to do it:
Then, once you create your account just follow one of these links:
PM Bot – https://telegram.me/crypto_pm_bot
Bitcoin Bot – https://telegram.me/crypto_btc_bot
That’s all! You don’t need any installation or setup. Bots are ready to run your commands.
How to deal with Cryptonus bots?
Working with bots is easy. You just select commands from the menu and follow the instructions.
This is a main menu:
12.07.16 13:03 | (GMT 7) | 1BTC=$647.8
1 – My wallets, 2 – My Deposits statistics, 3 – Project summary, 4 – Upcoming payouts, 5 – Make a new deposit, 6 – Notifications, 7 – Choose the language (??????? ????), 8 – Select your Timezone, 0 – MAIN MENU
You can either enter numbers or use a special buttons for your convenience.
First you need to do (if you are already investing in Cryptonus) is to link your wallet (wallets) to the Telegram account. Just select «1 – My wallets» from the list and enter your wallet (or wallets) you use in Cryptonus.
Secondly, you need to set up your timezone. Choose «8 – Select your Timezone» and enter your time shift from GMT time (+3 or -2 etc.)
If you are new in Cryptonus then you need to make a deposit first. Choose «5 – Make a new deposit», then select a plan, enter amount and your wallet address. You will get a link for payment.
I can tell you that trying bot service once you would hardly go back to the site because it’s very convenient and easy to operate!

As you might know from the previous updates, Cryptonus (reviewed here) is currently in recovery phase until September which means slight delays can occur on scheduled withdrawals. This however should not worry those who have deposits in Cryptonus already as I can see lots of satisfied investors still receiving their weekly automated payouts on all the different investment plans. These include 55% for 2 weeks, 115% after 2 weeks, and 0%-60% weekly for 4 weeks with total return of 120%-130%. The admin is definitely doing everything possible to get everything back to normal after a series of unfortunate events that led to these delays, but if you feel uncomfortable about anything you’re free to hold off from investing there until things are back to normal in the autumn. I will, of course, keep you updated on the status of Cryptonus which is currently Paying on the MNO monitor and stay tuned for further updates from the program that managed to surprise many investors by its persistence this summer.


While many players managed to take a healthy profit from MacauCau, many others were less fortunate. With the very first investors possibly up 50% on their investments many who believed MacauCau could run for more than one cycle found it a total disaster financially speaking. Although the administration highlighted right from the very start it was a money game with winners and losers, their inability to take it any further than they did speaks volumes of the managerial lack of professionalism. And in the end who was left to carry the blame for the administration’s failure – of course, the players. The administration tried to do their best to conceal issues MacauCau already started experiencing last week by first changing the rules of the game by paying on business days only and then giving players false promises to buy out their tickets on Monday. Obviously Monday saw nothing changing and smart players started realizing the seriousness of the situation. But it was the actions of the administration that hit the panic button and scared off even the remainder of coupon buyers, i.e. investors. Due to the Live Chat support constantly lying through their teeth regarding the worsening situation I took the only possible decision over the weekend to move MacauCau to Problem status on MNO and I was right in doing so. Just yesterday the old members of MacauCau took part of the last hopes to be paid what they owe as the administration tried to restart the game by nulling the accounts of those in profit. By the way, the update they posted was only inside the members area as the MacauCau administration conveniently “forgot” to make it public, ie new members are deliberately not informed of the trouble they are getting themselves into. In fact, such re-launches are never a good idea and they ever only serve one purpose – collect more money for the administration. Such new rounds will be much shorter and most of the people will lose money there anyway, so don’t waste your time on the MacauCau scam any longer. Just for your information, below is the update on the re-launch which will be my final post on MacauCau on my blog, as you can play it at your own risk now, and judging by the proven dishonesty of the administration no one will come even close to seeing profits this time around:

Hello dear friends, in touch with you partners of MacauCau games. Our game has come to the point where the number of those who are wishing to sell coupons exceeded the number of people willing to buy tickets. Probably many of you have had think it’s the end. We are glad to inform you that it is not.
We do not know what has caused that we facing in the system that many of fake accounts. Perhaps this is the case the hands of competitors got in or as well it may become a cause of some uncomprehending local participants panic or there else might be seasonal occurrence which caused reduction of the influx of people and cancellation in payment operations due to middle of summer which is not very favorable for the promotion of the project as all the people on holiday and traveling.
Anyway, today we have many members who refuse to pay their application for the purchase of tickets. Nonsense! Tell me, how system can operate with such an attitude on the part of its members …? Which system will work successfully without constant growth? None of! Any system will collapse and stop.
That’s all about the reasons … perhaps more interesting to find out what we have achieved over the period of work and what will happen later in our game. During the work of project, the majority of participants MacauCau were able to double their winnings, and those who did not sit still, and did some active invitations, has earned and excellent referral rewards – Congratulations on that to all of you!
The game from beginning appeal to all, without exception, it is an obvious fact. Everyone liked the site functionality, marketing plan, presents, there is a program on the way in the development where we have some updates for the communication within the team, which will allow a more personalized work with the invited people and much more.
Therefore, the main part of leadership has decided not to put the final point, and to work with the project further. We are constantly extract the experience of what we are doing and, of course, we have to make changes in the rules of the game, which would make it even more stable, as well as to reduce to zero the number of participants who have no intention to participate according to the rules.
Initially we warned – not all will be winners! But we can not and do not want to take away from you this chance! Of course there is in the game the participants who have joined us recently and have not yet even begin to sell their tickets. Such parties are not more than 10% of the game, but they are existing.
There are some changes which await us. Audit will be carried out for each and everyone participant in the game. All your ticket investment in exception of withdrawn funds will remain in your cabinets and will be displayed automatically as new requests for purchase in the queue order. All saved coupons you can see on the page “My Coupons 1.0”.
Referral bonuses are reset for all participants.
It begins with almost a blank page! We hope that new purchase flow will let you get your sales requests in shortest time. We believe that together we will cope with any difficulties and announced ourselves strong as ever, because we are a strong team!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsBusinessAngelsSpecialProfitTrustInvestSsarini.
From MNO Standard list: GoldVsOil.
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, BitcilyHoldingLtdFxDividend.

That’s it for tonight guys, and I hope you found something useful or interesting. Please keep voting in the poll on MNO’s nine years in business as a blog/monitor which you can find here (even if you hate it, lol!). Remember that if you have any questions for me you can always contact me via this page and you will get a reply within 24 hours. Tomorrow I’ll have an interview with the admin of one of the most popular programs on the MNO Premium List now, SpecialProfit (reviewed here). Stay tuned for that and perhaps you will learn something interesting straight from the admin’s mouth. Thanks for reading MNO even on these hot July days and don’t miss the interview tomorrow. See you all then!

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