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Hi guys! It’s nice to see you back on the MNO blog for the start of the new business week in the HYIP industry which has been in kind of semi-hibernation lately. It’s totally understandable of course now that summer is at its height and investors find other things to occupy their days. I myself am guilty of getting a little lazy this summer and not delivering news updates as often. I like to take advantage of the slow season and spend more time outdoors. Just today being the hottest of the year so far here in London I decided to go hiking in Richmond Park as it’s birthing season for the herds of wild deers that roam there. It’s a great opportunity for wildlife spotters with the kestrels and skylarks flying around, or just to go swimming in the lakes there, and maybe just feed the ducks and swans if you don’t feel like jumping in yourself. But I still appreciate you finding time to stop by and check on latest news from the biggest programs on the net. You might have noticed that all the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO from the article posted on Friday are still with us and are doing well, so I would encourage you to check it out here and see if you find anything you like. Some of them might really deserve your attention. In today’s news I have some positive updates from good paying programs like SpecialProfit, BusinessAngels, and Ssarini, but also a couple of bad news on GoldVsOil and the fading hope of Cryptonus recovering. There’s also something from Payza headquarters, which might be useful to anyone running their own business online. We’ll start though with some positive news from the programs with Paying status on the MNO monitor.


I honestly cannot speak highly enough about the performance of SpecialProfit (reviewed here) – a program that after 35 days online and listed on MNO since day one has become a revelation to many investors and keeps bringing profits into its fourth investment cycle. A lot of people tend not to invest much in the summer. Their loss, because the folks who joined SpecialProfit can now pat themselves on the back and thank their instincts. They’re the ones who made a ton of money while everyone else just sat there and watched. The plans by the way are 11% for 11 calendar days or 130% after 11 calendar days. If you haven’t figured it out yet, eleven is the lucky number for the admin of SpecialProfit Brock recently interviewed on MNO here. I believe it’s also been lucky for many investors who can spend a minimum of $11 from their PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, or ePay accounts. As the program has been developing quite gradually and the admin definitely knows how to achieve great results from the publicity (the latest being the upgrade to Premium listing and purchasing a pricey MNO top monitoring banner for a whole month), it was no wonder that the best promoters of SpecialProfit are promised to be treated well. Those of you who get more active referrals will be rewarded by cash bonuses the size of which will depend on the size of your downline. It’s certainly not the easiest job in the world, but perhaps it will get some takers enticed by the generous referral bonus plan announced by the admin. Details can be found on the SpecialProfit website or in the update below:

We provide this additional referral bonus for you which different from the referral commission.
For the first 100 active referrals, you will receive $20 bonus when you have 20 referrals, $50 bonus when you have 50 referrals and $100 bonus when you have 100 active referrals, you will receive 20+50+100=$170 total for the first 100 active referrals.
If your active referrals are more than 100, then you will get $50 bonus every 50 active referrals.
For example:
20 active referrals, you receive $20 bonus.
50 active referrals, you receive 20+50=$70 bonus.
100 active referrals, you receive 20+50+100=$170 bonus.
150 active referrals, you receive 20+50+100+50=$220 bonus.
200 active referrals, you receive 20+50+100+50+50=$270 bonus.
250 active referrals, you receive 20+50+100+50+50+50=$320 bonus.
300 active referrals, you receive 20+50+100+50+50+50+50=$370 bonus.
And so on……
If your active referrals reach the above amount, please contact us by email bonus@specialprofit.biz, we’ll add the bonus to your account within 24 hours, once your received it, you can withdraw it at any time.
This is the additional bonus, you still have 5-2% referral commission.
This plan available for all members, no end time.


Will Ssarini get into the Top Five list of the most popular programs on MNO anytime soon? I believe that with all the positive developments the admin has been doing lately it’s only a matter of time. Lately, Ssarini has become available in four languages including English, Russian, Chinese, and German. Spanish and Vietnamese are both in the pipeline for later in the week according to the admin in the latest newsletter posted earlier today. In addition to that, today a few different videos in different languages were uploaded on the Youtube page of Ssarini. You can now you can enjoy watching in Chinese, German, and Spanish, while the English version can be found on the MNOVision page here. With so much work already done we should expect some wonderful things from Ssarini which may well become the big hit of the summer in my opinion. To join you need at least $10 in your PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, OkPay, Neteller, or Skrill accounts. Then simply choose between two groups of investment plans – higher profits are paid on the plans with fixed expiry terms like 11% for 10 days, 4.67% for 30 days, 3.71% for 45 days, 3.37% for 60 days, 3.23% for 75 days, 3.22% for 90 days. For the opportunity to be paid “forever” (the duration of the program’s lifetime, what ever that happens to be) you’re offered 1.1%-2.5% daily. The best thing about Ssarini is that you don’t even need to get into your account area to request a withdrawal, but rather every calendar day you are paid directly to the e-currency account you joined with. Different rules apply to different payment processors, but you can read more about that in the MNO review posted here if interested. Below is the latest newsletter from Ssarini which highlights some recent developments and promises more interesting features coming soon:

Dear Partners!
This week will be exactly a month since beginning its investment activities, the company Ssarini. Much in that time changed, there was some rework. Added and continue to add versions in different languages. To date, our website works on: Russian, English, Chinese and German. In the next few days will be added: Spanish and Vietnamese.
In addition, presentation clips also now pronounced by native speakers in different languages. What makes the involvement of new partners from different countries even more productive. And this, in turn, allows you to move program Career even faster.
We are constantly working on improving and developing the platform Ssarini and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you all for your patience and faith in our company.
Your team Ssarini


One of the strongest points of the BusinessAngels website has always been communication. For instance the fastest way to contact them about any problems is, of course, Live Chat which has been working almost 24/7 lately. But a good alternative might be Skype where members can also contact the administration with any questions. Apart from the already extensive list of the social networks BusinessAngels have been successfully working with for over two months they have been online so far, there are also a physical address in London, two phone numbers in the UK and Russia, and naturally an email address for support. That all pays off pretty well, I believe, as BusinessAngels are reaching new heights with every passing week. They offer a perpetual investment plan to all investments starting from $10 (or the equivalent in any other accepted currency) via PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, BitCoin, NixMoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney, and AdvCash. A maximum interest rate of 4% per business day (Monday to Friday) is usually processed immediately and instantly after the withdrawal request from your account is made. You get paid by BusinessAngels for an unlimited period of time, i.e. until the program eventually collapses. The first investors are already in good profits, but be aware that it might take up to a month to reach the profit zone and that you cannot withdraw your initial investment again after joining. In order to reach the 4% daily maximum your deposit with BusinessAngels will start to be credited from a more modest 1% which increases in 0.5% increments every business day until it reaches 4%. If that sounds too complicated then why not read the full review of BusinessAngels posted here? Once everything is clear please refer to the latest news from announcing the addition of Skype chat which is available in English:

BusinessAngels Inc Limited company announces the opening of new official English Skype-chat.
You can always see Skype-chat link at the “Contacts” section or at the top of the home page.
Feedback for all of our customers is our priority to improve the quality of service. We are always happy to hear all your suggestions.


Even though I would really have hoped for a more positive update from Cryptonus I’m afraid it’s just not on the cards. In fact, after the previous post the admin of Cryptonus paid me what he owed after a 72-hour delay which briefly brought the program’s status back to Paying. Today though I received more complaints from my readers about delayed withdrawals that are now at least four days behind the weekly schedule. The worst thing about Cryptonus though is that the admin has disappeared from the Russian language MMGP forum where he used to be quite active and is not even reachable via different methods like the Telegram chat he so heavily promoted recently. Over the weekend any information from him was available only in Russian, and the last thing that he promised is to start paying twice a week from this week. Anyway, no more has been heard from him, and that being said I wouldn’t be entirely positive for the future. I’ve returned Cryptonus to Waiting Status on the MNO monitor as of today and I reserve the right to demote it to Problem Status if the payments don’t resume. Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure even now – do not make any further investments in Cryptonus, as at the time of writing the program seems more dead than alive. Further updates will follow in the next post on MNO which, fingers crossed, will bring us some more positive developments for those still hoping for a revival of Cryptonus. The admin has proved that programs can be run differently and that HYIPs don’t necessarily have to follow a certain pattern to become a success. Changing the rules and shaping the future of the industry is always something to aspire to. So stay tuned for any further developments of Cryptonus, but hold off from making any further deposits until further notice please!


If you are looking for the biggest failure of this summer then GoldVsOil could be a great contender for this title. Judge for yourself – the admin had everything he needed to make the project a success, including a custom-made script, a wide variety of investment offers, and instant payouts. Yet GoldVsOil failed to live to high expectations and the admin decided to pull the plug after just five days online by stopping withdrawals last Saturday and disappearing into thin air. Judging by the only newsletter I received from him over the few short days of the program’s existence I believe the reason for the early collapse is pretty obvious and a stupid one at the same time. GoldVsOil first used a PerfectMoney wallet that was already used by an older program which had scammed (possibly run by the same admin). That cost him a lot in terms of credibility and reputation while the program itself was branded as a scam even when it was still paying. It was moved to a fraud-related folder on the popular Russian language MMGP forum. The only thing that the admin of GoldVsOil could do was to change his PerfectMoney account to a new unverified one. All this just looked laughably stupid as he admitted to purchasing a PM account on the black market – not a crime in itself, of course, but still an action that doesn’t inspire trust from investors. Who knows how the situation would go with GoldVsOil if not for this incident. I hope this will be a good lesson for the admin who didn’t only endanger the future of his program because of one small but decisive mistake, but also cost people a lot of money as there was no chance to break-even after just five days. Whether or not it was the admin’s intention to scam so fast or the unfortunate MMGP thread was the last nail in its coffin we will never know, as he’s not replying to my emails anymore and not paying to anyone either. I guess you cannot make the right choices all the time in the HYIP industry and should accept the losses as some of you must have incurred if they played with GoldVsOil – perhaps the worst fast scam of this summer so far. Please do not invest there as the site is still actively collecting money but not paying a cent anymore!


The last piece of news I want to discuss with you for today is from Payza. It’s not really directed at the HYIP industry as such, though I guess program admins may have some interest as they are included. Payza have a new article on their official news blog advising account holders involved with e-commerce and online business transactions how to get the most out of your website. The article is mainly focused on SEO, or “search engine optimization”. In layman’s terms this is basically helping the people looking to buy what other people are trying to sell to find each other. For the people who own websites for commercial reasons, ie it’s a business and you earn a full-time living from it, then you want as many people as possible to land on your site when they go searching instead of your competitors. It’s a lengthy enough piece, and perhaps not of much practical use to many of you, but you still might find it an interesting read because most people who don’t operate websites but rather find themselves at the other end of the business (buyers instead of sellers) might not really think about things like this very often. Business owners on the other hand should be thinking about it constantly. Some of it of course is just common sense, with the single most important tip being to remember that you can never stand still in the business world. Success today does not bring you success tomorrow, you have to start working on it all over again and again and again. Anyway, Payza are undoubtedly very big as a payment processor serving the HYIP industry, though I doubt very much that’s an image they deliberately try to cultivate. This article which I’ll re-publish for you in full below sees them reaching out to the wider online business community, so if that includes you keep reading and see if you find any helpful tips or advice:

Increasing your SEO Score for More Online Visibility
Here we provide a strategy to ensure your customers will find
your online business when conducting internet searches.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a fundamental component of website building and digital marketing, has been around long enough that we in the business already look back fondly at the “good old days” of SEO. Once upon a time, getting your website to rank was as simple as cramming enough keywords into a page, a practice that now has the opposite effect. These days, SEO is a complex set of best practices that is constantly being changed and updated, so keeping your website optimized can be a full-time job.
Before we go any further, to understand SEO we need to understand how search engines work. Basically, Google, Bing, etc. send robots all around the internet that “crawl” every website they can find. They pull all the data from these sites and, using a very large set of complex algorithms, attempt to identify which ones have the most valuable information for their users.
For example, when you type “e-commerce” into Google, it attempts to sort the search results in order of what you are most likely to find useful. The problem with this is that robots are not that good at deciding what is and isn’t useful to humans.
The practice of search engine optimization then is to find ways to tell those robots that your website is the one people are looking for. But this comes with a problem as well, which is that even poor or spam websites can still have good SEO, and so Google, etc. have to constantly improve their algorithms in order to filter out the sites that are trying to “trick” them into thinking they’re useful and return only the best possible results for their users.
So as search engines get smarter, SEO practices have to get more sophisticated. Let’s have a look at some of the key elements of SEO and how you can use them to increase your online visibility.
Terms you need to know
Keywords: Keywords are the terms or phrases browsers are searching for. Search engines catalog the keywords you’ve incorporated in your website and use them to rank your site appropriately in their results pages.
In-bound and out-bound links: Search engines consider how many other websites link to yours, as well as which websites you link to, to measure the legitimacy of your site. The quality of the in-bound and out-bound links will also influence your score.
UX: User experience is a broad category of its own which includes ease-of-use, intuitive navigation and quick loading times. Search engines consider how pleasurable it is to use a website when ranking them in their results pages.
Bounces: When someone clicks through to a site only to discover that it is not what they were looking for, they will hit “Back” to return to the results page. This is called a “bounce” and it signals to search engines that your site is not what visitors are looking for, so they will rank it lower in future search results.
Tips to get you on track
-Don’t Get Comfortable
If you haven’t updated your SEO practices in the last year they’re at least partly out of date, but there’s another reason why you need to be constantly tweaking and maintaining your website. Search engines rank websites lower if they appear stagnant – if the content of your website is updated infrequently, it may do damage to your SEO score.
-Understand Your Audience
If you haven’t updated your SEO practices in the last year they’re at least partly out of date, but there’s another reason why you need to be constantly tweaking and maintaining your website. Search engines rank websites lower if they appear stagnant – if the content of your website is updated infrequently, it may do damage to your SEO score.
-Use Analytics
If you haven’t updated your SEO practices in the last year they’re at least partly out of date, but there’s another reason why you need to be constantly tweaking and maintaining your website. Search engines rank websites lower if they appear stagnant – if the content of your website is updated infrequently, it may do damage to your SEO score.
Analytics can help you keep it fresh. By keeping a watchful eye on your website analytics you can identify which of your SEO campaigns are performing well and how to deploy your resources most effectively. Pay attention to your bounce rates, paid vs. organic traffic, brand vs. non-brand keyword performance, and long-tail vs. short-tail traffic.
Search engines also use analytics to identify the legitimacy of a website. If you can increase the average time your visitors spend on your website, search engines will see that as a vote of confidence that your website is indeed useful to their users.
There are a few ways to optimize your site:
-Optimize Your Site
Pages more than three levels deep into your website are rarely going to be seen by a human being, so keep all the important information close to the surface. If users have to click more than twice from your homepage to get to the information they’re looking for, most of the time they will go looking for it somewhere else.
Trimming unnecessary pages from your site and eliminating duplicate content can increase your score since both of those are interpreted by search engines as spam.
Search engines consider loading times and broken links when ranking sites, so make sure your site is running smoothly at all times.
-Leverage Marketing And Social Media
Good customer service never goes out of style – it’s even more important to the overall success of your business than SEO. In the age of social media, a bad review can spread like wildfire and severely impact your ability to reach new customers. Social media is a boon to SEO practitioners for its utility in link building, user-generated content and reputation management. Signals from social media, including the number of followers, community engagement and content sharing tells search engines that your brand and website are valuable to their users.
More traditional forms of marketing can be effective as well, such as email marketing, maintaining a local physical presence, and getting your business reviewed by popular blogs and news outlets.
We are far from the age of “If you build it they will come”, especially not in the crowded and competitive online retail industry. Search engine optimization is the key to standing out in this market –9 out of 10 consumers use search engines to make purchasing decisions, and SEO is the way to compete for their attention. If you have any further questions about implementing good SEO practices for your website, leave a comment below, and keep visiting the Payza Blog for more tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your e-commerce business.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsBusinessAngelsSpecialProfitTrustInvestSsarini.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic listBitcilyHoldingLtd.

I think we’ll leave it at that for today, guys. Before I go I just want to remind you of a couple of things. First of all the MNO TalkBack opinion poll will stay open for just a couple more days at the very most. I’ll be drawing the final results whenever I post the next news update later in the week, I’m just not sure what exact day that’s going to be at this stage. So if you haven’t voted yet then please do so as soon as you can on the MNO TalkBack page here. Remember you can always subscribe to the MNO newsfeed and have all the important articles delivered direct to your mailbox when they are published by visiting the subscription page here and filling in your details. And finally if you have any other questions for me you can reach me via the MNO contact page here. Have a good week wherever you are, hopefully enjoying the summer, and I’ll see you all again real soon with the next update. Bye for now!

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