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Hello all! With summer in its prime now that means that the HYIP industry is also at its lowest. Really, who wants to spend their days at home when there are some many great things to do outdoors? And lying on the beach you’d think choosing the right program to invest in while making new deposits in your favorite HYIPs would be the last thing on your mind, right? The competition is tough as usual and only the best programs survive, that all we know for sure. We also know that the very best programs really don’t depend on changing seasons and investors’ moods and overcome any obstacles. Just have a look at the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO the latest article on which you can read here and you will see immediately what I’m talking about. Smart investors can earn well even in summer and if they are careful with their selection of programs and properly diversify their portfolios I can see no reason why they should stop doing the same thing this summer too. I honestly hope that MNO will be a guide in this difficult job as I list only high-budget HYIPs that are in the strongest position to survive and thrive. The new question for the opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page today will also cover this. I also have some news from BusinessAngels, TrustInvest, and Ssarini, as well as another update from Payza. But I’ll start with the introduction of a new program that just joined my Standard List earlier today and will be reviewed by the end of the week called BlackWhiteLimited.


I have a new program on MNO today called BlackWhiteLimited which has been running for about ten days before joining my monitor. The program looks quite good at first glance – a neat professional layout, a licensed GoldCoders script, strong DDoS protection and hosting on a dedicated server from DDoSGuard, SSL Green Bar with extended validation from Comodo, a domain name registered for three years, and UK incorporation hence the word “limited” in the name of the company. Those great features certainly shouldn’t distract us from the nature of BlackWhiteLimited which is an online HYIP offering two investment plans with the initial principal returned in both. Actually they both will pay you the same interest of 150% with different payout schedule though and while members with a $10 minimum deposit can get 10% interest for 15 calendar days, the larger investors with at least $1,000 to deposit can count on getting 15% over a period of 10 calendar days, i.e. are able to reach the break-even point faster. For now the choice of payment processors is kind of limited to anonymous ones like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, although the admin said that he had started working on the addition of SolidTrustPay and Payza. That process is certainly not an easy one but I hope I will be able to announce it in due course. Note that you have to request your payouts from your account area in BlackWhiteLimited every day and should be paid within a 24 hour maximum, though I suppose this process shouldn’t take longer than a few hours while the program is quite new and relatively unknown. And that is right – the admin started very slowly and there was almost no big name monitors covering BlackWhiteLimited over its first week online. I’ll have more details on the program in the upcoming review on MNO by the end of this week, so stay tuned for more information then, guys.


Cryptonus has finally gone for good and both sites have disappeared along with its admin. We cannot blame him for the outcome though as the program lasted for an incredible run of four months while being featured on MNO starting from the start. That certainly helped many of my readers see a healthy profit. And perhaps when the first delays started to be reported last week which were blamed on some perpetrators who had hacked the script earlier to steal money from Cryptonus‘ vaults (that’s what the admin claimed anyway!), there was a lot of doubt and confusion among the investors as to what to expect further. I was originally positive about the program’s chances to survive, as it wasn’t the first obstacle overcome by the Cryptonus admin. However this time it proved to be different from others and the payments stopped completely on Monday which I reported on my blog (click here to read more). I believe my warning stopped some from investing in the apparently already being dead program, and I’m glad that I was the first monitor to do so. Well, that has always been my policy – to tell you the truth no matter how bitter the taste.

I myself really liked Cryptonus while it ran. I liked how it was different from others, overturning perceptions of how a great HYIP might look. If we are to believe to what was posted on the MMGP forum thread of Cryptonus the admin asked for forgiveness for not being able to deliver better results to more investors. Then again he also said Cryptonus was the best program in the industry and he’d be celebrating Christmas with investors. Exaggerations of course but such a cocky approach is often popular. Unfortunately, those who trusted and reinvested into the program during the last week online were the ones who lost. That’s another bitter truth about programs like this, that have to be enjoyed while they run without any obstacles but have to be dumped when trouble starts brewing. Anyway, as I said already, the admin has done a great job and perhaps we shouldn’t blame him too much, since he (in another bizarre story) borrowed thousands of dollars to pay investors in the last weeks and now is in debt and living in a monastery repenting his sins. One of the more colorful sob stories I must say! I can’t really be too harsh on Cryptonus either though, because the simple fact of the matter is that the program has run its course. And after a tremendously successful run both websites have now been taken down, so no one can invest any longer. Cryptonus will definitely stay in investors’ memory as one of the most unusual projects of this spring-summer season with nevertheless the same unfortunate outcome for those who lost.


Perhaps this won’t be of too much interest to English speaking readers, but for many Russians involved in TrustInvest and dealing with Rubles it might be some good news. So here we go – TrustInvest (reviewed here) is now accepting deposits via YandexMoney and you can be updated on the minimum amounts to invest and withdraw below:

Starting today, we are adding Yandex.Money payment system. The minimum deposit amount is 2000 rub., the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rub.

Of course, even without YandexMoney TrustInvest had a good choice of payment systems. These included PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash starting from $25 minimum. Plus TrustInvest stands out from many other investment programs that offer you fixed investment terms. These just don’t exist for members of TrustInvest. You earn 1% interest for every calendar day, which if you don’t withdraw automatically becomes a part of your principal on which the next 1% accrual is paid 24 hours later. Thus you can grow quite a substantial daily return on your investment if you choose not to touch it for some time. The most beautiful thing about TrustInvest is that an investor is in full control of his funds and therefore can do whatever he usually does with a current account in a bank – withdraw any amount of principal and profits building up there, or add more funds to the current deposit at any time. There are absolutely no punitive fees for doing so and you can do anything with your funds when you like. What else do you need? Well, some people are concerned about withdrawals. In many cases TrustInvest will pay you instantly and money will appear in your e-currency account within seconds. There might be some security issues in place, so note that instant payouts are in no way guaranteed and the admin reserves the right to pay higher withdrawal requests in manual mode with a maximum processing time of 48 hours. Nothing to complain about though as TrustInvest has become a very reliable performer after the first five weeks on MNO that already surpassed my expectations. The admin of TrustInvest has done an outstanding job with the program now in its fourth month online and hopefully more to come.


I’m not quite sure what Skype-chat is always mentioned in the newsletter from BusinessAngels as there were quite a few announcements made on the same subject already over the last couple of weeks seen, but I can only see one link myself leading to the Skype chat and it was available long before today’s newsletter was issued:

Join and take part in an open discussion.
BusinessAngels Inc Limited company announces the opening of new official chat.
You can always see Skype-chat link at the “Contacts” section or at the top of the home page.
Feedback for all of our customers is our priority to improve the quality of service. We are always happy to hear all your suggestions.

I guess the much more important update from BusinessAngels would be the one on the addition of an Italian language version, joining English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Vietnamese, and Chinese. It’s quite easy to switch between languages on the main page by clicking on the language icon and choosing from the drop-down menu options. Then you will be able to see not only the public area of the site, but also your account in BusinessAngels in your first language. Here’s what the admin had to say about the addition of Italian in his last update:

We have noticed an increased interest on the part of investors from Italia and translated the website to Italian language. This move will ease the work with platform and will help expand the activities of BusinessAngels company in Europe.
You can change the language bar at home page near the icons of social media.

By the way, if you haven’t read the review of BusinessAngels posted on the MNO blog here, I’ll remind you that it’s actually simpler than it might seem at first glance. You join the program with a minimum of $10 (or its equivalent in a different accepted currency) via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, YandexMoney, Qiwi, or OkPay. Then you start receiving your daily earnings that are credited in your account on every business day, Monday to Friday. Withdrawals have to requested from your BusinessAngels account but usually get processed instantly. The investment term is perpetual and you will be paid on every business day “forever”, i.e. for the lifetime of BusinessAngels. You start earning quite a modest 1% daily, which will grow by 0.5% per business day, until it reaches the 4% maximum daily return you will be then receive for the program’s lifetime. Please note though that under no circumstances will you be able to withdraw your initial investment. Once you try out the program’s interface I’m sure you will love how different the account area in BusinessAngels looks compared to other programs. As for the current investors of BusinessAngels who joined the program after it came to be listed on MNO six weeks ago, they should now be pleased with the results and the regular profits after reaching the break-even point. I hope we will see many more and BusinessAngels might just livedup to its divine name.


Ssarini (reviewed here) proved an undoubted hit of the summer. It continues to grow with just a matter of time before it reaches the Top Five Popular Programs list (read the latest article on that here). Even during this slow season investors find Ssarini an attractive platform for investing, and are spoilt with choice when it comes to investment plans. There are two categories of investment plans in Ssarini – those with no expiry period that pay 1.1% to 2.5% every calendar day for as long as the program runs (exact rates will depend on the size of your investment which can start from as low as $10) and those with fixed investment terms and no principal back on expiry which include – 11% for 10 calendar days, 4.67% for 30 calendar days, 3.71% for 45 calendar days, 3.37% for 60 calendar days, 3.23% for 75 calendar days, 3.22% for 90 calendar days. The beauty of investing in Ssarini is that you don’t even have to login to your account to get paid, as the money is sent directly to the same e-currency account you joined with and is usually instant as soon as the interest is credited. It appears investors really like this feature. Of course, the reason behind the growth could be also the constant expansion on international markets. That’s why it’s so important to have the different language versions that Ssarini adds quite frequently. Only today it was announced the site would be translated into Spanish making it more accessible not only to people from Spain itself, but also from many Latin American countries:

Dear Partners!
Today our website will be available in their native language and for Spanish-speaking project partners Ssarini. We continue to work on developing the platform Ssarini and the increase in the number version of the website in different languages.
In addition in the near future the website will work on the Vietnamese language.
Sincerely, Ssarini Team

The second update from Ssarini is not so positive though and it concerns Payza. It’s been dropped as a payment processor as the admin’s account seems to have been blocked. He is no longer able to accept deposits or process withdrawals via Payza for that reason. This unfortunate event happened a couple of days ago and since then there was no further development regarding the situation, so I assume it becomes permanent and Ssarini will not be dealing with Payza for the time being. Those affected by this should contact the admin and/or Payza to ask for a refund on the grounds of the blocked account which makes processing withdrawals impossible. Although I did notice and mention in my review before that deposits via Payza were not automated meaning that the administration of Ssarini possibly didn’t have full permission to use the Payza payment button on the website so that might have been the reason why the account was blocked. However, that is just speculation and if you’re my downline in Ssarini and see your profits in limbo please contact me with your username and I will try to help. Although it’s highly unlikely to happen I still hope the situation can be resolved at some point and deposits and withdrawals will be processed via Payza again. Remember you still have quite a decent choice of alternatives, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, NixMoney, OkPay, Qiwi, Neteller, and Skrill. Regarding Payza though, I would not hold my breath for it to be fixed anytime soon judging by this latest newsletter posted on the Ssarini website:

Dear Partners!
We inform you that from last night was stopped payments on deposits in the payment system Payza. Security service Payza made a temporary block on the account of our company. At the moment we are negotiating with Payza. However, I want to warn you that they can last for a long time.
Any solutions to this problem is at the moment?
Option 1. You continued to wait within 48 hours when payment service Payza will unlock our account. After that you will be paid all funds available for withdrawal.
Option 2. You write service Payza and initiate a debate. However, your Deposit in the company Ssarini will be cancelled. Highly recommend to wait 48 hours before you contact the company Payza. All your money in any case will be returned to you.
What happens after you unlock an account?
After unlocking the account will be disbursed to all our partners. Cooperation with Payza is under question.
Highly recommend to choose another payment service, preferably automatic (PerfectMoney, AdvancedCash, NixMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer).
This issue affects approximately 2-3% of our partners who made the Deposit via Payza. All other payment systems are working normally!
We apologize for the inconvenience. All questions regarding the blocking of your account, you can address to the company Payza. Our guilt in this, we have fully verified and legitimate expense of the company. All actions are conducted unilaterally.
Sincerely, Ssarini Team


Meanwhile Payza has posted a curious article on its official blog dedicated to protecting your business from cyber-criminals. By implementing these tips and following the advice given there you might feel much more secure when it comes to fighting all types of malicious attacks happening online. I imagine HYIP admins should be the first people interested in reading this advice as they are involved in day-to-day money financial transfers so it might come in handy for them to carefully study the newsletter re-posted below:

7 Tips to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Criminals
Congratulations, you’ve made an effort and created a strong password for each of your online accounts. Now you can resume your daily routine, free from the worry that your business may be at risk of a cyber-attack.
Not so fast.
Although a strong password minimizes the likelihood of a security breach, it is not the be-all-and-end-all solution. Today’s cyber criminals are looking for various kinds of weaknesses in your organization. They need data, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Everything from credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security numbers, email addresses, online passwords, and much more.
Unfortunately, small businesses and freelancers often dismiss the possibility that they could be targets of a cyber-attack. The truth is, cyber criminals consider your accounts to be easy targets. Without an information security officer by your side, they know your business is more vulnerable. The same holds true whether you are freelancing as a social media expert, taking online bookings for your next sight-seeing tour, or selling your ceramic coffee cups through your website. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat, 43% of cyber-attacks target small business because of their lack of knowledge and training on security. Just as the internet opens you up to new opportunities in e-commerce and freelancing, it also opens you up to new ways of being defrauded, scammed and robbed.
Don’t panic, though. There are some measures you can take to keep these criminals at bay and protect you, your business, and your customers from attacks.
Here are 7 additional tips to keep your business safe:
1] Make use of security certifications and encryption technologies that help protect sensitive data, and display any accompanying logos signifying that your website is safe. Immediately notify your clientele of any breaches in security. Protecting your clients’ information should be your top priority.
2] Learn as much as you can about how to avoid security risks and make the effort to participate in free webinars and reading online articles from trusted sources.
3] Get a good antivirus software, and keep it updated. IT security organizations like McAfee and AVG have loads of useful tips and tricks.
4] Always update your operating systems and web browsers.
5] Create and maintain internal and customer-facing risk management policies and procedures so your employees know what’s appropriate and what isn’t when working online. Establish clear Internet and social media usage policies as well as rules for using email safely.
6] Familiarize yourself with the contracts you have with your financial institutions and other business partners. Know your liability in case of losses through fraud and other security breaches.
7] As a freelancer, you must also protect yourself outside your home. For those times when you decide to work from a library or café, remember that most public networks tend to be unsafe and risky to use. Protect yourself using a Virtual Private Network (VPN); it will create an encrypted connection that acts like a tunnel between you and an outside server.
By following these tips, you are preventing yourself, your assets and your customers from falling victim to potential threats lurking online. Some of the most important changes a small business or freelancer can make to safeguard against data breaches are relatively simple and require minimal effort. Taking appropriate measures to ensure the trust of your current clientele is as important as making new ones. After all, your business depends on the trust built between you and your customers.
For more tips on securing your e-commerce business, visit the Online Security section of the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


Finally then before we wrap things up for today, it’s time to draw the results of the last opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page and replace the old question with a new one. You may or may not be aware that this July marks an anniversary for MNO, being nine years online in its present format (before that the older content was on a free platform which is why it’s missing from the archive). OK, I know there won’t be very many of you that will have been reading the blog since the start or have been playing the HYIP industry for so long. People drift in and out of the industry as it suits them anyway so I suppose you won’t always have the need for monitors or the information on my blog all the time. But for one reason or another you have found yourself here today. Why? That was the question put to readers in the last opinion poll, or to be exact:
After nine years, why do you still read MNO?

The single biggest reply with 38% of the vote was for “experience and good advice”, which is fair enough because you can’t spend ten years blogging about something without learning a thing or two about the way things really operate. This includes recognizing a lot of the tricks and distractions used by admins to maximize the amount of money they can scam when the time comes, therefore helping my readers recognize them too. Maybe that’s the same reason, or part of it anyway, why the second option had such a strong showing. 26% of those voting say “Actually I hate MNO, but can’t stop reading it anyway!”. Hilarious and baffling in equal measure how some people feel insulted but love coming back for more anyway! Never mind, I know who you are and your undying loyalty to reading MNO is appreciated by me and my advertisers. Please continue. In third place with 18% of the vote was “accurate information that’s always on time”. This was followed by 12% of voters saying “The best programs always list on the MNO monitor.” And finally the remaining 6% of the readers who voted said the reason they continue reading MNO is “Reviews of new programs to think about.” Personally I think they are all good options, so whatever your preference or what you happen to be looking for I hope I can help providing it for you. Any suggestions are most welcome by the way, so if you took the time and effort to vote then don’t be shy in contacting me to say why you voted the way you did and what could be done to improve things.

Moving on to the next question now, I don’t want to keep repeating the obvious but anyone can clearly see there’s a lot less activity in the HYIP industry right now than at any other time of the year. OK, it’s hardly any surprise given that this is pretty much how it is at this time almost every year. Summertime means that people have other interests and priorities, and are simply not going to be in front of their computers for quite so many hours in the day anymore no matter what’s going on in the HYIP world. So for my next question I’d like to know where you guys fit in to all this. The question I’m asking is:
How does the summer vacation season affect your interest in HYIPs?

Possible answers are from the following:
– No affect, I will join good programs if I find them.
– I still follow the news but don’t really spend as much money.
– I won’t be doing anything until autumn.

As usual I’ll leave the poll open for at least a week, maybe ten days, which is plenty of time to give anyone who wants to vote ample opportunity to do so. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to vote here, and remember it literally only takes a second and is completely anonymous unless you prefer to discuss it on the MNO ShoutBox.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsBusinessAngelsSpecialProfitTrustInvestSsarini.
From MNO Standard list: BlackWhiteLimited (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: TokyoInvestmentCompanyBitcilyHoldingLtd, FxDividend.

That’s it for tonight, guys. Thanks for reading and if you also still invest in HYIPs I wish you the best of luck with your investments. Hopefully the new program BlackWhiteLimited will prove a popular choice with readers and as I’ve already received the first withdrawal and moved the program to Paying status on the MNO monitor I’ll take a detailed look at it on Sunday. I will of course keep a close look at my monitor as well and will let you know on the MNO ShoutBox if any new promising investment programs come along. If you need any kind of advice on my part please do not hesitate to write to me at this contact page and subscribe to the daily news from my blog here not to miss anything important. And don’t forget to vote on the MNO TalkBack opinion poll here. See you all soon everyone!

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