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Hello everyone, and welcome again to MNO – the only investment blog in fluent English in the HYIP industry that really knows how things really work. As we’re in July now and the hottest month of the year in many countries around the world it’s no wonder that many investors prefer to think about vacations instead of investments. This seasonal pattern is, of course, true to the point that we see fewer quality new programs launched these days. However, that also means that with a stable if low cash flow level programs continue ticking over in the long term. With no programs monitored on MNO closing this week it’s surely a good sign. Moreover, such programs as MacauCau prove exactly the opposite – they can grow despite the summer slowdown and attract more players even outside of the usual circle of HYIP players which seems a good recipe for success. Actually, MacauCau is the main topic of discussion on the MNO news section today along with some improvements in BusinessAngels which is also bucking the trend by growing nicely and a totally new set of investment plans now introduced in Cryptonus. I’ll also look at the results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and will be adding a new question to vote on. Let’s get started then.


Honestly, I am truly stunned with the performance of MacauCau during an otherwise slow summer season and can say with a high degree of certainty that it’s the hottest program on MNO at the moment. With a multiple referral structure I currently have 254 members under me which ensured the #1 position of MacauCau on the MNO Premium List in less than a month on my monitor. That’s perhaps the highest number since Capital7 and RixosFinance ruled the HYIP industry last spring, but at the same time even such figures cannot be compared, as MacauCau is totally different from regular HYIPs. It’s a money game where promotion plays a crucial part in its development and eventually the longevity of the program depends on the combined efforts of members who buy and sell tickets between themselves. Each ticket consists of one to four coupons that cost $25 which is the minimum requirement to join via BitCoin or PerfectMoney. Once you submit your buying request and the MacauCau system finds you a seller you then have 24 hours to pay for your coupons and immediately after that become a part of the game with a chance to earn 200% on your investment. As the first investors joined under MNO who started its promotion on the very beginning are in profit already, it’s safe to say that MacauCau is currently in its prime. With 5% daily accruals on your coupon an investor has a better chance to achieve the $25 minimum withdrawal much faster with a ticket costing $100 than one costing $25, and then sell it to another participant and get paid within 24 hours of a buyer being found (currently the process takes about 12 to 24 hours for me). The main advantage of joining MacauCau and understanding the rules are in the detailed review of the program here and also the interview with the admin here. I’m also able to help to all my referrals in MacauCau so you may contact me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Doubling your money in MacauCau shouldn’t be taken for granted though and, as it’s explicitly said that it’s a game whose growth will determine its success, it’s crucial for every member to contribute by promoting the program among online and offline contacts. I do my part on my monitor, but you should too, as team spirit is what the administration really encourages in their emails and will assist anyone who would like to add extra income from their downlines to their overall profits from MacauCau. Of course, the level of participation in the program and total amount of purchased tickets is another condition you must fulfil in order to truly maximize your income from your referral structure in MacauCau and enjoy the highest rewards, so it’s important to keep yourselves updated on the program which I must admit has been pretty active so far. In the latest newsletters from the last few days the MacauCau administration stressed the importance of creating groups among different communities (the site is available in numerous languages) and explain the benefits of joining as the rules are a bit complicated at first. I believe that MacauCau‘s promoters are doing a great job, and to encourage them further a contest was recently announced among the program’s leaders. The rules along with some spectacular prizes can be found in the second newsletter posted below:

With MacauCau leadership groups are growing like mushrooms after the rain…
Since we opened Contacts section on the MacauCau website there are already three leadership groups have been published, and after some moderation you will see a few new groups. In the meantime, below groups which are already in work:
– Wechat Leadership group in Chinese;
– Skype Leadership group in German and English;
– The new leadership group on the popular Chinese portal – QQ.
We noticed an interesting fact, the leaders of our groups so popular that in the first days the number of participants in groups reached more than a hundred people. The groups work “boils” in the literal sense of the word – leaders are explaining the rules to beginners, all participants exchanging experience in MacauCau. As well they are sharing their successes and train, train and train each other…
For those leaders who only search tools for development – groups and chat rooms is a great opportunity for your leadership position, do not miss it. Create groups in various social networks and in all kinds of instant messengers. Do you want us to recall the names of sites? These are groups on Facebook, QQ, Wechat, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, did we forget to mention something else?
Systemize audience around yourselves, share useful information, then e-mail us our application for groups publishing. We are pleased to post the best group on MacauCau site.
Time does not wait… Did your group has already been published on MacauCau?

MacauCau at the beginning of a long and interesting journey. We talk about it all the time, and we are confident that you are willing to go along this path with us.
MacauCau starting stage already passed, it was a very energetic month. We see your happy reviews, means you like our game. So for all leaders, as well including ourselves is left to follow the same pace as 1st month – distribute information about our wonderful game.
Although we noticed a strange thing, we all do, tell, invite, game has funds rotation (lots of money). Structures are growing, as well many leaders are joined from various countries, a lot of surveys written in different languages, there are written numerous instructions for beginners, and yet something is not enough
… somehow it is a bit boring? how about you ..Agree?
Now it is a time to add to our game some real drive, time to raise the degree of the mood of our leaders. Now It’s time to make MacauCau more exciting, more interesting and more profitable.
We decided to add a competitive spirit and to open the “first race for leaders!”
This is the first Leadership race among all alike projects!
There are 2 weeks of real drive waiting for you ! In the end of which it will be show off the real Top-leader!
There are 5 prizes at the finish. It is only 5 leaders out of several thousand MacauCau leaders around the world.
What do the winners get?
All 5 people will receive the status of “Partner MacauCau
First. These leaders will become referrer to MacauCau thousands of people who come in without sponsor and somehow independently cope with the issues of participation. All subsequent newcomers without sponsors will automatically be sent to the winners of this competition.
Outset, we do not intend to force anyone to anything , there is more to that. As a competition will be held openly and participants of the competition will be always in the sight, we just believe that in the process they will win great popularity among the participants as the result of their work. By the end of the second week of a leadership race, You – all participants in the competition will become mega popular and people will be drawn to you in the structure.
I remember a magical feeling when people write you a call and say – I want to be with you in a team, how can I engage in your structure ,or how can I move with you as a team .. Oh yeah! Because you’re famous and people know you!
Do You want to be famous,and people will just flow in to your structure?
Terms are as following. Among the winners, the flow of new participants will be divided in the ratio:
1st place – 50% of all users without the sponsor,
2nd place – 20% of all users without the sponsor,
3rd place – 15% of all users without the sponsor,
4th place – 10% of all users without the sponsor,
5th place 5% of all users without sponsor.
Second. All winners will have access to some advertising budget, formed by the leaders of their referral bonuses and be able to spend it at their discretion in the offline and online promotion Sway structure.
What do you think, how much advertising you can do on additional money from the fund? The winners will participate on the finalization and implementation of the new functionality in the system.
Third. Naturally, we are interested in developing of business and communication capabilities of our leader- winners. They must always be on high-quality communication with us, so decided to sponsor winners with some material goods:
The 1st winner will receive a set of “Successful Leader” – laptop + business class phone from Apple or Samsung.
The participants who took 2-5 places will receive a business class phone from Apple or Samsung.
In summarizing of results , all will be taken into account.
The number of registrations for the period of “Race”, the volume of deposits, individual and team, also will take into account the tutoring of the referrals, each referral can say kind words in support of their leader in comments, and it will add to him the chance of winning, and have more proposals for the promotion of the project etc.
And now the most important !! This has never been done!
Fourth. MacauCau Administration is ready to assist all those who actively participated in the Race, the financing of promotional projects, our website resources. All will be given to help the leaders!
Well… Create! Work..! and Earn!!!
P.S. The taste of victory is the sweetest! But do not think that the victory comes and stays with you forever. As soon as you stop working with your team and make active steps, the status of the partner can take someone who does a little bit more and just did not enter those top 5. Winner place will not stay empty. Who will be there it is up to you .. Maybe You are the One who are reading these words right now?
P.S. For those participants who do not try themselves in the leadership race, do not feel down we are also preparing some nice innovations for you too!
We have come up with something what will make you say – I am proud that I participate in MacauCau. Very soon! Stay tuned, it will be interesting, fun, profitable, and of course most importantly, useful!


BusinessAngels (reviewed here) is still going strong and after more than three weeks on MNO I believe many of my readers are already enjoying the 4% per business day interest rate paid for how ever long the program survives. Technically speaking in accordance to BusinessAngels‘ rules you start with 1% per day which increases by 0.5% increments over the first seven business days. Only by the end of that period will you be able to get the maximum 4% rate which continues from that day on. I guess one of the major drawing points of BusinessAngels is instant withdrawals and over the first weeks of monitoring the program I never had to wait more than a few seconds to see the money in my e-currency account. By the way, when it comes to choice of payment options BusinessAngels have perhaps the widest selection of anonymous payment methods in the HYIP industry, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, AdvCash, NixMoney, YandexMoney, and Qiwi. God only knows what other payment methods the admin of BusinessAngels can think of adding in the future and with such physical currencies like USD, EUR, and RUB accepted it seems that almost impossible to resist. A $10 minimum required to join also makes it affordable. The international appeal of BusinessAngels comes to life by a constant addition of different languages which can be viewed by clicking the appropriate flag in the top left-hand corner drop-down menu on the main page. Apart from English, there are also Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Vietnamese versions available, and most recently Chinese was also added to the mix. Here’s the latest update that should help BusinessAngels expanding in Asian markets as shared by the admin yesterday:

Chinese language
We have noticed an increased interest on the part of investors from China and translated the website in Chinese. This move will ease the work with platform and will help expand the activities of BusinessAngels company into Asian direction.
You can change the language bar at home page near the icons of social media.


As it’s not the first time the admin of Cryptonus made a total overhaul of the investment plans and as I already edited the review posted here once before, I won’t be doing it again. It tends to happen that the admin sets the priorities for the program’s development and depending on his short-term goals adjusts the investment plans accordingly. The worst thing is that since you don’t really have an account in Cryptonus there is no way to know when such changes are implemented, as no information is sent. The only way to see the progress of your investment in Cryptonus sign in by submitting your PerfectMoney or BitCoin address you joined with. That’s another peculiarity of Cryptonus that some members like which makes it different from others, and contributes to its success. Cryptonus has now been on MNO for 105 days which is more than enough time to profit on investments that can start from as low as $10 via PerfectMoney or 0.025BTC in BitCoins. The weirdest thing about Cryptonus is that they use separate websites for investments via PerfectMoney and BitCoin with different domain names, but interlinked with each other so you don’t get lost. The overall simplicity is perhaps the best word to describe Cryptonus which is literally hassle-free for investors who can join and forget about it, as the profits are sent automatically to their PM and BitCoin accounts on a weekly basis. By the way, the current investment structure has been simplified as well and with the two and three week plans eliminated, leaving only the four week plans to choose from. So, the new investment plans will pay a weekly interest payment for weeks with no principal included. If you wish a stable 30% return for the duration of 4 weeks, then it will make you the total 120% return by the end of the investment term. For seekers of bigger profits there are two other investment plans available which are riskier, but more rewarding at the same time. 125% return by the end will constitute of the following returns: 20% after the first week, 25% after the second week, 30% after the third week, and the remaining 50% after the fourth week. And if you wish to choose the most profitable plan with a 130% total return then be prepared to receive your first profit of 30% only after two weeks, while you will get 40% after the third week, and finally 60% on the term’s end in four weeks. As you see, the new plan structure possibly reflects the program’s growing popularity and not to empty the Cryptonus coffers too fast, taking into consideration the general slowness of the HYIP industry during the summer months. I truly hope that with a new set of investment plans Cryptonus will be develop further and be better equipped to reach the autumn in tact. We’ll wait and see what happens next!


Moving away from actual HYIPs now and on to the payment processors used by them, the official news blog of Payza has issued some fairly solid if common sense advice. They’ve actually had a number of articles there recently devoted to online security, with this most recent one focusing on website passwords. Being a verifiable payment system with many similarities to SolidTrustPay for example, your money is in many ways safer with Payza than it is with other anonymous processors. That’s not to say it’s impossible to hack into Payza accounts, it’s just that it’s going to be a lot more difficult for someone to steal any money from it if they were to gain access. That’s also no reason for complacency however, and the subjects discussed in the following update are just as applicable to every website that contains private and confidential information, be it your credit card, your bank account, or just a couple of HYIPs you play with minimum deposits. Please read it the whole way through and take the information on board, no matter how careful or experienced you think you are:

Stay secure and use a password for your Payza account that is different from all other accounts
We want your account to remain safe.
Using the same, or similar, passwords online puts your account at risk—a risk that is easy to avoid.
Preventing security breaches is a top priority at Payza and we need your help to ensure your account remains safe from hackers. Your first line of defense is to use a strong and distinct password for your Payza account.
By distinct, we mean that your password to log in to Payza is different from your passwords for your email, social media, and other online accounts.
A common mistake is to reuse passwords because a security breach at one website can result in many online accounts being accessed by a cybercriminal.
If you reuse a password for your Payza account, please go change it now.
Changing your password is simple; here is how:
1. Log in to your account.
2. Click on your name next to your avatar in the top left corner.
3. Select ‘Password’ and make necessary changes.
Here we provide you with a guide on how to pick a great password and show how you can avoid common security risks by understanding how they occur in the first place. You will find at the end of this post additional resources about online security, scams and fraud.
Memorizing complex passwords for all your online accounts is difficult and often frustrating. You can avoid this frustration and make strong passwords that are memorable if you use a strategy or “password formula”.
Consider this formula as an example: take the name of a website and replace letters in the name with a memorable word, and then add a sequence of numbers after a fixed set of letters.
So, “Payza” has two vowel “a”s; we can replace these vowels with a favorite color, say red, which makes the word “Predyzred”; then we can insert numbers after three letters, counting up from a favorite number, say 5. This results in a strong, distinct password generated by an easy to remember formula:
By remembering the formula, you can figure out your password for any account (e.g., the same formula applied to a Twitter account would produce the password “Twr5edt6tre7dr”).
An added plus is that you can make a simple change to the formula, making it easy to change your passwords on a regular basis–e.g., count up from 6 instead of 5.
Indeed, you should change your passwords about once a month. So for this example, next month’s password for this Payza account will be:
Here are more excellent strategies and simple formulas for choosing strong and memorable passwords:
– Strategies from Google
– Strategies from Boston University
– Strategies from the blog, ShoutMeLoud
Invent your own password formula today; it’s fun.
Common ways hackers steal passwords and how you can protect yourself
Cybercriminals are very clever at finding ways to breach even the most complex online security systems. Even prominent government offices and corporations with extensive security systems, such as LinkedIn and Target, were recently embroiled in highly publicized security hacks.
At first it may appear that we have little control over these unfortunate security breaches; in fact, we all can take simple precautions to minimize the theft of our private information. Once again, changing your password on a regular basis is a great strategy to stop third parties from accessing your online accounts, especially since you may be unaware that a hacker acquired your user names, email addresses and associated passwords. Know that many hackers collect user names and passwords in order to sell them to other cybercriminals over the course of weeks, months, sometimes years; by changing your password frequently, you can render this hacked information useless before it is sold.
The second most important strategy is to remain vigilant when any online entity requests your password, especially when a site offers a reward or incentive.
A quick search on the internet will uncover countless sites that claim to have found “magical computer tricks” that enable anyone to acquire followers on social media or supercharge the search ranking of blog posts and online content–all for free.
Tempted by these rewards, unsuspecting internet users are directed to what looks like an official social media or website login page, where they are required to log in and then receive their reward. These login pages are in fact clone sites that record your user name and password.
Online payment platforms, including Payza, have identified similar scams that claim to offer simple computer tricks to instantly add free money to your account. Known as “money adders”, “hacks”, and “loot downloads”, we are certain that all of these sites are scams that never provide anyone with any benefit, especially not free money in their accounts. The take home message here is that you should only provide your Payza account information at our login page located at this web address:
If an unfamiliar avatar greets you, you know you are at the wrong site.
Stay vigilant and tell us about suspicious activity online
If you notice suspicious activity online or suspect an unwanted person has accessed your account, please report the problem to us so we can investigate immediately.
Our Fraud Prevention and Security Departments work hard to protect your account and personal information from cybercriminals. We appreciate your help in using great passwords and doing your part to ensure Payza’s payment gateway remains secure.
Additional resources
Want to know if unwanted people have access to your emails? Check if it is just you reading them!
See what popular online scams are circulating on the internet. How many do you recognize?
Read detailed descriptions of how hackers steal passwords and how you can prevent this from happening to you, here and here.
Check out these practical tips for online security written by our peers.
Here are previous posts on our blog and help desk about passwords.


To finish up for today then, as it’s the weekend I want to examine the results of the most recent opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page and add a new question. You might remember the last question didn’t relate to the HYIP industry directly but instead focused on the MNO website, specifically subscribing to the newsletter which you can do here. Most of you will know of course that you can sign up to have all the news updates and reviews of new programs on the MNO blog delivered straight to your e-mail address automatically a couple of hours after they are published. This of course means that instead of just wondering whether there’s anything going on in the HYIP industry you need to be aware of or not, you’ll stay informed almost immediately if and when anything worth hearing about happens. This is how around three and a half thousand of you keep up-to-date on the programs listed on the MNO monitor. The exact question I asked was:
Do you subscribe to the MNO e-mail news service?

I was pleased to see awareness of the service was high, with the single biggest answer of “Yes, I like to be kept informed via mail” being taken by 52% of the voters. In second place 43% of you prefer to do things the traditional way, voting “No, I only check the MNO website directly”. There’s still a lot to be said for this of course, because while I think it’s important to stay informed about the news updates from the programs you have joined you should also visit the MNO monitor directly to check on the most up-to-date status. The remaining 5% of readers seemed to be unaware of the subscription service, voting “I wasn’t aware the service existed but may consider it”. This is why I’ve tried to streamline the process and explain the benefits of the service on the new MNO subscription page found here.

For the next question, the last newsletter from Payza got me to thinking about password security and how much attention people really pay to this important matter. I mean, we’re constantly being bombarded with reminders and warnings about staying safe online, and I can’t help but feel most of these would be unnecessary if people only paid more attention and used some common sense in the first place.

Let me give you a simple example of how easy it can be to get yourself into trouble in this area. I’ll assume that the majority of MNO readers are regular HYIP players, either keeping a portfolio of several programs at the same time or at least joining several over the course of a year. Now, let’s say you’ve joined fifty programs since last summer. It’s very very unlikely that you have dealt with fifty different individual admins, despite them changing their working names every time. Without knowing about it, or possibly even thinking about it, you will have joined several programs all run by the very same person. If that person for any reason becomes aware that you have used the same password in two of his programs, he can figure it out pretty quickly that there’s a good chance you may have used it in a third. If he is so inclined, and let’s face it HYIP admins aren’t exactly renowned for their honesty, all he needs to do is visit any forum or monitor to find a list of currently active programs and go through them one-by-one until process of elimination brings him to finding and accessing any accounts you might have with them. OK, it’s a total shot in the dark but it costs him nothing to try and takes a very short space of time from someone who basically doesn’t have anything better to do all day anyway.

So, without asking any confidential details, this weeks poll will pose the following question:
How do you choose safe passwords?

Possible answers include:
a) Random numbers and letters that follow no pattern
b) Proper words, but different every time
c) I follow my own series and patterns
d) I sometimes use the same or similar passwords for some sites

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone who votes. Remember it’s totally anonymous and only takes literally just a second to click the option that best matches your own scenario. As usual the poll will stay open for around about a week or so, maybe ten days depending on how busy I am at the time, which is plenty of time for anyone who wants to participate to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: MacauCauBandeiraCorpArdexFunds, TrustInvest, BusinessAngels.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, SpecialProfit,BitcilyHoldingLtdFxDividend.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you’re all having a good summer so far, but also not forgetting to keep an eye on MNO because when the new investment season starts you will be the first to know about the biggest investment programs in the industry that can really make you some money. Stay tuned and check my blog often or subscribe for the news to be delivered to your email address from this page. Remember that you can also follow MNO on Twitter and Facebook, and that I’m always pleased to answer all your questions regarding the programs monitored on MNO and HYIP industry in general submitted via this contact page. Please take a moment to vote in the poll running on the MNO TalkBack by clicking here with the results posted next week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, guys, and see you all soon!

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