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Hi guys! I hope that you’re in the good mood today and is ready to start off and travel with me on the limitless and fascinating world of HYIP investments. So, fasten your seatbelts as we are ready to take off with the daily news on MNO blog!

As you might know today America celebrated Labor day so I’d like to send my regards to any American readers celebrating. Obviously the admins of many HYIPs took advantage as well and announced a day off from payments. Ironic then that they call it “Labor day” when nobody works, (lol!) although I have absolutely no doubt that that they are as far from the real ForEx and stock markets as I am from the Moon. Well, this is the world of HYIP and numerous programs state up front that they will not be paying on non-business days as today was in the US. I will therefore give you the updates from those programs along with a brief reminder of what it is they are offering.

Let’s start with HyperCompound. As you might know from my review of the program (click here to read it) and from my recent interview with the admin (here) HyperCompound is a pretty interesting program and the mechanism of payments is quite different from anything else, allowing investors to enjoy daily profits from 1.5% to 3% growing daily in tandem with the length of your stay with the program as well as an investment bonus that rewards the most loyal investors of HyperCompound. The payments from HyperCompound can be requested every day and be paid instantly to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts for the duration of the investment period which is 100 business days after which the full principal will be returned. Of course since the interest is only credited on business days today as a day off which HyperCompound reported on the website yesterday in this short update:
Labour Day
Holiday: Labour Day. No profits will be available for tomorrow, 05.09.11.

One of the most popular long-term investment programs of the year – SafeDepositary (reviewed here) – also reported about the non-crediting members’ accounts today due to it being Labor Day in the US. SafeDepositary has been running successfully for 13 months already and recently managed to reach the Top 3 most popular programs among MNO readers so I would like to heartily congratulate them for this wonderful achievement. The program offers instant payouts on 1.6%-2.3% for 150 business days with principal returned to four payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. As you see all the popular payment systems are accepted which makes it a popular choice and the long run for over a year only heats things up and draws more and more new customers to SafeDepositary. Here is the latest news from the program, by the way:
Non-trading day
Dear clients! Please keep in mind that no interest payments will be done today because of Labor Day in United States. Thank you for doing business with SafeDepositary!

Another popular program – NeoProgress (reviewed here) – also announced today as a non-business day and a vacation for its admin. Here is the update sent to all the members of NeoProgress today:
Labour Day – Non trading day – NeoProgress
5 of September is a non business day. Profit will not be added. We celebrate Labour Day. Our congratulations to all our investors and NeoProgress clients.
NeoProgress Client Support Department”.
Well, just like the afore mentioned SafeDepositary, NeoProgress accepts all the popular payment processors – LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay – and provides investors with instantly processed payouts on the following plans – 1.5% for 30 business days, 1.8% for 60 business days, 2% for 90 business days, 2.2% for 100 business days with principal returned on each of them.

It looks like ReProFinance (originally reviewed here) had some issues last night as I noticed this message on the site preventing investors from accessing the member’s area for several hours:
The site is temporary unavailable due to its maintenance. Please come back later.
Today everything is back to normal in ReProFinance and the payments seem to be processed instantly to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney as usual. However, just like the other popular long-term programs the admin of ReProFinance (read my recent interview with them here) decided to skip the day completely and do not credit the interest to members’ accounts which is by the way paid on the following investment plans offered by the program – 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry. The latest news on the website provided a more elaborate explanation on why the accounts were not credited today:
The Labor Day 2011
In 2011, Labour Day holiday falls on Monday, September 5. Since all main U.S. markers and exchangers are closed no interest will be credited to our investors’ accounts today.

The site of another successful program – PowerfulStrategy (reviewed here) – was offline for many hours yesterday and only this morning I noticed that the site was back online and paying instantly as usual to AlertPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve on plans that include 1.8% for 10 business days, 2% for 25 business days, 2.3% for 60 business days, 2.8% for 120 business days with principal return on each of them. To the admin’s credit, he was quite fast in getting back to me last night and explained that there was nothing to worry about and that the PowerfulStrategy website was going to return shortly after some technical issues were solved. Here is the latest update about that posted on the website of PowerfulStrategy which recently hit #5 on the MNO rating of the most popular programs:
We have updated our DNS server and for some users the access to our server may be denied due to the fact that their service providers have to cache our old DNS. We apologize and ask you not to worry, our web-site will be available to you as soon as your provider updates the cache.

The admin of the relatively new but rapidly expanding program CommoditiesCapital James (interviewed here) keeps improving his program by adding some new features to it. Today their very own forum for the investors of CommoditiesCapital was announced and you can read about it in the following update:
Forum added
As i’ve promised you already we have now implemented our own forum. You can find the button on our top menu and it will bring you to the forum. There you will need to register again and can post. We will continue with more improvements tomorrow. In the mean time please don’t forget about our referral contest (link can be found in member area) who will be over in two days now and also our daily questions from Facebook wall where you can win 10$ cash prize daily. Thank you very much for all your suggestions and support.
Regards, James. CommoditiesCapital”.
Just to remind you – CommoditiesCapital has been online for over 40 days now paying to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on the following plans – 1.8% for 100 days (principal back), 3.2% for 45 days, 5% for 30 days, 6.5% for 25 days. More on this program can be read in my review here.

The admin of EurexTrade (interviewed here) finally kept his promise given a few months ago and added the first language version. French speakers are the first ones to try the new version of the website. Kind amusing in a way that the announcement of the availability of a French language website gets made in English, but there you go. The latest update from EurexTrade is as follows:
French Localization Has Been Added
Dear Investors! Starting from today you can view French localization of our website which is available at
Thank you for choosing us!
Every customer is important to us.
If you have found any errors and mistakes in translation please kindly contact us.
I remind you that EurexTrade has been running for over six months already offering instant payouts to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney and accepting deposits in variable paying on business day plans with no expiry date and with the principal returned on request. More on that can be read in my review of the program posted here.

I might be wrong but for me it looks like the addition of the new investment plan to the the current #1 program on MNO ViscoCorp paying 170%-200% after 10 days may indicate the admin’s intention to scam soon. Judge by yourself – the new plan is only available for the deposits starting from $1,000 and LibertyReserve is the only payment processor you can use. I’m not so sure that this plan can be sustained with such returns and investment minimums and therefore I’m kinda hesitate to praise the program at the current moment. I would advise to all the investors to report to me if they have any issues with the payments from one of the currently offered plans in ViscoCorp – 0.8%-1.5% daily forever, 22%-23% daily for 5 days, 450%-600% after 30 days, 900%-1350% after 90 days or 1260% after 180 days. So far, ViscoCorp (reviewed here) has been paying me flawlessly for the last seven months and is quite popular among MNO readers which proves its first place on MNO, but please understand that for all HYIPs there is a point of no return, and I suspect that the newly launched plan might be the first step to scamming. Here is the update posted on the site of ViscoCorp today:
10 Days Plans Launched ! Interest 17%-20% will be sent to your account daily for 10 days. Total 170%-200% return. Principal deposit included the interest return. Interest GUARANTEED. Limited invest amount offered, will be closed for invest once reached the investment limit.

After60Days (reviewed here) remains a good choice if you’re a fan of short-term games and keeps paying perfectly well on the plans that have already expired for its first 11 days online – 104%-120% after 1 day, 122%-200% after 5 days, 200%-700% after 15 days, 10,000% after 60 days. The admin of the program recently was reviewed on MNO blog and managed to answer all my questions (click here to read it). So far my personal experience with After60Days has been only positive as all the withdrawals to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are being processed within the promised 11 hour timeframe. The program also managed to achieve the top spot on one of the popular monitoring sites and the admin registered the domain for five years, which doesn’t mean much but the fact that he tries to create confidence among investors of After60Days who might feel discouraged by the number of short-term programs that collapsed for the last couple of days while After60Days still keeps paying fine. Here is the latest update from the program for your attention:
After60Days is the most popular program among all!
Good news from After60Days!
 After60Days is the most popular program among all!
We are located on the first place among the best programs on AllHyipMonitors!
Thank you for the trust and support at forums and monitors.
Stay with After60Days forever and remember – our domain was registered for 5 years!
More news:
Best Regards.

To prove my point about the promising short-term programs collapsing recently I can’t help but mention an unfortunate event that happened to the admin of SushiProfit who was the victim of a hacker and forced to close the site prematurely, just after 3 days online. If we believe the explanation provided by him on the website he planned to run SushiProfit for about two months but along comes an evil hacker and emptied his LR account with the help of some backdoors in the licensed GoldCoders in addition to his extra skills. I would like to tell you that I hear such allegations against GoldCoders script quite often but many programs keep running on it perfectly well for many months, so I don’t see the reason why the admin should refuse using it just because of this isolated incident which is yet to be established. To tell you the truth I was quite surprised to see such a farewell update on SushiProfit‘s website as the admin first issued some updates about the issues with LibertyReserve deposits which seem not to be credited properly to members’ accounts followed by the request to check the payment processors accounts in SushiProfit before requesting the payout. Such precautions are quite routine for many HYIPs so I didn’t pay much attention to that. Yet, after a few hours the website disappeared and only this update remains posted till now stating the reasons of closing the program:
This is an early warning to any HYIP admin that uses the GoldCoders script (doesn’t matter if he uses instant payments or not) – please be advised that the script is totally not safe to use as the hacker can not only read all your site database, but he can also change fields in it (without even accessing your admin panel, cPanel or FTP), and the best proof for it is what happened to SushiProfit today. The hacker changed almost all LibertyReserve account numbers of SushiProfit members (except monitors), including passwords of many accounts, even though the option to change it was disabled. Furthermore, the hacker also changed something in the database that made LibertyReserve & PerfectMoney deposits not credited instantly into members accounts anymore. Such thing has never happened to my sites before and this just proofs to you that hackers potential is endless, and they can do everything they want – nothing is impossible for them if they want to destroy a promising program. I was too naive thinking that SushiProfit is totally safe from hackers because I didn’t use instant payments from the beginning but it appears I was wrong. SushiProfit is closed now because of the hacker and I will never use GoldCoders script again. I was planning to run it successfully for at least 55-60 days but it is now unable to continue due to the hacker. I would like to warn especially EarnGroups and ExtraFxIncomes admins, who use instant payments and GoldCoders script – I can assure you that the hacker knows your API and can steal all your money in LibertyReserve & PerfectMoney accounts anytime he wants. If you don’t believe me now, you will believe me in the day he comes to you and does that. In my opinion he is just waiting for the right time to do that – when the balance in your accounts is the highest. As long as you are using GoldCoders script, doesn’t matter if you modified it or not – you are totally not safe from hackers. All my past programs that used instant payments and GoldCoders script were hacked and the hacker stole all the money – he will do exactly the same to all the programs that use this script now.
Here is a screenshot from my LibertyReserve account after I clicked on the mass payment button to process the pending withdrawals at that time:
As you can see, the hacker used account names of programs in the wide variety of LibertyReserve accounts he created.
All HYIPs that use GoldCoders script are in a big danger now. You have all been warned and I hope this warning will save many of you from being hacked. I have no idea what the hacker is planning to do now but at least you are all fully aware about it now.

The situation with GorgonProjectInvest remains gloomy and unpromising as the admin of the program Paul seems to have totally disappeared off the radar and it looks like the Live support was left alone to deal with the dissatisfied investors who keep waiting for their pending LibertyReserve withdrawals. The official Twitter by GorgonProjectInvest left some people with a ray of hope with a weird update published today blaming forums and naysayers for their current plight and promising to publish some positive news on GorgonProjectInvest site tonight:
Please ignore the hysteria on the Forums and blogs. People seem to thrive on trying to destroy the very program they have invested in!
We will have an update on our web site in a few hours with the current situation. There is nothing to panic about and everything is positive.
DDoS Attacks, Hacking Attempts, Fake e-mails & web sites, Negative campaigns on blogs and forums – we’ve had it all, but we are still here!
Well, as of now I still don’t see any official news posted and I don’t hold out much hope for it. For the last few days the deposits in the program abruptly stopped and now even the most loyal supporters (including me) starting to ask questions about the direction the program has been heading in. We will wait and see what happens next but from my experience the moment when GorgonProjectInvest could return online without any negative consequences has been missed and the admin Paul missed a great chance to explain himself on MNO Chat and in personal emails to me. Unfortunately, it’s time to admit the obvious – GorgonProjectInvest will most probably collapse within the next few days. Of course, the payments to other payment processors apart from LR might continue but that doesn’t mean that the program is still in good shape and definitely it’s not recommended for investments. Please note that I understand the frustration of many investors of GorgonProjectInvest and I will do my best to keep you all updated if I hear something from Paul or read it on the official communication channels of the program. For now I’m afraid that putting the blame to monitors and forums will not help GorgonProjctInvest to recover. The only thing that might help – payments to all the payment processors with no exceptions and no delays which I doubt will happen.

According to the admin of HitNRunMasters NB (interviewed here) the only reason why the recently collapsed HotInvesting stayed online as long as it did was to achieve one particular and evil goal – to make the admin look stupid. The program pays to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on one plan offering 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days with principal returned. The rules are discussed in a bit more detail in my detailed review of the program here. But it seems the admin has opted for keeping his predictions to himself in future. This is exactly what the other HYIPs are doing and the right thing to do for HitNRunMasters in my opinion instead of making some bold statements without any evidence. We all know how all the HYIPs are working and HitNRunMasters is not an exception in my humble opinion. Anyway, the program has been listed on MNO for six full weeks already which is still not long enough even for the first investors to be in profit. So, we will see how HitNRunMasters will develop in what should be a more exciting Autumn season. Here is the last newsletter from HitNRunMasters in full:
HnRM is doing well.
I am impressed with the number of members we are attracting now. As more and more of the so-called ‘winning’ hyips begin to go south, members are starting to migrate to our door. I think they are now realising we are who we say we are, and we do what we say we do.
Events over the past couple of weeks have prompted me to change my public image. No longer will I give hints about our targets or the next “good thing” that is going down. Instead I will go back behind the scenes in stealth mode. Admins who know we have an interest in their program go on “red alert” and will do anything in their power to try to make us look stupid. Having said that has meant that in at least one case the admin paid out far more than he planned to before closing.
Our online raids have been very fruitful. Because we have a stable but ever-growing pool of funds has meant we have the liquidity to take advantage of more opportunities. There has been a good number of short term programs offering very high ROI AND paying.
We are fast approaching two months online. Many of our members are receiving upper levels of return every day. I can see that they are content with trusting our judgment because we have had very few principal return requests.
We have the best live support team. Please feel free to contact them about any account problems or if you need help with any facet of investing. Our support is the best so if you need them please use them.
Admin NB. HitNRunMasters”.

I would like to announce that very soon you will be able to read my third interview with the admin of EarnGroups whose program has proved to be popular even without AlertPay and keeps paying to other accepted payment processors (SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and AlertPay) for over a month after their AP issues. The admin definitely deserves some respect for running his program for so long and I think the investors will be interested to know about Christian’s plans for the future. EarnGroups is currently #2 among the most popular programs on MNO and is still paying instantly on two short-term investment plans – 120% after 7 days and 145% after 14 days. To refresh your memory about EarnGroups before the next interview is published you’re advised to read the first two or the original review of the program posted here. Stay tuned for more interesting news from Christian on MNO soon!

SuperHotPay is the newest addition to my list of short term games on Premium listing from today when the program has launched. It looks to me like the next installment from the highly-successful chain of programs like HotInvesting and SecureEarn that both lasted for over a month and became extremely popular among investors. Hopefully, SuperHotPay will be able to repeat their success as I believe the admin might be a really experienced person in running such type of programs for a long time already. Experienced investors might look at the program and recognize some familiar features – flashy design with images of money flying everywhere, a licensed GoldCoders script, SSL-encryption throughout the website, a dedicated server from AntiDDoS, only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accepted starting from $10 and the payouts manually processed once daily within 24 hours on request. A more detailed review of SuperHotPay will be posted on MNO tomorrow when I hope to receive my first payment from the program of which I will inform you on my blog so you will also see a changed status on my monitoring page.

By the way, speaking of payments the following programs paid me for the last 24 hours and are listed on Paying status on my monitoring page:
StockBiz, PerfectLottery, OnlineInvestmentBank, ViscoCorp, TopsFund, BruyetteInvestment, HitNRunMasters, After60Days, HyperCompound, PowerfulStrategy, BrantonsGroup, InvestNetGroup, CommoditiesCapital, SafeDepositary, PrimFix, SportEarn, BetForInvest, BaseBucks, FIPO, PermanentProfit and MirexGroup.

That’s everything for tonight, guys. I hope to see you on my blog tomorrow with more news and updates and another review. Stay safe and keep reading MNO!

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