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09/07/2016. Ssarini Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Ssarini has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I hope the weekend has been going well for you so far. I’ve been kept busy myself with some new additions to the MNO monitor’s Premium List which have already been discussed over the last couple of days, and I’m continuing today with a program called Ssarini which I know some of you are expecting to become the hottest HYIP of the summer. Not that there’s much competition at the moment! There’s a lot to see in the program including a very eclectic mix of investment plans. If I absolutely had to label Ssarini I guess it’s probably best described as a mid to long term HYIP. However as it’s not brand new, being online about two weeks or so by now, the first members will have seen a profit already.
So let’s get things started with the investment plans. There’s a number of options available but basically they all fall in to one of two categories. These are plans with a fixed expiry date, and perpetual style plans that pay you for how ever long the program can survive. All plans make daily interest payments. I’ll begin with Ssarini‘s fixed term plans as I think them likely to prove the more popular. They are referred to under the name “Investments in Micro Loans”. The size of your deposit will determine the length of your term, with bigger principals being committed to longer terms though they also receive higher rates. You only need a $10 minimum to join Ssarini, and for anything from that up to a $50 maximum you are put into a plan lasting 10 calendar days. The daily interest rate is 11% which includes your principal, so by expiry you should expect a return of 110% made up of your own money back plus 10% net profit.

Bigger spenders who invest anything from a $51 minimum to a $250 maximum are put into a plan running for 30 calendar days. Ssarini offer a reduced rate of 4.67% interest per day, but obviously as there are a lot more payments then it’s also ultimately a lot more profitable. By the time you receive your final payment your earnings will come to $140.1% in total, and with Ssarini counting your principal as part of that then it’s a net profit of 40.1% for joining.

Plan number three is for anyone prepared to invest from $251 to a $500 maximum. Ssarini continue the trend of making lower payments for longer periods, this time offering members a daily interest rate of 3.71% for 45 calendar days. This all adds up to 166.95% by the final day, so with Ssarini counting your principal in there as well it’s 66.95% net profit.

Deposits in the range of $501 to an upper limit of $1,000 are committed to a term lasting for 60 calendar days. During this time Ssarini members are rewarded with a daily payment of 3.37% interest on their investment, coming to 202.2% in total. Again with your principal factored in it’s your own money back plus a 102.2% net profit for joining Ssarini in the first place.

The remaining two options in this category are I suppose aimed at the bigger spending players. Because for the next plan on the list you’ll need at least a $1,001 minimum to join. Ssarini are offering a daily interest rate of 3.23% for a term running for 75 calendar days. This will eventually add up to 242.25% in total, and again with Ssarini counting your principal as part of that it leaves you with a profit of 142.25%. The upper limit for deposits here is capped at $2,000.

And finally for the rest of you prepared to spend from $2,001 to $5,000 maximum Ssarini offer 3.22%. This is the daily rate obviously, and it gets paid out for a term lasting 90 calendar days. On expiry that comes to a grand total of 289.8%, and with Ssarini as usual including your principal as part of that then it’s money back plus 189.8% net profit for you. A $5,000 maximum is a relatively conservative figure for HYIPs it must be said but still, I think it’s enough for anyone. If you disagree then remember that it’s only the limit per deposit, and Ssarini allow you to have as many individual deposits as you like.

For the second group of plans Ssarini change direction. These are called “Investments in Buy Out Debt”. Once you join then that’s it, you remain a member permanently or at least for how ever long they can continue to pay you for. You see the plans here have no expiry date, what I like to describe as “perpetual plans”, so once you join you no longer have the option to take your money back and leave. You simply need to cross your fingers that Ssarini will be around long enough for you to break-even, and then anything they pay you after that will be your profit.

As this is more of a risk I’m not expecting that these plans will seriously challenge the first group in the popularity stakes. There’s really not much else I do to explain them apart from simply give you the figures which I’m about to. I can only remind you, and I cannot stress this enough so please pay attention, Ssarini will NOT be returning your principal here under any circumstances. If you join then make sure you are comfortable with that and are confident the program will survive for what ever number of days it will take you to break-even. Incidentally, the Ssarini website does have a handy built-in feature to help you work that out.

The interest rates offered vary between 1.1% for the program’s duration on the minimum deposit, but as the size of your investment goes up so too does the possible return. The top rate climbs to 2.5% per day for the program’s lifetime for the bigger spenders, so check out the Ssarini website for the exact numbers if you are interested. The minimum cost of joining is $25, and there isn’t really a maximum limit as such. You see, you can have as much as $2,000 in one deposit, but there isn’t any limit to the number of deposits you can then go on to make running simultaneously but independent of each other.

If there’s anything in there to tempt you enough to part with your money then the list of payment processors available in Ssarini is among the best available anywhere in the HYIP industry today. It does get a little complicated mind, as not all of them work the same way. For example in some of them your transactions are instant and automatic, but for others manual approval is required. More on that in a moment, first let me just list the service providers Ssarini are using. You can join the program using any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, YandexMoney, Qiwi, OkPay, Neteller, Skrill, and even Payza.

Deposits and withdrawals are handled differently according to what payment processor you are using. Things are pretty simple if you are using Perfect Money, NixMoney, AdvCash, OkPay, Bitcoin, or Payeer. In this case everything is automated, your investment appears in your account immediately, and you don’t even have to log in to your account to be paid because your withdrawals are sent to you automatically by the script.

If on the other hand you are using Neteller, Skrill, or Payza then deposits and withdrawals are going to be dealt with by the Ssarini admin manually. For those of you using either QIWI or YandexMoney you sort of fall into both groups, when on joining the program your deposit is credited automatically but your withdrawals will need to be handled manually. You should allow up to 24 hours for this.

In the case of automatic payments your interest tends to more or less bypass your Ssarini members account area completely, going direct from the program to your payment processor account instantly. However, particularly with regard to Payza, this might cause some confusion. You see, you receive an e-mail notification from Ssarini when you have earned an interest payment. But when you visit your member’s account area you will not be able to see it. That’s because it’s already in transit, on the move between the program and the payment processor. But you see unlike let’s say PerfectMoney where it’s instant, money going to Payza is not. It can take several hours to be completed. It’s not a big deal as long as you know about this in advance, though I can also see how this could be hugely confusing to someone coming across it for the first time.

Just one other quick point I want to make about withdrawals before we leave the subject, Ssarini have some rules regarding minimum amounts you may take out. Basically if your withdrawal is automatic then $0.30 is the minimum amount you can get. For manual transactions you will need to be owed at least $1 before the admin will process it. And lastly for Neteller which if you have an account there you will know has its own set of rules the minimum amount (which of course is set by Neteller themselves and not by Ssarini) is $5.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the Ssarini website now such as the design and various security features, Ssarini ticks all the boxes when it comes to potential threats. The admin has opted for the licensed version of the H-Script which is particularly popular with Russian HYIP admins amongst others. It may not be as widely used as GoldCoders but it’s every bit as good and easy enough to find your way around. The Ssarini admin also went with the highest level of DDoS protection from DDoSGuard who are keeping the program on a dedicated server with their support and protection. For an extra layer of security you will notice the superior Green Bar version of the Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you feel the need to contact the admin with any further questions you think might not have been addressed in this review or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of ways to get in touch. I don’t want to sound negative about Ssarini here, but to tell you the truth communication doesn’t really seem to be their strong point. Not for the want of trying, it’s just that their language skills wouldn’t exactly be great if you are trying to get your point across in English. Currently the Ssarini website is bilingual and can be viewed in English as well as Russian which I suspect is what the support staff would really speak. Plans are underway to add several other translated versions into other languages, just don’t expect Ssarini to speak any of them. Anyway, my point here being that in any program the first point of contact should always be Live Chat support if the website has it available. In the case of Ssarini Live Chat is embedded in the script, except you may struggle to get your point across if chatting in English. You can write to the admin by filling in your details on the online e-mail support form and submitting it through the Ssarini contacts page. There’s a postal address in the UK which as usual I’m going to suggest you ignore. Sure, the actual address itself is genuine insofar as it physically exists, but only as a virtual hosted workspace and not where you will find anyone connected with Ssarini located were you to visit. It does however come with an accompanying telephone number so feel free to give that a try if you wish. Of more practical use for a purely online venture are the various social media networks Ssarini are keeping profiles on. You can connect with them by Facebook or VK, and they have a YouTube channel. The most recent addition here has been Skype so you can try and reach them here too if that’s more suitable.

To encourage promoters to get more involved Ssarini have introduced a regional representative scheme where regular members can, in exchange for higher ref commission rates, act as local support operators. There’s a special section under the heading “Career” (see it on the Ssarini website) where you can get more information on the different levels and extra rewards for those who participate. Some promotional videos on the program as made and submitted by Ssarini members can also be found, and while for now these are mostly in Russian there’s nothing to stop you making your own in any language you chose if you think it will advance the program and your account with them.

The first weeks online indicate an admin who is quite serious about building his reputation, so let’s hope this is how it stays. For the record just in case anyone is wondering, the line of business that Ssarini claim to be involved with is business loans and debt recovery. There really isn’t anything else even remotely detailed to support this or explain how it works, and nothing for you to independently research and verify. Not that 99% of you would want to waste your time chasing these things anyway, given that you know the HYIP industry well enough by now. Just for the sake of the newbies though I should as always close with the same words of advice that come with every program covered on MNO, Ssarini included. Set what is to you a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to live without and earn back easily from other sources if things don’t work out for you here, and if joining Ssarini at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



To stay on the subject of the above reviewed Ssarini, I’ll just re-post the newsletter sent out recently by the admin. In it there was further mention of the Skype chat that is currently available to members of the program as well as a reminder about the possibility of being issued your own business cards to represent the program on a wider scale. Read more on those below:

Dear Partners!
Glad to present You our informal chat between investors. One of the project partners kindly offered us his services for the creation, moderation of chat. The chat is designed for investors of the project and those who are only going to become.
Here is a link to the chat:
We invite you to this chat to share your successes. Talk on different topics. Ask the questions.
The chat is not an advertisement and does not offer to perform certain actions. Is unofficial and does not reflect the views of the administration platform Ssarini.
Welcome to the chat! All successful investments!
PS We remind you that you have a unique opportunity to get your business card on our website.
To do this, send us the following details:,,, network (link to personal page), 5.Skype,


I can honestly say now that TrustInvest (reviewed here) remains perhaps the most underestimated program of this summer on MNO. Despite a great level of flexibility offered to members, TrustInvest seems to be only scratching the surface of what it might achieve if it ran at a different time of the year and not in such a slow season. Then again perhaps it’s thanks to the slow and gradual growth which keeps TrustInvest under the radar that the program keeps developing nicely. Fast, and in many cases even instant, withdrawals for over three months in total now is certainly no bad thing. TrustInvest is a “perpetual” style program that pays you 1% daily for the lifetime of the program, and then allows investors to withdraw any part of their principal anytime they like. If you don’t withdraw your profit then it’s simply added to your principal, allowing your future earnings to grow. Over the first nearly four weeks on MNO I see that many investors already took this golden opportunity, but the high degree of uncertainty that the summer holds over investors is still a force to reckon with. I believe the program might not reach its prime until the autumn. Judging by the admin’s persistence, I suppose a few more months online is quite an achievable challenge, but it wouldn’t hurt if TrustInvest added more payment options down the road as the current list is limited to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash with a $25 minimum investment to get onboard.

Updates from the program are not very frequent and the admin only issues something when a new feature is added to the site. For instance, yesterday we found out that TrustInvest had added a new page called “Media about us” which, to my surprise, contained not only links to the program’s reviews on various HYIP blogs, but also articles from mainstream news portals mostly from Russia and Ukraine dealing with regular issues of the offline world. That perhaps shouldn’t be quite a shock if we knew that TrustInvest is actually officially registered as a company in Russia and therefore considered legal to a certain extent. Of course this won’t guarantee your investment there, but is a nice touch to make a good impression to those just finding the HYIP world. In any case, I was also pleased to find the MNO logo on the page as well leading to the review of TrustInvest you can find here, if you haven’t read it yet. I believe more surprises from the program are on the way, as some of the plans for the future were announced in the newsletter as well. Meanwhile, I wish the best of luck to all those in profit from this incredible program and will leave you with the latest news update from TrustInvest below for your reference:

Hello, dear investors!
We would like to inform you that we have added to the site new section “Media about us”, where we will post links to reviews, interviews, and monitoring of the project “TrustInvest“. In the list you will see not only a specialized investment sites, but also the city portals, banking sites and general news sites.
But the most important news, which we want to share – a small anniversary of the investment project “Trust Invest”, we have successfully and consistently worked for the third month. This means that the first investors could double their capital by investing in a “Trust Invest” in such a short period of time! This is a great result, but the team of “Trust” does not cease to grow and we have big plans for the future, here are some of them:
– Increasing the number of payment systems
– Site redesign
– Extensive offline advertising campaign
And a few more surprises.
Stay tuned!


Although no one can deny that MacauCau has been a tremendously successful game and managed to last for over a month which gave many investors a way to earn more than 50% profit on their investments with the program, the inevitable end seems to be getting nearer now. MacauCau has been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor earlier today on receiving a confirmed complaint from one of my direct referrals left waiting for four days for her tickets to be sold and payment to be processed. To tell you the truth, I experienced the same thing earlier today when just after I was assigned a buyer and he paid for the ticket it went to pending status once again with the support failed to provide any viable explanation. This happened only after on Friday morning when the administration of MacauCau decided it was time for a rest and announced a change of rules and payments schedules. According to the admins, now is the right time to make investors wait longer for payments and accruals. So instead of 40 calendar days the term is now 40 business days meaning you have to wait for your 5% accruals which in turn will slow the queues in both buying and selling tickets even further. It might have been OK to live with though if not for the fact that payouts have already been significantly delayed for a couple of days before that announcement. It signals significant cashflow problems – exactly the problems the administration fails to confront or even admit by constantly misleading everyone into thinking that MacauCau is still growing. Live support is now refusing to explain why some members are waiting longer than the four day maximum to be paid on their unsold tickets and why the admin fails to react to their complaints or even provide an explanation for the obviously selective payouts we can clearly see now. Well, MNO refuses to collaborate so the status of MacauCau will remain on Problem until Monday when everything becomes clear and the status will be changed back to Paying if the payments resume. I doubt it’s going to happen though, especially considering the admin’s failure to explain the situation. I would be pleased to say I was wrong about this on Monday, but something tells me that MacauCau is a done deal, as simply everything indicates the end is imminent. Please read the update below and draw your own conclusions from it, but do not invest any further until everything is clear next week (there’s always a hope!), as MacauCau conveniently accepts new deposits even this weekend when they are supposed to rest as per their own wish:

Dear participants!!! MacauCau system continues to grow, we are doing well and we are seeing increased growth of activity in all areas, both in attracting new members as well as increase in number of ticket purchases by already existing participants.
At the same time, we see that at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), all participants prefer to relax. And since, according to our calculation rules are made seven days a week, and payments depend on the inflow, the requests which are accumulated for the two weekend days, are paid out during 1st days of week what makes payments slow for other requests .
Therefore to ensure the stability of our game and to make searching time buyers and sellers shorter we decided to introduce the concept of “weekend” (Saturday and Sunday, as well as international holidays).
You can place requests to buy and sale tickets as usual these days, however search of buyers and sellers these days will not be executed, respectively, in these days, there will be no ticket accrual accumulation. This decision was made by us and agreed with the main leadership groups. We hope for your understanding on above changes. Only together we will do MacauCau game for many years to come.


Cryptonus (reviewed here) recently suffered from various malicious attacks by trolls on forums and beyond from hackers trying to close the website a few days ago. I guess many people just hate Cryptonus not playing by the rules of the HYIP industry (having no member’s area, not offering ref commissions, etc.) who can’t anchor their referral links anywhere to get free money. And yet Cryptonus managed to prove the critics wrong by refusing to conform (reminding me of how MNO first became famous, lol!) and the admin simply kept doing what he did best – paying his members on time. They can receive up to 50% profit after four weeks for PerfectMoney and BitCoin investments. This has lasted for nearly four months and most of the time Cryptonus was listed on MNO which makes me proud that such an unorthodox program managed by a person who clearly has his own vision on how the HYIP industry has to develop and tries to change the attitudes of many people in it. Yet nothing lasts forever and today I received a message from the admin which I’m going to re-post for you below but which clearly signals that Cryptonus might be in trouble. Well, there is nothing to worry about just yet, as according to the forum posts the payouts are currently being processed, just a bit off schedule, and the admin even presented a contingency plan which he’s trying to implement. This has quite a lot of supporters on forums, but will it be enough to sustain the current payouts and attract new investments? Time will tell and investors of Cryptonus will be the ones to determine the program’s fate. I personally believe the plan to get things back on track is possible, but ultimately depends on the support of the members. I will, of course, monitor the situation with Cryptonus closely, and if you have any issues with your investments there or non-payments on the adjusted schedule please email me and I will be pleased to raise your concerns with the admin. For now here’s the lengthy update given to me by Cryptonus:

Dear friends, partners and investors!
Let me announce the latest news on Cryptonus project.
We have invited experts in the field of IT security and moved our site to a new, completely secure, dedicated server.
Now all the information is inaccessible to the frauds’ eyes and hands. It is impossible to gain access to any of our payment information, nor to our wallets.
Unfortunately, the events of recent days – a significant part of our cash removal, a campaign launched against our project on the forums led to extensive loss of both our reserves and current revenue. Over the past days, frightened investors have taken from the project more than 50 000 dollars.
But the most important thing is that we survived, in spite of everything!
Now as we have moved to a new platform and protected themselves from further attacks, we have come to a long and difficult period of recovery after all shocking events.
We announce the period of the next two months (until September, 01) as Cryptonus RECOVERY PERIOD.
At the moment, we are facing two major tasks:
– Pay out all the debts accumulated during last days (about $ 50,000)
– Increase the inflow of new deposits as soon as it possible and come back to the normal operation
Paying out all the debts
We must say now the most important thing – all the debts will be fully paid to the investors. We do not consider any restart of the project, discounting or other non-option commitments.
It can not be solved overnight, or even within one or two days; it will take some time. But we ask to take it quietly and with understanding, especially those who have come to play a long game.
On the final output to the normal schedule of payments, we need exactly one week.
Payout date – Term of Paying
07.07 – till 10.07, 08.07 – till 11.07, 09.07 – till 12.07, 10.07 – till 13.07, 11.07 – till 14.07, 12.07 – till 14.07, 13.07 – till 14.07
Many of our investors have made it clear that their plan is not to withdraw their money from the project and they are ready to reinvest for the long term.
For these investors, we introduce the concept of auto-reinvest. I will not only help to save the commission for endless shipments of money back and forth, but also make operations easy and remove the extra load of the project during its recovery.
To enable auto-reinvest, you just need to send the message to the admin. Investors who turn on auto-reinvest get a bonus – their deposits will be placed on a special plan with a ROI of 150%
The increase of the of new deposits inflow
The most important task is to restore the balance of cash-ins and cash-outs and creating a project reserves in the shortest possible time. Of course, you will notice that it is the task of the admin and depends on its advertising activity.
But, in fact, no one can present and promote the project better than its investors. Investors words and opinions always inspire confidence and look convincing.
We are improving the terms of the action “Invite a friend”. Now you will get 5%, not only from the first deposit but also from all subsequent deposits of the friends you invited. As long as the process is not automated, the bonus will be calculated at the end of each month and paid in cash.
In the recovery period of the project, we introduce special conditions for placing of new deposits:
Period – Bonus (paid instantly):
08.07 – 10.07 15%, 10.07 – 15.07 10%, 16.07 – 31.07 5%, 01.08 – 15.08 3%
In addition, we are launching a Fifty-Sixty action.
Starting from 08.07 we will place first 50 deposits to the special plan of 160% ROI.
The amount of the deposit should not be less than $500
Payments will look like:
After 1 week – 10%, After 2 weeks – 30% , After 3 weeks – 50%, After 4 weeks – 70%
You can get any details just contacting the admin
Telegram: @cryptonus


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsBusinessAngels, TrustInvestSpecialProfitSsarini.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, BitcilyHoldingLtdFxDividend.

That’s all the news from MNO for tonight, guys. Sad to see one hugely popular program going today, but hopefully we see a replacement for even better earnings in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for staying with MNO and sharing the excitement the HYIP industry has to offer. I think I’m going to take a day off for Sunday but will be back Monday with all the latest news from the HYIP industry and decide the status of MacauCau to either Scam or Paying so stay tuned for that. In order not to miss anything important and get timely updates please join more than 3,000 MNO Daily News subscribers by entering your email address and confirming it on this page. Keep voting on the MNO TalkBack poll on the subject of passwords and the importance of keeping sensitive info safe, as the results will be drawn on Monday. If you have any suggestions for the new opinion polls, or have anything else to share, please do not hesitate to contact me here and I will try my best to reply when I have the time. Stay tuned and see you all on Monday, folks, and don’t forget to enjoy the Euro 2016 cup final tomorrow!

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