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Beware! BITC1 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I think for most people yesterday marked the “official” end of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, so it’s more or less back to business from this point on. And almost like an indicator on that, after waiting something like three weeks I think for a new program to join the MNO Premium List, this week alone I already have two! So I want to start by looking at the older of them, called BITC1, a name I think a lot of you might already recognize due being on the MNO monitor’s Basic List since last November. In actual fact it’s been online since last July, but very much as a “sleeper” style program, deliberately kept under the radar and not widely (if at all) advertised by the admin until now. Reasons why certain programs might do this are numerous, though I certainly wouldn’t like to start a new review by generalizing BITC1 or just lumping it under one particular umbrella. One way or another the result is the same as the program is now trying to expand and use its six month track record as proof of its own stability. The important thing here I think is the timing of the whole thing, with the admin finally deciding to upgrade his program from Basic to Premium on MNO at exactly the right time. As the industry begins to wake up again from the slumber brought on by December and the holidays, now is exactly the time when people and money start pouring into online HYIPs once again and expectations are a lot higher. This could prove a very shrewd strategy from the admin in turning BITC1 into something a lot bigger than what it was anytime in the last six months.
We’ll get started then with the investment plans, BITC1 have two groups – plans that make daily interest payments which are OK, and plans which pay once on expiry which to be honest have a lot less to recommend them and are probably best avoided. I know the admin won’t like me saying that but once I describe them you’ll probably agree that he was most likely the only person ever going to make any money from them anyway. But still, there are other options which are perfectly fine.

You can join BITC1 for a $10 minimum deposit, and that gets you into The Beginner Daily Plan which runs for 15 calendar days. While you’re a member here the admin offers a daily interest rate of 2.4% on all deposits to a maximum value of $500. On expiry those payments should add up to 36% which then becomes your net profit once your initial principal is returned as promised.

Bigger spenders might want to opt for The Trader Daily Plan, which runs for a somewhat longer term of 25 calendar days and sees the admin offering a daily 2.5% interest rate. The minimum requirement made by BITC1 for joining here is a $501 deposit. Alternatively you are also free to spend as much as $10,000. By the end of the term your payments should come to a total of 62.5%. Still not enough to put you in profit, or even anywhere close to it, by itself, this only comes when BITC1 returns your principal at the end of the term.

For the most part I’d have to say these are the only two plans that need to be taken seriously, but, as ultimately the decision about what to do with your own money is entirely yours, I’ll go through the rest of them for you below. BITC1 follow this with The Pro Daily Plan which is open only to deposits from $10,001 to $50,000. The term is 55 calendar days with a daily interest offer of 2.7%. That, should it actually happen I mean, would give the investor 148.5% profit as well as their principals returned on expiry.

Next up we see a series of on-expiry plans which again I don’t see many longer term experienced industry players taking too seriously. These start with The Accumulate Plan which sees BITC1 asking a minimum spend of $1,500 to join. The maximum limit is fixed to $2,500, and payment on expiry of a 30 calendar day term is 250% which includes your principal.

The Accumulate Plan Two runs for 45 calendar days and has a minimum requirement of $500 to join. To entice this out of you BITC1 offer a final payment of 600% on expiry, and take a maximum deposit of $3,500. The principal is included as part of the payment.

This is then followed by The Accumulate Plan Three, which runs for 60 calendar days. That’s a very long time to have your money held by a HYIP admin without any regular payments, as only one is offered on expiry. It’s not helped much by the fact that the minimum cost of joining is $400 either, with BITC1 capping it with a $4,000 maximum. The final payment offered to investors is 1260%, principal included.

In what seems an even more obvious vehicle for collecting money for the admin, BITC1 next present us with The VIP Plan. The investment term is cut back to 15 calendar days, but the cost of joining leaps to a $7,000 minimum. The offer which is to be made on expiry of 350%, and the upper limit for deposits is $15,000.

And lastly running for a 27 calendar day term, BITC1‘s final plan, called actually The BITC1 VIP Plan, offers members one single payment of 750% interest, made on expiry, if they deposit anything from a $4,000 minimum to a $15,000 maximum.

So if you like any of those plans enough to go and join, then the next thing you’ll probably want to hear about is what are the payment options. BITC1 have accounts with most of the popular HYIP industry service providers, and can facilitate deposits and withdrawals using any of PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer for the older style payment processors, and BitCoin for anyone who favors the more modern crypto-currencies. Whatever option you prefer, all withdrawals are processed by the admin manually and will need to be requested from inside your BITC1 private member’s account area. Once done you will be asked to allow a further waiting period of up to 30 hours for all transactions to be fully processed and completed. There’s no mention of compounding on the BITC1 website, though while entirely a matter of personal preference wouldn’t be something I’d favor or recommend myself. In any event it’s not something that would have applied to on-expiry plans anyway.

On the design and security side of things, BITC1 is up to what most people might describe as an adequate HYIP industry standard. Nothing particularly memorable or outstanding, but still, all the basics are covered. The script for example is under license from GoldCoders, unquestionably the single biggest service provider ever in the HYIP industry and therefore giving a very familiar and easy to navigate feel to both public and private members areas. The BITC1 website has the added layer of protection that comes with SSL encryption, in this case provided by Comodo, allowing for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting and DDoS protection are from Koddos, which I must admit is not a name you see very often in the industry anymore.

If you have any further questions or comments for the BITC1 admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then you’ll find a couple of ways to get in touch. Most likely the best for you is to fill in the online support form and submit it via the website’s contact page. Before you do so however it might be worth your while checking BITC1‘s Live Chat to see if there’s an operator online. The banner says it’s a 24 hour seven days per week service. I’ve seen it offline myself however that may have just been a technical fault as it does seem to be working every other time I’ve been in my account area. You should try them first anyway as you might be able to get some of your questions dealt with there in real time. In addition to that BITC1 have listed a phone number and two postal addresses. One of them is in Hong Kong where regular readers might know I’m currently spending a few days from my vacation. I couldn’t resist the temptation to stop by when I was passing earlier today, and found it as no surprise that nobody there had any knowledge whatsoever of BITC1. I doubt very much that I’d get a different reaction in the so-called UK office either, but these things are generally just virtual hosted offices anyway, and never where you find anyone connected with running HYIPs physically located. In this case the credibility of the claims about being a legally registered company in the UK isn’t helped by the fact that different addresses in London are published on different pages, seemingly in contradiction of each other. But again, it’s not as if either of them was likely to be genuine anyway. Fans of social media sites will be pleased to see they can connect with the BITC1 admin through Twitter and Facebook where the program is also keeping public profiles which seem to be pretty active compared to a lot of other programs. Hopefully it will help BITC1 get better long term results as these can be very under rated promotional tools and never really used to their full potential by a lot of admins.

As for the website content and any alleged business activities supporting the whole thing, it’s been claimed that BITC1 is “an investment fund” (a bit vague to say the least!) and involved with ForEx trading. The content seems original as far as I can se, however a lot of it was at a later point either stolen or re-sold by the designer to some other cheap low grade scam sites. If you happen to come across them there’s nothing to suggest the BITC1 admin has any connection, and the original and first source of the content does seem to be genuinely BITC1. Not that I’d suggest you take it awfully seriously anyway, because original or not there’s still zero evidence to suggest that any of it could possibly be true. Even the “statistic” of over $17 million deposited borders on the nonsensical, and is clearly there for the newbies. Experienced HYIP players know better and know what I’m going to say next – even if it was all true, no business can possibly guarantee you a profit, so don’t treat BITC1 as if it was any different. Be aware that joining is much the same as gambling, and behave accordingly. That means be sensible, set yourself a responsible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to sign up with BITC1 then at least try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I always find it quite suspicious when a program does not credit members’ interest for a prolonged period of time regardless of what excuse is given. For instance, CompassBusiness (reviewed here) which came up with a strange list of holidays for when the daily percentage won’t be credited to members’ accounts during 2015. This consisted of an unusual mix of US and Panamanian official holidays but also added the ten first days of 2015 as days with no interest. I only discovered that recently and was very surprised why CompassBusiness is doing so, the only possible reason coming to mind being cash flow issues and the desire to extend the lifetime of the program in hope that after the 10th of January investors will be more willing to deposit in the program which has been running for over a year already. Well, CompassBusiness has always been prompt with payouts and I do not have any reason to complain as my withdrawals to either PerfectMoney or EgoPay (the only payment processors accepted by the program) have been always processed in timely manner. So I’m keeping CompassBusiness on Paying status on the MNO monitor, but still I would like to share my doubts with you (perhaps ungrounded!). Despite the inactivity the admin of CompassBusiness still finds time to send an email with a promise to add a 5% deposit bonus to everyone who re-invests from the account balance instead of withdrawing the deposit on expiry of any of the investment plans – 0.8% for 30 business days, 0.9% for 50 business days, 1% for 70 business days, 1.1% for 90 business days. In any case, just for your reference allow me to quote the admin of CompassBusiness who seems to be enjoying one of the longest vacations in the industry but still finds time to write such emails:

Payment for RefBack Reinvest!
Dear participants, you can now make Reinvest ended deposit in the office and get refbek 5% of our fund balance in your office. The offer is valid on the amount of reinvestments of $ 200. C application login and deposit amount or serve vkontakte https://vk.com/nikolaykompassSaipem Dohod2.
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manager CompassBusiness.


And since I don’t have much other news to report for tonight with all the programs on the MNO list still paying fine, I’ve decided to give a brief reminder of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page. The question I’m asking is: “What type of program will be your first choice for new investments in 2015?” The aim of the poll is to find out what type of HYIPs readers are favoring at the moment, and perhaps give the admins that are still only considering launching new programs food for thought as to what strategy might be better to offer investors in order to improve their program’s chance of success. The leader so far is clearly medium-term programs which I would describe as those that allow members to see a profit within a time frame of 6 to 30 days. So far this option has 56% of the vote, so like I said it’s currently the clear leader. In second place is the preference for longer term programs where investors could profit in 31+ days, taking 28% of the vote. And finally the least popular option, contrary to what many admins might like to think, are short-term programs where you can be in profit in 5 or less days with only 16% of the vote. Please keep your votes coming as HYIP admins really want to know your opinion on that and will surely take it into consideration when bringing new projects to the MNO monitor.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityAssuredAssetsLetsHaveCashCoinAssetsLoanTrustSilveks, BITC1BTPerfex, AtrexTrade, MajesticSwan (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganizationTheBornClub, PhenixPro (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. I know – not much, but the industry is only getting back on its feet now after the holidays. I’m sure we’ll have a lot more to discuss on the pages of the MNO blog pretty soon. For now, stay tuned and don’t miss tomorrow’s review of perhaps the most important new programs and one of the biggest hopes of January MajesticSwan. By the way, I see that the first investors opted to withdraw their principals after the first day, already received their profits from MajesticSwan with many more to come as the program combines a decent level of profitability with superb level of flexibility and very very fast payouts. More on that plus all the news from the HYIP industry is coming tomorrow. Remember that quality comes first and that rule firmly applies to MNO listing which monitors only the best of the best. Not to miss anything important in the new HYIP season please subscribe to the Daily news, follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter and bookmark my site for future reference in. Things are about to start getting busy in the industry and you deserve to be part of the revival, because, like the old ad slogan goes, you’re worth it!

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