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Hi guys, and welcome back to the MNO blog – the only place where you can find the most elite investment programs online! As you might have noticed there were no new additions to the MNO monitor lately and that comes for a very clear reason. As I already predicted after the widely discussed EgoPay scam (read more on that here and here) the HYIP industry seems highly unstable right now. It’s just too many exchangers, HYIP admins, and HYIP investors all lost thousands and thousands of dollars in that awful scam and it will take some time for a full recovery. Meanwhile, I became aware of a very high proportion of fast scams in the HYIP industry at the moment, which proved my point about HYIP admins using this to scam investors in order to compensate for their own losses (direct or indirect) suffered in EgoPay. That’s why I keep telling you to be extremely cautious when choosing new programs at the moment. Fortunately the admins in question avoid listing their projects on MNO for the reason of it not being affordable to them, looking for a fast buck, but knowing it will cost them more than they can steal. This policy protected readers from losing their hard-earned money if they chose to follow MNO as opposed to most other blogs/monitors where scams can be listed cheap and plentiful. It’s also been a policy that allows me to concentrate my efforts on promoting only the leaders of the HYIP industry – programs from admins prepared to genuinely work at making profits not just for themselves, but for investors as well. That policy does work well as the MNO monitor has seen significantly less scams lately, compared to some other popular resources. As for the new programs to be listed on MNO, well, the good admins are either running the programs listed on my monitor at the moment, or are just planning to do so, and if you don’t want to miss anything big industry please stay with MNO as you will certainly find the best as the industry stabilizes. By the way you can read more about alternatives to EgoPay in the HYIP world here.


For those hit hardest by the EgoPay scam hard I would suggest not to despair too much, but try to do everything possible to get the money back. Of course, you can simply let the funds sit in your account and wait until (if/when) EgoPay sends out yet another excuse to scam more clients, or else do something to convert at least quarter of your EgoPay funds back into hard cash. That’s exactly what the admin of CoinAssets has been offering to everyone (not just CoinAssets members) for quite some time now. And while EgoPay’s current value is zero with no exchangers working with them any longer, that could possibly be a life saving offer for many. So, if you wish to exchange EgoPay funds please take this offer from CoinAssets. Yes, I’ve said before that the rate is naturally very heavily manipulated in the admin’s favor, you are always free to reject the offer if you wish, but as far as i can see it’s either take 25% or take nothing, because his 25% is 25% that nobody else is prepared to offer you:

Egopay Exchanges
Thank you to those who are taking advantage of our Egopay exchange offer. We can exchange up to $4,500 for the remainder of this week. Please respond to this email or send one to admin@coinassets.net if you are looking to exchange Egopay funds to Perfectmoney, Payeer, or Bitcoin.

By the way, for those who don’t know yet, CoinAssets (first reviewed here) has recently become officially the #1 program on the MNO Premium List. Investors seem to love the idea of getting paid from 4% to 6% daily every day for a 90 calendar day term and for more than seven weeks on MNO people made great profits from it with the first investors already doubling their deposits. That’s what a great program should look like and is also the type of program I always want to have listed on the MNO monitor. Let me just remind you that CoinAssets accepts deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and EgoPay from a minimum cost of $20.


Another great program in terms of an admin keeping his promises is HashCoin (reviewed here). Having been the subject of a vicious and continuous DDoS attack over the last week or so from extortionists, the admin has finally managed to overcome the situation and put HashCoin back online. The most important thing though is that the payouts have resumed as well and HashCoin seems to be on the right track to winning back the confidence of investors all over again. Meanwhile during the last few days there was some changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Specifically there’s a more secure server now in place to improve the protection level, the minimum to withdraw has been lowered from the previous $2, and the now valueless EgoPay has been unsurprisingly dropped as a payment method. The daily returns over the proposed 120 calendar day term remain low and the total level of returns posted during the days when the attack was going on didn’t exceed 2.25%, so the first investors of HashCoin have some way to go before seeing a profit. As the program has been online for a mere 53 days, it will also be a long wait before the first principals are returned to Payeer, BitCoin, and PerfectMoney accounts. I’m glad however that the admin is working on the further development of HashCoin and, if we believe him, soon the investors will be offered a new smartphone app and be able to visit their mining center in China. But more importantly, the possible implementation of SolidTrustPay as a new payment method will allow HashCoin to thrive on the potential investments from the larger American and European investors preferring to deal with legal currencies, rather than the likes of EgoPay that can vanish with your money without warning. The addition of Payza would be great as well, but the admin doesn’t mention it in the latest newsletter which you can read below:

HashCoin update
Dear Investors
It has been determined that a security breach has occured in the form of a DDOS attack. This is purely a traffic attack in order to extort money from the company and not from your accounts. I can confirm that no personal details or investments from our customers was stolen or is indeed held by the attackers.
In order to protect your investments even further we have changed to a more secure server. We have been unable to pay the daily interest of our investors since Friday due to the attack. I can assure you that these monies are ready to pay, and will be paid as soon as we are satisfied that there will be no more attacks. We anticipate that this will be in the coming days, then all daily interests will be up to date.
The results are as follows:
Friday 23 – 0,60%, Saturday 24 – 0,15%, Sunday 25 – 0,15, Monday 26 – 0,70%, Tuesday 27 – 0,65%
Total: 2,25% Credited to your account
You investments were safe yesterday, are safe now and will be safe tomorrow because we are a genuine company with real trading in the Bitcoin markets.
We are currently redesigning our front website, improving the security so that your investments are more secure than ever.
The back site is up and running for investors right now.
On top of all this we are working for the future and in the coming weeks and months we will:
1) Opening an office in Shenzhen (you could visit it).
2) Developing a smart phone app to show our mining and trading status.
3) Offering a more secure way of paying your investments through Solid Trust Pay.
4) Inviting our investors to tour our mining centre in China.
We will continue to look for more improvements and opportunities for growth, and you can be sure that with us your money is safe.
For our company the investor is the priority.
King regards. HashCoin Team
Bitcoin Mining – Trading & Arbitrage


Recently more and more admins have started to realize the potential working with legal payment processors like Payza that can get them in terms of customer satisfaction and the number of US and European customers where the convenience of using Payza has been brought to a new level by introducing direct bank and card withdrawal options for verified customers. Such programs as Rockfeller (reviewed here) and MajesticSwan (reviewed here) already proved to become the fastest growing programs in the HYIP industry by dropping EgoPay and replacing it with Payza which also showed their admins awareness and adaptability to changes that usually lead to success in the long-term. Hopefully the trend continues. Payza is not limiting itself to the HYIP industry where it came back after a long absence, it also keeps their creating juices follow to make Payza a more convenient option for other countries, like Bangladesh, where a conference will be held in a couple of weeks and where more info is given on in the official blog of Payza re-posted below:

Meet Casada Vice-Chairman Nadimur Rahman at Digital World 2015 Representing Payza Bangladesh
Digital World 2015, this year’s edition of Bangladesh’s annual technology and e-commerce conference will take place from February 9 to 12 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka, the nation’s capital. The event gathers government officials, policy makers, captains of industry, academics, investors and international development agencies.
Mr. Rahman, Senior Vice-Chairman of Casada Technology Ltd, Payza’s authorized agent in Bangladesh, will be in attendance and representing Payza at Digital World’s E-Commerce Expo to discuss the exciting advancements in online payment processing and money transfer solutions Payza is bringing to Bangladesh’s rapidly developing e-commerce environment. Mr. Rahman will also be giving a presentation about Payza’s services on February 11 at 6:30 local time.
Payza and Casada are currently in the final stages of testing a bank transfer feature that will allow Payza members in Bangladesh to add and withdraw funds to and from their online account at the lowest cost possible. Currently there are close to 1000 Bangladeshis that have connected their bank accounts to their Payza account in anticipation of this new feature!
Mr. Rahman looks forward to speaking with ambitious Bangladeshis at the event to discuss Payza’s vision of The Future of e-Commerce in Bangladesh. “Our goal is still to merge the world Bangladeshis already know with the online world that is developing right in front of our eyes,” explained Mr. Rahman. “The people that attend Digital World are exactly the type of people that will be forging this new, digitally connected Bangladesh and we are excited to meet with them, hear their ideas and share our own in order to better play our part in this incredible undertaking.”
Casada and Payza are positioned to play a major role in Bangladesh’s e-commerce scene. Payza has offered services in Bangladesh since the company opened in 2012, taking special interest in the developing nation that is home to more than 150 million people. As part of its commitment to ecommerce in Bangladesh, Payza has formed a partnership with Bangladesh Commerce Bank to give Bangladeshis a fast and simple way to add and withdraw their online money.
“Casada and Payza have made a commitment to not only be a participant in Bangladesh’s e-commerce environment, but to be a driving force behind it,” Mr. Rahman added. “The Bangladeshi people have a great partner in Payza that will help bring this country forward into the digital age.


It’s time now to take a look at the final results of the opinion polls on the EgoPay scam and finally drop this subject as there are no sign of them even attempting to return anyone’s money. In fact the results of the poll asking if you really believed it was going to happen say it all – only 14% of readers think EgoPay will give them anything back, however an overwhelming 86% say they have no expectation of ever seeing a penny. Well, from my own many years experience in the HYIP industry once a payment processor scams, whatever reason is given, the results are final just like they are with HYIPs. So, the more investors realize that and keep only the minimum needed to invest in programs in their e-wallets the better. Better financially and better for their mental well-being and sleeping easy at night. It’s better to accept the losses and move on, because the situation with EgoPay is truly hopeless.

The second question asked “What damage to the HYIP industry do you think is being done by EgoPay now?” And that was a pretty important question as I clearly see that the damage was huge. What we see in the HYIP industry is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg with more dire consequences possibly to come. The most pessimistic option was shared by just 8% who voted “Massive, once the full effects are known investor confidence will be destroyed“. A more cautious but still alarming reply “Moderate, too many programs and exchangers had too much money there” was voiced by the vast majority of 64% of the readers. Finally, only 28% of the voters think that the damage to the HYIP industry was less significant as they took the option “Not much, EgoPay wasn’t popular, and the industry always recovers“. I agree with the point that the HYIP industry always recovers, but we will definitely see many bumps along the road to recovery.

Speaking of that, that leads me to another subject of so many fast scams in the HYIP industry at the moment and very few quality programs. Fewer admins want to launch new longer term programs at the moment while the industry is at a low. So, here’s the two new questions on MNO TalkBack which are open to votes for about the next week to ten days or so. Remember voting is anonymous and only takes a few seconds, so your participation is both appreciated and encouraged.

The first question:
Why do you think there are so many fast scams in the industry right now?
And the possible answers:
– Admins deliberately create scams to finance other programs.
– Admins try to compensate for earlier EgoPay losses.
– The members hit-n-run and don’t reinvest.
– A lack of interest from the general public.

The second question:
Why do you think good admins do not launch so many big programs?
– They are afraid of a lack of interest in their programs.
– They lost much money in the EgoPay scam and need to collect more from fast scams.
– They wait for the industry’s recovery which hasn’t happened yet.
– They lost hope and left the industry temporarily / for good.

Your active participation in the polls on the MNO TalkBack is highly encouraged and will make a contribution to the analysis of the current HYIP industry trends to be discussed on the MNO blog sometime next week, when the results are announced. So, thanks again for your active participation, and I look forward to your votes!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCoinAssets, BITC1MajesticSwanSilveksRockfellerCryptoStrategyBTPerfex, AtrexTrade, RollNRich.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness, HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareOgdenOrganization.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading the daily news from the HYIP industry on MNO and I’ll see you here again very soon. Have a fun weekend ahead of you, because I’ll surely be having one myself!

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