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Beware! CryptoStrategy has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! Before the day’s main news stories, and I have to warn you, there could be some very bad storm clouds on the horizon for the industry, I want to talk about a new addition to the MNO monitor’s Premium List called CryptoStrategy. If that name seems oddly familiar (and not just because of the “crypto” bit at the start) then there’s a good reason – the program first went online way back in October of last year. Don’t worry though, it’s in no way too old to join now. In fact the history of the program is very much that of a “sleeper”, what I call programs that are created but deliberately kept away from the public gaze by the admins. Sometimes they just aren’t ready/don’t know what to do with them, other times they have other projects running and don’t have the time, but the end result is always to try and make a program with a long term history behind it and give it just that little bit extra credibility. The thing about it is that what you see in CryptoStrategy today bears almost no resemblance to what it was when it first appeared online. At that time they just offered minuscule weekly payments, probably intended to make sure that any passing interest was kept to a minimum should anyone accidentally discover it. Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge now. The admin has completely overhauled the program and has some brand new plans to bring to the table. Let’s see what the new improved CryptoStrategy have to offer then and whether you think they’ll make a worthwhile addition to your portfolios.
Beginning then as usual with the investment plans, what CryptoStrategy have to offer can be split into two categories – daily payment plans where if anyone makes any money at all it will be here, and on expiry payment plans I would suggest you stay away from. So, to get started with CryptoStrategy then you will need a minimum of $50 to spare. A bit steep and well above the industry average entry price, but that’s up to you. The investment term for the daily payments option is 90 calendar days, and the rate returned to members will depend on the size of their deposit. For the majority, depositing between the $50 minimum and a maximum of $4,999, that rate is 3% per day. At the end of the term your initial principal is then returned, leaving you with your own money back plus an extra 270% in net profit.

In practical terms then let’s say you were to join CryptoStrategy with $100. In return you would hope to get back $3 per day until eventually accumulating $270. Your original hundred would then be added to this. Arguably a far more important statistic however is when do you reach the break even point, i.e. when your payments add up to the equivalent of your deposit, making it impossible for you to lose money no matter what might go wrong with the program. This can be done after 34 payments, of a day short of five weeks. Maybe it seems like a long time to some of you, but in comparison to the full ninety day duration I myself think it’s quite good, because you’re in pure profit every day from that point on.

For the bigger spenders CryptoStrategy improve the rates a bit, though at these prices I doubt very many of you will be taking advantage. For the record however, for anyone spending between $5,000 and $9,999 the rate goes up to 3.5% daily for 90 days, giving 315% in total profits and your principal added to that on expiry. Anyone prepared to spend upwards of $10,000 with no stated upper limit is offered 4% per day, 360% net profit, and principal added to that on expiry. Compounding, should you be a fan, is available if you want it by the way.

Next up is the “on expiry” options, which to be honest I don’t think I’m exactly revealing any secrets here by saying experienced industry players will most likely avoid. If they’re not entirely just a vehicle for collecting money just for the admin, then they exist as a means of financing payouts to the members of the daily plan. But investors are unlikely to profit by themselves there. For one thing the term length is 75 calendar days, an almost interminable time for anyone to have money committed to an online HYIP without getting anything back. I mean it’s not just that you might lose your principal, it’s the fact that you also remove this money from your potential budget for joining other programs that might have given you a profit as well. So it’s the lost opportunities as well as the financial loss. Then, when the term finally does expire, I feel the “offers” that were made are simply too unrealistic for the admin to be able to come up with. But anyway, it’s you’re money and you’re choice what to do with it, I’ll simply give you the figures and you can spend it as you please after that. So for a minimum $50 deposit up to a maximum of $4,999 CryptoStrategy are offering members an on expiry payment of 750%, principal included, after 75 days. Members spending from $5,000 to $9,999 are offered 850%, and anyone going in with $10,000 or more is offered any even more unlikely 1,000%. Still, having said all that I hope it wouldn’t turn you against the more realistically achievable payments that you could genuinely receive from CryptoStrategy‘s first set of plans.

If you like any of those plans enough to join and aren’t put off by the above average asking price, then you’ll probably want to know about your payment options. CryptoStrategy currently accept the main HYIP industry handlers, and probably enough to satisfy most potential clients. You can use any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or EgoPay. I have to say I have some very mixed feelings about EgoPay and how good an idea it is to be moving money through them at the moment. Given that this has nothing whatsoever to do with CryptoStrategy or its admin’s abilities to manage a HYIP then this isn’t the time or place to start discussing that. I’ll do that in the news section but for the purposes of this review I’m leaving it at simply pointing out that EgoPay is an option for anyone who wants to take it. Payments to members are handled manually by the admin and need to be requested through your private members account area. You are then asked to allow anything up to a further 12 hours for all transactions to be processed. This is actually a lot faster than most other programs usually offer, and so far I must say I’m impressed that the admin has managed to stay just about within these terms. If the program ever gets popular I hope he can keep up the pace as it will really help it grow even further in the long run.

So what about the various design and security aspects of the CryptoStrategy website? You might find yourself taking a second look at the script even if you’re a regular industry player. I think most of you would probably recognize GoldCoders easily enough if you saw it, but maybe not so much here. I mean the script is definitely from GoldCoders and is under license, it’s just that CryptoStrategy have had their particular version modified. It looks a bit less generic or mass produced I suppose, without losing any of the usual easy to navigate feel you might expect from this provider. One of the minor changes made for example is that members no longer choose their own usernames for their account areas, CryptoStrategy automatically generates that for you instead (though you’ll still set your own password of course). No big deal, and certainly nothing that affects the program’s ability to function. Apart from that I can tell you that CryptoStrategy is hosted on a dedicated server with the support of and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard, and for an extra layer of protection there’s a (superior) Green Bar SSL encrypted connection by Comodo to help towards safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the CryptoStrategy admin that you think might not have been explained in this review or any account related issues you need to contact him about then there’s a couple of different methods to get in touch. Probably the most effective is to either fill in the online customer support form and submit it via the website’s Help page, or else simply e-mail the admin directly at the listed address. Other channels include a postal address which I’d tend to dismiss if I were you, given that they mostly turn out to be virtual serviced offices used only for registration and not where you would necessarily find anyone physically located that’s actually involved with the business that’s using it. There is a phone number to go with the address however, so feel free to try it if you actually think someone might answer you there. Fans of social media sites will be able to find CryptoStrategy on Facebook and Twitter, though I must say how disappointed I am at how little the admin has been using them. I mean sure, the program may only have been a “sleeper” until now and deliberately under promoted until the admin was ready with some bigger plans for it all, but still, these are widely used and free of charge advertising tools and a pretty effective way of communicating with your target audience if you know what you’re doing. Another recent development in the program is the launch of a Regional Representative scheme, where regular investors can act as sort of customer service agents for the program and in return be paid a significantly higher ref commission rate if successful in attracting new members. At the time of writing there still hasn’t been many takers, but if you’ve done this kind of thing yourself before and would like to give it a try, you can contact the CryptoStrategy admin for all the details.

So, that’s about it I think. All I can really add is, for the few that might be interested in such things, is that CryptoStrategy claim to be involved in the business of “mining” electronic currencies. Not the first time we’ve seen this be claimed in the HYIP industry, and no doubt it won’t be the last, but like every other time there’s once again very little evidence to back any of these claims up or prove that they can somehow guarantee a profit. That of course would be impossible for any business, never mind the HYIP industry, so as usual for the sake of the newbies you always need to keep your wits about you if you’re going to make a long term success out of online investing. Treat every program, not just CryptoStrategy, as a form of high risk gambling and proceed accordingly. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, make equally sure you’re comfortable with that and are OK with the potential risks as you are with the possible rewards, and stay well under a sensible spending limit that you know you can easily afford to lose. And of course if you do join CryptoStrategy then consider making better use of them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I’m afraid I have to start today’s news update with a very dangerous issue that, in my honest opinion, could badly affect the entire industry by draining the investment reserves of both private individuals and the exchangers serving their needs. As I already briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post, EgoPay has some very serious problems in letting exchangers withdraw their funds without any reasonable explanation. The exchangers serving the funding and withdrawing needs of EgoPay users have in turn stopped serving the HYIP investors who cannot now withdraw their funds. It all started over the weekend with the serious allegations posted by the representative of the biggest EgoPay exchanger and also the preferred direct payment method for many HYIPs Payeer. The thing is Payeer accused EgoPay of stealing their funds and freezing a huge amount of money, allegedly almost $200K. There was no official statement from EgoPay on the matter and, what’s worse, some other exchangers also reported the same thing, with funds being frozen and no reason given. Later it became clear that EgoPay had also stopped supporting all other withdrawal methods even before the Payeer incident was reported. So, at the time of writing EgoPay is still accepting funds from multiple sources and even approving exchanger’s requests to make sure no one would suspect it’s not functioning properly, but at the same time hammering its official exchangers and the people who are dependent on them for EgoPay withdrawals. So, due to the above mentioned unpleasant situation with exchangers when many of them have been basically hijacked and the closure of other withdrawal methods, EgoPay funds have absolutely zero value. And while over the weekend there was at least a glimmer of hope that the administration would come back on Monday, the first business day of the week and explain the current situation, possibly even fixing the issue, are slowly vanishing into thin air. EgoPay Live support is usually quite active during regular business hours is not available in any of the three languages. I guess the main administration doesn’t have anything to say regarding this matter either, considering no official statement on the exchange issue has been made yet.

Taking into consideration all the facts I described above, we can draw the very unsettling conclusion of a possible scam by EgoPay with diminishing hope of getting your money out, and even more dire consequences for another big player on the payment processor market – Payeer – also yet to comment on the possible consequences for its business the stolen $200K from its reserves. With this in mind, I’m afraid that the probable closure of EgoPay will have even much further negative consequences for the wider industry which already suffered greatly from the closure of the biggest payment system LibertyReserve back in May 2013. And while EgoPay cannot be considered even remotely as big, it will still make many people think twice before storing any funds in anonymous payment processors like EgoPay and PerfectMoney that are not properly registered anywhere and cannot be held accountable if they vanish overnight. I believe that with the knock-on affect of Payeer that will suffer great financial losses from EgoPay’s actions and the volatile nature of BitCoin (the current price is only $270 per 1 BTC), investors will find it hard to trust any of the payment processors. I believe that only the likes of as Payza and SolidTrustPay which although not very popular with HYIP admins might be a haven for honest investors looking to have someone at the end of a phone line they can actually speak to who works from a genuine and verifiable office, plus have lots of direct banking and credit card depositing and withdrawing methods. I truly hope that the HYIP market will be able to recover from the EgoPay incident soon, but fully expect the level of mistrust among investors to remain high. We also can’t rule out the possibility of some HYIP admins losing their funds in EgoPay too which might cause them to close their programs prematurely. Anyway, the reaction to this from HYIP admins was too mild so far, in my honest opinion, but I expect as more and more of them realize later in the week the scale of disaster they will have to discontinue accepting further EgoPay deposits. For all the potential EgoPay customers I have a strong warning – do NOT fund your account in EgoPay and do NOT exchange your money to EgoPay as the value of the funds there now is ZERO. In any case, the next week or so will be very tough for the HYIP industry, as all the long-term consequences begin to become clear. Fasten your seatbelts for a bumpy ride as any programs heavily dependant on EgoPay begin to hit the rocks. The only thing that could possibly soften the blow is the fact that there are still not many investors participating in investment activities yet after the holidays. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated if I hear more info on the situation, but I suggest you at least be prepared for the worst for the moment.


Since first appearing on MNO five weeks ago CoinAssets (reviewed here) has slowly become a revelation for many experienced investors and a perfect example for many HYIP admins of how a successful program should be run. Coming to MNO on day one and slowly gaining momentum from there, CoinAssets managed to survive Christmas without any losses. On the contrary, the administrator seems to have had the intention to stay under the radar and prove his long-term intentions by paying steadily on the program’s only plan of 4% to 6% daily (depending on the size of your investment) over a period of 90 calendar days. Investments start from $20 and can be made via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. For all these weeks we heard very little from the admin himself which nevertheless didn’t prevent him from making the first investors a profit and winning a lot of followers along the way. This was enough to push CoinAssets into the Top Five most popular programs on MNO, possibly moving even higher up the list soon. Anyway, recently the admin of CoinAssets made a rare appearance and while still silently working in the background he also sent a newsletter informing everyone of an email server issue that had been finally fixed by this time you read the following message:

CoinAssets Email Server Fixed
We incurred some email server issues over the past 48 hours. Support tickets were unaffected. If you submitted an email in the past 48 hours and have not heard from us, please re-submit the email.


After about two weeks of no interest credited to investors’ accounts, the admin of CompassBusiness (first reviewed here) returned with a new investment plan open to anyone willing to invest at least $1,000 via PerfectMoney or NixMoney. The plan will pay you 1.9% interest over a period of 110 business days while the initial investment is included in the daily payouts and so not returned on expiry. That rule doesn’t apply to the old plans which still remain active in CompassBusiness – 0.8% for 30 business days, 0.9% for 50 business days, 1% for 70 business days, 1.1% for 90 business days – all of which do return your principal on expiry. Plus, very weird gifts are offered to be sent directly from Panama to some larger investors and big promoters, lol. I guess the admin has someone residing in Panama specially for that, because the origins of the program are clearly Russian and have nothing to do with either Panama or the USA, all of whose official holidays CompassBusiness seems to be diligently observing (not forgetting to add a whopping ten extra days for New Year holidays to that already generous list). Anyway, the most definite fact is that CompassBusiness has been paying for 400+ days, but whether that’s going to be a selling point or a drawback for new investors in 2015 remains to be seen. For your information the latest newsletter from CompassBusiness announcing the new plan and prizes is included below:

Dear participants and partners are pleased to welcome you after the holidays!!!
Presenting your attention the investment updated fore 1.9% at 110 days, the deposit is included in the calculation.
Prizes to participants at a one-time deposit of $ 2000 – a gift by mail from Panama, from $ 5000 – a gift Apple iPod nano 16 July.
Just do not forget the prizes for the monthly turnover of your structure:
Apple iPod nano 16Gb 7
Apple iPad Air 16GB
Apple MacBook Air 13
Apple MacBook Air 13 + $ 6000
TURNOVER IN THE STRUCTURE 1000000 $ per month:
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manager CompassBusiness.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityAssuredAssets, LetsHaveCashCoinAssetsCryptoFarm, LoanTrustSilveks, MajesticSwanBITC1BTPerfex, CryptoStrategy (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganizationPhenixPro, TheBornClub.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you all back here soon. Make sure you bookmark the site that brings you the most elite programs and the biggest investment opportunities of the year, and keep checking my blog and monitor and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date from the HYIP industry. Bye for now!

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