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Hello everyone, and greetings from Taiwan where I’m going to be working for just over the next week! After Singapore and Hong Kong this is the third stop on my Asian vacation (next week Korea, then home) but you can rest assured that if something happens in the HYIP industry you need to know about, MNO will still be the first and the best place to hear about it. The same goes for my monitoring page which is for the best most elite programs only, with the cheap scams priced out. There’s a couple of newsworthy items up for discussion tonight, including the introduction of another program to the MNO Premium List. I’ve also been in contact with the admin of another highly promising and brand new program as well, and he’s already paid in advance for listing. I’m afraid I can’t really say much more about that one for the moment due to the fact that some tests are still being carried out on the website. However I suggest you keep a very close eye on my blog and monitor because it’s going to be up and running very soon, and you’ll be able to find it on MNO on the very first day.


Let’s get started then with the newest program joining the MNO Premium List, CryptoStrategy. The project officially launched in October last year, but first offered very small weekly returns and didn’t draw much attention from experienced investors. Now that the investment plans have changed CryptoStrategy is obviously ready to rock and by coming to the most popular investment resource for an English speaking audience the admin has certainly made the right choice. So, what’s it all about now that the the plans have changed? You can start your investment in CryptoStrategy with a $50 minimum accepted via four payment systems – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and EgoPay. I would suggest investing only in the daily payment plans which will also return your principal on expiry. These pay from 3% to 4% interest depending on the size of your investment, over a period of 90 calendar days. With this even the smallest investors can break-even in less than 5 weeks. I wouldn’t recommend investing in the on-expiry plans as they offer unsustainably high returns – 750% to 1,000% after 75 calendar days – and most probably, just serve as bait for less experienced investors with the admin having neither the intention nor the ability to pay. Anyway, your first profit from the daily plan with CryptoStrategy is credited to your account after 24 hours. Then you can make a withdrawal and expect payment within a 12 hour maximum, much faster than the average HYIP usually offers. The script CryptoStrategy runs off is by GoldCoders and is slightly modified to look less generic. The website is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by DDoSGuard and features a Green SSL-security bar which is more expensive and supposedly better than the regular version. All in all, CryptoStrategy looks a solid enough effort.


MajesticSwan is perhaps the most promising new program in the HYIP industry and has quite a potential to grow into something truly big, taking into consideration the fact that the probably biggest program of 2014 year was run by the same team of admins. I’ve already mentioned this in my detailed review of MajesticSwan that was first published on MNO here, the link to which was also kindly shared by the admin in the very first official newsletter issued a couple of days ago. It’s no wonder that after only a few days online MajesticSwan has already reached over 1,000 members and keeps growing as the first investors managed to get the first profits with the smartest of them reinvesting more after their initial test deposits. MajesticSwan gives you more control of your finances in the program crediting your account with anything from 1% to 3% daily and allows you to make a full principal withdrawal at any time you wish or adjust the level of compounding if you want to earn even more profit with the program. The acceptance of PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPay and BitCoin starts from a $20 minimum and deposits made via BitCoin are without conversion. Some very fast payouts are also finding more fans among current and potential investors. The latest newsletter from MajesticSwan in full can be read below:

MajesticSwan 1st Newsletter
Dear clients, friends and fans,
We hope you are all doing well. We had an exciting week here at MajesticSwan and now we have quite a few important things to report:
– Today we’ve reached the 1,000 members mark and we’d like to welcome you all. Thanks for being with MajesticSwan! We will try our very best to exceed your expectations.
– Money News Online review is now live! Click the link below to read it:
Have a great weekend and enjoy intelligent investing with MajesticSwan.
MajesticSwan Team, MajesticSwan Limited.


The admin of BTPerfex Andy (interviewed here) managed to improve his project once again by introducing 24/7 Live chat support which you can find by clicking on the special support icon on the bottom of the website. I’ve tested it myself and can see that currently general and technical support is available in English at the moment, but in the latest short update Andy also promised to add Russian speaking support soon, possibly seeing the potential of the Russian-speaking investment community which has been quite active lately:

New 24*7 Chat Support Has Launched From Today
We are glad to announce that from today we start our 24*7 online chat support currently this chat support is in English language only but very soon we are starting chat support in Russian language too.
Thank you. BTPerfex Team

If you haven’t read my full review of BTPerfex (published here), I’ll be glad to remind you that the program is considered a possible contender for becoming one of the early industry leaders of 2015. BTPerfex accepts deposits starting from $50 via four popular payment processors – PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. The payments are processed manually, but fast enough and the investment plan on offer in BTPerfex pays from 1.25% to 2% fixed daily interest for a term of 180 calendar days, principal included.


Following the detailed review posted on the MNO blog earlier this week (click here to read it), the admin of BITC1 who recently upgraded his program to Premium List also requested an interview which I’m going to send to him tomorrow. I expect to publish it sometime next week if everything goes to schedule. So far, BITC1 has been paying promptly on all of its investment plans (for the ones that pay on a daily basis) to members’ PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer accounts. The investment plans on offer include the following – 2.4% for 15 days (principal back), 2.5% for 25 days (principal back), 2.7% for 55 days (principal back), 350% after 15 days, 250% after 30 days, 750% after 27 days, 600% after 45 days, 1260% after 60 days. Now it looks like BITC1 is going to expand its influence in the industry by mainly improving their customer support with Live phone and chat support (the phone numbers have been posted in today’s newsletter) and hiring representatives to promote BITC1 in their local areas. If you wish to know more about that please read the newsletter below, and if you qualify you can then apply for the position of regional representative:

More Potential with BITC1
I am really pleased to say that our Program still increases potential at 2015 year,
I think we will have a really great Company ever where every investor can still get stability income for a long time with minimum risk.
Together we can change the foundations and move BITC1 to new frontiers.
For convenience of our clients we want to inform that we have two phone numbers:
+44 203 5141280 (GMT 11:00AM – 7:00PM)
+85 258 084105 (GMT+8 10:00AM – 8:00PM)
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, we will be happy to answer your questions at the best way.
For your additional convenience we have Live Chat where you can ask your questions 24 hours 7 days per week.
I would like to say that our regional representative system will be available very soon.
What is regional representative?
It is an opportunity to work under BITC1 brand, become a partner in the ready business, improve it and let it grow. It is a high revenue share that is discussed individually.
It is an additional bonuses like referral commission, special plans for referral commission, etc.
What are the responsibilities of the regional representative?
consulting clients on the services of the company;
attracting new customers to the company;
holding regional advertising campaigns;
organizing training seminars (optional).
Interested in becoming a BITC1 regional representative?
You should to provide next information:
Your Country: Your Name: Your Username in our Program: Your E-mail: Your Language Spoken: Your Skype: Your Facebook: Your Tel. Number if it available:
Just send us a request at representative@bitc1.biz, and we will contact you within
few days to discuss the opportunity of our further cooperation.
Thank you for staying with us,
BITC1 will be greatest opportunity in the industry.


There’s some strange games the admin of LetsHaveCash has been trying to play lately. He tried his best to create a sense of urgency around the 5% cashback offer paid instantly to everyone in the 2.5% for 90 days CPA Camp plan that first launched a couple of weeks ago. However it now appears that marketing trick didn’t quite work and not many members bought it, so it was decided to extend the offer for yet another two days, until January 12. Well, I wouldn’t be much surprised if that offer extends even further later on and so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really want to invest in LetsHaveCash anyway. I must admit that the program has been one of the best performers on the MNO monitor lately and currently sits in the #4 position with great potential to climb even higher. One of the main selling points of LetsHaveCash is definitely instant withdrawals and the abundance of payment methods for the program’s 2% for 99 days, 3% for 50 days, 2.5% for 100 days, 2.5% for 90 days investment plans, plus the fact that you can invest via one payment processor and withdraw to another. Just be aware of the withdrawal fees that can be as high as 10% on every withdrawal depending on the payment processor you’re going to take money into (only STP withdrawals are free). The temporary offer of 3% instant cashback if you invest in LetsHaveCash via PerfectMoney is also active at the moment, so you can take advantage of that as well. For now the program takes deposits via eight processors, including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, OkPay, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, Payza, and Neteller, with the admin promising to add Skrill, WebMoney, Pecunix, and HDMoney in the near future. If you’re interested in investing in LetsHaveCash please make sure to read my detailed review of the program (posted here), for some important information to consider before joining. For the latest newsletter from LetsHaveCash please read below:

LetsHaveCash – 5% Instant Cash-back Offer Extended for 2 Days. **Hurry Up**
Dear Member,
Year 2015 is the Year of LetsHaveCash. This Year, we will be within World’s first 1000 website.
Due to huge request from our members, 5% Cash-back offer extends up to 12th January.
Running BONUSES are:
3% INSTANT CASH BACK On Every Deposit Made Via Perfect Money!
5% INSTANT CASH BACK On Each Purchase Of CPA CAMP Until January 12th!
[ 2 Days left for 5% instant Cash-back on CPA Camp purchase ]
After January 12th 2015, CPA CAMP Might Not Be AVAILABLE!
New PR (Principal Return) Plans are Coming Very Soon.
One More Important News: From January 12, Referral Commission will be reduced as per new policy from Admin.
New Referral Commission Plan will be: First Level: 5%, Second Level: 1.5%, Third Level: 0.5% [active from 12th January 2015]
(We are giving early message to avoid huge tickets complaining about New Referral Commission Scale. So, please do not open ticket on this issue)
GOOD NEWS: PAYZA & NETELLER Approved LetsHaveCash!
Next Coming: Skrill, Webmoney, HD-Money, Pecunix
We Are Proud To Add Both Processors As Of This Minute!
You Can Deposit and Withdraw any amount Via PAYZA & NETELLER Now Too!
Regards, LetsHaveCash Admin.


Although OneStability reclaimed the #1 spot on the MNO monitor and the admin Richard (interviewed here) recently extended his advertising banner on MNO for yet another month, I still don’t find the addition of a new investment plan justified. Just for your information, it pays 120% to 125% on expiry of a 5 day term starting from a $50 minimum This plan will definitely raise some unnecessary suspicions in the minds of experienced investors and even if Richard really meant to do something good out of this and reward the loyal members of OneStability, this plan will still be treated very cautiously. Especially by the experienced investors who I fear might actually leave the program during the next few days or at least not make any further reinvestments there. The fact that the new 120%-125% after 5 days plan is limited in time and is going to be closed on January 16 (the exact date when the first payments on it are due to be paid) is also questionable. Anyway, if you feel uncomfortable with it or are simply in doubt about the program’s future, please refrain from investing there for a few more days as it will be clearly seen where the program is going by January 17 when the new plan closes. In any case, I believe that there’s nothing wrong with the other three investment plans OneStability still offers for smaller minimums, like 5% for 30 days, 4.2% for 45 days, and 2.2% daily forever until you withdraw your principal which can be done anytime after 7 days. The recent addition of more payment options in OneStability clearly showed that the admin is quite serious when it comes to increasing its presence, especially in the lucrative American market. With OneStability one can invest even via SolidTrustPay, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, and bank wires, as well as the usual PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, Payeer, and Payza. That alone makes OneStability an undoubted champion in this area and assures the widest possible audience among investors. I just wish the admin be more careful in his future promotion and not to make current members suspicious. The latest newsletter is mostly dedicated to being online over three months and which made OneStability one of the most profitable programs for many investors already. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s only the beginning for the program and the admin has such great plans for the future like adding more languages and videos that would help newbies to get started and we see many more members in profit from this truly wonderful program. The full newsletter from OneStability (reviewed here) is below:

Dear Clients,
2015 is here and OneStability is surely happy to see you! We trust that you’ve enjoyed your holidays, surrounded by a warm and pleasant atmosphere. To set things off, we’ve started the New Year with high hopes, new energy and fresh ideas on how to improve our services persistently.
It’s been more than 3 months since you’ve been walking the road of success – 3 months of OneStability in the high yield investment industry! Hopefully, you’re as excited as we are! As usual, to celebrate our achievements; we always present an opportunity to earn a little extra with us. For this period the opportunity is presented in the form of a “luxurious plan” – it’s genuine luxury for anyone to have such loyal investor base as we do. However, bear in mind that we reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time, in order to stay within the budget.
Below are the Highlights so far:
– As a team, we decided to keep a tradition of rewarding our investors with a limited plan which will be in effect for a short period. The new limited plan, called the “Luxurious Plan“. It offers 120-125% after 5 days with the principal included. Your rate will depend on the amount you’ve invested. However, come January 16th 23:59, this plan will no longer exist.
– Currently, we are ranked on “Top” for the most popular and premium monitors.
– We have started our new advertising campaign on monitors, forums, as well as social media promotions.
– We have also extended the list of regional representative to include the following countries for local support: Italy, Brazil, Pakistan, and Uganda.
– We hope you’ve seen significant improvements as we believe our decision to make a change to our hosting in late 2014 have shown great results. The website speed is now faster – there are no issues with Webmail, and the site uptime is by far much better.
– The new payment processors allowed us to extend our market position and achieve our plans to make OneStability more popular and easier to use, for the benefit of all.
Further plans:
– Complete translation of OneStability to Russian and Chinese languages by the end of January.
– Initiate translation to German and Spanish during February.
Complete work on “Get Started” videos.
– Add explanation videos of how to use newly integrated payment systems.
That’s all for now folks! We hope you continue to keep up with us as we strive for continued GROWTH and STABILITY!
Sincerely, OneStability Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityLetsHaveCashCoinAssetsCryptoFarm, LoanTrustSilveks, MajesticSwanBITC1BTPerfex, AtrexTrade.
From MNO Standard list: HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganizationPhenixPro, TheBornClub, RoxInvest.

That’s all for now, guys. Tomorrow I’ll have a more detailed review of CryptoStrategy along with all the daily news from the HYIP industry. The highlight of that will surely be any further info on possible issues with EgoPay. I’ve already removed them as a payment option on MNO due to impossibility to withdraw the funds via any exchangers or any other options. I would advise not to fund your account with EgoPay at the moment, as I’m expecting everything to be clear by tomorrow when I’ll have more information. Whether EgoPay is going to collapse or manages to recover remains to be seen, but under the worst possible scenario it would be another huge blow for the HYIP industry, the worst since the demise of LibertyReserve back in May 2013. So stay tuned and don’t miss tomorrow’s update. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you back on the MNO blog on Monday!

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