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Hello everyone! I didn’t have any news for you yesterday as I spent much of it traveling to JeJu, which if you haven’t heard of it is a small island off the south coast of Korea. And what a welcome break to finally get away from the massive urban sprawls I’ve been passing through this last few weeks while on vacation in Asia. First impressions as I write overlooking the fishing harbor are positive, so I’m really looking forward to working here for the next week. It’s been two days now since my last blog post so despite the lull there’s still a couple of news stories to catch up on. Unfortunately not all of them are particularly good, though some programs do show at least some positive developments. One such story is from CoinAssets which is where I want to start today’s news update.


CoinAssets has now become the #1 listed program on the MNO Premium List, so I guess a word of congratulations is owed to the admin for that. The program offers interest rates of between 4% and 6% for a term of 90 calendar days. Investments start from a $20 minimum, and you can find more exact details in the review of CoinAssets first published on MNO here. In a sort of bizarre reversal of the current situation with EgoPay however, CoinAssets is actually offering to buy funds from their members (and when I say buy funds, obviously I mean exchange EgoPay to PerfectMoney/Payeer/BitCoin for you). Just to refresh your memory, feel free to reference my article on EgoPay here to see exactly what I’m talking about. The rate is of course heavily skewered in the admin’s favor, which is understandable naturally, but one way or another it’s still the best deal you’re likely to find. With no more of the regular exchangers willing to touch it and all withdrawal options closed, any “money” you think you have in EgoPay is pretty much reduced now to a useless number flashed on a computer screen. Exactly why the CoinAssets admin is prepared to give you anything at all for this is something I can’t explain. Maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t, maybe he’s just speculating and taking a gamble on EgoPay’s recovery, I really can’t say. If the preliminary results of the opinion polls currently running on the MNO TalkBack page are anything to go by then the overwhelming majority of readers have next to no faith in getting anything back from the payment processor themselves. So whatever the motivation, it’s still a good deal and one I suggest you seriously consider taking while it’s still on the table. You can ask your own questions to the CoinAssets admin as to why, if you really care why that is, and the offer is open to both program members and non-members alike. The details are all contained in the e-mail below:

Egopay Exchanges
We have received multiple tickets asking if our Egopay exchange offer still stands. It still stands. If you have an Egopay.com account balance and wish to exchange it into  Perfectmoney, Payeer, or Bitcoin please send a response to this email or an email to admin@coinassets.net
Our Egopay Exchange is offered to anyone, including those who are not members or investors of CoinAssets.


In another hugely positive and encouraging development, I’m sure most of you will be as pleased as I am to see instant withdrawals now being implemented in CryptoStrategy. Other items covered in the admins most recent update include the marking of 100 days online, however I’d be a bit less enthusiastic about that one myself. I mean don’t get me wrong here, I think it’s always a good achievement, it’s just that in the case of CryptoStrategy a lot of that time was spent as a “sleeper”, when the program bore very little similarities to what we see today. In fact the program really only started to be taken seriously in the HYIP world when it came to MNO in its current format just over two weeks ago. CryptoStrategy offers investment plans paying 3%-4% for 90 days (principal back), or 750%-1,000% after 75 days (principal included) for a $50 minimum through PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. My own thoughts on those plans, what might be worth a shot and what to avoid, plus any other important information you might need on the program is all contained in the original review of CryptoStrategy first published on MNO here. So, not only are the withdrawals now instant, in other news the admin is also trying to recruit regional representatives from among the program’s members. If you are interested in working as a customer support agent in return for a higher rate of referral commissions then check out the following news update and contact the CryptoStrategy admin for further discussion:

CryptoStrategy News
Dear customers,
we are happy to say that we successfully passed 100 days mark. First of all its became possible because of your amazing support of CryptoStrategy Limited. During this time we paid thousands of dollars to our customers and we are sure that there are many other remarkable dates will come in the future.
As many of you may noticed last few weeks we were making tests of instant payments. Now we are convinced that everything is safe, so its official, from now there is no need wait for your withdrawal, money will be send INSTANTLY.
We are looking for representatives all over the world, if you want to become a part of our company please contact our support team for details. Our representatives earn massive referral commissions total 19% and there are many other profitable bonuses that will impress you. Become a part of something BIG with CryptoStrategy Limited.
Best Regards, Olivia
CryptoStrategy Limited


In a somewhat confusing newsletter to his members, the admin of BTPerfex (interviewed here) is promising all manner of changes and improvements. I say the newsletter is confusing not because it’s badly written or anything, but simply because it was sent out to investors without anything in it that was promised actually being implemented. In fact I was even in two minds about whether to include the newsletter in today’s blog post or not, as essentially it’s still a lot of talk without any action. I contacted the admin about this on receiving the newsletter, raising more or less the same point I’m repeating to you here which is that having big plans for BTPerfex is not really the same thing as actually doing it. But he assures me the wheels are turning and things will begin to take shape within the week. I’ll include the admin’s reply to my questions alongside the newsletter below. For now I can only remind you that in its current state BTPerfex is a long term HYIP that just launched last month. It offers members payments from 1.25% to 2% per day for a term running 180 calendar days, and includes your principal as part of the payments. You need a $50 minimum to join BTPerfex, and can use any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin. A more detailed explanation of how BTPerfex works can be read in the detailed review first published on MNO here, and for information on how things are likely to change please read the following update from Andy, the program’s admin, below:

BTPerfex LTD – Changes Are Coming…..
Investment project BTPerfex LTD quickly gained popularity. After the launch of our program the company’s assets have increased, and we are ready to move to the next level.
Our clients often ask us questions about business development: what plans we have for the future and what innovations we want to implement. When the number of program’s participants has exceeded 5,000 people, we’re finally convinced that our project is really promising and decided on a radical change.
First, we have decided to update our site. It’s no secret that the attractiveness of any proposal is beginning including its appearance and usability. We have developed a unique design that you will surely enjoy. The new website will be easier to navigate, more bright and attractive, more stable and secure thanks to the service of protection against malware from the Norton Secured, Powered by Symantec.We have extended our domain validity for 5 years now.
Secondly, we have expanded opportunities for our clients and added three absolutely new investment plans. That will be completely different strategy because new plans do not have a limited lifespan, the rate of return is much higher there and you can get your initial deposit at any time starting from 10th day after your investment. We are confident that the new proposal will make our project even more attractive for any investor! We also decided to leave existing plans along with the new ones and you will have a choice of two strategies. New plans are called “Unlimited Earner”.
Affiliate commission increased to 10% there, it will depend on deposit amount that your referrals make.
In the third, our company has grown enough that we were able to organize our offices outside the United Kingdom. BTPerfex LTD runs a program of regional representatives. From now on, any registered user of the project can officially represent our interests in his region! Your contact information along with your referral link will be added to a special section on the website. This helps novice investors find you and to ask for help. And of course your commission will be increased in such case. You can find details in “Representatives” on the website.
And finally, we want to get acquainted personally with each of you. Soon we will introduce to you BTPerfex team and show our back-office, where we operate and do business.
Follow our updates!
Thank you Andy. BTPerfex.

And following that Andy sent me the following reply when I asked about exactly when investors can expect to see these changes:

Hello Paul,
The new website design and new plans and new commision structure will be launched within this week we have just released this newsletter to let all our members that we are upgrading. After this new plans and commission structure launch those who apply as our regional representative will get up to 15% referral commission and also in new plans each plan will have its own different referral commission for regular affiliates but again our representatives will get additional bonus on those plans too. Please wait for our next update newsletter when we will launch the new design and all that. Hope you will like them.


Like I said earlier, it’s not all been good news for the last couple of days. HashCoin has been moved to Problem Status on my monitor as the website goes between being either barely viewable and not functioning to completely offline. The admin has promised the technical problems blighting the website in recent days will soon be fixed and everything back to normal within 24 hours. I have to say quite frankly here that ordinarily I’d be very skeptical about this, but if HashCoin have one thing to their advantage here it’s that interest payments are extremely low anyway, typically under 1% and even less that 0.5% at the weekends, so it’s conceivable that any serious damage to their cash flow has been shielded somewhat. At the same time, this can’t go on forever and would really only be enough to protect HashCoin in the short term. The longer the accessibility problem persists, the more problems it leads to if/when the admin really does succeed in getting the program back on track. I will just remind you, for the record, that should they recover HashCoin has plans making variable daily payments up to a maximum of 1.5% for 120 calendar days and requires a minimum investment of $25. If the website does recover I would still ask you to wait before depositing. Remember that the restoration of the HashCoin website by itself is no green light for further investments, you MUST check the MNO monitor as well to confirm that it’s been returned to Paying Status before continuing. Below is the message you will see if you try to access HashCoin yourself, followed by the e-mail I received from David, the program’s admin:

Error: Server is unavailable
Sorry but a timeout occured while loading this page. It is possible that the server is busy and unable to process your request at this time. Please try to access the site later or click here to refresh the page

Hello Paul, we are working in a new server, we under ddos attack two times. The attacker wants money. We are working, we do not became a scam. I hope up tomorrow. Thank you.


Saving the worst ’til last, I’m sorry to confirm that SolCapital was a fast scam, and in my opinion was most likely set up to be deliberately so. Only the very first investors on day one might have come close to just breaking even, but certainly no one was in profit. Just the thieving admin that is. A recent email celebrating the introduction of Payza is of course nothing more than a smokescreen, sent out to members to add the appearance of respectability and convince anyone who doesn’t know yet that the program has a long term future. Well, it doesn’t. SolCapital has stopped making payments, and it doesn’t matter what payment processor you want to talk about, everything else here is just distraction. The plans, which mostly ran for 15 business days, were timed so that the maximum damage would be done to investors, i.e. none of them would profit.

In my time in the HYIP industry I have to say, believe it or not, that not all HYIP admins are entirely bad guys. I know that when programs end they end badly, and someone always has to lose money. But some of them are basically fair minded people, motivated entirely by personal profit it’s true but that doesn’t stop all of them from at least running a fair game and trying to help members make money as well as themselves before the inevitable collapse. OneStability for instance was a perfect example. Unfortunately then we have the other side of the coin, the lowlifes such as SolCapital looking for absolutely nothing other than a chance to steal as much as he can possibly grab from you and run away. It’s people like this that ultimately do more damage to the HYIP industry than any payment processor. I mean people know the risk but at least it’s cushioned somewhat if you know you had a fair chance. Depriving people of that chance, knowing that you put your money into something which never had the slightest intention of paying you, that’s what will really drive people away from HYIPs. As a group we are all better off without the likes of SolCapital, personally I would hope never to hear from him again (that’s why I keep my prices high – to make listing less lucrative for the deliberate thieves). The only thing you need to know about SolCapital now is clear – the program is a scam, and you should avoid it at all costs.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listCoinAssets, CryptoFarmBITC1MajesticSwanSilveksRockfellerBTPerfex, CryptoStrategyAtrexTrade, RollNRich.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganizationRoxInvestRevshareMatrix.

That’s all for today guys. I just want to re-iterate that we don’t really know the full extent of the damage done by the EgoPay scam, and the opinions expressed by readers on the opinion poll here purely speculative. Therefore remember it’s entirely possible that some admins have been hit a lot harder than they would like you to find out. We simply do not know, so you need to be prepared. The thing is that if an admin has some big losses, it’s possible that a) his current program will close, and b) he may open a deliberate fast scam such as SolCapital was to steal back from others what he lost in his account. I don’t mean to spread paranoia here, just suggest you be cautious around new programs. With the highest monitoring fees in the HYIP industry the number of deliberate fast scams coming to MNO is relatively minor. OK, I know SolCapital was listed, but compared to other blogs/monitors it really is an exception. So if you are looking for new programs, make sure you see them listed on MNO first, otherwise be very very careful. OK, I’m off to do some exploring around Jeju, so I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye for now!

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