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Hello, guys, and welcome to the MNO blog – the most popular blog for on online investment opportunities where information always comes first. Despite the recent scam from the EgoPay (read more on that in my article here), the plummeting price of BitCoin (down to $170 per BTC at current rates) and today’s PerfectMoney’s maintenance all of which kind of limited the activities for investors, I still see an increasing interest from readers in finding new and promising programs and a demand for new elite and high-quality projects. So I’ll start the news review for the last two days by introducing two promising new programs that joined my monitor’s Premium List during the last 24 hours, RollNRich and SolCapital. I also have updates from CoinAssets, CryptoStrategy, GHash, and the recently scammed LetsHaveCash, so keep reading to find out more.


RollNRich which at the moment is still exclusively monitored by MNO is perhaps the most original program I’ve come across recently, and for a good reason. In RollNRich you can invest anything from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney and Payeer (Payza and BitCoin are coming soon, according to the admin) and get paid for playing a sort of Roll’n’Dice game – something similar to Monopoly or other board games. Depending on the results of the game you can be paid up to 10% on your investment over a period of 300 business days (Monday to Friday) when you can participate. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, if you get the main concept behind RollNRich let’s carry on. Once you’ve signed in and made a deposit you can proceed to RnR-Board and play your game by rolling a set of virtual dice to determine what your interest rate of the day will be. There’s also several possible bonuses along the way, so check inside your member’s area and play yourself to find out more. Remember that you can play your first game after you make a deposit and you must play on every business day in order to earn interest, so don’t forget. Once the game is over you can see your interest in the account and can then request a withdrawal and be paid manually by the admin within 48 hours. I imagine the 48-hour rule is some kind of safety net in case RollNRich grows big and the admin has limited time to process pending withdrawals, as at the moment I get paid within a few hours. The program is running off a custom made script and it took some time from the admin to put everything together and to test the program properly – he even sent me payment for the Premium listing in advance a few days before the official launch. Anyway, there could be some glitches along the way as the script is built from scratch, but I’m sure if anything happens it will be corrected along the way. The overall design of the site is quite unique and resembles a game by itself, and in the terms of security RollNRich also looks good with SSL-security by Comodo and hosting on a dedicated and a DDoS protected server by CloudFlare. The main question with RollNRich is how much money you can make in a day, something entirely up to a chance as it’s simply a game. Well, just like any other HYIP in that regard by the way, the only difference is the admin of RollNRich doesn’t deny it. Of course I understand the complications you might encounter when looking at this program for the first time, it being so different from other HYIPs and all, so to get things straight please read the full review coming on MNO tomorrow.


The second program joining MNO Premium listing is called SolCapital and is a more traditional program which, I have no doubt, will become popular among readers as it offers quite reasonable yet lucrative returns within a medium-term period and exactly the type of program most of my readers prefer according to the preliminary results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page (click here to vote as the final results will be drawn tomorrow). The program is offering two types of investment plans where your principal is included in your daily earnings and the final return is determined by the size of your investment – paying daily or on expiry. You might know my feelings towards on expiry plans, like most readers I consider them not as safe as daily paying ones, but you get paid extra for the risk. The admin of SolCapital sees this by offering 140% to 180% return on your investment in just 15 business days (three weeks) time. For those looking for daily profits there are plans offering 8% to 10% interest from Monday to Friday only for the same period of 15 business days. So in those plans you will end up with a slightly lower return of 120% to 150% in the same three week period. SolCapital takes a $10 minimum for both plans via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, and the now almost totally useless EgoPay. As SolCapital is running off a licensed version of GoldCoders script you just request your first interest payment 24 hours after investing and get paid to your chosen e-currency account within a maximum timeframe of another 24 hours. The site of SolCapital looks nice with vivid bright colors and a professional looking design. In the terms of security, everything has been taken care of too – SSL encryption featuring a Green Bar extended validation seal by Comodo and hosting on a dedicated server with support and protection by DDoSGuard. SolCapital only started a few days ago, meaning the first members aren’t going to be in profit for another couple of weeks, but if you like what you see please join and read a more detailed review on the MNO blog on Friday. A welcome message from the admin himself can be read on the SolCapital website which I’m including below:

We are online!
Hello Potential Customers,
Today, we open our doors to the online community. Everyone around the globe is welcome to join our project. It’s time to participate in a profitable online journey. Our team has prepared a fantastic platform where you can earn a solid daily percent from your investment as well as receive a financial award from every new participant you send our way.
Don’t sit on the sidelines; join our community by filling our registration form today. It’s easy, free and takes no more than one minute. After you have done this, you will discover what professional investment service online is.
On top of that, we have 24/7 support to address any of your issues or concerns as well as top security to secure your capital and wellbeing. Sign up today, and you will be fascinated by the services that we will provide to you.
Best Regards, SolCapital Ltd


With EgoPay’s unfortunate departure from the payment processor market (read more on that in the article posted here) HYIP investors are naturally freaked out when other popular currencies experience some technical difficulties, as with PerfectMoney today which had a scheduled maintenance session which went on longer than the initially planned six hours. The admin of CoinAssets gave a warning about this, citing it as a reason for possible payment delays in his first newsletter posted earlier:

PerfectMoney Maintenance
This message has been posted during the past 6-7 hours on the PerfectMoney homepage:
“Scheduled maintenance
On 14th of January, 2015, from 00:00 – 06:00 CET,
Perfect Money service can be unavailable for several hours due to scheduled maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.”
All other withdrawals are not affected by the PerfectMoney maintenance period. As soon as the PerfectMoney website is up again, we will process another batch of PerfectMoney withdrawals. Thank you for understanding.

In his second update issued later, the CoinAssets admin discussed the recent drop in price for BitCoins which hit a low of $170 per BTC for the first time in recent memory. While admitting a high level of volatility in BitCoin, the admin also quoted a recent article which treated the dip as a perfect buying opportunity, thus, CoinAssets which positions itself as a BitCoin trading and mining platform still allegedly claims an opportunity to make money from BitCoin and tries to alleviate the investors’ concerns (or least the few that actually believe CoinAssets are really involved with any kind of real business). As far as online HYIPs are concerned, CoinAssets has been nothing but a perfect investment opportunity during its first weeks online by getting the first investors in the 4% to 6% daily for 90 days plan into profit already, and providing a decent earning opportunity for a $20 minimum through PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, or EgoPay. Profits can be seen in just 16 to 25 days depending on the size of your investment. Fingers crossed, the volatile BitCoin price and its recent drop will actually provide better investment opportunities and bring more profits to CoinAssets and get even higher ratings on the MNO monitor (where it’s already comfortably sitting in my Top Five list of Premium projects). For more information on CoinAssets and its investment plans please check out my review here and for the latest update from the admin please read below:

CoinAssets Bitcoin Statement
We received many questions over the past few days regarding Bitcoin and its dramatic price drop and its volatility. Bitcoin mining is still occurring and trading opportunities are plentiful with trading volume increasing more so than ever. You can read more about Bitcoin’s increase in trading volume during the price decline here: http://www.coindesk.com/global-bitcoin-trade-volume-surges-15-price-decline/
Difficulty level (the “hardness” of mining new bitcoins) will like auto correct and become easier in the coming weeks depending on Bitcoin pricing. For the average person, the dramatic price drop may have hurt as they just hold Bitcoins, instead of mining and trading Bitcoins. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about Bitcoin mining, trading, difficulty level of new coins and how it all interconnects with the price decrease volatility. It is a complex subject full of technical jargon that we can help you understand if you do not.


Due to the same issues with PerfectMoney, the admin of CryptoStrategy was unable to complete the withdrawals within the promised 12-hour period. When he eventually managed to do so, an apology was issued as one should expect from the more professional admins anyway. In my honest opinion, CryptoStrategy is indeed run by an experienced admin whose previous programs were proven hits among investors and similar patterns were noticed when first reviewing the program on MNO (click here to read that) tend to make me quite positive about your chances of seeing a good return. I remind you that CryptoStrategy had been a “sleeper” program when first online and only about a week ago the admin changed the investment plans to the more attractive 3%-4% for 90 days with the principal back on expiry. The program takes PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, (and the now scammed EgoPay) starting from a $50 minimum. Of course, there are other investment plans that should be avoided at all costs as being too good to be true – 750%-1,000% after 75 days – but the more experienced investors who read MNO will surely know this. Anyway, as I said earlier, withdrawal delays caused mostly by PerfectMoney issues are over now so the program is back to its 12 hour maximum payout schedule. If you want to read more on that directly from the admin please read below:

CryptoStrategy Limited Update
Dear customers,
CryptoStrategy Limited administration shall notify all active investors of daily plans, regional representatives, partners and other customers that there was a failure in sending payments through the PerfectMoney system. The website of this payment processor was in the mode of technical maintenance last night. This has resulted in delays of regular payments to investors of all our plans (first of all it touched those who have deposits on the daily basis of accruals). It also accused some script problems, but our technical team already fixed this. All pending withdrawals are paid, sorry for a little delay. Now as usual all withdrawals are processed in fast mode.
CryptoStrategy Limited administration apologizes for any inconvenience. We constantly monitor the technical condition of our website and work on improving all services. If you still have any questions we will be happy to answer them via e-mail.
Best Regards, Olivia
CryptoStrategy Limited


A very short update was posted earlier today by the admin of GHash (first reviewed here) also stating that PerfectMoney withdrawals were back to normal after the payment processor came back online after scheduled maintenance and mentioned the first programs three months online:

GHash – 90 Days Online
PerfectMoney withdrawals returned back to normal. There were problem with PM API.
Best Wishes

I should comment on this by remind you for the first seventy days online GHash offered a totally different investment plan and accepted only BitCoins. Then for some strange reason the admin actually downgraded his program by moving from an original script GHash was originally running off to a more generic GoldCoders model with less original plans but more payment options. He is now offering investments starting from a $20 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and the now obsolete EgoPay. The new investment plans in GHash currently include 2.8%-5% for 50 business days, and 175%-320% after 35 calendar days. The program is mostly paying instantly, and could have become popular among MNO readers, if not for the admin’s weird to say the least behavior in downgrading his own program (though granted, improvements were made in certain other areas). But if you like instant payouts then GHash might be the program that you’ve been looking for – anyway, probably worth checking it out anyway.


The admin of LetsHaveCash seems to think everyone around him is stupid or something. I’ll explain why in a moment, but first let’s get this straight – LetsHaveCash is a 100% scam now. The main reason for this is probably the admin having enough of the members’ money for himself, but also won’t be helped by the fact that EgoPay scammed which in turn affected his program badly, as the withdrawals to other payment processors were allowed. In any case, the recently offered bonus on the new plan that was extended until January 12 didn’t add to the program’s credibility either as the fact that it stopped accepting SolidTrustPay, Payza, and Neteller deposits just before the scam. Just 24 hours ago withdrawals from LetsHaveCash were still processed instantly and nothing indicated that the program was on the way out, then suddenly the instant payments stopped and only continued to STP for some time (which have also now been discontinued). I was duly informed about that by some vigilant readers who posted on the ShoutBox and prompted me to follow that up with the admin who gave the most ridiculous excuse about working on an Android app for the program on his PlayStation, thus having to suspend instant withdrawals. Utter nonsense of course, and it looks as if despite withdrawals not getting paid, deposits into LetsHaveCash are still accepted perfectly well. This only exposes the fact that the admin is trying to grab the last few dollars he can from unsuspecting investors. Now another rubbish update was sent to LetsHaveCash members repeating the same old lies, which miraculously didn’t affect deposits but only prevents withdrawals. How very convenient! Treating other people like idiots won’t work with MNO of course, as I’ve moved the program to Scam Status on my monitor already where it belongs. I would now ask of those of you who made deposits via SolidTrustPay, Payza, or other payment methods requiring merchant verification to report this crook, so the payment systems can block whatever funds are left there and prevent him from exchanging it. I will update you all if I hear more on that, but for now, just for your information and so you recognize it if you see it, here’s the final attempt at scamming for you:

LetsHaveCash – Important News about LetsHaveCash
Dear Member,
First, we want to express apology for the ongoing conveniences. We are developing Android app for LetsHaveCash and were transferring database, while some mistake happened and it got cracked. But do not worry, we are building it again to its previous format. As a result, some of our processors deposit and withdraw were paused. At present we have already rearranged 75% of our database and it will take maximum 48 hours to finish the rest. At this moment, you can deposit via any processor but withdraws are made pending. It will be cleared manually. When our app is up, all will be automatic again.
Egopay is causing some problems. As a result we are facing some problem. Overall, LHC is passing a critical moment, at this point of time, we need everyone’s support. We will look up everyone’s profile, that’s our promise. You can deposit and make withdraw from now on. There is no problem from our end. Happy earnings!
Regards. LetsHaveCash.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityAssuredAssets, GHashCoinAssetsLoanTrust, MajesticSwanSilveks,  BITC1BTPerfex, AtrexTrade, CryptoStrategy, RollNRich (the first payments received), SolCapital (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShare, OgdenOrganizationPhenixPro.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Stay tuned for further updates on the MNO blog and check out the most elite programs on the MNO monitor that are added regularly. There’s also one last chance to vote for your favorite type of investment program in the poll running on the MNO TalkBack page as the results will be announced tomorrow. Follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter and bookmark my site for future reference, it will pay off for you one day! Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow with the latest news from the HYIP industry and a detailed review of RollNRich – the most original new project of the month!

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