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08/01/2015. MajesticSwan Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! MajesticSwan has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Well, it was probably worth the long wait I think because today I’m taking a closer look at what will most likely be the first real industry giant of 2015. I’m talking about MajesticSwan of course, which however strange or at least highly irregular this may sound at such an early stage, already has a lot of experienced players thinking it might be one of their biggest earners for the next twelve months. How much of this is down to rumors, conjecture, and hearsay about MajesticSwan being the brainchild of the admin behind the single biggest program of 2014 I really can’t say. I wouldn’t put too much stock in these stories myself as you can never be guaranteed that past glories can ever be repeated, but at the same time I do have to admit that MajesticSwan bears all the hallmarks of a highly organized and professionally run outfit. Of course the final decision to play or pass will ultimately lie with you the investor. I’ll try my best to describe the main features for you here as clearly and simply as I’m able, and you can think about it yourselves from there. I have a feeling though that MajesticSwan might be a name working its way in and out of readers portfolios (they provide an exceptional level of flexibility you see, allowing you to come, go, and return again at will how ever best you see fit) in the coming months. So let’s see what they’re all about.
When it comes to online HYIP investment plans, the two most important things you have to look for are profitability combined with sustainability. Other things you simply can’t predict, such as the admin’s ability to manage the plans in the first place, that’s always going to be left to chance anyway, but the twin pillars of profitability and sustainability are easily spotted by experienced players. And that’s where we start with MajesticSwan – the investment plans which I think are rather good. It’s also quite affordable to join by the way, and need only set you back a $20 minimum deposit in order to start earning.

You’re not really tied down to any fixed length investment term in the traditional sense here, as MajesticSwan allow members to set their own goals in terms of when they join, how much of a principal they keep active in the program at any one time, how much you’d like to compound, and when you’d eventually like to leave completely. Members receive a variable daily interest payment which will fluctuate from one day to the next depending on the program’s fortunes, with the only real difference being that the bigger investors will typically receive a better rate than the smaller ones.

Here’s how it works. Everyone who joins MajesticSwan is guaranteed a basic minimum of 1% interest per calendar day. Or at least when I say it’s guaranteed what I really mean is the admin promises you will never get paid less than that. That would be on the worst day, which might happen from time to time, but we hope not very often. On the better days the rate will improve somewhat, though to exactly what extent will depend on how much you have invested. For example, members with between the $20 minimum requirement and $500 can get paid a maximum of 2% interest per calendar day. Bigger spenders keeping amounts from $500 up to $3,000 could potentially see a 2.5% maximum rate paid per day, while for everything above that amount the possible maximum might stretch as far as 3% per day. It’s unlikely that MajesticSwan will see either extreme, high or low, all that often, so a guess might be that a typical payment falls somewhere in the middle. The rate of the day is posted on the website every day which you can check on the Trading History page. Payments are credited to your account for the first time 24 hours after you make your initial investment.

There’s really not a great deal I can add about the plans at this stage because it’s quite impossible to give a practical example. With no fixed term and no fixed rate, compounding that can be raised or lowered on demand, and the option to make full or partial principal withdrawals at will, then it’s literally a case of the number of potential strategies in in MajesticSwan being the same as the number of potential investors. Some of you may have a definite financial goal in mind, maybe others have a particular date in the calendar they’ve set for leaving, you might prefer to review your investment and its progress on a daily basis, or, like me, maybe you’ll stick with the program right to the end (though in this case please remember that MNO is a commercial business paid to monitor MajesticSwan to the end anyway). All I can do is suggest you have a look at the numbers, check the historical rates paid out since MajesticSwan first went online, play around with some ideas and see what you think you can realistically achieve by joining. Whether it’s for a day, a week, a month, or indefinitely, total control of your deposit and what you choose to do with it remains with you at all times.

So if you like the look of the plans and think it might be worth a shot, then next on the agenda is what your payment options will be. This is up to a reasonable industry standard I would say, maybe not the most extensive list out there at the moment but I think enough to satisfy demand from most investors. There are currently four of the most popular e-currency options available in MajesticSwan, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and EgoPay for those who prefer the regular payment handlers, and BitCoin available for members who favor the newer digital crypto-currencies.

Unlike most online HYIPs BitCoin deposits with MajesticSwan will not simply be converted back and forth into dollars. They will remain in BTC at all times, so currency fluctuations in the BTC/Dollar exchange rate shouldn’t have any adverse affect on the program. In a straight BitCoin to BitCoin transaction a rise or fall in the currency’s value is unlikely to hit MajesticSwan‘s overall cash flow.

There’s a couple of other points you’ll need to know about the plans and the financial practicalities of having an account with MajesticSwan. First of all, withdrawal requests will need to be handled manually by the admin and so need to placed from within your private members area. So far I’ve been extremely impressed with how fast they’ve been handled, just remember that the program’s own terms and conditions suggest you allow up to 24 hours for all transactions to be completed. There’s also a handy button that allows you to withdraw all payments to all payment processors together in one go (don’t know if that affects many of you guys, I just mean it’s handy for me as a monitor having payments owed to different processors).

Another point I need to clarify is principal withdrawal. Theoretically you are allowed to make a full or partial principal withdrawal anytime you like. However if you are looking to remove just some of your funds and continue an active investment with the rest there’s a bit more work that needs to be done. The thing is that when you go to withdraw your principal, it moves from your account back to your balance. And it’s from your balance that you then decide to either withdraw to a payment processor or re-invest in the program. Except that in doing so, your entire principal has to move in the initial transaction, i.e. from active investment back to account balance. If you are not looking to make a full withdrawal you will then have to remove whatever it is you were looking to take out, and re-deposit the rest in order to start earning again.

Moving on to the more technical side of things now such as design and security, not much has been left to chance as MajesticSwan measures up to a fairly high standard. Hosting is on a dedicated server by CloudFlare, a name I never once remember hearing a complaint about, with DDoS protection in turn supplied by BlackLotus, themselves a well respected name as well. For an extra layer of security and account protection the MajesticSwan website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The one single feature which most caught my eye was the unique script MajesticSwan is running off. It’s very high grade yet remains easy to navigate and customer friendly. There’s no snags or tricky areas you might not understand and no hidden or secret functions that are difficult to find. It’s a decent quality product and shows both initiative from the admin and some bigger financial resources supporting the program’s initial set-up. In fact it looks to me that the preparation for bringing MajesticSwan online dates back some time, as the domain was registered back in September 2014 and is valid for ten years, which I know isn’t a difficult thing to do but is still something I feel positive about. You know, if nothing else it just shows the admin is taking the whole thing seriously from before the website was ever even launched, and has put way too much time, effort, and expense into this for it to be a deliberate fast scam.

For any further questions, comments, or account related issues there’s a number of communication channels open to you. You can reach the MajesticSwan admin or support team first of all by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the website’s contact page. There is a built-in Live Chat feature, however I’ve never actually seen it working myself and so am unable to comment on what, if any, working hours might be kept there. It’s a question I’ll certainly put to the admin if he ever agrees to an interview though. There’s a postal address for MajesticSwan in The Cayman Islands, something I wouldn’t bother looking into too closely. I mean I’m sure the address is there, I just doubt you’ll find anyone who’s ever heard of MajesticSwan in there were you to visit, these things generally only being virtual serviced offices used for correspondence, company registration, etc. Perhaps of more practical use to members will be the social media profiles that MajesticSwan are keeping on Facebook and Twitter. There’s an interesting video on YouTube you might like to watch as well, which although unfortunately more promotional than educational, is still very well produced when you consider we’re talking about the HYIP industry here and not Hollywood. And if all of that isn’t enough, you can always just revert back to the old-school and e-mail MajesticSwan directly at the address listed on the website.

And that’s about all I can think of for now. A program combining sustainable moderate daily returns that are carefully managed with a greater level of personal control over the accounts handed back to the individual is always likely to be a decent choice for investors, so let’s hope MajesticSwan turns out to be it. For the record by the way the website content is all brand new and original, making the claim that MajesticSwan is involved with ForEx trading (OK, the claim might not be original but the texts are). Experienced HYIP players will all know and no doubt share my own feelings about this, but once again I would make this point to the newbies – even if all of this was 100% true, you still need to accept that no business can guarantee either a profit or even the safety of your investment. So if you are joining MajesticSwan, just like any other online HYIP, treat it like a form of gambling. I happen to think it’s better than a lot (actually all) of the new programs I’ve seen starting up in the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an end to it at some point in the future. So the two basic fundamentals of protecting yourself first and foremost in the HYIP industry do not change here – set yourself a sensible spending limit which you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining MajesticSwan at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. And of course remember to enjoy it while it’s here because it could very well herald the long awaited revival of the entire industry if things work out well for them. Here’s hoping, anyway!



Amazingly for the entire calendar year of 2014 PerfectMoney didn’t post one single update. After the demise (by which I mean arrest) of what had then been their biggest rival, LibertyReserve, back in May 2013 it was pretty obvious that PM were ready to wake up, smell the coffee, and start a bit of house cleaning so as to avoid the same fate. Well, I guess there’s nothing quite like the threat of ending up on the wrong side of a door that only opens from the outside in a US federal penitentiary to give you a little motivation! And indeed many changes have been made to PerfectMoney’s business practices in the intervening period, all of which have already been chronicled on the MNO blog as they happened. The silence however was finally broken with PM’s by now traditional New Year’s message to their account holders, looking back on events of the year now gone by. In the changing landscape of the payment processor industry it’s probably fair to say now that as far as the HYIP industry is concerned the biggest rival to PM is now BitCoin. But how does an actual business like PerfectMoney compete against what is basically just a concept like BitCoin? Well, they don’t, and it’s pretty pointless to even try. I mean BitCoin itself is like a separate entity, there’s no owner, no manager, no staff, no central bank, nothing that gives one person any influence. So instead of competing, PerfectMoney have in their latest big move decided to integrate BitCoin into their own system now as well. You’ll probably already know how you could (and still can) keep an account in PerfectMoney in Dollars, Euros and even Gold. Well, the old world money has now been joined there by BitCoin with account holders now able to keep BTC wallets as well. I can confirm myself by the way that it is indeed working fine as I’ve already set up a BTC denominated wallet within my own PerfectMoney account just earlier. It only took a minute or two. Anyway, that’s probably the main event in the following PM newsletter that might be of practical use to HYIP industry players, though other security and anti fraud measures are also discussed which is always welcome to hear. The full update is included below:

PerfectMoney wishes our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!
Dear Customers,
As 2014 comes to a close, it is time for our established tradition to draw conclusions for the year. This has been an eventful year for the PerfectMoney team and our customers. Together, we have been able to enjoy impressive success and overcome challenges on the journey to an ideal financial product.
First of all, we would like to highlight our financial results as an integral part of stable performance of any financial service. On behalf of the financial department of PerfectMoney we are proud to announce that the overall liquidity level (system assets to total obligations to customers) of the PerfectMoney system currently stands at 111.84 percent. This indicator means that we are able to provide the highest quality of service regardless of current macroeconomic trends. As a result of consistent commitment to increasing the liquidity level, the figure above represents an all-time high in the entire PerfectMoney history. Special focus on the liquidity level corresponds to increasing safety margins for our customers.
Extensive transaction analysis by our fraud prevention department has resulted in implementation of a brand new v2.0 screening system. Years of successful experience and daily analysis have led to a near-perfect system designed to detect unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. With 96.71 percent of fraudulent transactions being stopped in their tracks, thereby saving our customers’ funds, the system has proved to be exceptionally effective. Following the system launch, a 70% reduction in fraudulent financial transactions has been achieved. Now, individuals who have tried to take advantage of our customers are forced to give up.
By keeping up with the times and emerging financial trends, PerfectMoney presents a new type of account denominated in Bitcoins. The new accounts are 100% backed by corresponding crypto-currency. We fully appreciate the new prospects offered by crypto-currencies and we let our customers make convenient transactions and safely store Bitcoin within a PerfectMoney account. Now for 2015, our merchants will be able to accept Bitcoins from customers via the PerfectMoney Shopping Cart Interface (SCI). We are continuing to monitor the crypto-currency market development. Other such currencies may follow.
Within the first quarter 2015, a new public rating system is due to be launched. The system will enable customers to make informed decisions regarding the reliability of other account holders. Major effort has been put in place to improve the functionality and safety of Credit Exchange. Initially, the Credit Exchange was designed and implemented as a self-regulating mechanism. A new update will dramatically improve customer safety within Credit Exchange while maintaining a low-level of interference from the PerfectMoney team.
We would like to thank PerfectMoney exchangers for your quality work and your trust. Your effort is the key to the further development of PerfectMoney and is highly appreciated. Your reliable services have been instrumental to PerfectMoney customers achieving financial success.
For 2015, we wish all our customers great health and financial well-being. Let 2015 put a smile on your face. Over our history, we have made no secret of our goal: to help customers achieve their financial goals by providing a perfect financial instrument. Along the way, the most inspiring this for us is to read reviews from satisfied customers and receive high ratings across the globe. May our work in 2015 be even more satisfying to our customers.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

PerfectMoney announces a brand new Bitcoin denominated account
We are proud to announce that a new type of account is now available. All PerfectMoney account holders are now able to make transactions using PerfectMoney B accounts that are equivalent and denominated in Bitcoin units.
Our goal is to allow our customers convenient usage of Bitcoin crypto-currency. We took advantage of existing PerfectMoney technology base to provide unique opportunity to make fast, convenient and secure transaction using PerfectMoney Bitcoin equivalent, creating an innovative financial instrument in the process. All the best features of Bitcoin have been incorporated at PerfectMoney B account enabling every customer to make transactions or store value in Bitcoin equivalent. This financial instrument is a great diversification tool along with other financial instruments such as gold or fiat currencies.
PerfectMoney (Startup Research & Investments LLC) accepts and hold property rights to publish entries in the public database of the network, on behalf of a customer.
Deposits to PerfectMoney B accounts are available via our certified exchangers. Exchangers dealing with PerfectMoney B accounts that is marked with a B icon.
PerfectMoney team strives to push boundaries of excellence using new financial trends. We always track of emerging customer demands and implement latest financial tools to exceed highest customer expectations.
Stay tuned for more updates


The admin of LetsHaveCash (reviewed here) sent a reminder to all potential investors still sitting on the fence and just thinking about buying units in the recently added CPA-Camp plan which pays 2.5% daily for 90 days and costs $200 per position. Only for the next couple of days (until January 10) the members who join and deposit the CPA-Camp plan will receive a 5% instant cash bonus which they can withdraw instantly to any of their payment processor accounts (PerfectMoney with a 3% bonus if using them, EgoPay, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, OkPay, and most recently Payza and Neteller). If you’re not interested in the bonus you can check the other investment plans: 3% for 50 days – the price of one position is $20 with a requirement to surf, 2% for 99 days – no need to surf with one position starts at $10, and 2.5% for 100 days – the most expensive plan with one position starting at $500. Just remember that withdrawal fees apply to most withdrawals (except those to STP) and you can find the exact rates in your account. In the following newsletter the admin also promises to add three more payment options for the benefit of LetsHaveCash‘s members soon, plus some new plans returning the initial investment on expiry were promised. I’ll keep you updated on any further developments from LetsHaveCash but for the most recent information please read below:

LetsHaveCash – 2 Days left for 5% CPA-Camp Bonus! **Payza & Neteller Added**
Dear Member,
LetsHaveCash Starts NEW YEAR with a BANG! Enjoy Unlimited Earning!
3% INSTANT CASH BACK On Every Deposit Made Via PerfectMoney!
5% INSTANT CASH BACK On Each Purchase Of CPA CAMP Until January 10th! (Limited Period Offer)
2 more days left for the 5% instant CashBack on CPA Camp Purchase
After January 10th 2015, CPA CAMP Might Be Extended Or NO MORE PACKS AVAILABLE!
New PR (Principal Return) Plans are Coming Very Soon.
GOOD NEWS: PAYZA & NETELLER Approved LetsHaveCash!
Next Coming: Skrill, Webmoney, HD-Money, Pecunix
We Are Proud To Add Both Processors As Of This Minute!
You Can Deposit and Withdraw any amount Via PAYZA & NETELLER Now Too!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStabilityAssuredAssetsLetsHaveCashCoinAssetsLoanTrustSilveks, MajesticSwanBITC1BTPerfex.
From MNO Standard list: HashCoin.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganizationPhenixPro.

That’s it for tonight, guys. If you like MNO don’t forget to bookmark it and come back later, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to have all updates sent straight to your mailbox every day by Feedburner (it only takes a couple of minutes to do so). Bye for now and see you all soon!

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