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16/01/2015. RollNRich Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry

Beware! RollNRich has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! A little bit later than anticipated due to some technical issues with their website (basically it was DDoSed, like so many in the HYIP industry are), I want to begin today’s update with a closer look at a brand new and strangely unique program called RollNRich. It’s a long term program, not exactly presented as any kind of “investment opportunity” as such, but rather as a sort of money based board game where your fortunes for the day are determined by the roll of a pair of virtual dice. Sounds a bit weird I know, but if you open the RollNRich website as you’re reading this review then I think it will all begin to make a lot more sense.

So here’s how it all works. You can join RollNRich for a minimum deposit of $10. The investment term runs for 300 business days (that’s 60 weeks so it’s quite a bit longer than a year). During this time members are allowed to play a series of games, just once per day Monday to Friday only, which will determine how much interest you earn for that day. Actually when I say the term is 300 days that’s a bit misleading. The term is in fact measured by the number of games, so if you miss a couple of days here and there during the term, it will still run until you have played 300 times. Just remember you are only allowed to play once per day. Server time is set to the GMT timezone, so you don’t necessarily have to wait a full 24 hours between games, just until after the following midnight GMT.

Inside your members account area click on the RnR-Board tab and you’ll see the image of a board game, you know, something similar to “monopoly” or some such. It’s a square with a series of numbers going around the perimeter. Each number corresponds with a different percentage. You can also find a sample of this in the RollNRich public area as well, so you know what it looks like before you join. In the middle of this image is a set of dice. Click the dice to generate a number, and you then land on the corresponding box. You then collect whatever rate of interest is displayed there.

As for the actual interest rates, well, the program is still too new for me to give an average, and as not everyone will get the same thing everyday anyway it’s even more pointless to try, but the rate can fluctuate anything up to 10% in per day. Just don’t expect that (or anything close to it) everyday. The maximum deposit in RollNRich is capped at $50,000, and your principal is counted as part of the returns. Given the random nature of the interest rates therefore it’s also impossible to suggest what an eventual total return might be or even when you might expect to break even. There is no option to ask for your principal back and leave the program, so make sure you are committed to the full 14 month term, and set your spending limit accordingly.

Personally I have to say I don’t believe for a minute that any of this is quite as “random” as the admin might have us believe. Ok, maybe it is at the moment, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t have the full ability to decide what rate really gets paid out and can reign it back a bit as the cash supply ebbs and flows. For example, there is one possible outcome from the game where the admin pays you back an amount equivalent to your principal. You can then withdraw this amount in full, however your actual principal remains in place, allowing you to continue playing for the full 300 game run. My point here is that I would say this will be A LOT more likely to happen if you have a $10 principal instead of a $50,000 one!

Like I said, games are only played on business days, so likewise payments are only processed between Monday and Friday as well. These are made manually and will need to be requested from within the members account area. The RollNRich admin asks for 48 hours to ensure all transactions are completed so you’ll need to show a lot of patience, especially if withdrawing late in the week. In reality they don’t always take so long, my own payments have so far always been done on the same day I requested them, and I suppose the lengthy stated waiting time is just more of a safety net for the admin’t benefit. The payment processors used by RollNRich are limited to just PerfectMoney and Payeer. I know you might get the impression that more are available when you look at the website, and the admin promises that more are to follow. But for the purposes of this review I can only describe the program as I find it on the day, so at the time of writing RollNRich just accepts those two.

Moving on to the more technical design and security side of the program then, RollNRich is up to an acceptable standard for online HYIPs I think, with hosting on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks supplied by CloudFlare. The thing that will probably catch most people’s eye first and foremost about the website however is the script. The RollNRich admin had it built from scratch so it’s totally unique to this individual program. There’s nothing particularly complicated going on here though, just log in to your members area, open the game board, hit the roll dice button, and withdraw whatever your earnings are for the day. Pretty easy to navigate all round then, and most of it is actually self-explanatory. For an extra layer of protection the RollNRich website also has an encrypted SSL connection by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues you need to have rectified then there’s a couple of different things you can do. For a start you can fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it via the contacts page. Additionally there are three individual e-mail addresses you can write to, I guess they all end up with the same person anyway, though each one is dedicated to whatever your specific issue is. The admin also has a profile for RollNRich on Facebook, though to be honest I’m a bit disappointed he hasn’t been making better use of this to communicate with investors given the instability of the site during the first couple of days in operation.

As for any sort of business activities used to support the payments, RollNRich is quite the rarity in the HYIP industry insofar as it is exactly as it’s presented to you what you see is what you get, and it’s basically a form of gambling. The difference here of course between RollNRich and every other program is that other admins just prefer not to tell you this, even though most of you are already aware of the fact. At least there won’t be any surprises with RollNRich, and there’s really no excuse for anyone not being completely aware of what they are getting themselves into right from the start. So just because it’s not presented like most HYIPs is no reason to treat it any differently. Remember to set yourself a sensible and responsible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, don’t look for guarantees where none can exist, and if you do decide to join RollNRich then try to use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



Less than 12 hours after another warning article regarding OneStability and their highly suspicious new investment plan was published on the MNO blog, I was predictably informed by some readers about selective payouts with some stating they were not paid for 48 hours or longer. After verifying their accounts I followed my standard procedure and moved OneStability to Waiting Status on the MNO monitor while I contacted the admin. That didn’t help much as you can see, and after a few hours of waiting I’ve now moved OneStability to Problem Status where I believe it will stay before finally being downgraded further to Scam. I must admit that it was quite clear to any serious investors that the program might be in trouble when just six days ago the admin first introduced a 5 day plan which coincidentally promised to run for exactly five days, i.e. deposits would be taken until the time came to pay the first members on expiry. While we all had our doubts regarding the future of OneStability everything was pretty clear yesterday, when another one-day plan was introduced coincidentally valid until exactly the very same minute when the five-plan was going to be removed too. A lack of imagination when he tried to pull this stunt might have saved money for most of you I hope, because such tricks were done before and are instantly recognizable by experienced investors. Please note that it’s not recommended to invest in OneStability any longer as the program is paying selectively now at best and was already moved to Problem status on some monitors and blogs which marks a point of no return for the admin.

It’s been though the very best program in the HYIP industry around the festive season and for over three months of its impeccable work and timely payouts many people had an ample opportunity to make decent money from it. I hope you were one of them too, and I, for one, will be certainly looking forward to another program from the same admin which he will hopefully bring to MNO monitor in this new year as well. The admin has today contacted me and more or less admitted the end has happened. Without going into too much detail (because the eventual closure of all HYIPs is inevitable anyway), he did cite several reasons as to why the program is closi

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