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Beware! FutureStocks has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope your all looking forward to the weekend now that Friday is here again. To finish up the business week I have a couple of news stories to discuss with you, but not much as it’s been a pretty quiet finish to the week. Not a bad thing I guess because, well, no news means no bad news and the programs on my monitor are for the moment stable and paying. For the main part of tonight’s update I want to start with a closer look at FutureStocks, a brand new short term program just added to the MNO Premium List a couple of days ago. While in some ways FutureStocks is a throwback to the type of short term program that was once so popular in the industry before perpetual style HYIPs began to dominate, particularly this year, many investors might find it a refreshing change from said perpetual programs. So let’s have a look and see what it’s all about, and if you have room in your portfolios for FutureStocks.

Fans of short term HYIPs will recognize the style of what’s being offered here. As you might expect there’s a couple of good options that are likely (indeed have already started) to bring a modest but also generous profit considering the short investment terms involved. Then there are options that could frankly go either way and will require a more serious gamble on your part. They might pay off, or then again they might not, so maybe these are best left to the daredevils amongst you. Regardless of the risk however, I have to say that all of FutureStocks‘ plans do carry a very affordable minimum spending requirement of just $10. In financial terms then the risk wouldn’t really be all that great unless you deliberately make it so by overspending. You’ll see yourself that some of the higher interest rates are, if we’re honest, unlikely. But if anyone actually does get paid then this would be a lot more likely to happen a $10 investor than a $5,000 one.

And so to the numbers. FutureStocks have six investment plans for you to think about. The first of these, called simply Plan A, runs for a term of just 1 single day and makes one interest payment on expiry, a payment that includes your principal. So join today and get paid tomorrow. The minimum cost of joining is $10 and for anything up to a deposit of $1,000 FutureStocks offer a return of 102.5%, or 2.5% profit. You may make a larger deposit if you can afford to, and expect a higher percentage in return. The rates are calculated as follows: Deposits of $1,001 to $5,000 will earn 105%, and from $5,001 to $50,000 will earn 110%, which is the maximum allowed in the program.

For their second offer to investors FutureStocks changes direction somewhat. Plan B runs for 2 calendar days, but in contrast to the other plans this one makes two individual payments (one per day) which add up to form your total return of principal plus profit. It’s just as affordable as the others though, with a $10 minimum spend. For most investors depositing up to a $1,000 maximum FutureStocks are offering a daily payment of 54.5%. This adds up to 109% in total, so with your principal included that’s going to be 9% net profit. Higher rates paid to bigger investors include: 56.5% per day (13% profit) on amounts from $1,001 to $5,000, and 65% per day on amounts upwards of $5,001 to FutureStocks‘ maximum limit of $50,000, (giving 30% net profit).

The third plan, or Plan C, runs for a term of 5 calendar days and returns to making single payments on expiry. The same $10 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $1,000 FutureStocks are paying back 125% interest, a figure that includes your principal so that’s 25% profit for yourself with your own money back. If you’d like to make a bigger spend than that then the following rates are offered: 135% for deposits between $1,001 and $5,000, and 170% for $5,001 up to the maximum deposit allowed in the program of $50,000.

Plan D which is next on the list pays members on expiry after a term of 10 calendar days and costs $10 to join. Your final payment will also include your principal. The minimum cost of joining like I just said is $10 and the return will be 160% on anything up to a maximum value of $1,000. If you wish to take a bigger risk then FutureStocks make the following offers: Spend from $1,001 to $5,000 and earn 190%, or from $5,001 to FutureStocks‘ maximum allowed deposit of $50,000 for an offer of 300%.

As you can see with the investment terms getting longer the risk is growing exponentially as. So it’s time to maybe start considering how achievable these figures really are before making any big deposits. The gamble is half the fun of winning so don’t be afraid of taking a risk, (that’s the only way anyone makes money in this business after all), just be aware of it. Adjust your spending from this point on and perhaps consider splitting your investment between the shorter term options rather than relying too heavily on the longer term ones.

You can still join for a minimum spend of $10 and for FutureStocks‘ fifth investment plan, Plan E, which runs for a 20 calendar day term that can supposedly earn you 260% interest, paid on expiry and principal included, if depositing up to $1,000. I would just remind you that it’s going to a lot easier to pay 260% on $10 than it is on $1,000, so if you are looking to gamble then try and be realistic in your expectations. Beyond that the rates are: 370% for $1,001 to $5,000, and 680% for $5,001 to the maximum spending limit of $50,000.

Finally, running for a term of 30 calendar days and paying once on expiry, FutureStocks‘ last plan, Plan F, can be joined once again for a $10 minimum deposit. They offer one single payment of 450% on expiry for anything up to $1,000. Higher rates include 700% on $1,001 to $5,000, and 1,800% on $5,001 to $50,000, the maximum deposit allowed.

I guess regular fans of short term programs will have recognized the style of plan already, as it’s been quite a popular model in the past. Moving on to the subject of what your payment options are then, FutureStocks do I must say have quite a good choice of payment processors for a program of this style. Currently members are allowed move money in an out of the program using any of PerfectMoney, EgoPay, or Payeer for the more traditional payment style options, and BitCoin for investors preferring the more modern crypto-currencies. Nothing that requires any verification or background checks from the admin, but nevertheless I would say the majority of HYIP investors will be more than happy with the selection. Payouts to investors are made manually by the FutureStocks admin and so need to be requested from inside your private members account area. Once you have placed the withdrawal request you are then asked to allow anything up to a maximum of 24 hours for it to be fully processed and in your chosen e-currency account.

On the technical, design, and security side of things then, I suppose most regular industry players will probably recognize the script that FutureStocks is running off, but just to keep things clear for everyone it is from GoldCoders and it is licensed. Regular industry players will know this always gives an uncomplicated appearance to the programs using them, and is always user friendly and easy to navigate. Included in the design features are some live stats where you can see info on payments in and out of the site. There is also an SSL certificate from Comodo to protect internet users while browsing the website and allow for safer online transactions. This is the superior Green Bar version which is somewhat more efficient (and expensive) than the basic version used by most HYIPs. The program is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard.

If you have any further questions or comments for the admin or any account related issues that you might need to have dealt with then you can get in touch by filling in your details on the online e-mail support form. Alternatively you can simply write directly to the admin at the e-mail address listed. There’s also a Live Chat feature built in to the FutureStocks website. A recent newsletter from the admin suggested this is available “at any time”, so I guess the plan is to make this a 24 hour service. It’s always worth your while therefore to visit the Live Chat first before you go sending any support requests. You might be able to get your queries dealt with a lot faster for doing so. There are some other channels open to you as well, such as the FutureStocks Skype account. A postal address is included, located in Panama, something I wouldn’t put too much stock in as they generally tend to be virtual hosted offices for message forwarding/collection at best. What might be more useful is the phone number that goes with the address, so if you think someone might actually answer then give it a try.

FutureStocks might sound quite typical of this style of short term HYIP, but there’s a lot more originality and a certain individualism to the program and its admin as well. I mean yes, it is still a high risk online HYIP that will provide a temporary opportunity for a certain amount of time to a certain amount of people. But it’s a bit more memorable than that and tends to stand out a bit more with a very professional looking design. One added feature, and I don’t know if this was intentionally funny or not but I got a good laugh from it, was the promo video of two attractive young ladies doing their best to convince you of the benefits of FutureStocks in the most seductive way possible. It was almost like one of those old shampoo or bath foam commercials where the director focuses on the supermodel in the shower and mentions the product on sale almost as an afterthought. Better than most HYIP promo videos by a mile, then, lol! They also ran an offline fly-poster campaign where members were rewarded for hanging advertising materials in public places around their own local towns and cities. See the page given over to this on the FutureStocks website for some examples. It’s a very simple idea, yet one you don’t really see in an almost entirely online business very often.

As for the alleged business activities of FutureStocks, we are led to believe this is ForEx trading. Nothing new I suppose and as long as this remains a claim you can’t independently verify I would suggest you skip it. I mean even if you could prove it there’s absolutely zero chance of it somehow guaranteeing the safety of your investment anyway, so best not to go down that road at all. There’s a certificate of incorporation in Panama, but again these things aren’t particularly difficult to lay hands on, even through perfectly legal and legit channels. Treat FutureStocks then as an online HYIP, accept the high risk that goes with it. Use common sense when you’re spending online, and never ever go past a limit you can comfortably afford to lose. And if joining FutureStocks at all then do try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



The recent decision by OneStability to add yet another investment plan and make it limited offer available until November 12th (the plan used to pay 5% for 7 days with principal back on expiry) was seen by many investors as a bad sign which they openly expressed their feelings about on my ShoutBox. I believe that the admin saw the damage the new plan was doing to his program and decided to scrap it before it’s too late. Effective last night the questionable plan was dropped completely although those who did invest there while it was still available will still be paid in full according to the terms and conditions they joined under. The admin gives a totally different reason in his last newsletter issued today and re-posted below for your information:

OneStability‘s Corporate Plan eliminated prematurely
Dear Clients, We decided to eliminate our Corporate plan earlier than expected. This limited plan has been perceived as bonus initially and certain budget has been set for it. However, investors who have made a deposit in this plan are paid accordingly. We’ll be constantly looking for a way to reward loyal investors and meanwhile you can still take advantage of main plans presented by OneStability.
We will update You soon with our monthly news and new features. Stay tuned!
Sincerely, OneStability Team

That means that for now OneStability is left with three investment plans and only one of them was added after my review of the program was published (click here to read it). The original investment plans included 5% for 30 days (with the $5 minimum) and 4.2% for 45 days (with the $25 minimum). For both plans the accepted payment processors included PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and even direct bank wires (for a higher minimum) and the principal was included in the daily payments. Later on a perpetual style plan was added for a higher minimum of $50 paying 2.2% daily with the option to leave after a lock-in period of 7 days. After four weeks on MNO many investors have profited already from OneStability and the program is currently deservedly in the #2 spot on the Premium List, possibly pushing for the #1 position possibly already later this week. The admin promised to answer some questions I sent him for an interview recently and hopefully we will see it posted on the MNO blog over the next few days. The program is certainly one of the hottest and top picks among investors right now.


Since I won’t be posting tomorrow and don’t have too much news to report for tonight I want to share an inspirational article. Do you want to make history in something you have a strong talent in but are afraid of being laughed at? Well, you shouldn’t be as all successful start-ups always began as some weird and wacky idea, unknown to others who simply shrugged their shoulders when they were told about it first but then see it develop into something truly magnificent. The admin of Silveks (his program was reviewed here) posted such a motivational article on his site which has nothing to do with the program itself, but will give you food for thought and hopefully inspire you to try something worthwhile yourself. So, dare to do something different like the guys behind the success stories in the article below and you’ll be able to move mountains regardless of what others think. I’ll just remind you that the article was taken from the Silveks‘ website which has been kind of overlooked by readers, but so far has been running perfectly well delivering fast payouts on the 2% daily forever plan with the principal (or any part of it) returned on request to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. You can start investing with Silveks from only $10. Check out the full article below, and who knows, maybe the next Steve Jobs is amongst you. I know I certainly dread to think what state the world would be in today if it weren’t for that tiny number of mavericks throughout history who were unafraid of being considered mad by their peers, and I hope that’s a trait that never dies out:

18 Successful Startups That Seemed Crazy At First
What are the most ridiculous startup ideas that eventually became successful?
The best startups seem obvious in retrospect — this is because by the time we find out about them as users, they have already reached critical mass.
It is possible to create a good startup with a good idea, but great startups are often the result of ideas that seem ridiculous if you hear them prior to seeing them work.
This is true almost by definition: If the idea is so obvious, someone would have [brought it to life] already. Ask yourself, if you were a venture capitalist who was pitched one of these ideas, what would your reaction have been?
Facebook: The world needs yet another MySpace or Friendster, except several years late. We’ll open it up only to a few thousand overworked, anti-social Ivy Leaguers.
Dropbox: We are going to build a file-sharing and syncing solution when the market already has a dozen of them that no one uses, supported by big companies like Microsoft. It will only do one thing well, and you’ll have to move all of your content to use it.
Amazon: We’ll sell books online, even though users are still scared to use credit cards on the web. Their shipping costs will eat up any money they save. They’ll do it for the convenience, even though they have to wait a week for the book.
Virgin Atlantic: Airlines are cool. Let’s start one. How hard could it be? We’ll differentiate with a funny safety video and by not being a**holes.
Mint: Give us all of your bank, brokerage and credit card information. We’ll give it back to you with nice fonts. To make you feel richer, we’ll make them green
Palantir: We’ll build arcane analytics software, put the company in California, hire a bunch of new college grad engineers, hire no sales reps and close giant deals with D.C.-based defense and intelligence agencies.
Craigslist: It will be ugly. It will be free.
iOS: A brand new operating system that doesn’t run a single one of the millions of applications that have been developed for Mac OS, Windows or Linux. Only Apple can build apps for it. It won’t have cut and paste.
Google: We are building the world’s 20th search engine at a time when most of the others have been abandoned for being commoditized money losers. We’ll strip out all of the ad-supported news and portal features so you won’t be distracted from using the free search stuff.
GitHub: Software engineers will pay monthly fees for the rest of their lives in order to create free software out of other free software.
PayPal: People will use their insecure AOL and Yahoo email addresses to pay each other real money, backed by a non-bank with a cute name run by 20-somethings.
Paperless Post: We are like Evite, except you pay us.
Instagram: Filters! That’s right, we’ve got filters!
LinkedIn: How about a professional social network, aimed at busy 30- and 40-somethings. They will use it once every five years when they go job searching.
Tesla: Instead of just building batteries and selling them to Detroit, we are going to build our own cars from scratch, plus own the distribution network during a recession and a cleantech backlash.
SpaceX: If NASA can do it, so can we! It ain’t rocket science.
Firefox: We are going to build a better web browser, even though 90% of the world’s computers already have a free one built in. One guy will do most of the work.
Twitter: It is like email, SMS or RSS. Except it does a lot less. It will be used mostly by geeks at first, followed by Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandAgroFinance.
From MNO Premium listAssuredAssets, OneStability, LaxoTradeEastOilLinberger, CryptoFarm, MaestroCapitalGroupSilveksFutureStocksGHash,  Bidex.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, MarkApter, SuccessRoadToWealth.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope you all enjoy the weekend as I certainly will myself by taking a long overdue day off tomorrow. I’ll be back on Sunday with all the latest news stories from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry and maybe more! In order to follow MNO and not to miss anything important please check out my always up-to-date monitoring page before investing as it might save you money from possible pending scams and subscribe to the daily updates to get delivered straight to your email if you don’t want to visit MNO every day. I would also appreciate your votes on the MNO TalkBack page as I plan to draw the results of the current poll on Sunday and give me suggestions to the possible new poll on the MNO ShoutBox. Remember that only together we can make the industry better and get rid of the fast scams. Stay safe this weekend and see you all soon!

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