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Hello everybody, and welcome to the most up-to-date blog on the biggest online investment opportunities on the net. Before I get to the day’s main news stories I just want to start with a few words on Raisean. You might remember that a more detailed review of the program was scheduled for yesterday, however I decided to delay this. The site was up and down for most of the day yesterday and is still down at the time of writing, with the admin citing a huge DDoS attack as the main reason. There was nothing to worry about for the program’s investors though as the payouts were processed instantly as usual even during the sporadic periods when Raisean was back online, and hopefully, the admin will take all necessary measures to prevent these malicious attacks (apparently originating from Raisean‘s competitors) in the near future. The stability of the website is important for its gradual growth and I believe some measures should be taken immediately in order to ensure the future of Raisean. So I have decided it would be better if I postpone the review until tomorrow just to let things settle down and make sure the site is totally stable again. Hope you understand my position on that, so check out the full review of Raisean tomorrow. Meanwhile stay updated with the admin of Raisean who is available on the MNO ShoutBox to answer all your questions regarding the downtime. And now let’s move on to the regular daily news updates that MNO is famous for around the industry.


Perhaps it’s hard to believe now, but it’s very true that GrandAgroFinance has reached three months online today. Over the last month while the program was listed on MNO it’s done nothing but deliver a spectacular performance and the current Sticky listing on my monitor reflects their elite status even further. In today’s newsletter the admin shared some stats, reminded about the phone numbers for support available in three languages now, and announced the winners of the promotional contest that excluded any monitors or paid promoters to give genuine investors an opportunity to win some nice bonuses. Although I must warn you that despite the program’s longevity and seemingly unbeatable pace it’s better to stay away from the so-called VIP plans paying 1100% after 11 days, 2200% after 22 days, 3300% after 33 days as it’s highly unlikely anyone will be paid from them. The brand-new investment plan that was announced in the latest newsletter and paying 3.33% hourly for 33 hours (delivering 9.89% pure profit on expiry) and available for those prepared to spend from $1,000 to $3,000 should probably be avoided too. I can’t exclude the possibility either that due to the new plan’s relatively reasonable returns the investors will be paid promptly just like from the main plans to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts for months now. I remind you that the main investment plans offered by GrandAgroFinance include 103%-135% after 1 day, 120%-330% after 6 days, 160%-850% after 15 days, 300%-2000% after 35 days, 600%-3500% after 60 days, 1000%-5000% after 90 days and to read more about them and the program itself please refer to my detailed review published here. As for the latest newsletter from GrandAgroFinance, you can read it below in its entirety:

Best Promoter of the week and 90 days online
Dear investors and promoters.
Our program has reached 90 days of successful work online.
During this time we have ten thousand LIKES on our Facebook page.
In our program six thousand active investors who trusted us for more than two millions of dollars.
We organized a telephone support in three languages.
English phone +442036951391
Indonesia phone +6285645410761
Portuguese phone +351308801266
We are also ready to announce the winners of our contest.
Our winners will receive the following prizes.
First place receives a bonus of 8% of attracted investing. User faizbaabu,
Second place gets a bonus of 6% of attracted investing. User gs2121,
Third place receives a bonus of 4% of attracted investing. User berkah01,
Fourth place receives a bonus of 2% of attracted investing. User shoaib015,
Fifth place gets a bonus of $ 30. User tasyagrand.
We have received many requests from our investors who want to invest for short VIP plan and we decided to open a new plan VIP 3,33% Hourly For 33 Hours.
If you want to keep up, stay in our news.
Best Regards, Lars Riley
GrandAgroFinance – Earn with us


But what if you think GrandAgroFinance is too old or too risky for you to join and are looking for a program that may actually succeed GrandAgroFinance and become a huge hit among short-term programs within the next month or two? Well, I believe FutureStocks (reviewed here) might be one solution as the program is gradually developing its online presence and slowly gaining momentum after the first successful week online. The investment plans FutureStocks is offering are similar to other short-term programs (in some cases actually a bit more achievable) and you can make join with a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. Plans include 102.5%-110% after 1 day, 54.5%-65% for 2 days, 125%-170% after 5 days, 160%-300% after 10 days, 260%-680% after 20 days, 450%-1800% after 30 days plans. Payments have been processed quite fast so far and I’ve never been waiting for my own longer than a few hours. In order to increase the transparency and demonstrate that FutureStocks can handle even bigger transactions the admin recently decided to add a special page containing screenshots of large payouts. You can check out the new page by clicking the Payouts tab on top of the FutureStocks website or check out the latest short update from the admin below:

FutureStocks; Payout Proof page added!
Hello FutureStocks members,
After hundreds of requests form our members to show a real proof that we are solid company we decided to show some screen shots from our electronic currency accounts, please visit this link: to view our payouts to FS members. Visit this page daily, it will be updated every day from now.
Best wishes, FutureStocks Ltd


Linberger (reviewed here) is entering its fourth week online and is also quite stable when it comes to processing payouts within a reasonable timeframe. The investment plans offered by Linberger are quite simple in structure and constitute the program as a mid-term HYIP paying 10% for 12 days and 144% after 12 days on $5 minimum deposits via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. Linberger should keep up the pace and in order to stay competitive with the newer programs and to increase it’s online presence it’s important nowadays to maintain active accounts on the main social networking websites like Facebook or Google+. In acknowledging this fact the administration of Linberger is looking for moderators and admins for their social networking accounts, so if you have the necessary skills you can apply for a position with the program. Read more on that in the latest update from Linberger posted below:

Linberger & Sons Ltd. is Looking For A Social Network Moderator
As the title suggests, we are currently looking for admins / moderators for our social network pages on Facebook and on Google + . We are specifically looking for those with enthusiastic personality and whose energy is overflowing.
We are particularly looking for individuals who take social networking very seriously and can become assets to our company. A good compensation awaits those interested parties. Negotiable rates and very reasonable only please.
Thank you!


OneStability is currently one of the Top Five programs on the MNO monitor (read the latest article featuring all programs from the list here) and deservedly so. Today the program successfully marked its first month online and looks as stable as ever. I believe it’s only a matter of time now until OneStability claims the #1 spot on my Premium List and will fully justify its name. For today though OneStability was nothing but stable with prompt payouts and the first investors who joined as soon as it featured on MNO a month ago have already turned a profit. The main investment plan pays 5% for 30 days, principal included, from a $5 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. Others include one with a fixed term paying 4.2% for 45 calendar days (principal included) and 2.2% daily forever (with optional principal return after a 7 day lock-in period). The best way to learn more about the investment plans is to read the review on MNO posted here. More info was given by the admin, Richard, in the recent interview posted on the MNO blog (click here to read it). This was one of the highlights of the latest newsletter from OneStability issued last night. In it Richard also promised prompt and fast payouts to all investors (but excluded the possibility of them ever becoming instant due to security concerns), shared some recent stats on investor participation, and encouraged everyone to post testimonials on forums to support the program. He also suggested following OneStability on Facebook and Twitter and reminded about the reduced fees for deposits and withdraws via Bank wires which will be useful for anyone not wanting to deal with payment processors. From the recent improvements you can now subscribe to get updates from OneStability to your phone in the form of SMS messages, so you can subscribe to that unique feature in the industry via the link in the newsletter below:

OneStability‘s Official Update #3
Dear Clients,
We hope your week has been enjoyable so far. We are utterly pleased to announce, OneStability has completed one month and hopefully each member of the OneStability community have experienced a profitable ride with us. We assure you many more more months of profits. It is just the beginning!
We would like to thank Paul, Money-News-Online blog, for the recent interview which can be read here:
OneStability is a successful company with hard working, devoted managers who are always trying to better service and create the best environment for it’s clients and investors. We can not offer any abnormal high return investment funds, so prevalent in high yield investment market but at least you can be sure that with us your money are safe and are working every second of the day.
Some members asked us about instant payments. We would like to make it clear, we consider manual payments are much more secure and we will never resort to instant payouts. Protection of your account is one of our primary concerns.
Since we opened we have around 2000 members and 61% of total are active. Actually, we are pleased of support from some investors who constantly vote and post their payment proofs on forums. They also leave their testimonials which you can check on our website. We will be very glad to see more active investors who wants to be a part of OneStability.
As for the statistics of our social networking accounts, OneStability has already got more than 11,200 happy likes on Facebook, and more than 1300 Twitter followers. Why to be left behind?! Join us now! Our Facebook page address is and our Twitter address is
Also we would like to update you on status of our regional representatives. We still working on it and once our list will have enough countries we surely add it. You can still send us your application in order to be one of our team.
For clients who likes to be up to date, we have now SMS Subscription which provides fast updates related to OneStability. You can subscribe following this link:
And the last news for today is related to BankWire transfers. We have reduced BankWire fees charged for deposits, from 4 to 2% and for withdrawals, from 5 to 3%.
If you have any questions related to BankWire transfers, don’t hesitate to contact our billing department to
There has been a lot of improvements done to OneStability since original launch and we’ll continue improving it until it’s perfect! And as time moves and new features arrive to industry we’re always try to keep with these innovations and imply them to our company so you could have the best experience with OneStability.
So that’s all we had for now. Thank you very much for being with us! We are fortunate to have your continued support. Stay with the best – stay with OneStability!
Sincerely, OneStability Team


There was another newsletter from a program I believe deserves far more attention than it currently receives – MaestroCapitalGroup. The program was reviewed on the MNO blog here and the admin shared a link to it in today’s newsletter with the interview being promised to be posted soon. In fact I’m sending him some questions tonight. In a nutshell though, MaestroCapitalGroup accepts deposits from a $5 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin and offers 2% daily forever, 3% for 5 days, and 4% for 7 days plans with the principal returned on all plans (on the perpetual plan the lock-in period is 3 days). In the most recent newsletter the admin tells us about his decision to modify the ref commission structure to make it more attractive to potential promoters, says he will add Bank wires in the near future. and an fix the issue with BitCoin which forced the admin to add deposits manually during the first days online. The full newsletter from MaestroCapitalGroup is posted below:

Exciting news and last week’s overview!
Good day to you our valued investors,
We would like to give you a full overview of MaestroCapitalGroup‘s updates and results for the last week to keep you in touch with latest news.
Last week MaestroCapitalGroup marketing department has been really busy promoting website on various monitors and blog spots.
And we’re grateful to everybody who helps spread the word about our company. To reward and further motivate such activity we made few modifications to our referral program which will actually interest as novice so veteran promoters and even investors who wouldn’t mind extra earnings with MaestroCapitalGroup. But more about it later!
First of all we would like to take a chance to thank Paul (MNO blog admin) for a wonderful review of our company. It’s really flattering to hear words of appreciation in regards to our work. Especially when we strive to provide the best combination of quality service and profitability at the same time. Moreover this detailed description will definitely help potential and current investors understand our business model and it’s benefits for you! We encourage everybody to read this review following this link It’ll definitely help you make a final decision towards investment with our company.
For those who are not too eager about promoting or maybe don’t have enough time but still want to receive maximum out of their investments we would like to remind you about “Referral Commission Back” monitors we’re listed on. They’ll return commission received from introducing you to our company and even include a little extra from their own pocket! Currently leaders in this sphere are invest-tracing and uhyips. You can find them on our
And back to adjustments we talked about earlier. From early launch and more further down the road we received numerous feedback in regards to our referral system. As always to prove that we listen we made yet another adjustment to our business structure. And even though it’s been thoroughly thought out beforehand we did notice that at current market it is not as competitive. Therefore during last week’s debate we decided to slightly modify percentages and add some attractive features. Current commission rate will go up to 9% (6% for 1st level and 3% for the 2nd). Moreover, to stand out of the crowd and reward people who spend time spreading the word about MaestroCapitalGroup we created Milestone Bonuses. They are easy to understand and will again help you maximizing your profit with MaestroCapitalGroup. You can read more about these bonuses
We believe in the idea that it’ll increase company’s exposure and further take it to another level.
We would also like to share our plans for this week. We’re currently negotiating some contracts with a bank to have this option available for convenience of some investors we currently have.
Another task that we have for the week is to update our Bitcoin processor. Ever since API update GoCoin had issues postbacking transactions forcing us manually apply credit to our investor’s accounts. And even though it’s possible we would still like to make this process as convenient as possible for our investors and also team members responsible for funds management.
Another yet interesting announcement we would like to share is us requesting interview from Paul (MNO blog admin) to answer questions that he considers valuable for his readers to know about our company! We would like you to know as much as possible about us. To put your mind at ease when you make financial transaction with our company and trust us with our funds.
At this note we would like to finalize our news. As always, if you have any concerns or wishes don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is working hard to make anything possible to make you comfortable using our website and company itself.
Thank you for your loyalty
MaestroCapitalGroup team


CompassBusiness (reviewed here) recently announced a new investment plan which pays 1% for 50 business days with principal back on expiry. Deposits are only from $100 to $1,000 and are via PerfectMoney and EgoPay, the only two payment methods accepted by CompassBusiness. By the way, the original plan paying 0.9% for 50 business days for the same amount is still active, so I imagine the new plan will be somehow limited in time. Anyway, the new option is called Anniversary Plan and is apparently added to celebrate the huge achievement of CompassBusiness being exactly one year (!) online tomorrow. Congratulations to CompassBusiness on that superb achievement and hope that it’s only the beginning. The admin is extending his advertising now by listing his program with MNO a couple of weeks ago. Other plans you may consider include 0.8% for 30 business days, 1% for 70 business days, 1.1% for 90 business days (all with the principal return on expiry) and for those brave with at least $1,000 deposit there is another plan open paying 3.9% for 30 business days with the principal already included in the daily payouts and therefore not returned on expiry. In the last update I find it rather strange though that a program clearly of Russian origin promises to send you some gifts from Panama to investors with larger deposits, but there you go – more on that in the last newsletter from CompassBusiness re-posted below:

Anniversary project !!!
Dear participants, in honor of anniversary of the project we submit to your attention the investment package “Anniversary” and prizes to participants at the one-time deposit from $1000 – a gift by mail from Panama, from $5000 – a gift of Apple iPod nano 7 16Gb.
C SW. Nicholas, a fund manager


To finish I would like to share some short news regarding GHash – a program exclusively monitored on MNO and reviewed here. Although there was no official statement from the admin regarding that yet, I noticed that the withdrawals to BitCoin which is the only payment processor accepted are processed instantly now. Last time I contacted the admin of GHash he was also aware of the issue with the optional principal withdrawal option which he promised to anyone looking to leave the program on completion of a 12 day lock-in period. I remind you that Ghash is paying 1.3%-1.7% for 70 days and promises to return the principal either on expiry of the term or any time after 12 days on request. I’ve noticed that at the moment the option to withdraw the original investment prematurely has disappeared and there is no longer any possibility to do so. That’s why, unless you’re committed to staying with GHash for the full 70 days, I would suggest to hold off from depositing. Although I believe that the admin will eventually get things back on track as he’s keeping the program under the radar for the moment, but if he plans to advertise GHash more aggressively in 2015 he should fix any glitches by then. Meanwhile until that’s all fixed I’ve changed the description of the investment plan on my monitor to 1.3% to 1.7% fixed daily interest (depending on the size of your investment that can start with a $20 equivalent in BitCoin) with the principal back on expiry of a 70 day term.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandAgroFinance.
From MNO Premium listAssuredAssets, OneStability, LaxoTradeEastOilLinberger, CryptoFarmFutureStocksMaestroCapitalGroupSilveksBidexGHashRaisean.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: ZeusInvestForexShare, OgdenOrganization, TheBornClub, MarkApter, SuccessRoadToWealth.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading MNO and if you want my daily newsletters delivered straight to your mailbox every morning then please subscribe by entering your email address in the form on top of my blog. Also, please vote for the most profitable program for you from the current MNO Top Five (click here to read the article on that) on the MNO TalkBack page. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook not to miss anything important. See you tomorrow with the detailed review of Raisean (provided the site is back to normal by then) and all the daily news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Bye for now!

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