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Beware! FXMutual has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! The program I’m looking at today before we get to the news is called FXMutual, and it continues the recent trend in the industry of perpetual style programs that allow members to set their own investment term and claim their principal back on demand when they wish to leave. A lot of observers are coming to the conclusion that the popularity of this trend is finally coming to an end (I agree it does seem to be faltering), and after dominating the industry for pretty much the last year investors are now starting to shift their focus back to fixed, either short, medium, or long term HYIPs. But with a no-fee principal return you can still walk away with a profit in as little as one day. So let’s see exactly what FXMutual have to offer and whether or not you think it might be worth taking a chance on and joining. I have to begin however by making it crystal clear to everyone that FXMutual is by no means a brand new program. Its listing on the MNO monitor is new, that much is true, however the admin has already been running the program, and paying some pretty hefty interest rates other programs are struggling to even approach I might add, for over two weeks now. Whatever his reasons are he is only bringing his program to MNO now, so just be aware there’s some history there already.

The minimum requirement for joining the program is $10. There’s only one investment plan that applies to all deposits, big and small, which sees FXMutual offering to pay 7% interest per day for an unlimited period of time on an unlimited amount of money. So for example put $100 in today and you’ve got $107 tomorrow. That will continue for either how ever long you remain a member, or how ever long it takes FXMutual to collapse, whichever comes first. I can’t really say anything else about the plan than that, because it’s a “one size fits all” style plan that applies to everyone without any variations, and there’s as many strategies as there are investors. What you want or genuinely believe you can take from the program is up to you. You can leave after a day, a week, when you reach a certain financial goal, or until the program closes. Maybe you have no strategy and will just go with your gut instinct from one day to the next. But for whatever length of time you choose, FXMutual offer to pay you 7% interest per day.

I suppose after this length of time online the real speculation among investors is whether FXMutual can continue for much longer or not, especially given the higher than average interest rate and the dip in popularity for such perpetual style no-expiry plan HYIPs recently. That being said, FXMutual has still managed to pay everyone what they were owed for the last two weeks since they started, and as it’s a money-back-on-demand you really only need one single day to profit. Not that I’m endorsing a hit-and-run approach to investing or anything, I just know that experienced players will have their own strategies no matter what I say here. At the end of the day it’s your money and your call what to do with it, so play or pass, the choice is nobody else’s to make except your own.

If you think you’d like to try your luck with FXMutual then I guess we need to talk a bit about what your payment options are. Standard fare as expected from a program like this one, with the usual HYIP industry favorites all lined up for investors to spend their cash. You have the more traditional style processors like PerfectMoney, EgoPay, and Payeer if you prefer those, and BitCoin for anyone who favors the more modern digital e-currencies. Withdrawals will have to be requested by investors themselves from inside their own private members account areas. Once done, the FXMutual admin then requires anything up to a further 36 hour maximum waiting time for all transactions to be duly processed and completed.

On the technical side of things I’ve already made a brief mention of the script, which is under license from ShadowScript. More and more readers will be familiar with the particular nuances of this by now as it’s become reasonably popular in the industry. However as it’s not as immediately obvious as let’s say something like GoldCoders I still think it’s worth taking a brief moment to mention how it works, if for no other reason then the benefit of those new to the HYIP industry. So the first thing you need to do after you open an account with FXMutual, or indeed any HYIP that uses ShadowScript, is to then fund that account, or your e-wallet. It’s from your e-wallet that you then need to redirect the money into an investment plan of your choice in order to activate it and start earning money. Otherwise it just sits there in your e-wallet doing nothing. So from inside your members area then you will see a number of buttons related to the various features in your account. The first of these is labeled “Fund e-Wallet”. This is what you should click to be redirected to your payment processor account and thus put money into your account balance. The next button is labeled “Make New Purchase” and this is where you now move the money you just deposited from your balance to an active investment plan in order to start earning.

It also doesn’t matter whether the HYIP you are joining only has one investment plan or not, as is the case with FXMutual. It’s the script that determines the money still needs to be moved by you from the e-wallet to an active investment, regardless of whether there’s any actual choice of investment plans or not. You still have to move it from A to B.

On withdrawing the money then, you can not withdraw anything until the first accrual has been made to your account. This could take as long as 25 hours (and no, that’s not a typo, I said 25 and not 24 hours). That’s because while it takes 24 hours for accruals to be credited from the time you make a deposit, FXMutual only credit them at the top of every hour. So let’s say you deposit at 07:15 in the evening Monday, instead of being credited with your 7% payment at 07:15 on Tuesday you would have to wait until 08:00, i.e. the top of the following hour. In your account area on the left hand side of the page you will see a link “My Plans”. Click on this first. Then, at the bottom of the next page you will see details of any plans you are currently in, such as how much is there, date you joined, whet you’ve earned, etc. Please pay very close attention to this as it’s very very easy to miss – next to these details you will see a small circular shaped arrow, shaped a bit like the “refresh” button on some web browsers. To withdraw your principal from FXMutual you will need to click this button.

As for the other main features, FXMutual is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection of Sharktech, and for an added layer of safety there’s an extended Green Bar SSL certificate from Comodo, which might make the transactions somewhat safer but will not guarantee the safety of your actual investment. If you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues then you can start by contacting him through the e-mail support form in the public area which is open to non-members who may also have some general enquiries. Inside your members area FXMutual have a more elaborate support ticketing system that allows members keep track of all communications and how your issues are being dealt with.

Anything to do with an actual business plan backing any of this up and sustaining such difficultly high interest rates to investors is largely skipped over. Website content, that is the texts, on FXMutual relate briefly to asset management and ForEx trading, but are a bit thin on anything substantial that you might be able to investigate and verify independently for yourselves. Experienced HYIP players will probably tell you not to bother looking anyway because you are unlikely to find anything. But remember, even the most trusting HYIP investor needs to be aware that if even what a HYIP admin tells you turns out to be true, it can still never offer any kind of degree of protection for your principal or sustained interest. So whether you like it or not, play with HYIPs and you gamble. From that perspective you need to remember to behave responsibly, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose, and if joining FXMutual at all then remember it might be best to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



I guess regular readers already know that OneStability is the leading program in the HYIP industry. When it comes to gradual development and professional management we perhaps should give some credit to the admin Richard (read my interview with him here) for achieving new heights in the industry almost every day, with hard work and prompt payout to members being the building blocks for this successful program. No wonder OneStability is in the #1 position on the MNO monitor, and has been there for quite some time now. After purchasing Premium Listing on MNO six weeks ago at the very beginning, Richard has managed the impossible and made his program a force to be reckoned with. OneStability originally started with two traditional investment plans where the principal was included in daily payouts and not returned on expiry – 5% for 30 days and 4.2% for 45 days (that’s how the program was reviewed on MNO here). After a couple of weeks however Richard decided it was time to add something new to the mix for those wanting faster profits. So he added a perpetual plan paying 2.2% daily until you ask to leave. Your deposit is subject to a minimum lock-in period of 7 days during which you cannot leave. Anytime after that however and you can do what you want. The new plan initially was controversial among existing OneStability investors as there were several bad examples of older programs closing just after changing their plans in the past. Richard managed to prove the skeptics wrong and not only did he pay back the deposits on time and in full, he also listened to his members advice. After a vote was taken among investors it was decided to decrease the maximum limit in the perpetual plan by $1,000. This is to make OneStability less prone to the turbulent times some investors are anticipating for December. After all, a lot of people find better things to do with their money over Christmas than spend it on HYIPs. And in the spirit of Christmas, OneStability has a campaign of its own going now. As explained on their website, members who make an independent donation to a recognized charity can claim a bonus payment from the program on production of a valid and verifiable receipt. In his latest newsletter issued yesterday, Richard also revealed some thoughts on the future of his program and how he wants to maintain and strengthen it. There were also some material on the video contest that’s currently running, regional representative opportunities, and call-back options available for OneStability‘s investors. Finally, the admin made sure to mention he’d be extending his advertising on the leading monitors including MNO and has some plans for next year already. I’d really like to see OneStability as the #1 program on MNO in 2015 too, and will keep my fingers crossed that Richard can complete all the plans he talks about in the newsletter:

Website improvements and further development
Dear Clients,
OneStability team would like to thank you for your support and dedication right through this period. Our marketing team is very diligent in tracking all media related OneStability‘s activities, and so we know quite well those of you who worthily gave us the needed support. The most active investors who post payment proofs and vote for us on a daily basis will be duly rewarded.
You are all special in one way or another; with that, you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to achieve. Do what you love and believe in. Work hard and be persistent at it, and you’ll be bound to succeed.
We want to ensure that every client feels comfortable using our website and services, and as such, we’ve added a voting poll in the client area which has proven successful so far. We value your opinion – it helps us to steer our program in the right direction, and that is to meet our customers’ needs.
Based on the answer you gave, we came to the following conclusions:
According to our Retail’s Plan poll, a lot of investors are satisfied with this plan and ask that we continue with it. Some however, think differently. Despite your response, we want to assure you that this plan is under complete monitoring and is not likely to bring any negative outcomes. We’ve taken the initiative to decrease our maximum amount for Retail Plan to $1,000 in order to avoid any stress in December, since STABILITY is our number ONE priority.
Video testimonials, office photos and call-back requests will be added by next week. In accordance with our website design, 70% voted towards it while 30% think we need to change the design. As always, we value your opinion and will do our best to meet your needs. We actually started the review of it and will make changes to make it more modern to go with everyone’s desire. As soon as those actions are completed, you’ll be notified with the results. We hope to have it completed by January or a little before the year ends.
There are also few persons who voted for the help desk option. We think it’s not a necessity at this time since we already have excellent live chat and phone support system available during working hours.
Moving on to our video testimonial competition:
The video competition has already started and will be continuing on for the next two weeks. A reward of $20-50 will be given for the best video testimonial and it will be published on our website as well. Here are the terms:
1. Feel free to express your gratitude in your native language or fluent english
2. Creativity is welcome
3. High quality video – at least 360p resolution
4. An environment with accurate and excellent view
5. Your speech should be clear, precise and easy to understand
6. The video must not be shorter than 30 seconds, or longer than 3 minutes.
– Call-back request option will be added to your client area. Please note that we will only provide this request option if your question is not mentioned in our FAQ page or if you have difficulty contacting us by phone.
– Our post for regional representatives is still open. If you have the zeal to work with us and are responsible enough to take on the challenges of being one of our representatives, feel free to apply here. The possible earnings are 8% referral commission, plus additional bonuses. In order to apply, please submit your curriculum vitae to Once we receive your application, we will arrange to have an interview with you through live chat. As always, our selection process is very strict – only the best of the best will be chosen.
– For our recently launched charity program, we’ve so far received positive results and our first donation as well. Many thanks to Mr. Siby Xavier who made a donation of $100 to World Vision India, together with OneStability. You can check the official response from this organization here.
– We would also like to highlight our new monthly advertising campaign on premium monitors and blogs which have been started a week ago and will be renewed again in mid-December.
To end this newsletter issue, we are simply asking that you stay with us for many more months’ of money making – we’ll continue to work, and make stable profits for our clients. Stay with the best – stay with OneStability!
Sincerely, OneStability Team


I’m glad to see that sometimes miracles do happen in the HYIP industry. DailyProfit which was moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor yesterday due to delayed payouts has now been returned to Paying. The admin appears to have had some technical issues with pending withdrawals and though they were supposed to be done within a six hour maximum (according to DailyProfit‘s own rules) they were delayed for over a day. That led to the conclusion that DailyProfit must have scammed and rumors were abound that the admin closed after just ten days. A bit hasty I’m glad to say, and all members including my referrals who confirmed this to me, have been paid in full. DailyProfit‘s status on the MNO monitor was therefore restored to Paying, and I sincerely hope that’s the last we hear of the matter. I remind you that DailyProfit which was first reviewed here offers 2% to 5% daily returns (depending on the size of your deposit) over a period of 15 calendar days. Principals are returned on demand, and you can do so 24 hours after your account is first credited. Keep in mind though that the investment term remains at 15 calendar days after which your deposit expires and the money goes back to your balance for withdrawal to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. After the miraculous recovery DailyProfit rejoins the Top Five most popular programs on MNO and so hopefully will be included in the next article on that coming sometime next week. I can only finish by saying kudos to the admin who managed to pull through and sent the following update explaining the situation:

All pendings processed – DailyProfit.
Hello, we had some problems with accessing all system, but now all is fixed and all payments processed. 0 in pending.
For monitors – Please change back status to paying.
We guarantee that we will be here in 2015, this just proves we are not here to stay for long.
Best Regards


I have to finish tonight on a bad note I’m afraid, as GrandAgroFinance is definitely a selectively paying scam which my readers should avoid at all costs. Although seemingly “paying” (that is to say bribing) some monitors to show the Paying status, I received a confirmed complaint that I have personally verified from a member who’s had $20,000 stolen from him by the GrandAgroFinance admin. Well, I do not believe any of my own referrals were that unlucky as GrandAgroFinance did manage to become one of the most successful and memorable programs during the autumn, paying everyone for over 100 days. Just earlier this week GrandAgroFinance briefly entered the Top Five programs on MNO, but by then it was almost over. I must also add that the admin had deleted my account in the program after he saw that his status on my monitor had been changed. Therefore, please note that the “Paying” button of the MNO monitor displayed on the GrandAgroFinance rating page is fake. It’s a static image that does not link to my monitor, and is aimed entirely at misleading people. The real status of GrandAgroFinance on my monitor is currently Scam, as you can see by simply visiting my monitoring page. Note that small payouts to monitors and small investors might be processed for a while, but that’s about it. I hope we will see more quality short-term programs like GrandAgroFinance in the future, and concede that the admin did exceptionally well while it lasted. Unfortunately that’s just the way things have to end, but I look forward to more such programs in the future!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStability, LaxoTradeMaestroCapitalGroupDailyProfitCryptoFarm,
SilveksGHashSafeKapitalRaisean, VentureWealth, FXMutual (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, TheBornClubMarkApterSuccessRoadToWealth.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack opinion poll about LaxoTrade whose new limited plan is going to expire on Monday. I’ll probably take a break until Monday myself, as I’m taking some time off to explore more of Cyprus while I’m here. Please keep following MNO on Facebook and Twitter not to miss any important updates. Bye for now and see you all soon!

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