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Hello everybody! Welcome to the MNO blog where you’ll find only the biggest programs online and no low quality tricks run by amateurs. By applying some strict criteria of pricing out the admins with bad intentions the MNO monitor established itself over the last couple of months as the monitor of choice for the few really serious programs that can afford my services. At the same time you should know that programs not listed on MNO are not allowed to purchase advertising space here due to high probability of scams and selective payouts. So when I was approached by the admin of a seemingly big program (big scam more like!) NanoIndustryInv asking straight out if I’d post a review of his program and place some advertising banners without actually monitoring it I firmly refused. Apparently I was right in my suspicion of selective payments as more and more reports are now emerging of investors getting scammed. No deposits in NanoIndustryInv can be recommended as the program is clearly ready to collapse. I have no problem calling spade a spade and always say exactly what I think of every program, and while I don’t actually monitor this one I feel I can make an exception just to be sure you are aware of the situation.

The same honest approach will be taken today in the updated article on the current Top Five Popular Programs on MNO due to some programs moving up and down, and the removal of Linberger. I remind you that the Top Five is based on a totally unique principle of counting not only profits from my own deposit but mostly by the amount of referral commissions received from my downlines. And since MNO is by far the biggest blog/monitor online you can be sure of the accuracy of my ranking system is a close reflection of the hottest investment opportunities at the moment. Just remember the golden rule of every smart investor – invest only what you can afford to lose and diversify your investment between several projects. And don’t forget to check the status of your preferred program on my monitor as MNO is the most up-to-date monitor and the fastest to flag confirmed scams. So only invest in programs that you see have Paying Status.

Topping the list then is OneStability. A project of such quality and class from an experienced admin looks to have become what everyone’s been looking for recently. Only two weeks ago OneStability took the #3 spot on my monitor and today it climbs to #1. I guess that happened for a reason, because the admin of OneStability Richard (he was interviewed here) uses all his skills to make the program stand out from the crowd. The program even has its own song you can listen on the site, wrote the name of the best referrer (MNO, of course) underwater by a professional diver in the YouTube video (click here to see that), or encouraging donations to charities by rewarding members with bonus deposits in OneStability for their good deeds. The program originally started 38 days ago, immediately joining the Premium listing on MNO, and has already put countless investors well into profit. OneStability‘s original investment plans were fully described and analyzed in the original review posted here, and 5% for 30 days and 4.2% for 45 days. Later a perpetual style no expiry plan was added, paying 2.2% for an unlimited period with the option to withdraw your principal anytime following a 7 day lock-in period. Payments to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts have been stable so far and never exceeded the promised timeframe of 24 hours. What I also like about OneStability is the option of direct Bank wires, totally eliminating the intermediary fees from payment processors and the third-party exchangers. You’ll need to contact the admin for further details of that. I’m glad to see that thanks to a wise advertising policy and word-of-mouth OneStability is a steadily growing project which I believe can really take off in the new year.

In second place is EastOil. They’ve been running for two months now and only tonight reached the #2 spot on the MNO Premium List which was a big leap from the #4 spot in the last article. Although the first investment cycle on the 3.2%-3.6% for 70 days plan with principal back on expiry has not been completed yet that didn’t stop investors from doubling their money, provided they joined EastOil early enough and when it was first seen on MNO. What’s more, the first investors who dared join the 550%-800% after 55 days plan have been rewarded already, as EastOil processed the first payments on that plan a few days ago, thus confounding the skeptics who predicted the program’s collapse when this was due. A much bigger strain for EastOil will be when the first deposits in the more popular 70 day plan are due to be returned, and that will be the real test for EastOil‘s stability and sustainability. If this passes without incident then the sky’s the limit for the program. For those interested in joining EastOil I remind you that the required minimum is a bit higher that average at $25, and can be done via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. For more information please read my detailed review published here and my interview with the admin Andy here. By the way, the most recent newsletter from EastOil was issued tonight and encouraged further investments by citing the successful completion of the 55 day cycle cycle, putting the first investors into huge profit:

EastOil Ltd News
Hello to all registered members of EastOil Ltd.
Today we just want to let you know the latest news of our investment company. The number of investors in EastOil Ltd is more than 23 thousand at the moment, after two months since start of project. The credibility of the project is constantly growing and also constantly growing number of people willing to invest and earn with so reliable company like ours. Certainly, today we offer the best earning conditions from the most reliable and stable investment companies in the market of commodities. You can become our investor at any time when you’ll be ready. Complete the short registration process and select the appropriate investment plan for you. That’s all you need. Stable income and guaranteed payments will be provided by our market experts and traders. Be absolutely sure that your money is fully intact, and all your invested funds are involved in business activity.
The large number of people is followed the development of our project and did not dare to make a deposit before, waiting for the end of at least one full cycle of payments. We have received many requests to announce such fact and keep them up to date. So, last week the first cycle of 55-day investment period – WTI Oil plan – was fully completed. We thank all our investors and representatives and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

Dropping two positions tonight since the last list was compiled two weeks ago is AssuredAssets (reviewed here), now sitting in the #3 spot of the Top Five list. Despite being the oldest paying program on the MNO Premium listing (paying instantly since March this year) AssuredAssets is losing ground on other programs due more conservative returns of 0.8%-1.4% for 190 business days with the principal back on expiry, and a high $50 minimum to invest. This can be done using PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. Apart from that the stable performance of AssuredAssets for the last eight months online is really deserving of the great praise it received from investors and all those who prefer high quality low-ROI programs with established payment records over high pitched overly advertised new programs. Whether or not this strategy helps the admin of AssuredAssets survive the Christmas and New Year festive season (when the first principals are due back to the first investors) remains to be seen. However if that happens I believe that AssuredAssets stands a great chance to successfully compete with the industry giants in 2015.

LaxoTrade has also dropped two positions on the MNO Premium List, and is now in the #4 spot. LaxoTrade was also the subject of some controversy recently when the admin introduced a new investment plan paying 141% after 15 days. The offer is active only until November 24 after which it’s going to be removed permanently. As the first payments on the plan are not due until the end of the month I think LaxoTrade might still be paying fine until then on both of the original investment plans – 2% on every business day for a year and 11% weekly for 55 weeks with principal back on expiry – which were analyzed in more detail in the original review posted here and my interview with the program’s admin Milenko here. The situation might not be that grim and hopeless as some investors believe, but just seeing the preliminary results on the MNO TalkBack poll it seems 78% of readers think that LaxoTrade will scam shortly after the November 24 deadline when the new plan is going to be closed for new deposits. I wouldn’t be that categorical in my evaluation of LaxoTrade, but surely the program will see some hard times trying to survive Christmas. I wouldn’t believe though that the new investment plan can be so destructive for the program just by itself, and even made a small test deposit myself just to see how it works out. In any case, the minimum required to invest in the new plan offered by LaxoTrade is only $1 which is accepted via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, EgoPay, PexPay, and even Payza, so if you have some free money there at the moment which is not enough to invest in the programs requiring larger amounts, then you may as well try LaxoTrade. Anyway, I hope it stays with us for longer than many investors seem to think. For now please read today’s newsletter where the admin explains how the new plan works:

LaxoTrade: Special short-term plan
We want to clarify a couple of things about our special short term plan that are not clear to a certain number of our members.
The plan lasts for EXACTLY 15 days, and it means that if you invest on November 18th at 12:00 PM, you’ll get profit + principal on December 3rd at 12:00 PM. You will receive principal + profit on your account balance, and then you can request the payment using the payment processor.
Profit is 41%, meaning that if you invest $100, you’ll get $141, and that is your principal + 41% profit.
The minimum is the same as in our other plans, which is $1, and there is no maximum. We accept PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin and PexPay.
This plan lasts until November the 24th, after which it will be closed for new investments, but of course, all people who invest before November the 24th will receive their payments, as it was explained in the previous paragraphs.
A lot of you are asking that this stays as our third plan even after November the 24th but unfortunately that is not possible. But the two original plans will, of course, remain as always.
Thank you for your trust.
Best regards, LaxoTrade”.

Finally in the #5 position for the first time is FutureStocks which has been the most popular short term program among MNO readers over the last two weeks since it launched. Two weeks online and paying is already a pretty good achievement for FutureStocks which has been paying on plans starting from a $10 minimum – 102.5%-110% after 1 day, 54.5%-65% for 2 days, 125%-170% after 5 days, 160%-300% after 10 days, 260%-680% after 20 days, 450%-1800% after 30 days – via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer all this time. Now the question is does FutureStocks have the potential to become even bigger and pay for even longer? Well, it’s up to the admin to keep doing whatever he’s been doing up to now, and the investors to support the program with re-investments. Just try and remember that FutureStocks is perhaps the riskiest program of the five currently making up the Top Popular Programs list on MNO, so invest accordingly. At the moment though I can clearly see the admin does his best to promote the program and improves it constantly by adding new features and issuing frequent newsletters to let members know what’s been going on. Weekly updates usually take more space and examine the results of the previous week. This week is no exception, and the second weekly newsletter from FutureStocks dealt with some recent stats (most likely exaggerated, of course). The admin also reminded everyone about the recent addition of a Live Chat room, the ongoing video contest with a chance to win $100, the regional representative scheme and its benefits, and the withdrawal proof page where you can see the biggest withdrawals processed by FutureStocks on a daily basis. Fingers crossed then that FutureStocks (reviewed here) will continue prompt and fast payouts. You can read the full weekly newsletter below:

2nd Newsletter – FutureStocks, Week two retrospect.
Hello FutureStocks members,
Week two has come to an end, so it’s time for our second newsletter. Let’s take a look back at what events took place in our second week online.
Let’s start with stats. Week two was very active from funds that we received and members who joined our project. We have reached a total of 3k members, and we are receiving new members on a daily basis. Members are joining our project from all over the globe. Our fund’s statistics have grown drastically, and we have received funds totaling $390k, which is a solid number considering that we have been online for only two weeks. We have paid out $190k to our members’ funds. A lot of our members are enjoying their profits, and in fact, there are members that have almost doubled their funds.
We have successfully established our place in the industry as a solid, reliable investment project, and at this point, we are focusing on reaching the pinnacle of the market. We believe that we can do so within the next few weeks.
This week we also launched our public chat room. It’s a place where our members can have live conversations with admins. In fact, we are the only project online that provides such an option.
Our crew is constantly looking for ways to make our members happy, and what better way to do so than to provide an opportunity where you can earn a solid $100. All you need to do is create a video about our project. This contest is still open, and to learn more about how you can participate and read more, visit here:
To reach the pinnacle of this market you have to promote the project worldwide, and that’s what we did this last week. We presented our Regional Representative program. This service benefits both sides – regular members as well as people that are willing to promote our project in their region. If you want to read more or you’re just looking for support in your region, please visit this link:
If you still are questioning our ability to provide lucrative returns to our members, check out our proof of withdrawal page here: It’s a page where we update screen shots from our API account to prove that we are capable of processing solid withdrawals.
That’s it for this week, a week that has been fantastic in many ways for our project and for our project participants. Stay with FutureStocks, as we will have some vacancies in our project, and we plan on providing other ways for you to earn some more money. What will they be about? You will find out next week. Thanks for your valuable time, have a great upcoming week.
Best wishes,Your FutureStocks Admin, James Taylor”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listOneStability, EastOil, LaxoTradeAssuredAssetsFutureStocksDailyProfitMaestroCapitalGroupCryptoFarm,
GrandAgroFinanceSilveksGHash, RaiseanSafeKapital.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, TheBornClub, MarkApterSuccessRoadToWealth.

That’s all for tonight, guys. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be posting anything tomorrow as I have a long journey from London to Cyprus where I plan to stay for a well earned holiday for a week or so. I’ll still try my best to reply to your emails and of course will always update the statuses of the programs on the MNO monitor as fast as I can, so you can always depend on that. If nothing extraordinary happens then I’ll see you all again on Wednesday, so thanks everyone for reading, good luck with your investments, and see you all soon.

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