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03/11/2014. Top Five Popular Programs on MNO and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well after a Halloween weekend scaring the neighbors! After a mixed finish to October it looks as if there’s a cautiously positive start to the new month with a couple of new programs to introduce on the MNO monitor which are Silveks and MaestroCapitalGroup. Please keep reading to see my own first impressions of these new Premium Listed entries in today’s news section with the more detailed reviews coming later in the week. I want to start the new week however with the latest updated version of the top five most popular programs as monitored by MNO at the time of writing.

Regular readers will know that this is an ongoing feature on my blog dating back quite some time now. Due to the ever changing nature of the HYIP industry, the rise and fall in the fortunes of individual programs, new ones opening, old ones closing, positions swapping around, etc, it becomes necessary to update this small group of HYIPs fairly regularly. Just to give you some background information in case anyone is still unfamiliar with how programs are positioned on the MNO monitor, i.e. what factors determine who gets the #1 spot, the #2 spot, and so on, it’s almost entirely down to the activities of my readers as I myself actually have very little input. The MNO monitor runs off a specially designed script that measures the investments of my downlines in the programs I monitor. The higher the returns I see from the programs I monitor is indicative of how popular they are among my readers. As I’ve said before this can never be a 100% exact science, but with a consistent number of readers and most HYIPs paying very similar rates of referral commissions I think it’s always been close enough to the mark. And remember that these figures can’t be manipulated so there can be no accusations of favoritism, not that giving preference to weaker programs at the expense of better ones would be a particularly good idea to begin with!

So let’s start at the top I guess, and what is currently the most popular program among MNO readers. Also the longest running plan from the current Top Five, or indeed anywhere from the MNO Premium List, which is AssuredAssets. It’s a longer term HYIP and has been a consistent performer since opening last March, generally hovering around the #1 spot on my monitor. Most of you will have noticed it by now, it is the #1 program for a reason after all, and it’s hardly a surprise that they’ve reached such heights. The secret to long term success of course is a combination of profitability and sustainability in your investment plans which AssuredAssets has definitely displayed since the start, plus a professional admin who knows what he’s doing and has the best intentions for his program. This last one isn’t always immediately obvious and needs to be proven over months of hard work, as AssuredAssets have now done. Investments there start from a $50 minimum and the plans listed include 0.8%-1.4% depending on the size of your deposit for 190 business days, and then your principal returned on expiry. Most of the popular payment options are available for you, including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and Bitcoin. For further information on AssuredAssets I would suggest you start with the original review of the program first published on MNO here.

Moving in to the #2 spot on the MNO Top Five Popular Programs on MNO is another long term HYIP called LaxoTrade. Out of all the programs on my Premium List, Top Five or otherwise, this one definitely has the best selection of payment options. You can use any of the main popular handlers such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin to join LaxoTrade, though we also see a very rare appearance by PexPay (which I don’t believe anyone is using anyway), and much more importantly you have the option of Payza. There are just two investment plans for you to choose from in LaxoTrade, and since the program launched back in April both have turned out to be models of stability. They include a choice between a daily payments plan offering 2% per business day for 365 days, or a slightly more lucrative 11% weekly for 55 weeks, both with your principal back on expiry. In contrast to the relatively high minimum demanded by AssuredAssets before you can join, LaxoTtrade are at the opposite end of the scale with just a basic $1 minimum requirement. In addition to the full review of LaxoTrade which was published on MNO (read it here for more detailed information), the admin was also interviewed on MNO, so click here to see him explain what the program is all about in his very own words.

The referral contest victory in OneStability by MNO today propelled the program to the #3 spot tonight. The recent addition of a 2.2% daily forever plan (with a seven day lock-in period) for moderate investors spending $50 or more from PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin accounts definitely added to OneStability‘s growing popularity. After the first 24 days online the program looks pretty solid to me and is growing steadily with the first investors on the original investment plans – 5% for 30 days, 4.2% for 45 days – are in profit already. I’ll talk about more about OneStability in the news section on my blog today, but for now you can get more information on the program in my original review posted here. This doesn’t cover the newly launched perpetual style plan which I hope the admin will discuss more in the upcoming interview expected soon.

I guess the admin of EastOil Andy (click here to read my interview with him) will be pleased to see his program occupying the #4 position on the MNO Top Five Most Popular Programs after opening towards the end of September. During its first 45 days of impeccable payouts EastOil has been dependable with timely payouts on its 3.2%-3.6% for 70 days where the first investors should already be in a comfortable profit zone by now waiting only for the end of their investment cycle and return of the initial principal which should happen in abount another three weeks. The much riskier plans offering 550%-800% after 55 days for the same $25 minimum to invest via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer are not really that popular among the investors of EastOil and I doubt that any sensible person will be investing there even though the initial investment is also promised to be returned. In any case whether we have such daredevil investors in EastOil and if their high risk strategy pays off for them in the end will only be known in a couple of weeks. For now, if you are interested in a more in-depth analysis please check out my detailed review of EastOil posted here.

The newest entry at the #5 spot on the MNO Top Five list is Linberger. The program was first reviewed on my blog here and swiftly became a popular choice among MNO followers due to its prompt payouts from the 10% for 12 days and 144% after 12 days plans following the ever popular tried and tested formula. In the case of Linberger I can clearly see that the growth over the first weeks online the program still looks like a very attractive prospect for countless investors looking for reasonable profits on their PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts just a $5 minimum. Let’s hope that the growth of Linberger and other programs from my Top Five will continue and bring us all some much needed profit in the long run. Please also note to always check the monitored status of every program before making an investment, as things change quickly in this industry and you should be sure that you’re investing in a program with a good Paying Status on the most up-to-date monitor in the HYIP industry, MNO, to ensure a maximum chance of success.



Speaking of Linberger (reviewed here), the admin was the only one from the programs listed on MNO celebrating that funniest of holidays Halloween. That was very nice of him for sure, but of course the best Halloween present investors in Linberger can wish for is to keep getting paid form the 10% for 12 days and 144% after 12 days plan which the program makes to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer accounts, thus surviving Halloween and even further strengthening its position today by entering the Top Five list on my monitor. You can see Linberger‘s growth for yourself by looking at the program’s Alexa rating the link to which is posted at the end of the most recent newsletter:

Post-Halloween Greetings and some news
Linberger and Sons Ltd. would like to greet everyone a warm welcome. We know that you and your family had a great, and fun halloween with your families. Just like how our company is formed, family remains the most important when it comes to everything.
We want to direct your attention to our traffic rank today. This may not be a major influence when its comes to your decision in participating and depositing into our company but this is something we are quite sure will effect us for the long term.
Please visit Alexa Traffic Rank For Linberger.


As over seven years online MNO has won so many referral contests held by HYIP admins. But with OneStability (reviewed here) not only was I pleased with the $120 cash prize as the best promoter, I was more impressed with the most original and almost jaw-dropping prize I’ve ever seen in the HYIP industry. Not a financial reward, but rather a short presentation performed by a scuba diver and uploaded in a 40 second video on YouTube today. I can’t express my personal excitement on viewing it enough so would ask you to check it out yourselves by following this link:   The unorthodox approach of the admin of OneStability Richard is something truly spectacular as the program even recorded its own “company song” which was also available for listening online. After three and a half weeks in operation I can see that the promotion is going even further with the admin replacing the old banners with much better looking new ones. You can see them on the MNO monitoring page where OneStability took two banner spots for one month each at the very beginning. Since then the first members in the first 5% for 30 days plan should be in profit, while the first investors on the 4.2% for 45 day plan should break even with more to come soon. The first investors from the newest 2.2% forever daily plan with optional principal withdrawal after a seven day lock-in period should be in profit too. The admin seems to be full of good ideas and judging by his achievements in making OneStability so unique I believe that with due dedication he should certainly achieve the goal of making a truly successful program. You can read the second official newsletter issued today below, and I also hope that we will have an interview with the admin of OneStability posted early next week, so stay tuned for that too, guys:

OneStability‘s Official Update #2
Dear Clients,
We were exceedingly grateful to receive all of your wonderful support during the month of October. Our goal is to see our customers happy, successful, and believe in us and our abilities. We feel that hard work of our staff has brought us closer to our target; and as such, we have already managed to achieve good results and proved our work stable.
You set the tone for the new month and now we want to move on to the results of our referral contest. As was promised, the winner’s name was written underwater of the Caribbean Sea and took the prize of $120. With that, we are pleased to announce the frontrunner – Paul Abramson. This reward appropriately reflects his dedication and fruitful exertion in the industry and OneStability. You can check our video clip on the main page or using our youtube
Our second place winner is Nale and third place goes to Leo. Congratulations to all our winners!
At this time we would greatly appreciate if you could give us your thoughts and feedback. We have added a page to vote for our program, as per our customers’ request which you can find
Presently we are working on the possibility of SMS subscriptions and regional representatives; so all who are interested in the post of becoming a regional representative, please forward your application to this e-mail address:
Those who have invested in our Commercial or Industrial plan at the very beginning have already regained their principal, along with added profit and still continue to gain more. Investors who have invested in the Retail plan have already done one cycle and received profit on their initial deposit. We hope you enjoy this opportunity and we look forward to seeing your vote.
Thank you very much for being with us — we are fortunate to have your continued support!
Sincerely, OneStability Team


Although it’s not currently occupying a place in the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO (not yet anyway, but it is listed on Sticky status for the next couple of weeks) GrandAgroFinance can still boast an outstanding performance. The program, which was reviewed here, has been bringing their investors profits for an impressive twelve (!) weeks now, or almost three months. That might not sound like a great achievement at first until you realize that GrandAgroFinance is actually a short-term program offering investment plans with sometimes exorbitant returns and yet managing to pay to everyone so far on the following rates – 103%-135% after 1 day, 120%-330% after 6 days, 160%-850% after 15 days, 300%-2000% after 35 days, 600%-3500% after 60 days, 1000%-5000% after 90 days, 1100% after 11 days, 2200% after 22 days, 3300% after 33 days. You can try GrandAgroFinance for just $10 in the majority of the plans via all the popular payment methods including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. In terms of the increased promotional campaign the admin of GrandAgroFinance is now offering regular investors some extra cash and bonuses for participating in a new contest from which he deliberately excludes all monitors and paid promoter. So, if you wish to test your promotional skills and get something extra for your effort then keep promoting GrandAgroFinance for the next week. The winners will be rewarded on Sunday, so good luck to everyone. Here’s the newsletter dedicated to the contest sent by the admin of GrandAgroFinance Lars recently:

Promotional bonus from GrandAgroFinance
Dear promoters and investors!
Today we begin the competition in our program.
Any promoter and the investor can participate in this, are excluded only monitors and our official promoters, they cannot participate in this contest.
Conditions of competition are very simple, who attracted the most investment of the referrals to our program.
We are giving away 5 gifts.
First place will receive a bonus of 8% of attracted investing,
Second place will receive a bonus of 6% of attracted investing,
Third place will receive a bonus of 4% of attracted investing,
Fourth place will receive a bonus of 2% of attracted investing.
Fifth place will receive a bonus of $ 30.
The competition starts with the publication of this news.
Results will be announced on 9 November.
Dear promoters and investors, we give you 7 days that would show how you can increase your income.
Good luck to all!
Best Regards, Lars Riley
GrandAgroFinance – Earn with us


As last week was simply disastrous in terms of fast scams, I’ve decided the conditions for the latest poll running on the MNO TalkBack page last week were not fair on some programs, so detailed results can’t be drawn. I just want to briefly mention that I still appreciate your votes anyway which saw EastOil take top position, followed by AssuredAssets and LaxoTrade which are the longest running performers.

For the new poll starting on MNO TalkBack today I want to ask you how important a role the design of any particular program plays in your perception of it and your inclination to make a deposit. I was pondering this because so many programs in the industry at the moment that are deliberately running off a very basic design and their layout doesn’t always meet a certain standard many people have in mind when deciding if they like a program or not. There are many programs in a sort of sleep mode, using that approach to deliberately stay under the radar for months before getting a total design overhaul and returning as a brand new program with a long-time payment record. How is this possible and do we actually pay so much attention to the design? So my question is this:

Do you consider investing in a program with a very simple and/or poor design?
Yes, if an admin has a decent advertising budget.
Yes, if I see potential to become something bigger in future.
No, poor and cheap design means that the admin is a newbie.
No, I always try to find better looking programs.

That will be very interesting to reflect on the result of the poll by the end of the week, so please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack and will draw and analyze the results of the poll in a few days.


It’s time to have a first look at the new programs joining the MNO monitor now, the first one being Silveks. Having just launched over the weekend, Silveks can be safely considered a brand-new program with enormous potential to grow under responsible management. If you’re not allergic to the perpetual style plans and do not mind conservative returns then Silveks might be what you’re looking for. The program pays you a fixed 2% daily interest rate regardless of the size of your deposit, as long as it starts from a $10 minimum. It can be made via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. Note that your daily profits are added to your deposit (compounding is 100% enforced and automated), but that simply means that you can take any part of your initial investment and profits at any time you like and without any fees which makes it an extremely flexible feature. In other words if you decide not to withdraw today, your unclaimed interest simply gets added to your principal and gives you a bigger return tomorrow. In order to make a withdrawal from Silveks you have to click the “Deposits” tab in your account and then on the “Active” button where you will be able to deduct any amount you wish (provided your deposit has been active for at least 24 hours). Payouts are processed manually and you have to allow up to 24 hours. The website runs off a licensed H-Script, and no effort spared on security with support and DDoS protection provided by the industry leader BlockDos who have Silveks on a dedicated server. The site also features an Extended Secure Validation SSL-certificate issued by Comodo (the so-called Green Bar version). The design of Silveks is very attractive and I can sense a professional and experienced admin by a mile. Everything seems to be in place with even a news blog dealing with topics related to the program’s alleged investment activities (which, as with every HYIP, I always tend to dismiss). More information on Silveks will be in the more detailed review tomorrow, but for now you can read this short announcement on the program’s launch:

Start Today!
We are glad to welcome you on the website of our company Silveks! We are pleased to announce the launch of a new online platform in the market of venture capital investments.


The second new program to be introduced tonight is called MaestroCapitalGroup. The admin purchased the Premium listing on MNO only after a few days online and I can see that the investment plans are a mix of mostly short-term plans with one perpetual style option thrown in. For a minimum of $5 which is accepted via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or a crypto-currency wallet called GoCoin you can get a 2% fixed daily interest rate with the option to withdraw your principal on expiry of a 3 day lock-in period. There are two other investment plans where MaestroCapitalGroup will pay the initial principal on expiry of a fixed investment term. The first of two pays 3% for a duration of 5 calendar days, so you get 15% net profit on expiry for a minimum investment of $50. For a $100 minimum you can join a 4% for 7 calendar days plan, returning a profit of 28% in just a week. The MaestroCapitalGroup website looks decent and in the tradition of the many of the older programs that used the licensed script from GoldCoders in the past. The site is also SSL-secured throughout and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by DDoSGuard. Payouts to members have to be requested from your account area and are promised to be paid within a 12 hour maximum. I can confirm this when I receive my own first payment and will report in the coming review. For now I’ll just leave you with two newsletters from the admin of MaestroCapitalGroup which, I believe, show that they listen to what investors say make improvements to follow. Let’s hope that’s a good sign of things to come:

Greetings dear investors!
We welcome you to MaestroCapitalGroup. Today we’re happy to announce Maestro Capital Group is being launched and ready to produce great opportunity for people worldwide!
When we created this company main goal for us was and still is to fullfil every need of our clients. Therefore every small detail on the website and company itself is targeted on you!
Right from the start we would like to encourage our investors to contact our support anytime there’s a question or concern!
If you have any requests you’re always welcome to express them and our team will always give an honest effort to make it happen!
We would like to welcome you again to our company and congratulate on your path to success with us!
Regards, MaestroCapitalGroup team

We would like to congratulate our investors who have been involved since our inception! Today is Halloween and the MaestroCapitalGroup team wants you to have a wonderful time celebrating this festival of horror and enjoy this Holiday.
We would like to remind you that regardless of any Holidays and weekends, your investments keep accumulating profit with MaestroCapitalGroup.
In more News:
We’ve received some questions via email and live support. We would like to address some of these questions in this news report to show everybody that we have nothing to hide.
The first question was regarding our statistic page of top investors. We had it in our mind to introduce this feature to the public; however, our main concern has been, and still is, that some of our investors, especially those making significant investments, want to stay private and we relate to this issue since first of MaestroCapitalGroup‘s priorities is security of our investors’ funds.
The second question was in reference to an early deposit made back on 23rd of October, and we would like to confess that this deposit was not made by an investor, but MaestroCapitalGroup from our backup wallet to check the script for any issues or vulnerabilities (such as the rerouting of payments of a higher amount to a different wallet). We would also like to inform our investors that even if there is a major vulnerability in the script or server exploit, your funds are safe with MaestroCapitalGroup, as all funds are always backed up and not connected to the script directly.
Another concern one of our investors expressed was concerning the official date of our launch. And to be clear, we officially launched on 29th of October; therefore you can count from this point. We quickly changed this date in our statistics window to avoid further complications.
An additional concern we received that we have long process times mentioned in our FAQ. We would like to inform you that this amount of time is just a window that gives our security department the time to make routine checks. Most of the time, withdrawals are processed much faster for convenience of our investors. However, we would like to change it to 12 hours in our FAQ until we have more withdrawal requests.
After this, it’ll require closer review to avoid any possibility of script or database intrusion.
We would also like to let people know that we’re planning on launching a wider promotion starting this Monday. Until then, you can enjoy RCB offering monitors we added our listings to.
We also had to make some adjustments to our “2% daily forever” plan. Due to it’s flexibility it has been exposed to RCB (Referral Commission Back) abuse.
You can still withdraw at any time without any penalty; However you will have to maintain your investment for 3 days in this plan. For those who invested prior to these changes feel free to contact support with request to release your funds if you wish. Our team is currently working on possibility to add several rules to the script in order to make our prior solution to work. Meanwhile you can still invest in this plan and enjoy same benefits.
And once again, if you have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions! We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and to make everything comfortably accessible to our investors; therefore, you’re always welcome to share your ideas to improve MaestroCapitalGroup‘s performance.
We would like to thank you again for choosing MaestroCapitalGroup as your preferred investment group. Have a marvelous holiday and weekend.
Regards, MaestroCapitalGroup team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listGrandAgroFinance.
From MNO Premium listAssuredAssets, LaxoTradeOneStabilityEastOilLinberger, CryptoFarm,MutualFinancialGHash, MutualFinancial.
From MNO Standard list: CompassBusiness.
From MNO Basic list: ZeusInvest, OgdenOrganization, TheBornClub, MarkApter, SuccessRoadToWealth.

That’s all the news for tonight, guys. See you all tomorrow with a more detailed look at Silveks accompanied with the latest updates from the biggest investment programs online. Thanks for reading MNO everyone, and please take the time to vote on the TalkBack page. Bye for now!

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